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Regression treat

by babybriella

Chapter 1

Annie!!!! I heard my sister calling for me. "Annie we have to go to town with mom so hurry up!" My sister Ashley always trying to be in charge even though I'm older then her!






we got into town and went grocery shopping and right outside the grocery store was an ice cream stand.  Ashley asked if we could get some! I never really ate sweet treats cause I always strive to be skinny and healthy! But I guess I'll make an exception we ordered and I looked at the choices. I notice cotton candy was there it was a childhood favorite. I ordered the cotton candy in a cone. I took one lick and immediately felt good and happy. I kept licking and just got happier and happier! It was staring to melt all over me as I kept licking and licking the icecream. I didn't notice things changing I was starting to get shorter chubbier and chubbier. Fat growing on my hands, my legs, and my cheeks. I kinda felt my underwear expand in a soft thick diaper as I kept licking and licking. My hair getting shorter and shorter turning into pigtails. My sweat pants and my tee shirt that were now to big for me turned into overalls and a princess shirt. I reached the end of the cone with one bite left I chomped it down leaving me with happiness and freeness left in my body. As I grabbed my sisters hand and walked to the car to be strapped into my car seat. I sucked my thumb and napped the whole drive home.


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