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Belated Halloween TF

by Riukken

Belated Halloween TF

It had been a late night out on this Halloween, Dustin had just got done hanging out with his friends after a night of trickery. He was on his walk home, he'd be in some deep shit for being out past curfew his cell phone read 2:02 AM and only seemed to get later each time he checked. He tried to run home but his physical condition wasn't that great and he needed to stop once in a while to catch his breath if anything he had been wasting time. He came to the block that had no street lights and his parents always told him to avoid walking down it at this hour, especially on Halloween. The only light he had in front of him was the orange lights used for Halloween decorations, maybe some purple here and there. But he tried running once more and smacked his face against a tree branch that was hanging to low. It threw him to the ground immediately on his back, his nose was broken as he started to fade in and out of conciousness bats were hanging out in that tree. Everytime he tried to stand up the bats seemed to swoop down as if playing a cruel joke on him. He pinched his nose trying to keep it from bleeding any further as he tried to swing into the night at these creatures with his other arm. After a few minutes the bats seemed to calm down as he stopped swinging. As if one of the bats were stupid it swooped down and collided with Dustin's face, knocking him back onto the ground as the bat broke a wing and tried to get up from the ground. He stood up infuriated and kicked at the screeching noise killing it and knocking it into the street. "Fucking bats," he said under his breath, he felt even dizzier though, "I probably got a disease or something from them," he thought to himself as he continued walking in the direction of his house. He stopped covering his nose as the bleeding had stopped. He was sweating, worrying that he was actually sick as he hurried home even faster; after a few more steps his head ached with pain mostly in his ears and at his eyes, almost migraine like pain as his vision blurred he fell to his hands and knees coughing and tried to cover his ears. One moment it was silent and now it feels like a marching band is here, as he touched his ears they felt longer and as if they were being pulled higher up on his head. He panicked wanting to get a better look as he scrambled for light in a drunken manner on the dark sidewalk feeling his way around. His nose ached even more as he reached up to grab his nose, it had become pointy and pulled back almost like a pigs nose he thought. He was in a feverish heat as he pulled his t-shirt off he felt fur around his neck like a lion's mane. He panicked, that not even helping as he undid his jeans and shook them off. It felt slightly better, as his insides turned and twisted he held his stomach. His arms felt funny against his stomach, almost like a shower curtain really. He screamed out finding he had wings growing from his armpit down to the palm his hands, his fingers grew out longer and his fingernails almost turned into claws. His mouth ached as he spat out teeth and blood, "What the fuck is happening to me?" he screeched. Before long he writhed in pain slipping out of his boxers much to his dismay he had grown a rat-like tail and his male anatomy had changed slightly growing into a crude sheath. He curled up in the fetal position before someone shined a light on him. It was the police. Dustin stumbled to stand up as the police officer said, "We got a complaint of someone screaming in pain on this street. We hurried immediately thinking it was rape." Dustin tried to speak before the officer headed back to his car, complimenting "That is a nice costume."


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