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her hypbotic smelly blue toenails

by kaneda74x

her hypbotic smelly blue toenails

A man succumbs to the charms of a sexy blond and her hypnotic feet and toes.
Disclaimer: This story is not intended for those under the age of eighteen. If you are not of legal age or are offended by the hypnosis and foot fetish read no more! If this kind of stuff turns you on then enjoy! One of the things I love so much about where I work is that there are a lot of parks near by. That being said the best time of year to go the park is spring and the beast time of day is midday. There is always a lot of nice people who just do their own thing and love being out on a clear blue day.

Today was no different; I could hardly wait for lunch. All morning my tasks seemed mundane at best because it was a nice clear blue day and all I could think of was what I would do during my lunch. As I left my office around noon, I arrived an hour early so I could take a two hour break. I went to the deli and got my lunch and headed straight into the park. I found a nice grassy area, took off my shoes and socks and began to eat my lunch and observe the beautiful goings on. It was all very comfortable and relaxing. At first I did not notice her because I was so relaxed almost in a light trance, and my sandwich was so good but across from me laid this beautiful blond haired girl who proceeded to take off her work suite and sunbathe. I always welcome a nice view, but then the unthinkable happened, she took of her stiletto high heals, to reveal very stinky but very sexy bare feet with the most exciting color of blue nail polish ever. I instantly got a hard on and tried ever so delicately to hide it; I thought for sure she would slap me in the face if she saw me staring at those feet. My concentration went from how nice it was outside to how much I wanted to smell those feet, and all I could look at was that beautifully shiny blue nail polish that moved with the wind and sun.

It was then that she began her attack; of coarse I did not think anything of it because I was too preoccupied. She was like a cat stalking its prey, she wickedly said to me, I hope the smell does not bother you; my feet are just so active I need to air them. I was so caught off guard and turned on I did not know what to say so the first thing I did say was “what smell”. Her reply was more of a test I think, she rolled over and put one foot near my face and said “this one”. This also gave her full view of my erection and clear facial expression so she moved in for the kill. She rolled back over and began to taunt me with her toes. She said to me I can tell by your obvious arousal you like my foot very much. I can also tell you are a little ashamed of your fetish, I find the foot fetish to be the kinkiest fetish and it’s so relaxing to inhale that wonderful scent. So tell me do you have a foot fetish? All I can say was I um I um don’t know. Well why I don’t help you find out. Just relax and listen to me, you are not going anywhere any way so relax and listen. Well if you don’t mind me admiring your feet then I don’t mind you helping me. Little did I know what she meant?

So what do you think of my toenail polish? I have to say its one of the most fascinating colors of Blue I have ever seen. It is special relaxing toenail polish; if you watch my feet as they swing back and forth it will relax you. You like to relax and listen don’t you. Look at the blue toenail polish as I just swing my feet back and forth and back and forth. Why don’t you take a nice deep relaxing breath for me? Good now just listen and relax focusing on the blue toenail polish. As you continue to listen to my words you will find that any thoughts of looking away or moving are long out of your head. Try now to look away from my feet. I tried with all my will power but they are just too sexy, I must follow and listen. You are doing so well now it is very important you just focus so hard on those blue toenails as I speak. You are finding it hard to move. Breathe in and out nice deep heavy relaxing soothing breaths. Let the relaxation freeze every muscle in your body. Feel the grass on your bare foot sway you to relaxation. Feel the relaxation moving up to your legs and your torso. Feel your but get nice and numb. Feel your back and your chest sink deeply into relaxation. Feel the relaxation move through your lungs ever so sleepily and you breathe nice and deep. Now feel your arms grow limb and fall to your sides. Your almost to your face feel it get heavier and heavier. Now your eyes are so heavy it’s as if they have lead weights on them. Trying so hard to focus but when I touch your nose with my foot your eyes will close and you will be in a deep hypnotic sleep. Now sleep for me.

Now you are going to sink deeper and deeper into hypnosis for me. You are at the top of a staircase, at the bottom of these two steps are my feet and the odor draws you to them as you go down you will get deeper and deeper into hypnosis and more and more aroused. 2 extremely horny, submissive, obedient 1 inhale and surrender to me. From now on whenever I ask you if my feet smell you will return to this state of hypnotic bliss. If I say sleep you will instantly fall asleep for me. If you hear me say smell and obey you will do whatever it is I tell you. My voice and my feet are all that matter to you now. Nothing turns you on accept smelling and worshiping them. I am Mistress Blue Foot and you are my slave. What is your name slave? My name is Ace I answered in a monotone voice. No your name is hypnofoot boy. Yes Mistress my name is hypnofoot boy. When I count to three you will awaken very very aroused and will follow me to my car for the final part of your conditioning. 1 the heat of passion is taking over 2 you need to orgasm but can not 3 awake. God I am horny! It was then that she caught my eyes, wow those feet are hot. Follow me to my car hypnofoot boy. Why did she call me that I wondered? Smell and obey Yes Mistress I will follow and obey. The moment both my feet cover your face take a deep breath and have the best orgasm ever. The next thing I knew her feet were on my face and I exploded like I had not had sex in 3 years and my life was never the same.


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