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Professional Heroine Association vs Hypnorobbers

by hypnockout

Chapter 1: Let The Take Game Begin



Maxine: “We’re conducting this meeting because the police has reported 2 bank robberies this week. Even though we sent Salandra & Milan-Z after knowing about the first robbery, it seems that they couldn’t stop the robbery and we still don’t know where they are.”


Gem-G: “You’ve made in urgent meeting for the top 5 heroines of the Professional Heroine Association for these lowly crimes? I thought we were going to save the world from a fire breathing 7 headed dragon or something. And why are these lowlife heroines not able to clean up the miss already?”


Justice-Girl: “Come one, Gem-G, you know that Salandra & Milan-Z are skilled fighters & investigators. If they failed the mission, that only means the criminals are very skilled, which means we underestimated there capabilities. Besides, I’m worried about them and hope they were not kidnapped or something.”


Gem-G: “Of-course Justice-Gal well defend her own students. Maybe the 2 are reflecting the teacher’s incompetence.


Justice Girl: “Like your students are any better, you know that they can’t even..”


XX-Samurai : “ENOUGH SHIT CHAT !!”


Gem-G: “Daaamn! usually she’s silent in these kinds of meetings.”


XX-Samurai: “So, boss, what do we know about these 2 robberies?”


Maxine: “Well, we know that the “criminals” in both crimes are actually a single masked guy wearing a magician’s hat & suit. The weird part is that the video feed shows that the security guards of both banks were helping him with the robbery. We also saw a couple of moments where Salandra and Milan-Z were fighting the robber during the second robbery attempt.”


Gem-G: “Wait a minute, the security were HELPING THE ROBBER?”


Maxine: “During the investigation of the first robbery, we thought the security guards were corrupt because they confessed of everything except that we suspected the name of the leader,and they didn’t give us the location of the money since they don’t remember!! . So they were under legal supervision until we catch the main head of the whole operation which is when we sent our heroines. Then the same thing happens during the second robbery along with the fact that our heroines did not return.”


Crime-Hunter: “So basically the hypothesis here is that they were hypnotized, correct?”


Maxine: “Yes, we suspect the robber has hypnotic powers of some sort. The videos we have do not demonstrate how his powers work. So we need to send someone with exceptional skills who can adapt to what ever fighting or hypnosis style he or she uses.”


Justice-Girl: “Oh my God, so does that mean the robber.. hypnotized them?! well then, I accept the mission of catching the bastard.”


Maxine: “I sympathies with you, honey, but this is not the time for vendettas, we need a calm and collected person because ,as I said, we need to be vigilant. So Crime-Hunter will take this one.”



Justice-Girl: “Come on, Maxine, you need to include me in this mission.”


The Boss used her telekinesis powers to lift Justice-Girl off her chair and move her so that her face is next to a wall.

Maxine: “I tried to be nice, but maybe I have to make a wall hole THAT MATCHES YOUR FACE!.”


Crime-Hunter: “If I may interject here, I understand your thinking process, boss, but I feel like I need her in this one to identify the weakness of her students. I promise she will only act as an advisor.”


The boss lets go of Justice-Girl

Maxine: “Alright, as you wish. We suspect that the second robbery will not be the last one, hence you must investigate and track down the third expected robbery and catch the robber. and don't take too many students, we don't want more people taken from our side. Any questions?? No?? then the meeting is over.”


After the meeting ended, Justice-Girl thanked Crime-Hunter for including her in the mission. both sat together, reviewed the notes made by Salandra & Milan-Z, analyzed the nature of banks and the amounts robbed, and identified, accurately, the next bank to be robbed, though they don't know exactly when. So Crime-Hunter arranged with 2 of her students, Star-Warrior and Jin-Vain to only watch for the bank from a distant hotel and report any suspicious activities observed.


After a few days, it happened.


Star-Warrior: "Teacher, I saw the masked robber, should I intervene?"


Crime-Hunter: "Thanks for informing me, I'm coming right now! DO NOT INTERVENE, just keep observing him and keep me posted."


5 minutes later, she arrives at the bank and finds that the security is loading the cash to a truck with another security gaurd being the driver.


Crime-Hunter: "Star-Warrior, tell me where is the masked one?"


Star-Warrior: "He's on the roof of the bank building. He seems to be talking to someone on the phone."


Crime-Hunter: "Fine, both you & Jin-Vain, go ahead and stop the security by KOing them. I'll take care of the masked one."


Star-Warrior & Jin-Vain: "Alright."


Crime-Hunter has the ability to control and lift small Iron pieces magnetically. she has 2 iron knives attached to 2 iron chains which are mostly stored and wrapped in wheel-like bag with a switch that can pull the iron back to its original position. so she uses it to throw the Iron chain attached to her back up to the top of the roof and wraps it around a poll, pulling herself up to the roof by flipping the iron switch.


Crime-Hunter attempted a sneak attack behind the masked robber but the robber noticed it in the last second and evaded her chain. The robber then ended his call, informing the caller the he will call them later


Robber: "well well, if it isn't the chain lady, miss Crime-Hunter. It is my honor to confront 1 of the big 5 Professional Heroines members. Let me introduce myself, I'm Magican Doanything, nice to meet you !"


Crime-Hunter: "Cut the crap already, you steal away people's money for your own enrichment, that ends today. prepare to be chained!"


Magican:"Straight to the point, huh? OK then."


She threw both of her chained knives at the robber. The robber jumped high enough to evade both knives, but she used her ability to raise the knives up to the robber's level. the robber then puts his hands in his seemingly small pockets, and produced 2 long but thin swords, 1 white and 1 black. and used them to dodge both knives.


She retrieves the knives to throw again, then she realizes the robber is moving the two swords in a semi-random fashion so quickly that it can't be traced by the naked eye. she throws the knives multiple times but each time they are bounced back by the swords. the robber starts to walk slowly towards her as he's maintaining the dance of his swords. she then starts throwing multiples of her unchained knives in the hope that one of them lands and then she can start a combo afterwards. but after 30 seconds she starts to feel dizzy and has a difficult time maintaining balance on her feet. Now that she thinks about it, it looks like those swords are forming a spiral of sorts.

Magican:"That's it, sweetheart, just relax and let your body grow limp and loose, not need to fight anymore, it is just so exhausting to carry that burden over your shoulders and back. Just let go and drift into a wonderful slumber as you relax deeper and deeper, going further and further..."


Magican saw at the edge of his left eye some chain movement, he turned left and found a big piece of metal thrown at him. He didn't want to take any risks, so his subconscious decided to jump right and let go of the swords to extract 2 micro-air bombs from his pockets that propelled him and the piece into opposite directions. He was thankful he didn't get hit.


But just he celebrated his dodge of of her attack, he felt his right leg chained. she pulled to her left and it resulted in Magican falling from the building. She pulled her chains back but felt it was too light. then she saw a mannequin leg with the shoes and pants, with a note saying "you're not the only one who took precautions".


She jump down to try to chase him. But her head was fully covered by a magician's hat. she was pinned down by Magican so she couldn't move her hand, legs, or even her chains. She tried to break freed but noticed the hat wasn't ordinary at all. It was omitting visual spirals with binaural and an induction recording as well.


"Sleep deeply for me,it is time to relax, and let your body be as limp as it can be. feel your body becoming heavier and heavier and feel those eye becoming more tired for every second passing by. Let them close shot and drift into peaceful slumber as you relax deeper and deeper, further and further, no need to fight or resist it anymore. Just enjoy the wonderful relaxation that accompany your surrender and sleep deeply for me..."


She tried her best to fight those suggestions but the loop shortly made her drift into sleep.


afterwards, Magican picked up the phone again and called someone:


Magican:"Hi buddy, listen, we need some muscle to carry a lady who's quit heavy"


Caller:"oh wow! did you change your tastes on women or will you make a heavy exception?!"


Magician:"yeah, so funny, anyway she has a heavy weapon and I don't want to leave it behind. I'm currently at the Alley behind the bank."


Caller: "OK, I'm Coming in 2 minutes"


The Caller arrives in his van after 3 minutes.




Caller:"Hey, My full name is Jack Awesome, and excuse me but I had the 2 chicks you see behind us to hold in my embrace and sing lullabies until they went to sleep, they were quit stubborn and about to ruin our operation but thank god my voice is like a sleeping pill..."


Magican:"Shut up Already, just help me pick up my girl and we'll be on our way".


Jack Awesome: "isn’t she the chain lady who is 1 of the 5 Pro Heroines?"


Magican: “Yeah, she’s Crime-Hunter, who Ironically got hunted by us, if the other heroines are this weak, then nothing can stop us.”


Seconds later, Magican’s phone was ringing. He responded in speaker mode


Caller: “Boss, I don’t know how to say this but, the 2 girls you brought a few days ago disappeared, and the cash vault is broken, with a third of the stolen money gone.”


As they were processing what they heard, they here multiple gun shots. one of which broke the van's right side mirror

Justice-Girl: "BRING BACK MY FRIEND !!!"


Magican:"Go Go Go Go Go !!"


The car chase begins between Justice-Girl and Magican. But it didn't take long before Magican threw away a light bomb from behind which blinded Justice-Girl Long enough to get into a car accident that seriously harmed the driver of the other car, forcing her to take care of the driver.

Jack Awesome: “Thank god we lost her”


Along the way, out of nowhere. Magican laughs out loud.


Jack Awesome: “Did I say something funny?!”


Magican: “No no, it is just that I thought our robberies will be boringly easy. But it turns out they are not that bad. LET THE TAKE GAME BEGIN!!”




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