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pokemon hypnosis

by attc0912

Chapter 1

Seto, are you really going to spend the night here?” the young Umbreon boy asked his friend, concern showing in his bright red eyes. Like every resident of the island, he looked human enough, but possessed many key features of his Pokemon bloodline, namely the big pointed ears, deep red eyes and runic symbols adorning his body that a normal Umbreon would possess. His facial features resembled more of a Pokemon’s visage than that of a human’s, though, making it difficult for him to be taken for anything but a Pokemorph. He continued quickly without letting his Vulpix friend answer, “You’ve heard the stories... We all have. Something weird has been going on in the meadow lately. People have been disappearing. You don’t want to disappear, too, do you?”

The Vulpix 'morph could only sigh in irritation. Like his friend, he appeared as more of a Pokemon with human features than the other way around, six large tails bouncing behind him as he set up camp, his reddish-brown fur messy and uneven from having to do the whole thing himself. Obviously his Umbreon friend was going to be insistent to the bitter end. With another sigh, he tied the final rope to hold the tent up, then turned to face his friend, “Julian, do you ever get tired of complaining?”

“But this is serious, Set! It’s not like this is some isolated incident! People we know from town have gone missing!” there was pleading in his voice now, his long, pointed ears, usually straight up and perked, now flat against his dark violet hair. He was really scared...

“Look, Jules... there’s no way we’re making it back to town by nightfall. It’s just too far off.” Seto started on the fire pit now, making sure to surround the sticks he’d gathered with rocks so they didn’t burn up the whole field. He wouldn’t be cold at night, but Julian would. Despite what his friend might think, Seto did care for his wellbeing.

Julian whimpered a little, knowing it was true, and that they’d be exposing themselves to greater danger if they moved around at night. Setting up camp was the best possible course of action... but that didn’t stop him from being afraid, “I guess you’re right...”

“What’s with you? You were practically born to like the dark.” the Vulpix held a paw over the sticks and lit them with an Ember attack, the dry twigs and grass igniting instantly and blasting the two with a wave of heat.

“I told you... People are disappearing. Doesn’t that worry you at all?” he inched closer to his friend, warming himself with the fire, his wary eyes darting left and right as he searched for the supposed “monster in the meadow”.

“Well...” Seto let himself fall back, reclining on a pillow he’d placed at the front of the tent, “Of course it worries me... but we’re able fighters, you and I, so I’m not that worried about it.”

Julian seemed to take some relief in that, laying back as well and heaving a sigh, “I hope you’re right, Set. I hate to think of what happened to everyone...”

“Then don’t. At least, not until we get back.” Seto slid back into the tent, yawning softly and curling up to go to sleep, “Come on. It’ll be morning before you know it.”

“You’re sleeping?” the Umbreon seemed surprised, “At a time like this? What if something sneaks up on us?”

“Didn’t I tell you not to think about it?”

“I can’t help it!” Julian whined and curled his tail between his legs, sitting up and looking out into the wilderness surrounding them, “I’m pretty much nocturnal anyway... I’ll just keep watch, ok?”

Seto sighed and rolled over onto his belly, groaning sleepily and deciding to let him have his way, “Fine, fine... but please, for the love of Arceus, please don’t wake me up twenty times because you think you’re hearing something.”

Julian grumbled lowly, crossing his arms in a pout that would have been cute, had anyone been around to see it. He watched as the sun finally set, leaving the two friends with nothing but their slowly dying campfire. The scared Umbreon mumbled as he heard his friend drift off to sleep, “And what if I do hear something..?”

Pokemorphs weren’t the only inhabitants of the island, though they did make up a good percentage of life there. Normal Pokemon were present just like on the main lands. One thing this place lacked, however, was the presence of normal humans. Most humans didn’t even know of this place’s existence, and those who did had helped the 'morphs escape here from the labs they were born in. This secret home away from their human oppressors was all they had, and when news of people disappearing hit Seto and Julian’s town, thoughts of a human incursion was the immediate response. As the days passed, though, and only a few people vanished after the initial disappearances, it became less and less of a possibility that they’d been discovered. Humans didn’t wait. They weren’t patient enough. It had to be someone or something else...

Julian had apparently nodded off for a while, much to Seto’s relief. He was getting tired of feeling the Umbreon jumping at every sound, and he’d kicked him a few times to get him to cut it out. It wasn’t until around three in the morning that he was once again disturbed by his friend’s whimpering.





“Seto, there’s something out there...”

“There’s nothing out there, Jules, just go to sleep...”

“No, Set, I saw something..!” Julian’s golden markings were lit up now, slightly illuminating the area now that the campfire had died out. He was really on edge now, apparently, but Seto didn’t seem to hold much sympathy.

“Oh it’s probably a wild Pokemon looking for scraps or something... Come on Jules, please?” he was annoyed at this point, turning over and covering his head with the pillow to try and drown out the whimpering.

After that, Julian’s sounds of fear stopped again. Finally satisfied that he’d gone to sleep, Seto relaxed and tried to drift off again.

He couldn’t tell how long it’d been, but some time later he thought he heard something... a voice. It was soft and quiet, and at first he’d thought he was dreaming. As he began to awaken, however, the voice became more distinct, and he found that it was occasionally accompanied by another. His eyes slowly opened, and when he turned over to look, Julian was gone. Seto, not being one to panic easily, sat up nice and slowly and peered out through the gap in the tent’s curtains.

Julian was out there, much to his relief, but what he saw was unsettling at best. There was someone else there, a female from what he could tell, but he couldn’t determine the species at first glance. Julian’s markings were glowing brightly, reflecting their yellow light off of some sort of pendant that was being swung in front of his eyes.

His eyes... which were so empty-looking now, following that swinging pendant as if they were drawn to it. The female 'morph was murmuring things to him in a soft, silky voice, to which Seto would reply each time: “Yesssss...”

It was a Hypno 'morph... and she was using her charms on Julian! Seto ducked back into the tent, his mind racing to try and find a way to save his friend. There was only one way out of the tent, and if he went out that way he’d be spotted. Only one thing came to mind... Attack. The flames within his body began to gather in his palm, as subtle as a fistful of flames could be as he prepared to fend off the Hypno woman. Just a few seconds of charge was all he needed.

The light from the fire was apparently enough to alert the entrancing 'morph, whose voice grew a little louder now, “Be a good boy and get your friend for me. Seems he’s awake now.”

Seto froze. Was she bluffing? Would Julian obey? That split second of thought cost him the battle, though. Julian silently pounced into the tent, tackling his friend to the ground and pinning him. Seto struggled to fend him off, but soon found that the Hypno was aiding Julian’s attack with telekinetic energy, holding the Vulpix down like he was laying under a ton of bricks. Moments later, he was out of the tent, held in place by Julian and sitting before a lovely figure of a ‘morph.

She was more humanoid than Pokemon, save for the big pointed ears, sleepy-looking eyes and fur growing out and around her neck and chest, barely covering what looked to be enviable breasts. Her humanoid arms and legs gave way to a classic Hypno’s features, stopping at the elbows and knees where soft yellow fur replaced skin. She was strange, but beautiful all the same. No wonder Julian had succumbed to her so easily.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before you awoke.” she said with a sleepy smirk, reaching out to stroke under the struggling Vulpix’s neck, “I didn’t expect to find two more pets out here... I’m in luck.”

“You snap him out of it n-now...” Seto tried not to show her his enjoyment from that simple stroking, still trying to pry himself free of his entranced friend’s iron grip. He growled lowly, trying to slam himself back against Julian, “Come on man, wake up..!”

“It’s no use.” the Hypno said in a sort of sing-song voice, polishing her pendant with a little scrap of cloth, her sleepy eyes appraising her second catch of the night, “Soon you’ll be just as eager to please me as he is... and I’ll have some fun with the both of you.”

“N-No! Come on Jules, snap out of it!” Seto kicked his feet and started to gather up another fireball, ready to burn this seductress alive. He didn’t want to hurt Julian, though, so a majority of his attacks were useless.

The Hypno girl wasn’t about to sit still and allow this, of course. She held up her pendant and began to swing it again, psychic waves of hypnotic energy emitting from its shining surface, drawing the Vulpix’s gaze toward it. She smirked that sleepy smirk, leaning closer and whispering in a low, sultry voice, “My name is Akiko... It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Akiko... what a beautiful name. Seto’s mind easily soaked up those hypnotic waves, the Vulpix’s struggling gradually beginning to weaken as her mesmerizing assault bored its way through his mental defenses, “N-Noooo... Stop...”

“Just relax, little one... You’ll be so much happier if you just let it take...” Akiko cooed to him, her free hand starting to undo the buttons of her victim’s shirt, “See how good it feels to just watch my pendant swing, and let my words slip into your subconscious?”

“Y-Ye... Nooo..!” he shook his head weakly, the rest of his body already too relaxed to do much of anything. He had to resist her... He wasn’t sure what she was going to do to them, but he had to save himself and his friend. As long as he could force his eyes away from that pendant... though the mere thought of doing so wasn’t exactly easy.

“Yes...” she whispered again, sliding the shirt off of his shoulders and turning to the mesmerized Umbreon behind him, “Julian, sweetie... Help me out?”

Much to Seto’s displeasure, Julian obeyed her with an adoring “Yes Mistress”, pulling Seto’s shirt away and tossing it to the side. The Vulipx’s discomfort only worsened when his friend’s fingers were slipped into the waist of his pants and began to tug, “H-Hey..!”

“He’s only doing what he thinks will make me happy, pet.” Akiko giggled softly and continued to work her hypnotic charms on the quickly weakening Seto. She stared into his eyes as the pendant swung back and forth, back and forth, left, right, left, right, ever-steady, ever-moving... so pretty... The Vulpix’s eyes flicked back and forth, glued to its shining surface, the boy’s breathing deepening as he finally began to relax.

“I d... don’t...” Seto didn’t finish his sentence. He could barely remember what he even wanted to say. It was so much easier to just watch it swing, catching a glimpse of those sleepy eyes every time it changed directions. His thoughts quieted... a strange, yet pleasant feeling, and he no longer complained when Julian had tugged his pants completely off. He hadn’t even noticed, in the darkness of the night, that his friend was already nude. This didn’t seem to matter, though. Nothing did, actually.

“Good boy... See how nice it is?” Akiko giggled softly, never taking her eyes off of the pair, leaning in closer to whisper into Seto’s foxy ear, “Submit to me... and you can feel this way all the time. Ssssubmit...”

Her sultry voice sent shivers of pleasure up Seto’s spine, and it was too much for him to take. His eyes glazed over completely, now staring off into space, and the Vulpix boy fell into a deep trance, slipping under the seductress’ control. Completely and utterly obedient now... and it felt so nice...

“There you go.” the Hypno said with a victorious grin, setting her pendant aside, not needing it for these two anymore. She crawled up into Seto’s lap, pushing the two boys close and whispering to them both, “Now listen to me, you two... You’re both so very horny right now. You’re horny because Mistress commands you to be horny, and when you see just how easily she makes this true, you only get even hornier...”

Oh boy, was it true. The boys let out simultaneous moans, squirming under their captor as waves of arousal shot up from their spines and throughout their bodies. Soon two canine cocks were nice and hard, Julian’s pressing up against Seto’s back, the Vulpix’s snug between his belly and that of their charming hypnotist’s. They were ready to believe every little thing she said... which prompted her to push further with her perverse desires.

“Ooh, very nice...” her fingers wrapped around Seto’s foxy member, bringing another moan from the entranced boy, “You’re not just hot for me, though. Oh, no... You’re hot for each other. Always have been... You just didn’t know it. Isn’t that right, pets?”

“Yes Mistress...” the two answered in low, aroused voices, once again moaning as her suggestions sunk into their pliable minds. They accepted it easily, and the two began to writhe and wiggle against each other, much to the delight of the perverted Akiko.

The Hypno decided it was time to pick up the pace and have some real fun. She lifted herself up, her already nude form pressing against Seto as she lowered her hot, wet sex onto the Vulpix’s cock, stopping just inches above the throbbing foxhood, “Mmm Julian, you’re suddenly feeling very dominant, and want to take your friend right here and now.”

The entranced Umbreon wasted no time in complying with the implanted thought, hugging his arms around Seto’s waist and pressing his hips against his friend’s backside. Seto offered no objections as Julian’s hard member penetrated his tight tailhole, bringing a moan from both of the boys. Just as Seto was filled from behind, Akiko lowered herself down and impaled herself on him, murring and moaning hotly and beginning to bounce up and down on that foxy cock.

Seto had never considered himself bisexual, and neither had Julian. They were close friends, and nothing more. Of course, that was when they were in their own minds, and right now they were far from it. The Umbreon pounded his shaft into his friend’s ass over and over again, markings glowing brightly and illuminating the space around him. He licked at Seto’s neck, nibbled his ears, asserting himself as much as he could to satisfy his dominant needs.

The sandwiched Vulpix made no attempt to escape or change his position... not that he’d have been able to do either. All he could do was sit there and take it from the two ‘morphs he was stuck between, moaning like a good little foxy slut for his Mistress who was riding him like her life depended on it.

“Nnhhh, good boys...” Akiko moaned out her approval, fingers playing with Seto’s nipples as she continued to bounce up and down on his cock, “Now, here’s the catch... How badly do you two need to cum?”

“So badly...”

“It’s unbearable...”

“That’s what I thought.” she grinned, instructing Julian to pick up the pace, then squeezing around Seto’s cock with her tight sex, “The only way you two are going to be able to cum... is if you become my pets. You’ll be completely and utterly submissive to me...”

How could either of them resist? Apart from mindless obedience, nothing was more important right now than to cum... Needless to say, they complied without argument.

“Mistress Akiko’s pet...”

“We’ll be good boys for you...”

The Hypno girl smirked victoriously. Her plan had gone off without a single hitch. The two sexy boys were her obedient sex toys, and no one in town would ever know who was behind it. She practically slammed herself down onto that throbbing vulpine cock, moaning out in delight as she threw herself over the edge into blissful, wonderful orgasm, her sex squeezing and clamping around Seto’s member. Just as this happened, Julian pushed his hips against his friend’s backside, whimpering out a moan into his ear and flooding that tight tailhole with cum, the Umbreon’s breathing labored, yet satisfied after having held himself back. Seto’s own orgasm came just as easily, with his friend behind him and his Mistress up front. His canine cock knotted inside of her, the mesmerized Vulpix giving her just what she’d wanted-- a flood of thick seed shooting up into her tight pussy.

The enthralling was complete. Both boys gazed up at their new Mistress with mindless adoration, and were all too happy to accept the collars clipped around their necks when the Hypno finally pulled herself off of Seto’s cock.

“I think the others are going to love you two, my cute little pets.” she said with a giggle, tugging on each of their leashes to make them follow, “I don’t think you’ll mind being shared, either...”

“No, Mistress.” the two replied together in droning, monotone voices, eyes half-lidded and glazed, blissful little smiles decorating their otherwise blank faces as they were led out of the camp to places unknown. Two more added to the list of disappearances...


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