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The Bimbo Machine

by Youke99

The Bimbo Machine

The Bimbo Machine

I want to tell you about a dream I just had thought you might find it interesting. The dream starts with me going to a large building and entering a room sort of like a bar. There is only me and a woman her name is Suzanne there she seems very happy to see me. She offers me a drink which I accept. The drink is drugged and puts me in a very relaxed suggestible state. She asks me if I would like to see her latest project. I happily agree. She takes me to a room where there is a chair and a kind of helmet with wires coming out leading to a big machine. She tells me the machine is designed to stimulate the brain to have an incredible orgasm. She asks if I would like to see how it works I once again happily agree as she pours me another drink. She goes into another room and returns with a woman who is thrilled she can use the machine again. The woman has brown hair and small breasts she sits in the chair and says it felt so good last time, I could hardly wait for my next turn . The helmet is placed on her head and the machine is turned on. A blank expression goes on to her face and her body begins to quiver. She moans with pleasure and after about 1/2 hour screams with an overwhelming orgasm and collapses from exhaustion. Suzanne tells me the woman will sleep for about an hour then wake feeling wonderful. Suzanne asks if I would like to try her pleasure machine. My fears gone thanks to my drinks, I agree to try it.

She puts me in the chair and the helmet on my head and turns on the machine. My mind fills with images of sex. Large breasted blonde women involved in every conceivable sexual situation.

Sucking big beautiful cocks licking out dripping wet pussies being fucked in the pussy and the ass. Waves of pleasure flow all over me, my entire body tingles, I am totally aroused. The feeling seems to last forever as the images flow through my mind. The waves continue to grow utiill I reach orgasm which seems to last for hours and feels better than anything I have ever experinced.

The next thing I remember is waking up in another room feeling wonderful. The woman who I saw use the machine before me is there but she looks different. Her hair seems more blonde and her breasts seem larger and she has a bulge in her panties which looks like a penis. She says how do you feel, I say wonderful, She says I can hardly wait for my next turn that was my 4th time.

She reaches over and turns on a TV. It is a porn movie of a woman sucking a mans cock She says I really likes cock sucking. She is transfixed by the TV just can't seem to stop watching it. Just then Suzanne comes in, the woman turns to her and says please Mistress can I use the machine again, I need it. Suzanne replies no Missy you need to watch your TV for a while first.

Suzanne says to me, so how did you like it? I say it was amazing, never felt anything like it. So you would like to do it again wouldn't you? I say yes it felt so good. She says ok we just have to wait a few minute for one of my girls to finish her turn. We go back to the room there is a beautiful blonde woman sitting in the chair with the helmet on chanting I love sucking cock, then she has an orgasm and collapses.

Suzanne says it is your turn now. I sit in the chair she puts the helmet on my head, then puts restraints on my arms and legs saying sometimes the reaction is so strong people can hurt themselves so we will just use these to be safe. Then she walks over to turn on the machine. Suzanne says, thought you should know after this sessions you will be addicted to the machine just like Missy is. You likely noticed the changes in her after her session. Yes I said. The pleasure of the machine comes with a price, she continued. Each time you use it your IQ becomes lower. At first you don't notice. The first session only causes a 2 point drop, but next is 4, then 8, then 16, and finally 64, after that it stops but you're an illerate bimbo. The other side effect is you become more female each session and your desire to please men and women sexually increases each time. You become obessed with cocks and pussies. Remember the last girl you saw here? She just finished her 10th session and will be going up stairs to suck the cocks of my paying customers when she wakes up.

So now that you know what will happen do you still want me to turn on the machine. No I shouted. Well she said thats too bad I am turning it on anyway. I struggled against my restraints then my face went blank and my mind filled with pleasure.

Next thing I remember was waking up next to Missy and watching the cock sucking video with her hoping Suzanne would come to get me for my next session soon.


Re: The Bimbo Machine - darkenedav

Brilliant tale. Be sure to write more dreams!

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