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Slave shit and Humiliation Slave 4 Master

by sweetsandnuts

Slave shit and Humiliation Slave 4 Master

There I was sat at home a bored Wednesday nothing to look forward to at all tonight, pissing down with rain fuck all on television, phoned a few people some were out and passed the time of day with others. Was on the net about 8.30 and went on to slave 4 master not one fucking hit at all so I re booted in case it was not working, checked again nothing, went onto manscat, scatboi read a few profiles went back to manscat and watched a few clips. Beep and up popped the message box on slave 4 master. Mmmm that’s nice till I checked his profile fucking Bristol about 500 miles away, hi was the message what’s happening. Nothing I replied so suggested msn chat, this guy was a rep from Bristol on his way to Glasgow and he was staying at the post house hotel near the centre of town. This was getting better I fancied his profile 35 well endowed pics matched the description, into sleaze and he asked if I wanted to meet. You fucking bet I did the prick was at attention, he was into dirty sex and he went into great detail of what he wanted mutual shit play, and shit fucking oh fuck I thought it’s my birthday. He thought it not a good idea to use the hotel for clean up etc but was willing to meet up if I had somewhere to go.

Well I always have somewhere to go a nice secluded house in the country not overlooked and a big field at the back for out door sex if needed. Within 40mins he arrived he was fucking beautiful in nice tight shorts a vest top in black and black shorts to match. I invited him in and he introduced himself as Paul. I was eager to get started and he pulled me towards him with a deep kiss, he asked if I could take control and he would do exactly as I asked without question. He was into humiliation and degradation and anything I wanted he would do. The dirtier the better, he was into k9 and he once said he was forced to have sex with a dog it was guided up his arse after it had been fucked open. This guy was too much he was sort of foaming at the mouth really wanted it whatever it was, I like my feet licked so that’s where we started and he was a good licker and right between my toes and the soles of my feet this was so exciting for me as it proved with my prick sticking up in my shorts.

I needed this guy naked so I ordered him to strip off as he did not have much on to start with so within seconds he was naked a big prick between his legs a good 8 inched and uncut. Nice I thought this is going to make a boring Wednesday into the highlight of the year. He started licking between my legs sucking on my shaved balls and engulfing my prick into his mouth. He was trying to get up my arse with his mouth and I ordered him to stand up and bend over, his arse was really cute and shaved and it was just right for a good rimming and that is exactly what I did I tongued his hole it was nice and clean and I could tell it had not been long since it was scrubbed. I poked inside with my fingers and he said he was rather full up there and I said we would soon have that shit out of him and I positioned my prick at the nice wet arse and slipped into him. As I was fucking him I could feel the shit being packed up inside his arse, it was feeling great as my meat was burying itself in amongst his man waste. I pulled out of him and my prick was all brown and I placed it against his mouth ordering him to clean it up for me.

His tongue wasted no time in getting to work on the man shit from his cunt, I repeated the process and man fucked his hole again, again I ordered him to lick it clean I noticed there was some meaty shit attached to it and he was not fazed by it going back into his guts again. I fingered his hole with 2 fingers and pulled a nice lump out and he ate it up it was like feeding a baby he was hungry for it. I took him outside to the back door and he knelt down whilst I covered him in thick piss. He wanted the piss his mouth was open and he tried to get as much into it as possible. It was nice and strong the piss and the dirty pervert wanted as much as he could get. I presented my arse to him and he started tonguing it, I dragged him by his hair to the field and said you dirty fucker I am going to fill you full of shit, I took great pleasure in hurting him by pulling on his hair, he was really horny saying please sir and thank you sir. I slapped his face telling him what was going to happen and again thank you sir I deserve it all whatever you want sir was his reply. I am a whore pig sir, punish me for being a greedy whore pig sir. I spat at him and it landed across his eyes and I said I need a fart so let’s get it right into your mouth I said. He put his lips in a seal like embrace against my shit hole and I let rip a good belly fart, I even surprised my self. Lick my man cunt whore boy as I farted again and I could feel the shit just inside my canal. He knew it was there and he was trying to rim his tongue to touch it and out it came it slipped right into his whore mouth. He chewed on the turd and he really sucked all the juice from it as his mouth got creamy liquid from the juice from the shit he swallowed. Not all the turd just the juice. I kicked him in the belly and I shouted at him to swallow my gift to him and he was winded and he choked. As he was winded he spat it out into his hand so he could compose himself to get his breath back. I went fucking berserk and ordered him to get that shit back in his mouth he was still trying to get his breath back so I kicked him on the legs really hard he yelped and I told him again get that shit back into the fucking mouth.

He scooped the shit back into the mouth and then I said you have 20 seconds to eat it and he slipped it down his throat. I repeated the process and filled his mouth again with another turd, I gave him 30 seconds to make it disappear. He had tears in his eyes but I was horny as fuck being in control I slapped him across his face and it really hurt my hand so it must have hurt him and he dutifully swallowed the rich turd from out of my arse. He was a sorry sight, he had a nice bruise on his leg where he I kicked him and he said thank you sir I deserve it as I am a whore cunt. He was all wet and he was covered in grass where the grass had stuck to his piss stained body. I still had more shit in me but I was going to save it for later. I was getting off on the punishing side of it so I had him kneel up as I kicked him hard up the arse he was sent forward onto his belly and has he lay flat I stood on his back and walked all across him.
I could hear whimpers from him as I was on top of him and I told him that I was enjoying myself and there was no reply so input the pressure on as I balanced myself with one hand on the wall I pushed his head into the grass with my foot.

Oi cunt I’m talking to you yes sir thank you sir, thank you for what cunt I asked. For allowing me to be punished sir, you like it then do you I asked. If that’s what you think I deserve sir I am happy that you want me to be punished sir. Please not on my face sir as I have to work tomorrow so I let my guard down and said ok runt I won’t embarrass you I got off him and kicked the side of him and ordered him to get up.

Right whore cunt time for you to shit yourself, shit in your hands and cover yourself in it I ordered. He shit in his hand and as he stood there in front of me he dropped a nice turd in his hand and he wiped it across his body. On your fucking face cunt I said and he scooped it off and covered his face in his shit, rub it in your hair I said as it is difficult to get out of your hair I said, I may not be able to slap your face around but I could not give a fuck if you smell all day tomorrow with your own shit. Get more out of your arse and he shit in his hand and he took pleasure in obeying me with using both hands as though he was washing himself. He spread it across his face around his neck and it was all so fucking dirty. I needed him empty I wanted him covered in shit so I told him to get the shit from me and he held his hands open as I shit into them and he started rubbing it all over his legs and body.

He was looking the part now a total shit pig just the way I like them in their place as low as they can get, I shit out some more and I fingered my arse a nice dollop into my hand and I ordered him to open his mouth as I slapped a dollop on his face and scooping a bit I started cleaning his teeth with my shit and fingers. When I was sure he was empty and I was empty I shouted at him saying what do you think your doing you dirty cunt, you look fucking ridiculous, I got my camera, and I took some photos of him, I left him at the door as I went inside and downloaded them onto the pc.

I wanted his password for his profile for s 4 master as I uploaded them to his profile saying this piggy has been getting beaten because he is a total shit pig, I urged people to download them. He was crying that I had betrayed his trust he was not wanting all this, oh stop you’re fucking moaning I said.
I don’t give a fuck what you want, its what I want get that into your fucking head shit cunt. I kneed him in the bollocks and he collapsed in a heap at the back door. I slammed the door and locked him out. Fortunately I had not sent his profile so while he was outside crying I deleted everything from the pc I am a cunt but not to get anyone in trouble.

Within about 10 minutes I opened the door and he was sat there covered in shit, I got the belt from my trousers and whacked him across his back and he yelped, and to my surprise he said thank you. I am useless I know it , I am a failure I know but sex and reality have to be separate he said. I told him I never sent anything as it was all a ruse part of the role. He started crying and said thank you sir thank you sir. So now what cuntface? Your boring me with all this whimpering so let me shoot my spunk and fuck off back to your shit hole. Yes sir thank you sir, thank you sir I think he really meant it all he was a soft fucker or was he still in the role. I started wanking and I was ready to shoot and I cum all over his face.

I told him to fuck off now as I was bored with him. He asked could he have a shower and I said fuck off I’m not having you in my house looking like that dirtying my bathroom up. I picked up his clothes and threw them out the back door and said shut the gate on your way out.

I was quite pleased with myself as I watched him trying to tidy himself up as best he could making it all worse. It was lovely to see him struggle and he still had a hard on, as he started to step into his shorts I opened the door and said come on soft pig get in the shower.

He showered in silence I think he was relieved as not having to go back to the post house like that. I wanked him off and we parted, he was a total wreck I was on a high another pig who can’t really handle there fantasies. When will they learn and they don’t fuck about with me................


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