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All Dolled Up Pt 1

by EMG

All Dolled Up Pt 1

Chapter 1
If you had asked him, Kyle would have said that he was living the good life. Of course his life had always been good. It wasn’t because he had any special gift, other than his brain. He wasn’t devastatingly handsome or ugly. He was just your average guy. He had a great sense of humor, and once he got to know you, Kyle would usually pick at you mercilessly. He enjoyed it, and the odd thing was, that you wouldn’t mind it either. Kyle was able to fly under the radar when he needed to, but he could also make his presence known if that was necessary, also.

Besides, he had always been able to see the right thing to do at the right time. He had worked hard through high school and gotten into a small, private college. He fell in love with the atmosphere and, more importantly, the scenery. It wasn’t just the girls, either. Kyle could take a walk across the campus, and it would relax him and give him time to think.

It was no surprise to anyone that when Kyle got a job in that town that he bought a house near campus, so he could still go by and walk the grounds whenever he wanted to or needed to. Yes, Kyle was happy.

He got even happier when the school agreed with his plan. Sure, he had a good paying job, and he even enjoyed where he was living. Still recently things had been stretched. Gas prices, food prices, and more prices were slowly eating away at his savings, and he needed to do something. It was at that point, that he had approached the school about using the four spare rooms in the upstairs of his house as low-cost housing for students who just didn’t want to be in the dorm anymore.

He could have done it on his own, but he knew the people at the college. If they would agree to his plan, he would have a much easier time getting students to move in. Each would have a bedroom. There were two bathrooms upstairs, so they didn’t all have to share a bathroom. The living room was the common area, and Kyle converted what used to be his office into his den. He could work there, or he could just go there to get away from the college kids, if he needed to.

There were rules. This wasn’t their house, so there would be no parties. There were plenty of afternoons and sometimes nights where Kyle was forced to do some of his work there. He also didn’t want any trouble from his neighbors, who by chance happened to be professors at the college. Beyond that, Kyle didn’t really care what they did. They were adults. They were expected to act like it. The school definitely liked the supervised freedom he was offering. They would most likely recommend it over simply renting an apartment. So it worked out that the following year, Kyle had four new residents in his home, Chloe, Mark, Sam, and Sarah.

Chloe was a junior looking to get out of the dorm. She was an inch or two shorter than Kyle, and she had long flowing brown hair. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned on her chest, and from the tone of her legs and arms, she had been active, at least, in intramural sports. She had been in two dorm rooms with four roommates in the two years that she had already been at college. She wasn’t sure why she couldn’t get along. She was at college to learn, and even though she had, on more than one occasion, enjoyed the pleasures of the campus social life, it wasn’t her priority, as it seemed to be for her first roommate.

Her second and third were booted because they were far too comfortable with their own bodies. Chloe didn’t mind showing her body off for her boyfriend, if it made it to that point, but she was definitely shy about having her body seen by other young ladies or seeing others in their bra and panties while they decided what they were going to wear. While her fourth roommate had been fine, Chloe wanted a place of her own. She wanted some of her own space, not shared space. This place was perfect for her.

Sam had similar stories of bad roommates, though the details varied, and Mark felt that dorm-life was too distracting for him to get any of his class work done. He had almost failed last semester because his friends spent all their time talking with him in his room.

Sarah’s story was a mystery. Sarah was a mystery. No one even seemed to know what her major was. She wanted to be off campus to be away from the people on campus, but no one knew what or who was the problem. She occupied a room, and joined in on occasion, but when she would join in conversations, she never talked about herself.

Over all, Kyle’s four new boarders were all more than happy with the rules and the arrangement. They paid Kyle $200 rent each month for the room, and the paid one-fifth of the utilities. Over the month that followed, living in the same house formed a unique bond with all of them. Many nights, they would all work on dinner together and have a nice evening meal where they just talked. It was all almost too good to be true, but it got even better.

Kyle was up late one night, working in his den. He’d had a long day, and he really wasn’t in the mood to work. In fact, he’d almost dozed off a couple of times already. That was when he heard a strange noise. Just for a moment. Was that? No, it couldn’t have been. Then, he heard it again. This time muffled, but a little louder. Yes, it was a moan. He wondered if some of his boarders were getting a little too friendly, so he got up to sneak up and see if he could find out what was going on. He was a little nosy after all.

Kyle worked his way up the stairs making almost no noise. The noise had come from directly over his den. That would be Chloe’s room. He slowly crept up to Sam’s door. Snoring. Well, it wasn’t him, same with Mark’s room. Those guys were out like lights. Surely, she didn’t. They didn’t. Did they? Kyle heard a squeak, another not so muffled moan, and a sigh come from Chloe’s room. She’d cum, or someone had cum from the sound of it. He would love to see what was going on in there.

Then, he heard footsteps. Someone was coming out of Chloe’s room. Kyle ducked in the guy’s darkened bathroom, feeling like a kid who got caught sneaking out, but at least this way, he would get to see who was in there with her. They must have really been going at it if she could barely keep it quiet. The door opened.

Chloe was the only one to emerge from the room wearing a robe. No one else was with her. She listened, making sure that the guys were out cold, and she put her ear to Sarah’s door. When she was satisfied that no one else was awake, much to Kyle’s delight, she slipped off her robe and tossed it back in her room. She was nude under the robe, and she was a beauty. Even in the dark, Kyle could see her nipples proudly poking out, her full breasts, just a hint of the fur between her legs. Kyle caught himself as he unconsciously went to turn on the light in the bathroom he was hiding in to get a better look. Then, quietly and quickly, Chloe ducked in the bathroom. She must get off on the danger of being exposed… was Kyle’s first thought.

Kyle’s mind began spinning. Ideas, plans, and questions all swirled around, but it was a yawn that had Kyle’s immediate attention. He wanted some sleep, and he didn’t want to end up sleeping up here. Just as quietly as before, Kyle descended the stairs and went to bed in his room. He might have to let her know that her room is just right above his. Kyle went to bed with a grin on his face.

Kyle woke up the next morning with the same grin that he had when he went to sleep. He dreams were filled with all the possibilities about what had been going on behind Chloe’s closed door, but the lights were on. He could see everything. He’d never look at Chloe the same way again. That was for sure, and for now, he had plenty of ammo to have some fun with her for a few days to come.

Kyle met her in the hallway. She was heading out early. A perfect opportunity to drop a little hint.

“Chloe,” Kyle said. When she turned around, he continued, “Aren’t you ‘cumming’ to breakfast?”

He put a little added emphasis on the word. She gave him a surprised look, and Kyle could see a hint of a blush. She recovered quickly though.

“No, I’ve got a big test today, and I need to get an early start.”

“Ok, well, you better get to work then. You’d be hate to be caught with your pants down.” Another mischievous grin from Kyle.

This time there was a noticeable blush from Chloe as well. She started to say something, but she either thought better of it or lost her nerve. Either way, she headed out the door.

Her mind in a similar swirl of thoughts as Kyle’s had been the night before. What did he mean by all of that? That hadn’t been the first time she had done that, but had he caught her? Just the thought of it gave her a rush, but she wasn’t sure why. She’d hoped that maybe one of the guys upstairs would catch her, but Kyle was 10 years older than she was. She was a junior but still... She should be going out with a college guy, but they weren’t paying any attention. More to the point, she wasn’t going to make it too easy, and she was making it easy enough for them to catch her now. What would her parents think? What would her friends think?

As she walked in the building for her classes, she pushed all her other thoughts aside and focused on the task at hand, her test. She didn’t think about it again until she got home. Kyle had come home early, which he did sometimes, usually to do some work there in his den. He was apparently out for a snack, and he saw her walk in.

“Ahh, first one back. Did you bomb the test?”

Chloe threw her bag down on the couch. She couldn’t help but feel a small twitch in her pussy that made her blush slightly as the things she had worked all day not to think about came back into her mind.

“Ha ha, very funny. I did okay. Not my best, but probably a B or C, at least,” Chloe stated, trying to put on her best smile, like nothing was going on.

Kyle noticed the blush though.

“I see you’ve still got that same glow you had this morning. Did you have a really satisfying sleep or something last night?”

“Ok, spill it. What do you know?” Chloe’s blush rose faster than her anger was rising.

“I know a lot of things. How do you think I can afford a place like this? I mean there’s the stuff I know for my job, some trivia… You know, I’ve always wanted to be on Jeopardy. I know all the answers when I’m watching it. I guess it’d be different to be on the stage, but I think…”

Chloe interrupted him. Now she was getting angry.

“You know what I mean. What do you know?”

Kyle, seeing her anger, gave her a reassuring smile, and said a little more gently,

“I know I heard a noise while I was working in my den. It came from your room. I went upstairs to see if one of the guys was giving you a little more than a hard time. I heard you cum. Your door opened. Out of instinct, I ducked into the guys’ bathroom, and I saw you come out of your room, check everyone’s room but mine, and toss your robe back into your room before you went into the bathroom, to clean up, I’d guess. That would just be a guess though.”

Kyle had said it all in one breath, and he still let out a sigh after saying it. She hadn’t taken this as well as he’d hoped. College kids.

Chloe, on the other hand, had lost her anger. She was blushing deeply. She might have been on the verge of tears. Was it sadness or relief? Kyle couldn’t tell, neither could Chloe.

“So what are you going to do about it?” Chloe asked. Her mind swirling with the fantasies that she’d had about when someone did find out.

“Nothing. Really, it’s none of my business. I was just trying to give you a hard time. I didn’t mean to make you mad or sad or whatever...”

Chloe’s blush got even stronger.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do ANYTHING about it?” She couldn’t even meet his gaze now.

“No, but I would like to know something. What were you fantasizing about that got you so hot?” Kyle could see this was having an effect on her. There would definitely be a repeat performance tonight.

“Um, I don’t... I mean I shouldn’t... um, tell you. That is, I mean.”

Chloe couldn’t even talk. She was so embarrassed. She was so aroused.

“It’s ok,” And Kyle started to turn to leave.

“I fantasized about one of the guys upstairs catching me.” Chloe suddenly blurted out realizing he was about to walk away.

Kyle turned back around.

“Really? Well, that’s a good one, but my opinion, you should try...”

Kyle looked around, as if to make sure they were still alone.



Chloe was definitely surprised by his answer. Her blush faded. She was practically throwing herself at him, and he was giving her tips on what to think about when she was masturbating? Weird guy.

“Yeah, chanting. See, obviously, you want the guys to use this against you, right? You want them to almost blackmail you into doing what they want. Into obeying them, right?”

Chloe could only nod as a shiver ran down her spine, from her neck all the way to her pussy. Oh god, he really knew her fantasy.

“So why not chant it? I want to obey you. If the guys hear what you’re chanting, they’ll be even more eager to use it on you, don’t you think?” Kyle still had that reassuring smile.

It was the first time Chloe had really looked at him. He wasn’t bad looking. He was older, but he’d been paying attention, even if by accident. Maybe?

Chloe didn’t have a chance to answer or finish her thought. Sarah walked in. She could pull Kyle into another room to continue this, but that would look suspicious. She didn’t need to go from no interest in her to too much too quickly. They could continue this later. Maybe he’d be working late again tonight.

“Well, like I said, just my opinion. I think that’s what you should do from now on, though.”

And with that, Kyle walked out of the room, back to his den to work. He hadn’t been expecting her to react so strongly. First anger, then... did she try to seduce him? She was definitely worth keeping an eye on, but what would the admin at the college think? Was it ethical to get involved with a boarder? He wasn’t entirely sure she was interested in him. She seemed more interested in the idea of being caught.

Kyle decided to let it die down for a while, and he definitely wouldn’t be investigating anymore noises from upstairs. College kids. Was it all this complicated when he was in school? Not that he remembered, but who knows?

Meanwhile, Chloe had made it to her room. Chanting? She kept thinking about it. The phrase did make her horny, but could she cum just from chanting? Usually, we she needed to relieve some pressure, she had a fantasy, and she came when she came in the fantasy. She had been playing a little more recently, but this new fantasy had been so strong.

Chloe was still slightly shy, but she’d made a lot of progress. She’d had boyfriends, and she did all sorts of activities, but she couldn’t even bring herself to wear a bikini to the beach. It was always a one-piece bathing suit for her. Then one night, she’d gotten up, in just her shirt and panties, and she went to the bathroom, not thinking to put on her robe. After she did her business, she realized what she had done. If anyone came out of their rooms, they could see her. Her shirt didn’t cover her panties. She wasn’t really very exposed, but they could see more than they should. It felt so sexy, and at that point, her nipples were poking up proudly.

It wasn’t cold, though. It was the danger, the chance she might be caught. God, she was horny. Chloe almost played with herself right then and there, but she controlled it. Since then, though, that had been the only fantasy she’d needed. Now she’d been caught, but it wasn’t like her fantasy. She wanted to think about it some more, but instead, she tore into the work she had for her classes tomorrow.

At least, Chloe tried to work, all evening. She’d gone down and gotten a little something for supper, but she couldn’t stay down there. She knew he didn’t tell anyone, but she still felt something being down there with them. Fear, nervousness, disappointment? She wasn’t sure, but she could feel it. Something wasn’t right. She couldn’t focus very well at all the whole time she was trying to work. Now, it was almost time for bed. She made some progress but not a lot. She was still too horny.

Chloe needed to finger herself. She quickly slipped out of her clothes. She didn’t even bother to turn off the light. She just began imagining the same thing she always did, that night, and using her magic fingers. She tried and tried, but her fantasy failed her. It had happened but not like she had hoped. It didn’t arouse her like it did before. He had caught her. Why didn’t he use her? Wasn’t he interested and what would she do now? She needed a fantasy. Or did she?

She thought back to what Kyle had said. Chloe began to finger herself again. She couldn’t really cum from chanting a stupid phrase like, “I want to obey you,” could she? Her mind wasn’t sure, but her pussy enjoyed it. She said it again. She felt pleasure. She thought of Kyle.

Chloe gave in and began chanting. “I want to obey you.” She knew everyone should be asleep by now, so she kept her voice as low as she could. “I want to obey you.” Still she was worried that someone might hear her. “I want to obey you.” Kyle might even hear her. “I want to obey you.” She’d have to find a way to get back at him... “I want to obey you.” or at least, thank him for this. “I want to obey you.” Her fingers were moving furiously, but it wasn’t the guys upstairs with her she hoped would catch her now. Her thoughts were slowly drifting more and more to Kyle.

Kyle was, at the moment, directly below her. He heard something, but was she doing it again? He decided to risk it one more time. Kyle snuck out of the den and up the stairs. He could see her light was still on. He decided against going back to the same place. There was a small closet out in the hall. That was where he hid tonight.

Chloe was fingering furiously now. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. She was so horny, but she couldn’t push herself over the edge. Why couldn’t she? “I want to obey you.” What was she doing wrong? She was chanting. “I want to obey you.” She even believed it, more than ever before. She wanted to be caught so that she would have to obey. She wanted to obey. Maybe that was why she wanted to be caught in the first place. But cumming wouldn’t satisfy her desire to obey, would it? “I want to obey you.” Kyle told her to do this while she fingered herself. “I want to obey you.” She would be obeying if she came for him. Cum for him.

As the best orgasm she could remember rocked through her body, those three words echoed in her mind. She couldn’t stifle the moans and a small squeak that she tried to hide. It didn’t matter at that moment who knew. “I want to obey you.” She wasn’t doing it for them. She wasn’t doing it for herself. “I want to obey you.” She was cumming for Kyle. “I want to obey you.” It was totally different than anything she had felt from her fantasies before. It was better than some of the sex she’d had. And all just from one phrase. “I want to obey you.”

She got up, turned out the light and walked to the bathroom to clean up. She didn’t bother getting her robe. She was still totally lost in the pleasure she was feeling. She didn’t even notice she was still chanting as she walked to the bathroom, but Kyle did. He smiled, wondering why she actually did it. He looked over at the guys’ rooms. Not a sound besides the occasional snore. They sure were missing out on this, but Chloe wanted them to catch her. Kyle wasn’t about to spoil her fun, and he could only smile when he heard Chloe cum again as he descended the stairs, still with no reaction from anyone but him.

Chloe had cum twice within ten minutes. She had gone to the bathroom to clean herself up, but she saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her breathing was deep. Her nipples were hard. There was still desire in her eyes. She needed more, and as she sat down to finger herself again, she wondered if she should chant again. It was very powerful, but did she really want to obey Kyle like that? He had said that was what she should do from now on, but would she obey? She wanted to cum like that again. That was all she was sure about at that moment, so she began to finger herself franticly once more.

Days passed after that night, and, for Kyle, everything seemed to return to normal. Well, he still occasionally heard Chloe upstairs, but he let the girl have her fun. College is all about experimenting, finding yourself, after all, isn’t it? Kyle gave her as much encouragement as he could. He tried to flash her a reassuring smile every time they met, but Chloe seemed to be avoiding him. Apparently, his idea hadn’t worked out the way she hoped, and since he knew her dirty little secret, she didn’t want to be around him.

The only thing about the situation that made Kyle nervous was that he might lose a boarder and her rent. He didn’t want to think about that. Maybe one of those guys would catch her. He’d even noticed her having some fun one day during the day. He might need to talk to her. She didn’t need to get too desperate. If she wanted, Kyle could always arrange something for her. Maybe drop a hint, but he’d only do it if she wanted him to.

For Chloe, however, things had gone downhill fast. She knew that Kyle was up to something. After that first night, she could only finger herself while she chanted. He had said she should do it that way from now on. She had done it that first night by choice, but now it was like a bad habit. She just did it. What was he doing though? He kept flashing that smile at her. She knew he was up to something. She knew that by the way she felt. Somehow, all the chanting, cumming for Kyle and having him catch made her really want to obey Kyle.

She really did want to do what he said, but she knew that was wrong. Wasn’t it? She couldn’t just give in to a guy that easily. It was like he wasn’t even trying because he knew she was that weak. She had been trying to avoid him, hoping the feelings would pass, but they wouldn’t go away. In fact, they were getting stronger. She’d skipped class one day, just so she’d have some alone time to play. Still, that must have been planned, too. Kyle just so happened to be home. She’d get him... somehow she’d get him for this.

It all came to a boil just a few days later. Kyle finally got a chance to be alone with Chloe for a minute. He stopped her in the hall.

“Chloe, I know you don’t really want to see me right now, but we need to talk.”

“Listen, I know what you want to talk about, but I don’t believe it.”

And with that Chloe stormed off.

“Ok, maybe you can see me later about it…” Kyle called after her.

And Kyle was left standing there, wondering what just happened.

Chloe tried to deny it. She had a death grip on her bed. He’d told her to come see him, and she wasn’t going to obey. She wanted to obey, but she wasn’t going to. No, that wasn’t it. She didn’t want to obey, but she was going to go see him... no, wait, she wasn’t going to see him, end of story, no matter how much she wanted to obey. She couldn’t give in. What would happen if she did? Chloe started to think about that.

She didn’t even notice that her own distraction released her grip on the bed. In just her shirt and panties, she put on her robe and headed down to see Kyle. She’d confront him, turn the tables on him. She’d find out what he was up to. That was it. Still, what would he do to her if he could? She was wet by the time she made it down the stairs. She just hoped that he wouldn’t notice.

Kyle was just lying down for the night when he heard a timid knock at his door. He opened it to find a very confused, very angry Chloe standing there.

“Come on in,” Kyle said. Chloe stormed through the door.

It was just like she expected. The bed was made down. He had planned for this. The thought made her even madder and hornier all at the same time. She sat down in a chair facing the bed.

“What are you doing to me?” She blurted out.

“What am I doing to you?” Kyle was confused, “What do you mean?”

“You’re, you’re doing something. I can’t finger myself anymore without chanting that stu.. that phrase you gave me.”

“Really?” Kyle was surprised, but he wanted to know more, “Have you been trying a lot?”

“I’ve been cumming at least once a day since you caught me. Most days I cum twice.”

Chloe caught herself just as the words left her mouth.

“Oh God, you are doing something. Why did I tell you that?”

“What am I doing? I asked a question. How is that doing something?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know, but you’re doing something.”

Kyle was getting a little upset. He’d suggested it, but he hadn’t meant it to be like this. He didn’t like her tone or the accusations. He decided to call her bluff.

“Fine, then, show me.” Kyle stated firmly, raising his voice a little.

Chloe was shocked. How dare he ask her that, but just as he did, her anger vanished. She couldn’t seem to be mad at him just now. She had to show him, but...

“Show you what?” she asked, much too politely.

Kyle, still feeling his own anger simmering, didn’t immediately notice the change.

“Show me how you cum. Do what you always do.”

Kyle braced himself. He expected a slap across the face, or maybe a confession that she just wanted to be with him.

Chloe knew what she had to do. She reached for the knot of her robe.

As she undid the knot, she had a fleeting thought, surprised that she felt so comfortable removing her robe in front of Kyle like this, but he had told her to show him. She always was nude when she fingered herself. She was about to finger herself, wasn’t she? That was why she was stripping, in front of Kyle. She was stripping in front of Kyle. Her robe was off. He could see her panties. Kyle could see her. Her nipples were poking up proudly against her shirt.

“What am I doing?” she asked trying to clear her head, trying to be mad, trying to do anything but keep stripping.

Kyle was as shocked as Chloe was, but he wanted to see how far she would really go.

“I think you were going to show me?” Kyle said with a grin.

“Oh, right, show you, ok.”

Her hands moved to her shirt. In one swift motion, she was topless. Kyle was speechless at the sight before him. He’d admired Chloe’s body, but he never even in his wildest dreams thought he’d get this good of a look at it. He tried to memorize every inch in case he never saw it again.

Chloe hesitated again when her hands touched her panties.

“Why am I doing this?”

“I want to obey you,” was Kyle’s only response.

“I want to obey you?” Her mind that had been clouded by her own lust began to clear.

“I want to obey you.”

Yes, that is why she was here. She was here to obey.

Her thumbs moved under the waistband of her panties.

“I want to obey you.”

She slowly pulled them down. Then her hands made their familiar trek to her pussy. She spread her legs, forgetting Kyle was even in the room. She began to finger herself, chanting all the while. It was a slow deliberate chant. She was feeling pleasure, and she was savoring it, just like she always did. She was showing Kyle what she always did. She was obeying Kyle. She wanted to obey him.

For Kyle, it was the show of a lifetime. Chloe almost acted like she was in a trance, but it was different somehow. He didn’t dare say a word for fear of snapping her out of whatever it was. Kyle thought he might cum himself when Chloe came, but he managed to control it. After it was all over, he wanted to see how far he could push it.

“Why did you come down here tonight?”

“You told me to come see you later. I want to obey you.”

Her voice was monotone, blank.

“And you fingered yourself for me for the same reason?”


“What do you think of me, Chloe?”

“You’re older, but you’re sexy. You told me about my chanting. Now, I want to obey you.” There was some inflection in her voice.

She was coming out of whatever it was.

“Chloe, leave your shirt here. You aren’t going to wear it to bed anymore. Put your robe back on and go to bed, ok?” Kyle wanted to end this as soon as possible.

“Yes, go to bed.”

“And Chloe, you’ll come back here first thing in the morning so we can talk about this, ok?”

Kyle wanted to talk to her before she decided to talk to the police or the admin on campus. This could be really good or really bad.

“Yes, first thing. I want to obey you.”

Chloe began putting on her panties and robe. As she did, she also seemed to gain more awareness. She got up, and it was like she was waking up. As she walked out, she shot Kyle a confused look, and she blushed when she looked down and saw her shirt still on the floor. She stopped as if thinking about taking it with her, but then she turned for the door, shrugged her shoulders, and walked out. Kyle was horny, but he was very happy with the way the night had gone. At least he didn’t have to worry about losing a boarder.

Chloe fought with herself all the way back up to her room. She had just fingered herself in front of Kyle. She’d never done that with anyone around before. Sure she fantasized about getting caught, but this was different. He didn’t catch her doing it. He told her to do it. She had to call the cops, but what could she say, “Hi, a guy told me to finger myself and I did. I think he’s controlling me somehow, but I don’t know how.” They’d lock her up if she called that one in. No, she’d just have to play along for now, like she did tonight.

Chloe smirked. After all, he may have thought he was in control, but Kyle was hornier than she was when she left. She could work her way out of this, but she’d just have to play along for now, until she could figure out exactly what Kyle was up to.

As Chloe slipped off her robe, she again wondered why she left her shirt down there. She remembered Kyle telling her to, but that wasn’t something she would normally have agreed to, even in her fantasies. As she got into bed, she finally decided that it was kind of sexy to play along for now, but she’d get that shirt back tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow morning would be different.

Kyle was still sitting looking at the chair Chloe had been in. He picked up her shirt. It smelled like her. What was she up to? Did all this have something to do with the chanting? One of his previous girlfriends had done something similar, but she hadn’t said anything about anything like this. Still, if Chloe wanted to obey, he’d give her what she wanted. Maybe this was what her fantasies were all really about.

Kyle and Chloe spent all night tossing and turning in their separate beds with visions of her performance swimming in their minds. Kyle came in his sleep and woke up to a mess. Chloe spent half the night chanting to herself in her sleep, driving her mantra even deeper into her mind. She was still in denial, but after only a few days, she was already hooked to it.

Both woke up a little groggy, and neither was entirely sure if last’s night show was real or imagined. Chloe put on her robe to head to the bathroom for a shower. When she got to the door, she knew there was something she was supposed to do, something she had to do. She had to know if it was a dream or if it was real. She quickly went down stairs and knocked on Kyle’s door.

Kyle was about to pull the sheets off his bed to clean up his own mess when he heard the knock. Was it Chloe? Had that really happened? On his way to the door, he spotted the top Chloe had left there last night. It wasn’t a dream. And that meant... He left the top laying there, just to see her reaction. What did she remember happening last night? Had she called the cops? the college? There were so many questions.

He opened the door to see Chloe standing there. She looked as confused as he felt. He hand was already toying with the knot of her robe. He had a twisted idea that made him smile. Sure, why not?

“Good morning, Chloe.”

“Hi, can I come in? I need to ask you about something.”

“Sure, come on.” Kyle stepped aside letting her in closed the door behind her.

“Let me take your robe,” Kyle said, like he was asking for her coat.

How would she react?

“Oh, thanks,” Chloe replied. It hadn’t registered yet.

She slipped out of the robe, and as it fell off her shoulders and into his hands, the realization finally hit her. She made a futile attempt to grab the robe without turning around. So it wasn’t a dream. She tried to cover herself, but she knew that was pointless.

“Wait! Why did I do that?” Chloe asked, still stunned.

“Why are you here?” Kyle responded.

Chloe was mad. Her anger made her forget her fears. She whipped around and shot Kyle the most hateful expression that she could muster.

“You told me to come here, but why did I do it?”

“Well, finger yourself and figure it out.”

“No, I already gave you one free show. There won’t be anymore.”

She felt her own urges, but she was going to fight them. She would win this time.

“But you want to cum again, don’t you? I can tell.”

“How?” Chloe asked.

Kyle smiled a little this time. He pointed at her body. Chloe had put her hands on her hips in her anger and stopped covering her nearly naked body. She looked down, she could see her nipples proudly standing out, and she could feel the wet spot between her legs. She did want to cum, but not here. Not for him. She couldn’t.

“Fine, I want to, but I won’t do it.”

“At least, not here, right? You’ll wait until you get back to your room?”

“Right. I won’t give you the satisfaction.”

“But what’s the difference? I’ve seen you do it once, and I know you’ll do it again. I was just trying to give you the satisfaction.”

Kyle was right. He had seen her cum. He could see her body now. Chloe wanted to finger herself. She wanted to cum for him right now, but that wasn’t right. She shouldn’t be doing this. Chloe looked down to avoid his gaze for a moment. She saw her top. The top she left here last night. The memory was just a fresh reminder of her current arousal. He had told her to finger herself again. She did really need to cum. Just one more time. Maybe if she gave him another little thrill, he’d leave her alone. He hadn’t even tried to touch her so far, so that was a good sign.

“Fine, you can watch, but remember, watch with your eyes.”

“I can live with that.” Kyle replied with a smile.

Chloe slipped off her panties, laid down on Kyle’s bed to get more comfortable. She felt something sticky on her back. She ignored it. She needed to cum. She spread her legs to give Kyle one good look, before she plunged two fingers into her waiting pussy. She began chanting. “I want to obey you” and before she knew it, she was cumming. Then she was relaxed again, the words still swirling in her mind. “I want to obey you.”

These were definitely the best orgasms she’d ever had.

What was that sticky stuff on her back though? What had she laid down in?

“Did I lay on your breakfast or something?” Chloe asked.

“No, what have you got on you?” Kyle was holding back his grin.

“I don’t know. It’s sticky.”

“Well, let’s see.”

Kyle ran a finger down Chloe’s back, wiping off his own cum. She shivered when he touched her. She was really getting off on this. When he had gotten it all, he kept it out of Chloe’s sight.

“Here, try it. See what you think it is,” Kyle said as he held his finger up to her mouth.

Chloe opened her mouth and welcomed the finger without a thought. Without a thought, for a moment, she very sexily sucked his finger forgetting her situation. Then, she nearly gagged when she realized what the taste was.

“How could you do that? And I laid down in it?” Chloe was nearly yelling.

“Yes, and unless you want everyone else to see you in your current state, I suggest you keep it down.”

“Fine,” was Chloe’s quiet response, like a child who’d been scolded.

Well, it had been a fun show, and Chloe certainly seemed more alert of her actions today, but he still wanted to know more.

“Chloe, tell me what you think about the word, obey.”

Chloe knew what she thought, what she used to think. She wasn’t so sure anymore. She wouldn’t really admit it, but she had, surprisingly, enjoyed showing off for Kyle. It was like fulfilling a fantasy. She was just playing along though. Still, she knew what he wanted to hear. No sense in disappointing him now.

“I want to obey.”

“Do you like to obey?”

Chloe thought about it for a second.

“I didn’t used to, but now, I’m not so sure...”

Wait that was what she really thought, wasn’t it? Why did she tell him that?

Kyle smiled.

“Well, at least he liked that answer,” Chloe thought.

“Who do you obey?”

“You,” Chloe stated. Obviously that was the right answer.

“Do you ever think about anyone else when you finger yourself?”


The thought stunned Chloe. Why did she only think about Kyle? Why hadn’t she imagined herself cumming for Mark or Sam? She was just playing along, wasn’t she?

“Hadn’t thought about that had you? I wondered...” Kyle drifted off for a moment, as if making some mental note.

“Ok, so what will you obey?”

“What do you mean? I obey your commands?”

Chloe was trying to keep up, but what was he talking about? She obeyed. She obeyed him. Hadn’t she already said that?

“But do you obey everything I say?” Kyle asked expectantly.

“Umm... I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about it.”

“Well, isn’t that something you should think about?”

“I guess so. It just hasn’t been important until now.”

“Why is it important now?”

“Well, you asked about it.”

“But if it wasn’t important before, you must have been willing to just do whatever I said, unless you had things you weren’t going to let me have you do. Were there?”

“Like I said, I hadn’t thought about it.”

“Then you would’ve obeyed anything I said, wouldn’t you?”

“I guess... no…maybe but that’s not right, is it?”

“Well, you want to obey everything I say...”

Chloe stopped for a second. Was that a command or a question? She couldn’t tell.

“Don’t you?” Kyle finished.

Chloe thought about it. She knew the answer he wanted. She knew the correct answer, but she wasn’t sure if she believed it or not. She wanted to obey, but did she want to obey everything? She just wasn’t sure. There were too many questions. Kyle was the one in charge here, why was she making this decision?

“I don’t know, do I?”

Chloe’s own sincerity in the question startled her. She was really struggling with this. She did want to obey. She wanted to obey Kyle. It made her feel so hot, so sexy, to obey him, but obey everything? She wasn’t sure about that. Besides, all this talk about obeying, while she was still sitting there, on the bed, nude with her legs spread, was making her horny again. She gently laid a hand on her lap, hoping Kyle didn’t notice. He did.

“Well, it’s making you horny just thinking about obeying everything I say, isn’t it?” Kyle asked.

His eyes weren’t meeting hers anymore. He eyes were focused on what her hand was now covering up. Chloe blushed.

“N.. I mean... that’s beside the point.”

“Is it?”

“Yes, I shouldn’t just go around doing whatever you say. It isn’t right.”

“Stand up and go to the window.”

Chloe heart skipped. The window’s curtains were closed. Did he want her to open them? He wouldn’t. He couldn’t, could he? Her pussy was aching to obey, and her own curiosity made her give in.

“Fine, let’s see what you’ll do.”

She stared back at Kyle hard. If he was going to do this, he’d have to do it looking her straight in the eye. She moved directly in front of the closed curtains.

“Put your hands on them like you are about to open them.”

Chloe moved her hands to the curtains. She could feel Kyle’s eyes studying her back. It was all she could do to keep her hands on the curtains and off herself. Kyle just sat there. He didn’t say anything. Minutes passed. Chloe’s arousal grew with every passing second. Finally, he spoke.

“What do you think I’m about to do?” Kyle asked. His tone had changed.

“You’re about to tell me to open the curtains.”

“Do you want to open them, let everyone see you naked?”


“Then, why are you standing there?”

“To see what you’ll do.”

“Not because you want to obey?”


“But you have obeyed up to this point, haven’t you?”

“I... god, I have, haven’t I?”

“And if I tell you to open the blinds, would you? Just to see what I’d make you do next?”

Chloe was near orgasm with her hands still on the curtains. She saw it. Whatever the reason, she was obeying. She wanted to obey. She had to know what he would make her do next.

“Yes, god, yes! I have to know!”

“That’s fine. Now sit back down.”

Chloe whipped around, stunned.

“But, you aren’t going to make me?”

“No, why would I?”

She thought about that as she sat back down on Kyle’s bed.

“But I would have obeyed you. You could have made me?”

“And you and I both know that now, so what’s the point? Besides, you’d like to finger yourself again, wouldn’t you?”

“I... don’t want to. Not now, not with the way I’m feeling. I’d make more noise, someone would notice.”

“Who could hear you?”

“The other people who live here!”

“Look at the time, Chloe. Between you having a late, first class, your first little show, and standing at the curtains, hoping I would have you open them, everyone left about ten minutes ago. Now, finger yourself.”

Chloe was stunned. She’d lost track of time. Had that much time passed? She looked at the clock. Yes, she’d miss her first class at this rate. Still, she could do something else.

“If you insist, I guess I’ll obey. I want to obey you.”

Kyle held up a hand.

“Wait, no that doesn’t sound right.”


“Try saying, ‘I obey everything you say.’ I think that seems more appropriate now, don’t you?”

Chloe smiled. She did like the way he thought.

“Yes, very much so.”

“Good, then finger yourself now. But don’t cum yet, let it build.”

“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
Chloe had been hoping for a quick release, but she’d hold it for a few minutes. He’d have to get going soon, so he’d have to let her cum then. Wouldn’t he?

Just her luck, Kyle’s phone rang.

“Just keep going, but try to keep it quiet, ok?”

“Ok, I’ll try.”

Kyle picked up the phone. Chloe kept whispering.

“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“Kyle, here. ... Yes, just doing a little work here before I come in. ... I understand. ... Something just came up that I had to handle. ... I’ll leave here and meet you in say an hour and a half. ... What? No, I can’t say I hear it. Oh, you’re going to be in this area. ... Sure, that’s an idea. ... No, I really think that must just be on your end. Ok, sounds great. See you then.”

“Who was that? I obey everything you say,” Chloe asked, trying to get him focused back on the situation, her situation. She needed to cum. She was holding it, but it was hard.

“My boss, we’re having lunch here later so he can look over a few things. Do you think you can help me fix some lunch for us all?”

“I obey everything you say. Me? Stay here for lunch? I obey everything you say. But class!”

“You don’t have any tests today or anything, do you? You can skip one day.”

“Fine. I obey everything you say. But did he hear me? I obey everything you say.”

Her arousal was getting close to the breaking point. She was getting louder. She’d cum soon, with permission or without it.

“No, just a buzz on his end. You worry too much. You could have probably been screaming it, and he wouldn’t have heard you. He barely heard me.”

“Oh... I obey everything you say. Can I cum now?”

“No, I’ve got to take a shower. You can sit in here and keep yourself occupied, can’t you? Or will you cum if I leave you here alone. Be honest. Can you hold it?”

She wanted to lie. She wanted to tell him that she had to cum now, but she didn’t. She just opened her mouth and answered.

“I obey everything you say. I can hold it, but… ,I obey everything you say, I may have to stop for a few seconds every now and then, is that ok? I obey everything you say.”

“That’s fine. Listen for the phone. If someone calls, let me know, but don’t answer it,” Kyle finished with that same knowing grin.

Of course she wouldn’t answer it. That was absurd. She couldn’t let anyone know what she was doing. The way she was obeying Kyle. She didn’t respond.

“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“Ok, have fun, and don’t cum.”

“I obey everything you say.”

Kyle walked out of the room down to the bathroom. Chloe just kept fingering herself. He was gone and gone and... Chloe’s mind kept wandering to her desire to cum. She wanted to cum. She had no problem repeating the phrase. It seemed almost second nature to her to chant while fingering herself, but her mind was focused somewhere else.

“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
Chloe was frustrated. She thought he was never going to come back. She looked back at the clock. Ten minutes had passed since the phone call.

“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
Chloe found the time was easier to pass if she simply didn’t watch the clock or think about her desire. She tried to simply focused on the pleasure of the moment and let the time pass. She tried to listen to what she was chanting to keep herself from thinking about the need she felt. It didn’t work very well. Every few minutes, her fingers, still in motion, would leave her pussy to keep her just at the edge, without going over.

Finally, Kyle came back. He was fully dressed and ready.

“Are you ready to cum?” he asked.

“Yes! Please!” Chloe begged.

She didn’t care that she was begging. She needed release.

“Will you obey me?”

“Yes, I obey everything you say.”

She was still chanting, but was that part of her answer or part of her chant? Or were they the same. It was so hard to tell right now.

“Then cum for me.”

Chloe plunged her finger in just a bit deeper, just enough to accentuate the pleasure and push her over the edge. She came, still chanting. The words were running through her mind like a song from the radio that gets stuck in your mind, repeating over and over.

“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
“I obey everything you say.”
When she calmed down, Kyle sat down on the bed facing Chloe.

“Ok, there are a few ground rules before we continue. First, why are you here this morning?”

“I want to obey you. You told me to come here this morning.”

“Ok, why do you want to obey?”

“I don’t know. You suggested the chanting. It was so great. It did make me feel like I wanted to obey you. But I don’t know. Did you do something? Or am I using this as an excuse to live out a fantasy because you saw me?”

Kyle looked her in the eyes. Both had forgotten she was nude and still soaked in her own juices.

“I didn’t do anything. What could I have done?”

“I know. You didn’t do anything. This is me, isn’t it?”

“Yes, and I may guide where this goes, but it will only go as far as you want, ok?”

“I know that. I think I could fight it if I really wanted to.”

“Ok, so from now on, you’ll come in here in the morning and before bed every night, just like today and give me a little show. I think that’s fair, but I won’t talk to anyone about this. If you talk to anyone or not, that’s your choice, but you have to know and let them know, for my own personal safety, that I’m not making you do any of this.”

Kyle grinned slightly, looking Chloe up and down.

“Still, if you are going to do this. I will expect ‘full’ obedience, is that ok?”

Chloe gave a knowing smile and answered, “So I’m assuming touching isn’t out of the question anymore?”

“I’d say that’s a safe assumption.”

Chloe’s smile grew.

“I think I can handle that.”

“Good girl, now, I’m going to go start working on lunch. Clean this mess up in here, and then get yourself ready and you can come help. Hurry, though. My boss will be here in about an hour and I want you presentable, ok?”

As Chloe started gathering up the sheets and her clothes and robe, she said without thinking about it, “I obey everything you say.”

She had to let out a small laugh at herself. Kyle gave her a small swat on her naked ass on his way out of the room. Both of them agreed. Life was very good, and the semester wasn’t half-way done yet.

To be continued…


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