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A Horny Day

by hyonosissy

Chapter 1

Once there was a man called Jim. He was very horny one day so he went to his ex's house to ask her to help out. When he rang the door bell nobody answered. He was so hornet and his balls were so full that he went in anyways. He went into her bedroom and found her panties. Snif, snif, snif, snif, snif. He jacked off and fell asleep. When Jim awoke he found himself in a cage. His ex was just by looking at her new slave. She told him she was going to treat him very well and not to be alarmed. She said he could be in the cage or be her puppy. He quickly chose puppy. She let him out but not before attaching a collar and a leash. Once he crawled out she gave him a cardboard box and told him to open it. The catch was they he could only use his teeth. Knaw knaw knaw. After eating a clue prices of paper and falling on his face more times than he could count, he finally opened it. She proudly announced that it was a bitchsuit! She strapped Jim in and help him on his knees and elbows. She tugged him around the room to train him. They went for an hour and Jim got his footing- er, knee ings. She set out a bowl of dog food and a water bowl and left him tied to the wall for an hour, while she went to get groceries. When she came back he was asleep! Bad puppy! She willed him and told him he could only sleep when she told him to. She teased his cock and made him lick her pussy until she orgasmed but she made it very clear that he would never cum again. She made him lick up the mess she made from her orgasm. Once he cleaned it she told him it was time for bed. He had to sleep on the hard floor next to her bed. No doggy bed for bad dogs. She tuned her phone into a puppy hypnosis and left it on, while he slept. She put it on loop to ensure he would get it into him. She also mixed in a few slave and pussy licking hypnosis's. In the morning she gave him a scoop of food and put a chastity cage on him, to protect him from temptation. Not that he could anyways with the bitchsuit on. She had him lick her pussy for an hour straight. She came so much that the whole floor was wet. What a great puppy! As an award she promised him a walk. She let him clean the mess up with his tounge while she made herself real food for breakfast. She made sure the Jim are all his kibble and then brought him outside for the first time in an entire day. She had to give him a gag, to make sure he didn't annoy the neighbors. She walked him 3 miles around the block and told him to ignore all the people looking. She told him if he went, then he would have to eat it, because it would be very rude to leave it. She said if he was a good puppy for the whole week then at the end, she might let him out on every Saturday for 15 minutes, but he still wouldn't be allowed to cum. When they got back from the walk, she gave the puppy a dog bone. She had a surprise for him. She had gotten him a Buttplug with a tail on it! She put it on him and asked if he was happy. He couldn't talk, so she assumed yes. She paid extra for the bitchsuit with pads on the knees and elbows, so he'd better be happy. Once playtime was over, she had to go to the Solan, so she left him in his kennel. She left the audio hypnosis on again, this time adding in a cum production hypnosis along with the puppy and slave hypnosis. She was getting very proud of her slave. She said he could even sleep on the bed with her as long as he eats her pussy, all night long without stopping. He agreed. That night, puppy tried to stay awake in lick but was so stick and wet that he fell asleep. When she awoke to find a mess that wasn't licked up and her slave asleep, she got very angry. No water and no weekly free time. She made puppy pee in his water bowl and lick it up. He was still thirsty afterwards so she squared over his mouth and told him to open. He obeyed, afraid of what might happen, and she made him drink all her piss. Afterwards he was still thirsty, so she let him eat out her pussy and lick her dry. She was quite exhausted so she made herself some lemonade and took puppy on another walk. After a week puppy no longer even aknowledged His old Life. She was master and he was puppy. Not that he could speak. All he could do was walk on his knees and elbows and whimper. She made him eat her out daily, eat all his kibble, only gave him water after drinking his and her piss and taking him for a walk outside along the neighborhood. He was having a very good life. He even got to listen to reenforcement hypnosis every night while he slept next to the bed on the floor. He was so glad he was horny that one day. He did wish he could cum because his balls were always heavy from the built up cum, but Master said no. Sometimes puppy dropped cum on the floor, but he was happy enough to lick it up. Happy puppy do what their masters say, and doing her work made him happy. Over time, his knees adjusted to his bitchsuit and walking was way and natural. Puppy was happy, and Master had a new slave and her ex back. She never could find out why he left in the first place. All she did was tell him her plan to get a puppy.


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