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Axxxxx's Story pt. 1

by EMG

Axxxxx's Story pt. 1

The door explodes open, and as I push my way through, you quickly try to hide your partially dressed state.

" Have I not told you repeatedly that PROPER sissies remain as completely feminine as possible at all times!!!"

I close the short distance between us and knock the sheet you are using to cover yourself out of your hands. As the sheet flutters to the floor, your bare chest and men’s briefs are revealed.
Eyes already downcast, your chin sinks until it is almost touching your chest and your shoulders slump dramatically. In a wan and quivering tone you interject. “But Miss, I thought that because I was going to the gym and needed to change in the locker room, it would be acceptable. You know that I would never have done it for any other reason. Please Miss, please understand!!! The last bit coming out quite clearly and quite pleadingly.

“I do understand, extremely well in fact” I reply in a exasperated sigh. “That does not excuse not using your brain. You are a SISSY! Not some bimbo without any brain and only good for sexual amusement. You are expected to think situations through COMPLETELY! Were there not stalls of some kind where you could change privately? Could you not have changed back after? Even if you needed to find a place with a private bathroom, there is no excuse for this…” I trail off thoughtfully. “I do however completely understand,” I continue in a sympathetic voice.

I reach up and gently hold your face in my hands, bringing you slightly towards me. Leaning in, I lightly kiss your forehead, leaving a glistening red imprint of my lips. I return your head to a more upright position, and you look slightly up at me. Your eyes still slightly downcast, you barely meet my direct gaze, eyes glistening with the hope that you have averted almost certain unpleasantness.
“Well, fix that posture and make yourself up properly!” I demand, as I seat myself in a soft recliner across from the bed. Crossing my legs seductively, my knee-high patent leather boots flash in the dim light of the lamp beside me. You remain almost frozen in place, the unbelievable leniency you feel you received leaving you momentarily astonished.

“Chop Chop!” I flick my hand, waving you into action. As you scramble into action I reach down into my purse, removing a long thin cigarette. “Here!” I command. You immediately stop your preparations and leap to my side, taking a silver filigreed lighter from off the lamp stand and delicately striking it. As I bring the end of the cigarette to my lips, you light it from an almost curtsying position. After returning the lighter to its place, you return to getting dressed.

As the cigarette is finished, I rise, and approach the foot of the bed. You are dressed in minimal boudoir attire: black patent heels, a black satin corselet, black satin boned waist nipping panties, and silky black open crotched hose. Over this, but open, you have on a lacy black baby-doll. Despite its confinement, your sissy clit is straining out at attention, fighting against its elastic bonds. Your eyes have taken on an almost dream like glaze in anticipation for what might come and from the silken embrace of your lingerie.
“Well, I can see you have been practicing in the heels. You seem to be much steadier now. Bravo!”
You smile at the compliment and curtsey saying “Yes Miss, thank you Miss!”
“Now this is going to be an inspection, so I want you to follow every command I give to perfection. Understand?”

“Yes Miss, of course Miss. To the letter.”

“Good, now STRIP.”

“What? But Miss, I just got dr…” *SMACK* A light but firm slap to your face stops you mid sentence.
Your eyes again drop to the floor. “Yes Miss!”

“You are not to speak unless I direct you to! You can nod in agreement.” Your head jerks up and down emphatically.

“NOW STRIP SISSY!!!” You quickly but carefully take off your lingerie, folding them neatly and putting them in a nice pile atop the bed.

“Heels back on sissy!” You immediately comply without response.

I bend down, reaching out and caressing your legs, buttocks and chest. Your sissy clit is ramrod straight, almost quivering with excitement. “Well, you are completely smooth, so that gets a little reward”, my tongue flicks outward, removing a shiny bead of pre-cum from your tip. You shudder lightly in pleasure. “Now turn around dear, and lean over the bed.” I remove a gleaming white five inch vibrator from my purse, and gently insert it into your sissy hole and then remove it. “Clean as a whistle, just as I expected.” I give your rose-bud a little lick and add some lube to the vibrator, wiping the excess from my finger onto and around your waiting hole. Slamming the vibrator home, I use the wireless remote to set it on full blast, and you jerk erect in surprise.

Turning to look at me over your shoulder, your eyes wide in shock, I stand fully and meet your gaze for a moment with an imperious glare. You drop your gaze, and turn your head forward again, still standing very erect.

“You have passed inspection with flying colors sissy; however there is still the matter of your punishment for not thinking your way through the situation today! My hand erupts from my side, striking the center of your back with an open palm, sprawling you forward almost halfway across the bed, and creating a most satisfying thwacking sound. You are splayed out across the bed, arms outstretched in an attempt to protect your makeup from smearing on the sheets. I glide around the side of the bed, grabbing your wrist and …*SNICK* the ice cold embrace of the chrome handcuffs ensnare you to the bedpost.
To Be Continued…


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