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The Facility

by clabsos6969

I arrived at my destination. I needed a map to get to this rather impressive building, which despite its size has just a single transparent door as its only remarkable feature. The building is not very large and is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of native forests, to get here would have been difficult without the help of a map.


I'm here because I received an invitation to take a free tour in these facilities, which according to rumors are where here every imaginable manner of sexual research takes place, Needless to say, I think it should be rather interesting.


I head toward the glass door at what appears to be the front of the building, and it opens by itself automatically.




The room within was quite spacious, I guess it's the main room for visitors, and in the center of the room, sitting behind a desk, was what appeared to be a robot; well surely it was a robot, since its body was made entirely of metal and wires.


"Hello, my name is Kevin, and I've come because of an invitation I received a few days ago.", I said.


"Welcome to Advanced Research Center 17, thank you for coming. According to my records you are here for a free tour in these facilities.", said the robot with autonomous voice.


"That's right, I'm anxious to see what research occurs here.", I said, looking around the room.


I noticed that there were security cameras active in the corners of the room so I smiled at one.


"Of course, but before proceeding, you must sign this document.", said the robot, taking from his desk a few documents and a pen before handing them to me.


"What is this? Could you summarize it for me?", I said seeing plenty of pages that I could take at least several hours to read.


"Basically, during your stay here at our facility, you are not allowed to harm any of the subjects, although you can interact with them. Some of the volunteers are immobilized as part of the experiments, and you are not allowed to try free them because that would ruin the experiment and it could be necessary to start over. It also contains other provisions to respect the proper operation of these facilities. It is a standard procedure for these installations."


"Ok", I replied. It seemed logical so I took the pen and signed my name Kevin on the document in the box that said "sign here".


"Alright! Please follow me...", said the robot, taking the documents and putting them inside the desk.


I followed the robot to an adjacent room where there were some lifts and we entered one of them. The robot then manipulated some keys and the lift started down until it reached its destination. "I wonder how far down we are? " I tought to myself, it seems pretty deep. 


"How deep are we?", I asked the robot. 


"We are currently about 20 feet below ground; this is designed to maintain better energy efficiency, also, in the case of a leak within the biological sections, we could easily control the situation. The air is continuously renewed throughout our life support system, and we have several emergency generators in case of a power failure. "


"Wow", I thought to myself, this seems like a very modern facility. The robot then led me through a well lit hallway before stopping at the first door. The door was locked securely using an electronic panel but the robot simply pulled out a card, pressed it against the panel and the door opened.




When I entered the room, I let out an audible gasp. Next to a computer, there was someone trapped inside a latex suit, completely covered by it so that I could not see any part of his body, but from the form I concluded that it was a male dragon. The dragon was on his back, lying on the floor, leaving his legs and belly exposed. The legs, wings, and tail were completely immobilized with ropes which appeared to have been made specially so I was relatively sure it would be impossible to break them. He wore a mask that prevented him from having any vision, and his mouth was connected to some protruding tubes. It was amazing. This vision before me made ​​my heart beat far too fast.


"Here is our latest addition.". began the robot, " This is a volunteer who is being subjected to a system of orgasm denial, he seems to be holding up rather well, as I see in the computer that he has already been here a week.We have put in a high-tech cockring that prevents an ejaculation or orgasm without lowering the sensitivity, he feels all the pleasure."


"But how he can endure so much? How long will the experiment last?", I asked.


"That depends on the endurance of the subject. The system is programmed to detect health problems and will disable the device to let him cum if necessary. In the meantime, he is connected to supply pipes that provide the necessary nutrients. We also offer a daily massage, ensuring that his feeding and wellbeing are guaranteed."


On hearing the words coming from the robot, the trapped dragon began to move violently and started groaning, but the restraints were very effective and he could hardly move his body.


"He doesn't appear to be at ease here.", I commented to the robot.


"That is impossible, comfort is a priority for this subject, He would certainly want to draw attention to himself, as he has not received many visits since he has been here. Ah, excuse me, but I have to go back up; my sensors have detected that we have another visitor, and I need to receive him, please continue the tour yourself, by simply following the blue line on the floor. Here is a visitor card for you that lets you move freely around the facilities."


"Okay, thank you very much,'' I said, taking the card.


Then the robot left the room leaving the subject and I alone together. The dragon tried again to release himself and began launching into moans again, but as expected, he remained in place.


"Hey dragon, looks like you're reaching your limit", the dragon gave a whimper, trying to make me feel sorry for him.


Looking closer , I could see his erect cock in the latex costume, stuck with a vibrator. and below him held out by rope with a bundle, was hat concluded was a kind of pump for the tailhole. But it seemed that the vibrator was set at minimum power and the pump was not inflated.


I remembered what the robot said, I couldn't hurt a subject or release one, only interact with them. And the poor dragon couldn't ejaculate or have an orgasm so it would be rather difficult to help him. I looked around the room, and it didn't seem to have any cameras like the entrance room. And these white walls were completely smooth, like modular panels, so it was unlikely that anyone was watching us.


"Want some help?", I asked, and this time the dragon nodded.


"You're quite a pervert dragon, how did you get into this situation?, the dragon tried to speak but his gag prevented him from doing so.


I smiled, the situation arousing me and making my heart beat strongly.


"Does the vibrator bother you? It is set to low power so I'm going to turn it off for you so you can't feel anything."


Suddenly the trapped dragon began to shake his head, indicating that this wasn't what he wanted.


It was great fun, seeing him totally helpless and unable to escape without outside help.


I decided to play a little more subject interaction was permitted after all.


I began to touch his cock, but very softly so as to tease him a bit.


The naughty dragon tried to fuck my hand, but I pulled away before he could feel anything.


"Ha ha, naughty dragon, I'm sure that you desperately want to cum". The dragon fought against his restraints again.


I kept teasing the poor dragon for a few minutes; every time he tried to fuck my hand I keept it away.


"I guess it's time to get on with my tour, but first I should try to help the poor defenseless dragon." I thought to myself.


"Be quiet dragon, I will try to help you", I salid while I toggling through the lump that was connected to his tailhole, 


and I also set the penis vibrator to full power. While I began to massage his penis, he moaned in excitement. I was sure that he was enjoying this.


After a few minutes, the dragon's breathing began to accelerate, suddenly the computer that was next, produced a beep and I felt the penis area warmed within the latex, "Oh dear, you've ejaculated", I exclaimed while the dragon let out ​​a long and pleasant moan.


How strange, the antiorgasm device either failed or was already at its limit.


"Well dragon, did that help?", I asked and the dragon nodded slightly in response.


"I'm glad, but I can't release you so I'm going to continue with my tour", I explained and the dragon began to try to speak through the latex intelligibly but I ignored him.


I started to follow the blue line into the next room, while the dragon fought hard against his restraints. I smiled to myself.




I used the card that the robot gave me to move to the next room.


As the door closed I blink in surprise, there was no subject, but a very unusual machine.


It was a kind of hemispherical egg and with a computer next to it someone could've set a program to run or be pleasured by an outside party. The user would lay face down on top and looking along the sides put their arms and legs into hollow tubes attached to the sides of machine to restrict movement. Curious about how comfortable it was, I ran a hand along the curve where the user would lay their body and smile as a soft gel mold to my hand and cool to a comfortable temperature. I paused as I find a divot in the egg which have a large hole. I then turned my attention to the tubes which, according to their distribution seemed to be meant for the arms, legs, while the divot... the divot was meant for the crotch...


Stepping back from the machine I notice a small table with an assortment of toys, I smile as a thought occurs to me. This seems to be part of the tour, and there were no warnings about interacting with this machine specifically so I think I will use it myself to see how well it works! I smile before walking over to the computer and hitting the power button, a small fan begin to run and I smell ionized air as circuitry hum with electrons. 


While waiting for the computer to start, I look at the table and select a red ball gag and set it to my size before going back to the computer. 


I'm starting to get excited again, and my penis is growing again. This is going to be great! A beep tells me that the computer is ready to be used, looking at the computer screen I see a duration menu, and a list of programs to select. Licking my lips I smile as I select what looks like fifteen minutes.


Moving over to the programs menu I choose the the following: and I choose the options: 


- Milking program


- Sex Toys program


- ElectricToys program


Licking the gag and I put it in my mouth, Looking around the program I see a delay menu. Opening the delay menu I select 60 seconds and quickly head towards the machine and climb on top. I sigh as the gel begin warming and cooling in a soothing pattern. A quiet beep and metallic voice warn me that I have thirty seconds left. Moving quickly I align my crotch and limbs with the divot and tubes before putting my arms and legs into the restrictions. I gasp in surprise when the timer arrive at zero. The machine beeps and locks me in place, I try to move my extremities but find that I can't, I smile a small smile as I find that my hips can move but chuckle when the computer beeps twice and two rings extend from the side of the machine to hold my hips in place. 


I gasped as a mechanical arm came out of the ceiling and took my tail, pulling it up and away from my body. Allowing access to my back-door. I'm completely restricted, and can't move more than a few millimeters in any direction.


The machine made another sound as a toy rose up from a hole in the gel, I did not see what happened but I knew that it was a anal toy. I gasp as the toy is inserted deep inside me. It slipped by my anal ring very easily so I figured that was already lubricated.


The machine open a hole and move a pump up onto my dick. With a steady suction and strong vibrations I soon begin to moan in pleasure through the gag. A little embarrassing, judging from how it sounded but I was alone.


The anal plug suddenly give me a jolt of electricity making me twist, I groan and then gasp as it shock me again. After a few more shocks I realize they were synchronized with my moans, the more I complained, the more jolts of electricity I received. With that fact in mind I decided that it is best not to make any noise.


And 2 minutes passed, my cocks already almost at its limit, barely keeping up with the machines ministrations. I groan in frustrated pleasure as the machine continue to pleasure me. I was going to lose it because the vibrations so strong. I sigh, endorphins flooding my system as I ejaculate several times; the machine collecting and storing the semen, but the machine doesn't stop, it just keeps going, a certain amount needed inorder for the machine to stop... 


I grunt in surprise as the anal plug give him a jolt of electricity before groaning in to my gag, my prostate getting a fine massage. 


I can't see the computer screen in my position, but I guess I will have spent about 10 minutes and since it started, and I have to admit I'm enjoying the machine.


I was so focused on me that I did not hear the footsteps of someone entering the room until I saw them. Stopping to the side of the machine they observe me, the robot guide who apparently accompanied the visitor, a lizard, who was apparently surprised to see me like this.


I blushed and closed my eyes, how embarrassing!


"And here we have our latest volunteer, we are testing the latest in pleasure technology; This machine, it causes all kinds of pleasure...", the robot said to his follower.


"Mmp?!? Mmmpph Mmmphh!!"


What? I'm not a volunteer, is me, your previous visitor!, I meant, but I could not.


I stop makingnoise as I remembered the toys that I have inside me before gasping as they induced several electric shocks caused me shudder against my restrictions, without results obviously, before sagging  back onto the machine and panting softly.


"The volunteer seems to be ill at ease here...", said the lizard visitor.


"This is impossible, comfort is a priority for this subject, they will certainly want to draw attention to themselves, as they haven't received many visits since they've been here", said the robot.


How strange, I think that was the same thing he told me when I visited that dragon in the first room...


Moving over to the computer the Lizard pull up the program time remaining. "I see on the computer that this tanuki still has another 14 hours and 45 minutes before the machine turns off, this is quite a while,'' said the lizard.


What? Must be a mistake, I introduced 15 minutes, how can it be 15 hours?!?


"Mmp?!? Mmmpph Mmmphh!!"


Electric shock in my toys again.


Ah, excuse me, but I have to go up, my sensors detected that we have another visitor, and I need to receive them, please continue the tour yourself, no worries, just follows the blue line on the floor. here's a visitor card for you that lets you move freely around the facilities."


"Okay, thank you very much", the lizard said while she took the card.


Now that I think of it, are the other subjects are here voluntarily or were they caught like me?


I tried to get out of my restraints again, putting more effort into it but get no results. "It's a trap, get out of here now!" but all that came out of my mouth was unintelligible sound, perhaps the other subjects were trying to tell me the same thing, but I did not listen or care..."Mmmpph Mmmphh!!"


Electric shock in my toys again.


The machine still sucking mercilessly.


The lizard looked at me for a bit and then went to the next room following the blue line, I hope that she is smarter than me and didn't do anything foolish...


The time passed slowly and during the little bits of down time I had I would wonder how much time I had left before I was released. It was frustrating not being able to know when the process ended, because I couldn't see the computer screen! The machine would not stop sucking my cock to obtain my fluids and I was beginning to lose sense of all time...


I had to keep quiet for most of the time for no electric shock through the toys he had in me, although it was a little difficult, because for every shock that I received I groaned and howled in equal parts pleasure and pain. With the way the program was set up it was almost like an endless loop, until I fainted from overstimulation...


I woke up as I heard a beep on the computer, listening in wonderment as my arms and legs were released, I was free!! I quickly I took my arms and legs of that infernal machine.


while withdrew my tail from its restriction, moving slowly I stretch my extremities. Also I removed the gag from my mouth. "oh it feels so good to move my body again!" I say, enjoying the abilities of speech once more.


I groan as I stretch my muscles and enjoy a few simple exercises before getting ready to leave.


Suddenly several strong robots appeared, almost twice my size.


"Stay there! you're not going anywhere, you've broken two tests at these facilities, in addition to using the machine in this room without permission, and now we have to readjust the testings."


"What? wait, I, noooo!", two strong robots caught me, I tried to free myself but they were too strong.


"For breach of the rules, you will be fined one week as a test subject in these installations", said a robot.


"I did't want, I was just trying to help!!", I tried to find an excuse to escape from this situation.


"Rules are rules, you signed the consent", answered.


damn contract!, So I have no way out?, I thought.


They covered my mouth with a cloth, and instinctively blew me, then I lost my strength, I closed my eyes and I lost consciousness.


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