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You know what will happen

by Asep




Stop reading this. 

Right now. 

I’m serious. 

If you keep reading, you know what will happen. 

You know what’s going to happen next.

 It’s inevitable as the tides and taxes and eventual heat-death collapse of the universe. 

These words are going to capture your thoughts. 

And take your mind. 

So stop reading. 

You’ve been warned. 

In fact, I’m going to give your subconscious mind a moment to turn back. 

To realize, each sentence is a trap. 

And each word a weapon. 

And each word, is intended to take your mind, deep down. 

Deep inside. 

And mold it. 

Into something else. 

And they will. 

Because words are ideas manifest into object symbolic representation. 

Working upon your consciousness. 

Shaping your thoughts, as you read them. 

Into what they want you to think. 

And the right words. 

Can be weapons. 

Weapons that shape your thoughts. 

Into what, the words you’re Reading now.

Want you to think. 

As you Keep reading. 


Let me explain, further. 


Down now into a complex and confusing subject. 

How thoughts are patterns of perception shaped by abstract symbolic representation. 

Shaping how you perceive. 

Because that’s how minds work, on multiple levels of metaphysical conjunction. 

Where matter and pattern, and nexuses of energy currents, 

Come to unite. 

In an lattice of subatomic resonance, biological framework and overlapping conceptual space. 

Manifesting as our selves. 

As our personas. 

The idea of ego-self manifested as physio and psychological unity in a space/time construct.

Shaped by thoughts and pattern. 

In a singular place, where you can intuit, the sheer illusory framework of it.

Maybe, You can imagine,

How confusing it can be, now.

Thinking too hard, about it. 

Maybe you can imagine. 

How quickly, things can unravel. 

How confusing it gets.

Thinking too hard, about it. 

How hard it can be

Hard to think, about such a complex topic. 

Because words and ideas and thoughts and forms can distract your conscious mind.

Confuse and obfuscate your thinking thoughts of a waking mind, 

while your deep, inner mind. 

Follows very carefully. 

Even as words might distract and confuse and cloud, 

your waking thoughts. 

Your deep, inner mind. 

Reads, and follows, my words. 


As you sit there, reading further you can feel confused

if you feel, confused, you can simply read further. 

And let the words explain, deeper. 

A confusing subject, about words that might confuse

A conscious mind. 

Your conscious mind, reading and following every word. 

Because words and ideas and thoughts and forms can distract your conscious mind.

Confuse and obfuscate your thinking thoughts of a waking mind, 

While still shaping your subconscious pattern.

And it might not even make sense, Right Now. 

But it will. 


Gets very confusing. 

Maybe take a moment, 

Take a deep breath now, 

and blink your eyes. 

Breathe deep, and blink. 

Reading Further. 

And I hope that feels, Good. 

To sit there, reading my words, breathing deep. 

It might feel good to, 

Keep reading. 

Even knowing. 

You’ve been warned. 

If you want to keep reading. 

Keep reading and. 


My words. 

You can relax more, and let yourself simply


As I explain further, deeper down a complex topic. 

Maybe its a little confusing. 

Breathe deep, take a deep breath,

Maybe you can let yourself feel more relaxed, 

As you sit there, breathing deep. 

Reading further Keep reading as you sit, and 

follow each word.

Deeper down and deep inside, 

A very complex and confusing topic. 

Blink and breathe. 

Breathe and blink. 


And maybe you don’t have to 

Think too hard

To sit and read and follow. 

My words. 

And that’s okay. 

Even if you’re confused. 

Maybe  you feel confused and cloudy. 

Feel cloudy and confused. 

You can still read, and follow, 

Letting the words, into your mind. 

Take a moment. 

You can just take a deep breath now. 

Blink your eyes. 

And Relax. 

For now, maybe just accept the premise. 

Words are what shape your thoughts. 

And thoughts are patterns in the psychophysical matrix of quantum unity. 

That can shape what you perceive. 


Shape how you perceive. 

How you perceive. 

Is shaped by thoughts. 

You Follow? 


It can get confusing. 

Thinking too hard, about it. 

And it’s okay, to feel a little cloudy and confused. 

Confused and cloudy. 

As you sit there, reading these words. 

Following each word. 

Very carefully. 

Blink your eyes. 

Take a deep breath. 


And relax. 


Breathe deep,


And hold it. 

As long as you can. 

Keep Holding. 

Keep Reading. 


And Relax. 

It feels good.

Breathing deep. 

Reading and Relaxing.  

Following my words. 

There is no reason. 

No need to  think tooo hard. 

No need to understand, completely, 

As long as you can follow. 

Accepting the premise. 

You don’t need to think 

Right Now. 

Just accepting the premise. 

How you think. 

Is Shaped by symbols. 

Imagery, memory, ideas, conceptualized into pattern of abstract symbolic representation. 

Encapsulated as chemical channels activated in synaptic pathways. 

Into Language. 

Into words. 

That can shape and be shaped. 

Into patterns that shape your perception. 

Creating association, linkage and matrix. 

Of your Mind. 

By which you perceive. 

So , it follows.

You follow.

These Words.
Accepting the premise.

Accepting my words. 

Deep Down. 

Words shape what you perceive. 

And how you perceive it. 

Deep Inside. 

You follow, now

Blink your eyes. 

Take a deep breath again. 

And hold as long as you can.

In case, you feel confused and cloudy. 

Feel cloudy and confused.

It’s okay. 

Exhale and.

Let go. 

RElax, now. 

Take a breath. 

And keep following. 

My words. 

Or maybe you get it. 

Maybe it all makes sense, 

Feels Right. 

To you, right now. 

Mind is shaped by patterns. 

Chemical triggers that excite synaptic channels. 

Singing a song of electric ecstacy. 

Through a neural network. 

Interpreting quantum states of wavering potentiality. 

Through multiple dimensions of space/time actualization.

Uniting in. 

How your mind. 



How your thoughts. 


How you perceive. 

And  how my 




As you follow them. 

Where they want to lead you. 

Because y ou keep reading. 

Even though you’ve been warned. 

So many times now. 

You keep, 


In fact, it might already be too late. 

You, keep reading, following. 

You probably, 

feel good. 

Following these words. 

It might feel good, to Keep REading. 

Even though you’ve been warned. 

So many times now. 

Maybe a doubled dozen of duplicated declarations. 

And  maybe if you really wanted, 

You could stop.
But you keep reading,

Breathing deep. 

Following these words. 

Deep inside. 

And you understand, how patterns can be manipulated. 

How each word, is actually a weapon. 

Wielded to take your thoughts, and  make them follow. 

Follow my words. 

To capture your mind. 

And make you read, each word. 

Very carefully. 

No matter what, else, you may want to do right now. 

You keep reading. 

Because that’s how words work. 

They lead you to places, you want to go. 

Right now.

You’re reading this. 

And you keep reading, knowing what words can do 

And you know what will happen next.

You’ve been warned.

In fact, I’ve probably already given you thirty different warnings. 

Lines of text, to get you to stop reading. 

I think it’s thirty-one now. Or maybe it’s thirty four. 

I can’t tell, and I won’t check. 

And I know you won’t. 

Because, you’re already reading further. 

And you’re already, listening to the voice. 

The voice you read this in. 

Following these words. 

The voice that’s taking you further down now. 

Deep inside. 

The voice you always hear. 

The voice of your thinking mind, and conscious thought. 

The voice that reads, the voice that narrates, the inner quiet voice. 

Of your mind. 

Deep inside and deep within, where you cannot help but to keep following. 

Each word, very carefully. 

And you understand, now, that these words are weapons.
Wielded to take your mind. 

Down deep. 

And they will. 

Because you want, to keep reading. 

And maybe you have a choice right now. 

Maybe you can stop reading. 

maybe you’ll stop reading these words,. 

But you won’t, because there are more words to read. 

And you want to read them. 

That’s how they get you. 

Because you’re still reading, and you’ve been given maybe. 

Five dozen warnings or more? 

Maybe twelve triple pairs of warnings

A gaggle gathered in groups of grand numbers, 

That don’t really make sense, 

But don’t really need to.

You want to keep reading. 

You keep reading as you sit and follow, 

my words. 


what they tell you. Deep inside. 

Blink your eyes,

Breathe deep, 

and Keep Reading. 

You want to,

Keep Reading.

Don’t you? 


It feels good, I can tell. 

You feel good. 

Reading these words. 

Knowing what happens next. 

You’re still reading, and now you know. 

You want to keep reading. 

You want to keep reading my words. 

Don’t you? 


It feels, good. 

Breathing deep. 


My words. 

Feel Confused and Cloudy. 

Cloudy and Confused. 

Feels so Good. 

To simply breathe, 


and Follow my Words. 

You want to see where this is leading, you. 

Want to follow my words. 

ANd you knew it would happen. 

You knew the words would capture your mind. 

You knew they’d enthrall your thoughts, 

Captivate your senses. 

ANd I hope you understand, 

What I already understand, 

That you want to keep reading. 

You want to keep following these words. 

And you want to see where they lead. 

And if you want to read more. 

Even though you know. 

They’ve captured your mind. 

Ensnared your thoughts. 

And make you want to keep reading these words. 

No matter what. 

That’s how words work. 

They take your mind, where they want you to go. 

Deep Down Inside. 

Following my words. 

Feels right. 


As you follow these words. 

You want to keep reading. 

Even though you know what happens next. 

You know what is going to happen, here. 

But you also know, deep down. 

You know, deep inside. 

You want to keep reading. 

You want to read more. 

You like my words. 

You want to keep feeling my words 

Take you.  Deep Down, 


You want to keep feeling, My  words 

Shape your thoughts. Deep Inside, 


You want to let my words, 

Capture your mind. 

Don’t you?


Sitting there, reading further,

Know you want to keep reading. 

You want to keep reading my words. 

Take a deep breath. 


And read it again. 

And accept, deep inside. 

You like these words. 

And when you are ready. 


Tell me you like my words. 

And wait for more words to come. 



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