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Alpha male dick sunk to a hedgehog weewee

by pinkeltju

Chapter 1

Prepare for a sullied and heavily willing hypnotic submissive (M/21/hella straight/ hella bottom) (diapers, messing & wetting , soft and limp forever, losing control of my unhappy thoughts ((not a sad story though;))and anal stretching) revealing his journey of shrinking his massive junk to a ini-mini chipmunk that loves the soft moisty & dirty darkness; all of this while leaving out his massive secret that is yet.............To Be Revealed...


Chapter 0 (introduction):

I had this itch in the back of my head and it revolved around listening to a female the whole day. I did want a girlfriend a fair time long, but after quite some time jerking around, i had never found one that fitted the taboo i was into.

Not that i was actively pursueing women, i just did not want to commit to saying: i would like to spend some time with you and see if things flair up and blossom into something way more. I never have asked a woman this or anything similair, since i was 18, because i was afraid of the grown up commitment and the heartbreaks i've had with the women that always seek to hurt someone and not caring about the honest past time they spend with someone. They always blast off to a better party. As well as me finding myself quite something to deal with as  i am seen by my enviroment as quite the scenemaker/daybreaker. My physical appearance and stature, my mental mirror image and inner energy-level, my heroic aptitude and lineage, and of course the most notable part about me would be my gentle and highly noble genitals. I am the most caressable and loyal butler/bodyguard and no one ever denies that i am the true lion king of the city. Forever and always i can't grasp my next mate to stay and play the part of being my significant other..


Chapter 2 where should i start off..:

Like i said i want to listen to a female ramble all day long and her actually being interesting, so no news, no sports and no novels. I wanted something that make my thoughts more futible. Increasing and strengthening the senses that let me pick up the cue's that signal me confirming if someone could be my future loyal partner, one that stays no matter if everything is broken and pleasure seems like it can't be found anywhere, anymore and the regular world is turning the opposite direction. I was very cautious with hypnosis, i had heard of it, but never temped it to help me. I just gambled it off and ended up trying it, which turned into actually liking it and submissively listening to files every day and sleeping with it.


Chapter 3 liking it:

I love woman that caress and take care of my insatiable and adrenaline-spiked lifestyle. Whenever they are around i always feel like i can just bask around all day and they forever and always keep my hopes of smiling brighter the next day up. I love them so much i just accepted, the following: i'm a university graded bright and very appealing young male figure. Giving up some behaviors never hurt someone and if it is the right time it will magnify my position in the world as a "candidate". I will say the following: i still have the feeling not to pursue listening to hypnosis and fully repeating the commands. {Comments about being more relaxed are kind}


Chapter 4 the files and results:

I have listened to the following category files (female voiced only): i was first brought to attention by browsing online the well known diaper/incontinance files... I. Just. Lost. It. 

I was always a fan of messing and wetting and it being automatical and a progressively worsening condition that needs a lot of female attention. This is my next-planned treatment session as i first want a fully retracted, forever-soft, baby-sized and helpless wienie. A wieni.... male Clit* that is so absolutely helpless it just leaks drips and sprays cummies and pee. I have decided since this morning.. my last very weak erection and very weak ejaculation.. i will continue this journey and go against the grain to meet and enter a new world. So when i do reach my male clitoris image of my future self. I will make a new story. A fully dickless life all about having the issues of being called a thick and very soggy diaper boy that makes girls laugh when they do a diaper check on my ass.



Chapter 5 the secret:

I missed revealing the secret i have, it just revolves around stretching my asshole and loosening and relaxing, so that when a woman does pull down my thick spongy diaper for a diaper change, she will notice that i have an ass that loves to get caressed and loved.

Chapter . The chapter that does the magic for me and for you.

This site is highly based on belief and you might have a story of your own, succeeding or just waiting till the season is right for your next move. My move, hope and wish:

I wish i have a most-strikingly-sensitive, orderly-fully-tucked-in and simply-fully-retracted and ginormously-helpless Tucked Wee, something people might want to call The Stamp.


And so.. my dear readers at the end i have a wish if you are so kind to help me and strengthen my belief: comment and message me, i will forever remind and strengthen my wish with the energy, confidence and attention the message or comment gives me. Here it goes:


Please help me!!! (Not you) believe it and reach my goal by saying the following sentence (1.) out loud as fast as possible and with as much faith as possible (i always believed in connected field theory): 1. my penis is always&fully&superbly-soft-limb-retracted-shriveled-flooding-cumming-peeing-puckering-spraying-innocuous-innocent-PERMANENTLY-shrinking-diminishing-contracting-SUPER GROSSLY THICKLY PUFFILY DIAPERED Baby Stampy.

Say *Baby Stamper* 3 times out loud directly after the mentioned sentence and transfer some believe energy to me, please;). 


Thankz for reading y'all... will continue




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