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The Breaking Point (part 2)

by heroortime

Chapter 2

(Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay, but here's part two of the breaking point, I hope you all enjoy it!) 

"Fuck, fuck.... Fuck" is all that Julia could muster. The reporter was in serious trouble, the pink gas filling the room, the screens surrounding her flashing with hypnotic imagery. She started panicking more and more, forcing her eyes closed, she tried to stay calm. Slowly taking in deep breathes, in and out, in and out. She tried calming her mind, all she needed to do was figure a way out, there has to be something. Taking another breath in she felt a wave of much needed relaxation start to settle into her mind, doing so allowed a sickeningly sweet fragrance to fill her nostrils. It felt, so.... nice... "shit!" Snapping herself out of trance, he breathes became shallower. She realized she couldn't even try to calm herself down, if she did, she would be playing directly into her capture's hands. "Okay, think, Think Damn it!" Muttering to herself in some feeble hope for a brilliant idea finally to hit her.  All she needed was that lightning fast wit she was always so proud of, but nothing was coming to her, it was too much to process at once. Her throbbing headache from earlier, the gas filling the room, the cramped space she's trapped in, her fear of what will happen, she couldn't keep anything straight. Her mind racing, she tried her best to keep even a single thought straight. "Once I escape, I just need to contact the authorities, let my family know I'm safe" her mind trying to reassure her, but only causing more panic with each passing thought. "My family! Shit,if I don't get out of here... they would never know what happened to me, oh god.. fuck, fuck...." the more she thought about it, the worse it got. " I never got to start my own family, I never got to fully live my life... What about my friends? What if this twisted bastard actually succeeds, oh god.. I can't end up like my friend. I can't end up like.... um, what was her name again ?..." this realization brought her mind to a complete halt, "I can't remember her name..". With pure shock and horror, she accidentally opened her eyes. The flashing screen before her showing a wide variety of photos and videos. Before she could react by closing them back up hundreds of images had already seared themselves into her subconscious. As much as she wanted to force her eyes closed again, she couldn't, the array of pictures had already begun to entrance her. Within seconds, hundreds and hundreds of photos flooded her brain, fast enough that her conscious could barely understand any of it. Her unconscious on the other hand took in everything, footage of women being used, girthy cocks, Barbie dolls, cute kittens. She had barely even noticed the droning sound of binaurals filling the air, too engulfed with the video, with what was happening. Julia couldn't fight it, she started to relax. Her spunk, her spirit, it started fading as she fell deeper and deeper into trance. "Why was I so against this again?" Not even realizing the thoughts she was having were falling from her mouth. " this feels, so like.... peaceful." Her eyes glazed taking in more and more, the gas filling her nostrils, her ears bombarded by the subliminals. All of her senses overwhelmed but no longer stressed, they finally gave way, no longer resisting the new suggestions filling her mind. This lasted for hours, days maybe, she couldn't tell. Hell, she didn't even care, she felt euphoric. Her mind continued being filled and drained, washed out by her conditioning. Finally the screen stopped, the gas turned off and the air was filled with a still silence. Sitting in the middle of the room was a docile and plyable shell of the reporter. Drool dripping from her lips, as her other lips leaked with pleasure. She just sat there staring blankly at we're the pretty pictures had been, completely unaware that they had stopped even. The former reporter was only broken from this trace when a door opened up and a man in a gas mask walked in. " How are you feeling sweetheart? Can you even remember your name?" The vapid girl look at him not completely understanding what he said until a good minute had passed, what was left of her brain worked like a machine gunked up with copious amounts of pink sticky bubble gum. Everything moved oh so slow, and took so much effort for it to even start working. while her mind wouldn't stay this destroyed forever, she could definitely wave goodbye to ever being someone with average intelligence, and she would be kidding herself if she ever tried to think how she used to. Eventually she answer, her words no longer precise or thought out. She stumbled even with the simple words she tried to muster. " Me.. he..ad feel,, reallly good." It took another minute before she even remembered there was a second question, having to be asked a second time. " Me... no rember..." her words were slow and simple, much like her now. The man chuckled, "looks like we won't have to worry about you exposing our little secrets anymore, well sweetie, I have a new name for you. One that's nice and simple, and once we're done with some cosmetic changes will be quite fitting. Your name is Tits, you're Tits the Ditz" Again another minute passed before she answered, responding with a fit of giggles " Dats such a ... funi name... he.he he" This time the man couldn't contain his laughter. " Yes, it is quite the funny name, isn't it." Both of them laughing together, just not quite for the same reason. "Now, I want you to come with me now, we still have so much more fun planned for you. And don't worry, we'll comeback here afterwards. After all we need to see where that IQ of yours lands once everything settles down in there." Taking his finger and poking her forehead. The brain fried bimbo just laughed with a dumb smile plastered across her face, her big doe eyes vacant of any thought staring up at him. Undoing her bindings, he leads the bimbo upstairs for the next part of her new life.  ( I really hope everyone enjoyed! I'll probably make another part sometime in the future, and I'd love to hear any feedback as I'm still quite new at this. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it, so have a good rest of your day/night! And until next time!) 


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