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Puppy's Training Camp Chapter 1

by Fafnir789

Chapter 1

Chad walked up to the bus, falling into line behind his team.
"Well this summer is going to be no fun." thought Chad as he boarded the Bus.
The football team had been provided with a summer training camp from a new company. The company was trying to set up their new training camp and Chad's school had been chosen as a trial to show off the service.
The entire camp was supposed to be a brand new style of training. The players were told to bring no lugage and that everything would be provided for them. In addition they were forced to fill out several legal forms that gave the camp authority over the team for the duration of their stay. Coach Teris had taken a tour of their facilities a month ago. When he got back he made it clear that this was mandatory. If you didn't come, you were off the team. So here they were. As everyone piled into the bus, Coach Teris began reading off the role call. As he passed by Chad, however,  Chad began to hear the sound of crinkling and a horrible odor. The sweatpants the Coach was wearing were bulkier than usual too.
'Guess he put on some weight.' Chad thought. Shrugging it off he closed his eyes as the bus lurched forward. With no phone, he end up sleeping the entire way to the camp.
It was a few hours later when Chad woke up to discover that they had arrived at Puppy's Training Camp. They all got off the bus and were brought inside to the camp.
A man came forward and began to address the team.
"Welcome to Puppy's Training Camp. I am your head trainer, Peter. As of now, you are all puppies in desperate need of training. You will learn to be skilled and obedient. In this camp you will not be allowed certain priviliges you have at home. Before, any idiot tries to argue the forms you signed allow us the right to force you to do these things regardless of your opinions. You will not be using a toilet for the entirety of your time hear. Instead you will be wearing diapers. This will prevent bathroom breaks from being any issue. If you have to go just fill your diaper. You will be allowed two changes each day. Once in the morning and once before bed."
Chad listened with growing disgust as he heard what they would have to do. The fuck kind of camp was this. The team was given diapers and told to strip. Several personal gave and straped the diapers onto them. They were large and bulky. And completely demeaning. A few people tried to resist and as a result were taken aside to a changing table to be held down.
Within a few minutes the proud football team was all naked and diapered. The speaker continued.
"You puppies can now head to go eat dinner. After which you are to head straight to bed. Training begins earlier tommorow morning. I advise you all to rest up. This is going to be the most important summer of your lives." Chad followed the rest of his team to dinner now completely miserable about his lost summer.

As the team headed off to the mess hall, Coach Teris stayed behind. His eyes began to glaze over as Peter aproached him.
"Welcome back puppy. Are you still a good boy?" Peter asked.
Teris lit up with excitement. Master was here again. He was so happy to obey master. "Yes, Master." He replied pure glee in his voice. Thoughts flooded the coaches head.
Be a Good Boy.
Good Boys are obedient puppies.
You can’t control your bladder or bowels.
You just go when you need to.
Filling your diaper feels so relaxing and makes you even more likely to obey like a good boy.
When you fill your diaper you expel the disobedience from your mind.
Wearing a full diaper makes you feel obedient.
The fuller your diaper the more obedient you feel.
When your diaper is cleaned you wish to fill it to show your obedience.
When you wet yourself you feel a great desire to obey.
When you mess yourself a rush of pleasure fills you and makes you want to be a relax and obey.
While you are in a diaper, you are an Obedient Diaper Dog.
While you are in a diaper you are an obedient student.

The training of the last month echoed in the coaches mind. He began to drool as the training reafirmed itself.
"Then take off those ridiculous things. You know Puppies don't wear clothes."
Teris ripped of his clothes with lightning speed. Anything to please master. Puppies obey Master. He was a good boy. He soon stood naked aside from the swollen diaper around his waist. The diaper had clearly been used and was brown and yellow from the coach's bodily waste.
"Good boy Terry. Why don't you show me how a good dog acts? We don't need that silly human act right now, so just push it out."
A shudder ran through Coach Teris as he fell onto all fours. Pure pleasure filled him at the mere notion of obeying his master. His cock stood erect, straining against the  He felt all of his thought fade into basic instincts and feels. All the complex ideas and human thoughts flowing out of his mind and through his bowels. He began to hump the air, growl and grunting like a mutt. The pressure built as the Coach squatted down. A torrent of shit poured into the diaper and he relieved himself. His mind faded into a fog of obedience and pleasure. With one last thrust, he orgasmed into his diaper. All that was left was a puppy in a heavily soiled diaper. An attendant came with a collar and leash to lead the puppy to his old bed.
Peter watched as the man turned diaper pup, walked away. He can't wait to train even more new puppies.


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