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The Ball Washer: Part Two

by cumslutsissy

The Ball Washer: Part Two

The Ball Washer part two

After two more days of being masters personal sex toy he began to feel it an obligation to turn me into more of a depraved slave. It was one morning while I was chained to his bed with two dildos inserted far in my ass that he came in and said "Slave, I'm going to use a brand new trigger on you...it will completely remove any resistance to any command I may ever have...You will be more than willing to perform any depraved act that I may think of." With every bit of strength I could conjure, I tried to protest, but then I heard the words...Ill never recall what they were, but all of the sudden I felt I had no free will and wanted to do anything to please Master.

"Slave, tell me any nasty or disgusting things that you've ever found attractive."

I didn't want to say anything but out of my mouth came; "I want to drink your piss and have you use me as a human toilet." Please stop talking, I begged myself. "Also, I want to be used as a prostitute...in drag." Oh god, please stop talking!! "I've always wanted to be used as a doggy bitch...I'd love to have dogs fuck me.." My mouth finally stopped making incriminating words and I sat there completely embarrassed.

"Oh slave, you've made me so happy...let's see, which one of those fantasies can I fulfill first? Hmmmmm...open up slave."

My mouth instantly fell open as Master unzipped his pants. He pulled his delicious cock out of them and began to pump it..I watched it grow in his hand as my mouth watered...

"Suck it slave!"

I wrapped my lips around the head and began to suck for all it was worth, but instead of cum I began to get a new taste...it was salty and filling my mouth very quickly...IT WAS PISS...Master pulled his cock out of my mouth and said "You better start swallowing slave!" i began to gulp down load after load of his piss. By the end of his stream I was fully addicted to the taste and wanted so much more.

"What's next Slave. I'll leave your humiliation up to you. But remember that if its not disgusting, there will be consequences."

I thought to myself for a second and suddenly knew what I had to do. "Please turn around and let me lick your delicious ass!"

"Slave, you are really getting to understand your predicament."

"Okay" he said, now bending over and shoving his delicious hole right near my face. I leaned in and tried to resist but it was useless...I shoved my tongue deep into disgustingly dirty ass and rimmed away. The more I did it though, the more I really enjoyed it...until master said this;

"Open your mouth and get ready"

I stopped and opened my mouth wide...but before I could react, Master began filling my mouth with his shit. I wanted to protest, I wanted to be disgusted but the second his shit filled my mouth, I instantly came every where.

"Oh yeah Slave, I forgot to mention that the trigger I said will make you so turned on by disgusting things that you will always crave them...I honestly could turn you into what ever I wanted, and you can never protest."

As I swallowed Masters thick shit, I knew that everything he said was true.

"So Slave, tomorrow I think I'll introduce you to a few stylist friends who will make you into the girl of your dreams, and I'll have you making me money in no time...You can try to resist but it's very useless."

I moved Masters shit in my mouth and every second it was in there it became even more delicious. I knew that if he wished for me to be a drag queen prostitute I must, and If I disobeyed the consequences would be much worse. I thought of all the horrible things Master could do to me. he could make me crave even more undesirable things.

"Then by the end of the week I'm gonna use you as my new kennel slut. You will service a very good friend of mines dogs, and he will have your triggers and know how to use them." "Do you love your new commands?"

With a mouth full of Maser's shit all I could manage to do was nod a definite yes. I can only imagine what tomorrow will hold...


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