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Morning rituals

by pc63970

Morning ritual - fuck my ass and fill me up with your first cum and piss of the day. I keep my ass filled with my inflatable plug at night so it’s always ready for you. You’ve sometimes made a game out of it, teasing me, making a point to show me how much you drink after dinner, keeping a jug of water beside you while we watch tv, giving me that cheeky smirk every time you need me to refill it. 

When you put my plug in before we go to sleep, you make me count the pumps out loud - usually 7 to begin the night. Every time you need to piss, you wake me and I put my ass in the air for you for you to fill. You fill me up and then reinsert my plug, making me count outloud again, usually adding 3 pumps every time you use me. I swear that sometimes I think you’re taking a diuretic just so you have to pee all night... the most you’ve used me in one night is 4 times, but it’s usually only once or twice. Now 4 times is always your goal. I know this because you love it when I drink your piss, but we’ve always agreed that the only time I have to do that is when I ask for it. And now you’ve figured out how to make me ask for it... the rule that I’m not allowed to expel anything from my ass until my alarm goes off in the morning was particularly devious of you. I can hold 3, but when it’s the 4th time you’re needing to piss, I simply can’t hold anymore... you almost seemed surprised when I asked you to piss in my mouth instead... “you know the rule is still the same, pet... everything from me has to go into you, you can’t waste a single drop... do you really want to do that?” “yes, Sir... please let me drink it... I can’t take anymore in my ass tonight, I promise not to waste a drop if you’ll just let me drink it instead... please, Sir...” And so you filled my mouth slowly, letting me swallow before doing it again and again and again... my belly was full and completely distended from the enema I was holding and the warm piss in my stomach. You then told me to present my ass and pumped my plug up another 3 times, much to my dismay. 

I barely slept the rest of the night, no surprise, and when my alarm went off in the morning, you barely stirred as I left the bed. I quickly waddled my way to the bathroom, holding by belly like a pregnant woman. My morning instructions are very clear: I have 30 minutes to brush my teeth, put on heavy mascara and bright lipstick, put my hair in a tight high ponytail, pee, edge on the toilet until I almost come 3 times, licking my fingers between edges, on the third time I can pull the plug out of my ass and release my enema. After I release, I am to clean out as many times as necessary to ensure I start my day with a clean hole for you and finish by squirting lube into my ass. Finally, I chug my quart of water (although my stomach still feels full from my 4am drink) and head to the glass walk-in shower. 

There are 3 long dildos in the shower, one affixed to each wall, opposite from each other, and  one on the floor between the two. I get into position on my hands and knees, ass filled with one wall dildo, mouth filled with the other, and start rocking back and forth, gradually taking each all the way to the base. I know that if you come in and don’t see lipstick on the base of the cock, you will be very disappointed and punish me appropriately, so I make sure to get all the way to the base and force my lips against the edge, my watering eyes already ruining the mascara you love me to wear. 

You wake and come into the bathroom, telling me good morning and watching me while you brush your teeth, coming over to quickly slap my swaying breasts and tweak my nipples playfully. Your cock is hard and I know you love to see me training, so I put on more of a show, making sure I’m going all the way down on each cock, making myself gag and drool, my makeup already ruined. 

You step into the shower and motion that you want to use my face first this morning. I quickly move positions, on my knees forcing my ass down on the third dildo, with my mouth open and tongue out. You quickly enter my mouth and I grab your ass to pull you closer to me, my mouth wet and eager enough to pull you into my throat immediately. My gag reflex is much better than it used to be, due to the twice daily training regimen you have me practicing, but it’s still not completely gone, and you love that. Being in the shower in the morning gives you the freedom to use me as hard as you would like, and you like it really hard. 

One of the reasons you like me to drink an entire quart of water upon waking is so you can test my training and give me pointers. You start by telling me to sit still and bury the long dildo all the way in my ass. You then hand me my open mouth gag which I put on while you fill my glass with water and come back to the shower. You tell me to lean my head back and you begin to slowly pour water into my open mouth which I swallow again and again until the entire glass is gone again. I now have 2 quarts of water and quite a bit of last night’s piss sitting in my stomach and feel almost nauseous will how full I am. You set down the glass and tell me that I am allowed to touch my cunt only when my face is being fucked this morning, but I am not to cum without permission. I nod, and you move towards me, splitting my ponytail in two and using it as a handle for my head. I sit still, my mouth open, belly full, as you slowly guide your cock into my mouth, past my tonsils, and down my throat. You pull out slowly again, completely leaving my mouth, a line of drool clinging to your cock. You enter slowly again, this time pausing as my nose hits your public bone, “stick out your tongue and begin to edge for me, cunt.” I stick out my tongue, gagging slightly, and slowly begin rubbing my clit, still wet and sensitive from this morning. You pull out suddenly and immediately return, pausing again with your cock fully in my throat, “if you want edging privileges today, slut, you better move your fucking hand a lot faster than that,” you growl quietly. I immediately pick up the pace and so do you, fucking my face in fast full strokes. You find the place in my throat that typically makes me gag and run your cock through it in short bursts, pulling my head towards you as you fuck my face. I gag, a little bit of the water coming out of my belly and running down your cock before sliding down my stomach and between my legs. I use it to rub my cunt faster, the spit and water making everything a mess and somehow making me even hornier. You laugh at me and spit in my face, “is that all you think I can get out of you today, cunt?” You slam your cock into my throat again, fucking in and out so quickly I can’t breathe. You find the spot that makes me gag again and push and pull my head on your cock, forcing me to gag over and over, tears running down my face, drool streaming from my mouth, until finally you get what you want and I puke all the water and piss in my belly up all over your cock, hitting you in the stomach with a disgusting splash that sprays back at me. “Good girl!!!! I knew you had it in you!” You continues fucking my face even as I gag, making sure all of it comes up. 

I continue rubbing my cunt, covered in drool, spit, and piss and as I continue to gag, I feel my orgasm getting closer and begin rocking my ass on the buried dildo. You see me begin to rock and order my hand off my cunt as you take your cock out of my mouth, rubbing it on my face covered with drool. You know what a slut I turn into when I’m denied, and today is no different. I beg you: I just want to taste you. I want to feel your cum in my mouth, I think that even just tasting you would make me cum. “I know pet, but why would I want you to cum when I could have you like this?” Please, Sir, please. I beg of you, let me taste you, please, that’s all I ask. “Turn around pet, you know how this goes.” I lift my ass off the dildo and turn, putting the dildo in my mouth and my ass raised in the air for you. You enter my ass easily, smacking it a few times and then forcing my head down on the dildo as you ram into me. “I guess there is one way you could taste my cum, pet... I don’t know if you’ll like it—” Anything Sir, anything... I need to taste you, I need your cum in my mouth. “You don’t even know what it is, Pet, are you sure? No take-backs?” Yes, I’m absolutely sure, Sir, anything you say. “As you wish, cunt,” you say as you hammer into my ass again, only a few more stroke and you cum inside me. Sir! I thought you were going to let me taste you!? “Anything I say, right cunt?” You keep your cock buried inside me and I feel you begin to piss, filling me before you remove your cock. “Don’t let it out cunt, turn over onto your back.” As soon as I turn over, you lift my legs so high that my cunt and ass are above my face. “Now you get to taste me, cunt... aren’t you lucky? Now open wide and push out all my piss and cum, pet.” 

I am mortified, but nothing would keep me from your cum at this point. I reach up and hold my cheeks, spreading my ass wide as I begin to push. Your piss washes over me and into my mouth and I swallow eagerly, occasionally getting a taste of your cum. 

It’s worth it. 

Thank you, Sir. 


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