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Amy to slave.

by alenk

Amy to slave.

Amy smiled happily as she stood up from her chair, the screen on her computer still flickering the bright pink message to her; words like slave, doll, and puppet flashed every so often, with more controlling words appearing, as well.

She smiled so wide, well, as wide as she could with the pink ball gag in her mouth. Her pussy practically dripped juice as she shakily stepped over to the dresser. As she did, it felt as if all her clothes were disappearing, being replaced with a latex-like French maid outfit, the apron all frilled and white, Amy’s perfectly round and soft, firm DD breasts jutting out proudly through the material.

She examined the duster that had appeared in her hand, and then glanced at the dresser in front of her. She smiled, and began dusting, dusting away.

From the dresser, she cleaned the desk, the closet, the floor, and everything else in the room, and as she did, she found herself more and more horny. After a while, Amy simply took the head of the duster she wielded, and shoved it into her pussy, masturbating with it strong and fast, until she reached a powerful climax.

After the orgasm, Amy laid down onto the bed, exhausted. As she did, the maid outfit she was wearing appeared to fade away, being replaced by a dark latex doll suit, complete with a hood that covered her whole head, save for a round hole for her mouth to suck through.

She could not see, but she felt a powerful, large cock forced into the hole, and she was forced to suck on it, lick it and clean it until it came in her mouth. Again, when her task was done, the clothes that she wore disappeared, finally replaced by her original outfit. She smiled and drooled through her gag, and returned shakily to the computer where, before sitting down, she inserted a rather large plug into her anus, on request of the program still flickering on the screen.

She typed eagerly with the results, trying to tell her master every possible detail of her ordeal. Of course, for such a bimbo that was nearly impossible, but she tried her best anyway.

Her master seemed pleased by her response, nonetheless, and proceeded to give her a new set of instructions to follow; this time, she had to go answer the door. Amy got up quickly, and left the room without a second thought (though she didn’t think much to begin with), and rushed down the stairs to the living room. There, she hurriedly opened the door, and beheld the man who stood there, smiling, holding rope and a set of earphones; her master.

She eagerly stepped aside and let him in, showing him the way to the bedroom, where he wasted no time tying her up on the bed, and putting in the earphones. They played a nice, hypnotic song, something about bimbos. But she was too preoccupied with her master revealing a blindfold to care. He covered her eyes, so she could not see the myriad of other toys he brought with him, intending to make the rest of the night perfect.

When she woke up, she was no longer bound, or gagged. She was, however, quite devoid of thoughts. Amy, or, slut as the program in the earphones called her, was standing upright, a pole ending in a dildo stuck into her pussy kept her up.

In front of her was her master, addressing a crowd of men and women, all taking about ‘bidding’ and ‘money’, words that made no sense to her, she just wanted to feel good, to be a maid, or a fuckdoll, or bound to please.

Finally, a slim, busty, beautiful woman seemed to win the bid, and came forward, placing a collar around slut’s neck. This must be her new master.

The woman seemed very pleased with slut's appearance, grabbing and caressing her all over. Finally, she lifted slut easily off the pole, and commanded her to follow. Slut did so, following the woman out to a nice limo, where dildos, a gag, and a nice latex suit were all put into her. She was given instructions on how to act and clean, and when she could be used as a toy for fun. A toy, that was all she was now, after all.

They arrived at a nice, large mansion, where numerous other slaves greeted slut, who smiled, and giggled, and got to work.

Slut would try to serve her new master well.


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