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Sex with Aunt Emily

by Bobble17

Sex with Aunt Emily

My fantasy came true when I went to university and had to stay with my sexy aunt.
I was 17 and just graduated from the local high school. My dad insisted that pursue my college course in the big city. My mom was indignant with dad’s idea. “But who’s going to take care of him there?” She said and dad almost laughed. “Sweetheart, your son is not a baby anymore. He’s a big boy now and he can take care of himself. Besides, we’ll put him in a dorm so his basic needs will be taken cared of.” My dad said I really liked the idea of being in the city so I supported my father. “Dad’s right, mom.I can take care of myself.” I said and mom went silent. She knew I also wanted to go to the big city. “Okay. But you have to promise me you’ll come home every week.” She said. “You know that’s going to be very hard for the boy, sweetheart.” My dad objected. “It’s an 8-hour trip from here and that might affect his studies. And it’s going to be very expensive if he comes home by plane.”
Mom was silent again. She knew that dad was right. “Maybe, once a month then?” I laughed. “Don’t worry about me, mom. I’ll be alright there.” I said. “And I promise I’ll come home every time I had the opportunity.” I added and mom couldn’t stop her tears. “You better get ready, Jun. You have to go to Manila much earlier. You still have to look around and find a school where you’re going to enroll. And also a dormitory for you to stay.” My father said and mom looked at him. “Y-You mean, Junior will go there alone, sweetheart?” “I think so. I’ll be very busy these coming weeks and I can’t accompany him there. Neither can you, isn’t’ it?” My dad said and mom nodded. “Don’t worry everyone. I can accompany him.”
My aunt Emily suddenly butted in coming right from her bedroom. “You can?” My mom asked. “Why not? I’m the only one who’s always free and available here, am I not? Besides, I know my way around in Manila. I studied there for 4 years, did I not?” She said. “I know the big universities there and also the dormitories. I’m sure I can be very useful to the kid.” She added. Both mom and dad knew that Aunt Emily was right so nobody objected. Aunt Emily is the younger sister of my mom. Se lived with us since she divorced her husband about 4 years ago. She’s 32 but looks 25, 5 feet and 5 inches tall, with long, dark hair and sexy brown eyes. She got a pair of 34D size breasts and a pair of shapely legs so smooth that she doesn’t need to wear stockings. I don’t deny that I have been fantasizing her since I was 15 when I chanced on her having a shower.
She was staked naked and was playing with herself. The thought of being with her in going to Manila made me so excited. When the time for us to leave, mom was in tears as we said goodbye to each other. “Promise me, you’ll take care of yourself, son. And call me anytime you need something, okay?” My mom said. “I promise, mom. And I’ll call you from time to time.” I said and aunt Emily and I left. My dad thought it best that me and my auntie take the plane to Manila to make the trip faster and easier. It was already past 2pm when we reached Manila. The first thing we did was to look for a place to stay while I was not yet settled. It was enrollment time and the city was crowded. Almost all affordable hotels near the university belt are fully occupied. Luckily, we found one but the only room available was one with a single king size bed which means aunt Emily and I had to sleep in one bed. .
“Well, we got no more choice, Junior. We have to take this room. We can’t afford a 5-star hotel. or get a room in another hotel which is far from the university belt.” She said. “Besides, this place appears to be better compared to the other ones we saw.” She added. “You’re right, auntie. I can sleep on the floor while you take the bed.” I said. “Oh, that’s not necessary. We’re family anyway so you can sleep on the bed with me.” She said.
After having a rest for a few hours, we got out and began our survey of the various universities around. By the end of the day, I still was undecided on which school to enroll. But I was able to trim down the choice to only two universities.. We decided to put on the final decision for the next day. We went back to our hotel, had our dinner at the restaurant and went up to our room. “Are you going to take a shower, Junior?” “I guess so, auntie.” “Okay, But I’ll take mine first.” She said and went to the bathroom quickly. After a couple of minutes, she emerged again, her body wrapped in a towel. ”Your turn now, Jun.” She said and I went into the bathroom. She was already clad in her pajamas and doing herself in front of the mirror when I came out. I was already in my shorts and sando when suddenly the lights went off. “Uhuh…! So nothing had changed here in Manila.” Aunt Emily said. “I wonder if they have a generator here.” She added almost talking to herself.
After 5 minutes, the lights came. “Oh, thank goodness.” She said again but then, I noticed that the air conditioning unit was not working.”. They must be operating on a generator and the capacity isn’t enough to run air conditioning units.” She said. “Oh, well. I hope it won’t last very long.” She added and looked at me..
Summer was almost over then but the temperature still runs to the high 30s, almost nearing the 40s. In just a few minutes, although I just had my shower, I was already sweating like hell. I opened the windows but it didn’t help much. “If you want to sleep without your shorts on to keep you cool, you can.” She said. “No its ok.”I answered “Are you sure?” “Sure I am fine. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to you.” I said. “Unfair to me? How come?” She asked quite surprised. “Cuz you can’t get cool by taking a piece of your clothing off or you’d be exposing yourself.
Mom told me how cautious you are about exposing yourself” I said staring at her. Even in her pajamas, she was still a stunner. “Oh did she really? Then…watch me, boy!” She said and then stripped herself until only her panties covered her beautiful and shapely body. Her breasts were in full view, so full and firm and standing in all its magnificence. I just froze with the sight. “Ok, it’s your turn now, Junior..” She said looking at me. I was motionless. “Hello there! Are you still with me?” She said waving her hands in front of my face. I smiled. “Oh, you’re still with me then.” She said. “Go on now and take your shorts off. And as your aunt, I demand that you do it now, young man!”.” She added but I was still motionless. I couldn’t stop staring at her or say anything.
“Ok, fine! If you don’t want to do it, then I’ll do it for you.” She said almost exasperated and began taking off my sando and shorts until I was standing in front of him with only my brief on and as expected, she saw my huge tent. I saw her smiled but she didn’t say anything. But I saw her nipples hardened and erect. “Now, that’s better.” She said and she lay down on the bed. I still can’t take my eyes on her and I was hesitant to lay down beside her. “Well, ain’t you going to sleep yet, Junior? It’s getting late and we have to wake up early tomorrow.” She said and still hesitating, I slowly lay down on the bed right next to her. For a minute or so, we were both motionless and silent but I can’t help glancing at her direction from time to time. Oh, she was a real stunner. Her breasts were heaving up and down in sync with her breathing. After a few minutes of silence, aunt Emily turned facing me, took my right arm and laid her head on it. She snuggled closer to me and put her hand on my chest. I could feel her breasts pressed against my side and that made me hotter like hell. And I had the greatest hard-on ever.
“Tell me, Junior. Do you always sleep with a hard-on?” She said and I was really embarrassed. So she knew I was having a hard-on. I couldn’t answer her and she smiled. “Oh, let me guess. I’m making you hot, is that right?” She asked again and I didn’t know what to say so I just kept my mouth shot. She snuggled closer to me and her hand slowly moved down to my navel. I was frozen-stiff. I wanted to hug her and kiss her hard but I was scared. really scared. Her hand continued to inch down and was now going into my brief and her fingers were caressing my pubic hair. Then, suddenly, she got hold of my cock. “Hmmmm…! You got something big here, Junior.” She said and raised her face. “How old are you now, Jun?” She asked. “I-I’m 17, auntie.” “You’re 17 but your cock looked like you’re 23.” She added as she fondled my cock in her hand. “Tell me, Junior. Are you still a virgin?” She asked again. I though I would say no but changed my mind and nodded. “My goodness, you’re going to college now and you’re still a virgin? And with a cock like this, who would ever believe you?” She said. “You’ll need experience, young man. You have to learn it now so you’ll be ready when it comes. Your auntie will teach you, boy.” She added and lifted his face, drew me to her and kissed me, smack on the lips. I am not a shamed to admit that was the very first kiss I had in all my 17 years and that made me so hot. I held her on her shoulder and kissed her back.
She opened her mouth and I felt her tongue entered my mouth and explored its inside. While we were at it, she continued to fondle my cock which made it harder than ever. We were both gasping for breathe when our wet lips parted. She smiled at me. “That was great, Junior. You made your auntie so hot.” She said and hugged me tightly. “I supposed you know how to masturbate, don’t you?” She said and I nodded. “Good. And while you’re masturbating, you must be fantasizing a woman, is that right?” Again, I nodded. “Would you like to tell me who that woman is, Junior?” I was hesitant in answering her and tell her that she was the woman I have been fantasizing. “C’mon, boy. Tell me who she is. I won’t tell a soul.” “I-It’s you, auntie Emily.” I said finally and she was astonished. “Me? You are fantasizing me?” She asked, very surprised. “Yes, auntie. I have been fantasizing you ever since that afternoon I saw you naked in the shower room.” I said prepared for what she’s going to do to me. “Oh my goodness. I didn’t know that you’ve seen me naked before.” She said calmly. “Alright then. What do you fantasized about us? Tell me.” She said this time, she was excited. And I told her.
“I fantasize kissing you, auntie.” “What else?” “I’m kissing and licking your breasts and sucking your nipples.” “Okay. What else?” also licking your pussy and drinking your cum.” I saw her smiled. “Go on. What else?” :Then I fuck you until we both cum.” She was smiling now. :So you’ve fucked me in your fantasy. And you must have fucked me a hundred times now, don’t you?” I nodded and she almost laughed. “That’s fine. Now, do it to me, Junior. Do it to me for real, everything that you have done to me in your fantasy.” She said and she drew me to her and we kissed again as she began to lay on her back with me in tow until I was already on my elbow and on top of her. Then our lips parted again and she pushed me downward. I began kissing and licking her mounds, touching my tongue on her nipples and then, put them into my mouth and began sucking them, one after the other. “Ooooohhhhhh….! J-Junior…..! It’s sooooo sweet….!” I heard her said moaning and that inspired me no end. At least, I knew I was doing it right.
I was giving her pleasure. I continued kissing, licking and sucking her breasts and nipples while she was arching her body. After a while, she pushed me down some more and I slowly inched downward and kissed her navel. She reached for the garter of her panty and pushed it down. “Take my panty off, darling. Take it off completely so you can kiss and lick your auntie’s pussy.” She said and I did. She had her butts lifted and that made it easier for me to pull her panty down to her thighs, to her knees until I had it off completely. For a moment, I was stunned looking at her nakedness and at her bared pussy. It’s true that I have fucked her a hundred times in my fantasies but that was the very time I have seen her pussy or any woman’s pussy for that matter. “Kiss it, darling! Lick your auntie. Make her cum into your mouth.” She said and again, I obliged. I began licking her, first at her pussy lips and then, I touched my tongue on her clits. Oh, she was moaning deliriously.
Her body was arching and she even parted her thighs even more. I could taste her salty pre-cum and I can only guess that aunt Emily was so hot now. “Go on, my boy! Lick me!” She said again and I did. She held on to my head and pushed me hard against her butt. “Stuck your tongue into my pussy, darling. Fuck me with your tongue.” She said and although I have done that before, I did what she wanted me to do. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and moved it in and out. “Oooooohhhhhhh…….! Ooooohhhhhhh…!” She moaned again and again. I was overjoyed with her reactions. I know I was doing it right. I was giving her pleasure. After a few seconds, I felt her body quivered. “J-Junior….! I-I am c-cumming….! D-Don’t stop now, my boy! Make it faster…! Deeper…! Auntie’s almost there, darling!” She said and after another minute or so, her whole body jerked and her thighs stretched. “Oooohhhhhh……! J-Junior….! I-It’s soooooooo sweet…..!” She whimpered while her body was quivering. I could taste her onrushing cum and with my eyes closed, I sucked her and drank every drop of it.
That was the first time I did that but I tried my best to drink it as quickly as her cum was rushing in. Luckily, I did. After a few minutes, her body began to relax until she finally stopped quivering. She held on to my head and pulled me up gently. “D-Did I do it right, auntie?” I asked and she smiled. “Perfectly, my boy! You did it perfectly!” She said and pulled me to her and with parted lips, we kissed each other and sucked each other’s tongue. “Now, put this into me, Junior!” She said as she reached for my cock and guide it to her pussy. “Fuck your auntie, my boy! I haven’t been fucked for a long, long time. Fuck me as you’ve been doing it in your fantasy.” She added and sensing that my cock was right at the entrance of her hole, I shoved. I saw my auntie closed her eyes. I shoved again and then again and she was helping me by raising her butts and meeting my shoves. In no time, I was inside her completely. We hugged and kissed each other, hard and deep and then, I pushed my hands against the mattress and lifted my upper body.
For a moment, I stared at her nakedness and then, began to move my butts up and down as my cock went in and out of her pussy, faster and deeper and I could see auntie Emily was in ecstasy. Her eyes would close and then would open and close again while she continued to moan deliriously. I didn’t realize how hungry she was for a fuck and she seemed to enjoy what we were doing. She even raised both feet in the air and wrapped them around my hips as she continued to move her butts up and down meeting my every shove. “J-Junior….! I-I am c-cumming now….! Make it faster, my boy! Harder….! Oooohhhhh…..! I’m almost there now…!” She said and I obliged. I shoved my cock into her faster and much deeper and I thought my cock was touching the most sensitive parts of her pussy since she would gasp and her body would jerk. After another few seconds, her body quivered and I felt my cock wrapped by her warm and sticky cum. “Oooooohhhhhhhh………! J-Junior….! I-It’s sooooooooo sweettttt……..!” She moaned while her body was quivering and shaking like she was having a convulsion or something. I made my motions much faster and in another second, I was also spurting my cum into her that made her pussy more slippery than ever. I continued shoving and she was moving her butts up and down meeting my every shoves.
After another minute or so, our body began to relax until it was all over. I remained on that position staring at her. She then slowly opened her eyes and smiled as she saw me looking at her. “That was fantastic, Junior. Your auntie’s so pleased with your fucking.” She said and she pulled me down to her, we hugged and then kissed each other hard and deep. .It was a long-drawn kissed and we were both gasping for breathe when our wet lips parted. Slowly, I slid down and lay beside her. “Was that what you’ve been doing to me in your fantasy, Junior?” She asked after a few minute of rest. I smiled and nodded. ‘Did I do it right, auntie?” I asked and she smiled. “Yes, you did, my boy. And I’m so happy you did. I really needed a good fuck like that.” She said and she kissed me again.
For a while, we remained laying on the bed resting. After about 15 minutes, she turned to face me and kissed me again. I kissed her back. Then she broke up from our kiss, got up and started to suck my cock getting it back to hardness again. After that she rested her bare back against my chest, and she was hovering her butt above my cock. “We’ll do it again, Junior.” She whispered and. without a seconds gap, she pushed her butt down with force onto my cock. I moaned loudly, not because it hurt, but because I was so pleased and thankful of my aunt. She started pumping slowly, up and down. I started to match them. When the pace got higher, she was the first to cum. When she did she dropped back, with me still under her. She might have been done but I knew I wasn’t. So I kept going in and out of her slowly until she was ready again. When she was, she turned over so we were face to face. We kissed passionately for 2 minutes. Then she teased me by hovering her pussy over my cock. Finally she rammed it onto my cock. We kept pumping and kissing until she said, “Suck my nipples!” She said almost screaming, “SUCK MY NIPPLES GODDAMNIT!!” I gladly took her nipples into my mouth. Within a min I came in her.
We kept taking turns cumming and resting until about 3AM. At that point, we were pumping at a fast rate and we both came together for the first time. She still had her face to me, but after that last major orgasm, we both fell asleep with my cock still in her and drenched in her cum and some of my own. In the morning, the light had come back and my aunt wasn’t on top of me anymore. Then I heard the shower turn on, so I decided to take a piss first and then join her. When I entered the bathroom, she called me straight to her, and I did go there. I went in with her and asked me to do her doggystyle. I said, “I can’t right now, auntie.” I said and she was confused. “Why?” She asked. “I have to pee, auntie.” “oh, go ahead and pee.” She said and got closer to me, held my cock as I continued to pee.
When I was through, she kissed me on my lips and then, sat on the bowl facing me and put my cock into her mouth and began moving her head to and fro. My cock went in and out of her mouth while she was playing with my balls. Oh, it was wonderful, feeling my cock inside her wet and soft mouth. In another seconds or so, I cummed and she was quick to drink every drop of it. I was cumming so fast but she was faster in sucking and drinking my cum. Then she got up, we hugged and kissed each other hard and long while she continued to fondle my cock which, to my surprise, was again getting harder. I broke up from our kiss and grabbed her by her waist. “Get on your knees and face the door.” I said and she did. I stood behind her, aimed my cock into her asshole and shoved it in. I heard her gave a moan of ecstasy. Then, I held her on both shoulder and raised her upper body until her back was resting on my chest. We were facing the big mirror on the wall. I fondled her breasts with my left hand while my right hand was caressing her pubic hair and her pussy.
Her body quivered when my finger touched her clits. Then, I slowly stuck my finger into her pussy hole and began darting it in and out of her hole in sync with my cock going in and out of her asshole. While we were at it, I was staring at her on the mirror and I could see that she was in ecstasy. Sometimes, she would move her butt forward and sometime, backward. But my finger and my cock never relented in going in and out of her. When her body quivered and jerked, I felt my finger wrapped with her warm and sticky cum while my cock was also spurting its cum into her ass. “Oooooohhhhhh…..! Oooooohhhhh…..! It’s soooooo delicious….!” She moaned again and again. “Let take our shower, Junior.” She said when our orgasm was over. I slowly pulled my cock from her and we took our showers. That very same day, I was able to make up my mind and finally enrolled in one of the universities I chose. The next mission was to find me a place to stay. Throughout that whole day, we visited the place surrounding the universities and they were all fully occupied and others were already reserved.
We went back to our hotel that evening still unsure on where I will be staying during the school year. That evening, auntie Emily and I didn’t waste precious moments. Right after we had our dinner, we went back to our room, stripped ourselves naked and plunged into the bed. Auntie Emily was still very aggressive but I matched her with the same aggressiveness. “Fuck me doggy-style, Junior.” Aunt Emily said and she was on her hands and knees on the bed. I knelt behind her and fucked her the way she wanted me to until we both cummed. We did other positions that evening and once again, it was almost dawn when we went to sleep. Aunt Emily and I stayed in that hotel for another couple of days until I found a dormitory a few blocks from the university. On our last night together, auntie Emily was even more aggressive than ever. We did a lot of positions. I fucked her again doggy-style, we did the sixty-nine and she even sat on top of me gyrating her body and moving up and down until we both cummed. We fucked each other way, way into the night and it was dawn when we finally went to sleep.


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