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Everything Must Go!

by onewhoknew

Everything Must Go!

Okay, this is a piece of porn writing involving mind control - if that isn't to your taste, or is illegal for you to read about where you are, stop right now and go somewhere else. Needless to say, this is a fiction that should never be attempted at home, and you'd be insane to try. It was originally a furry story, so if a if pussy has a double meaning, that's why.

It was sad, seeing the shelves bare and the hooks hanging empty. I'd been working in the little shop for longer than I should have, really, but it was a good environment, and I enjoyed getting up in the morning far more than I would have if I had been going to some soulless multinational. And the people I worked with -

I sighed. Used to work with. The others had all gone now, just me and Jenny, the boss, left. And she was in the empty stock room, looking at her life's work going bust. With the economy the way it is, the customers had just stopped coming into a small independent clothing shop, and soon she would too. All the trendy clothes were marked down for one final sale, and even the fixtures and
shop fittings had price tags dangling from them as Jenny desperately tried to claw back enough money to pay her creditors.

Most of the remaining stock was gone, snapped up by bargain hunters earlier in the day. All that was left were the less common sizes. My sizes, really, stuff for the more curvy women. I was staring at a couple of things, a top with a low neck line that flattered my 'best features' and a skirt that I knew would sway just right on me, and contemplating if Jenny would give them to me if they didn't
sell, but I knew I'd pay for them, anyway. Probably full price. The store had been empty for the past hour, and it wasn't likely many more customers would come through before the last closing time.

Someone was coming into the store, though. I stirred, and looked at the man coming in. The store didn't stock men's clothing, so most of the men we got in were just trailing around after their girlfriends, looking glum and saying everything looked great. He was alone, however, and gave me a cheeky little grin. "My girlfriend loves this store," he said by way of explaining why he was in
here. "She'll go spare when she hears it's closing, so I thought I'd see if there's anything she might like. Y'know, to soften the blow."

I didn't recognise him, but we had a lot of regular customers - not regular enough, though - offering condolences and picking up last minute bargains I smiled, and pointed him at the last few items on the shelves. "Sure, everything's marked down to the price in red, and if you need a hand with choosing styles or anything, just ask me."

He thanked me, and turned to root through the piles. He was quite nice to look at - nothing I could place made him attractive, but somehow he carried his nondescript looks in a way that made me want to like him.

One or two things he put to one side - a sweater that deserved to be left behind, a pair of jeans ripped the wrong way, and a pair of frilly knickers - all the kind of things a man would buy. Then he noticed the price tag hanging from the shelves. "What, are these for sale too?"

I pointed at the sign in the window. "Everything must go! If you need some shelves, we can shift the stuff off them and take them apart."

He nodded, and then grabbed at one of the remaining mannequins. "Hey! Are these for sale, too?"

I nodded, smiling at his sudden enthusiasm. "Yeah, everything in the store, except some of the fittings that are rented."

"Huh. Who would buy a mannequin, anyway?"

"Oh, all sorts. Some students had one, and there was an art store... We're selling them cheap, so anyone who wants one, even for like, a joke, is getting one now."

"Oh." He let the price tag drop. "Say, I don't suppose you could help me out, could you?"

"Sure," I said, and came round the side of the counter, thinking he needed a hand picking up the mannequin. "What'cha need?"

"Actually, I was thinking of getting these," he said, holding up the top and skirt I had been looking at earlier. "Except I'm not quite sure that they'll be quite right for my girlfriend. And I was wondering... if you could try them on so I can see what they look like? Your the same shape as her, you see. Curvy."

I blushed. "Um, I'm not sure I can, I mean, not every woman looks the same way..."

I trailed off. There was a sudden sharp pain behind my eye, and a wave of dizziness passed over me. In a second, it was gone. I opened my eyes, and he held up the top and skirt again. "Please?"

Oh, I thought. What's the harm? If it helps make the sale, Jenny needs all the money she can get.

I rolled my eyes, and took them from him. "Fine, but if you're girlfriend looks different in them, don't blame me."

He grinned as I went into the changing room. I stripped off my blouse, and squeezed into the top. I was right, it did do nice things to my breasts, squeezing them together and providing a nice view of my cleavage, although not too much. It seemed to cover up my pudgy little belly as well. The skirt was nicely shaped as well, dragging the eye around my wide hips and hourglass shape. A little slit at the bottom gave a view of my smooth legs.

I pulled the door open, and stepped back into the shop. He was still standing there, appraising me and the clothes at the same time. "Hmm, yes. Do you mind giving me a spin?"

I swayed as another wave of dizziness washed over me. Then I nodded, and turned. His eyes burned on me as they travelled over my flesh. When I was facing him again, he was much closer. Inches away. His hands picked up the price tags, with the final prices clearly marked, as they dangled from my body. "Hmm, I do like these. And how much for the model wearing them?"

I focused. The world appeared to swim around the price tag that had somehow got caught on my wrist, and a blinding pain stabbed behind my eye. Then it was gone, and I decided to play along with the joke. "Oh, it looks like..." The lettering wavered into view. "It looks like I'm going for... two hundred pounds..."

Something was wrong, but I couldn't think what. "Two hundred? Seems a lot, for a remaindered shop assistant."

Indignantly, I drew myself up. He wasn't going to put me down like that. "Hey! I'm worth a least a thousand! If this shop was closing - well, I wouldn't even be for sale!"

He nodded, and stepped back, contemplating me. "Oh, you are probably extremely good at your job, but I don't need a shop assistant, you see."

"Well, I'm not just an assistant, you know. I have a degree in fine art - not that it's any good at getting a job, but I am a real artist. And I have excellent organisational skills, and I'm a pretty decent cook, too."

"Huh, I can see you really want to make this sale," he said, walking around me, judging my worth. "But while you might have good skills, there's still the matter of your looks."

I bristled. I was slightly sensitive about my weight, and having this man throw it in my face when I was trying to make a sale hurt. "I thought your girlfriend was a curvy girl, too?"

He waved a hand dismissively. "Yes, yes, whatever. Maybe I like your shape, but it does affect your resale value. And I haven't seen the rest of the product, who knows what defects might be hiding under those clothes?"

Right, I thought. I'll show him! I stripped off, and tossed my sensible panties across the room, leaving one arm extended in a display pose, a big smile on my face. "Here! Nothing wrong with this, is there?"

He looked my naked form over. I was big, but not too big - my breasts were full and ripe, my stomach fleshy but fun to stroke an knead, my hips wide and voluptuous, my arse big and right for pounding away at. I giggled as his cold hands lifted the weight of my tits, passing over my fat nipples that perked up at his touch. He reached down and cupped my pussy, hands soft on my mound.

"Yes, that's most acceptable. And what other services do you perform?"

"Well, my boyfriend says I give great head."

I smiled and sank to my knees, knowing that the sale was in the bag, as soon as I had demonstrated that. His jeans had a button fly rather than a zip, and it took a second before I pulled out his stiffening length. It was a respectable size, too, and I took a moment to savour it, running my tongue from the base to the tip along the underside before splitting my plump lips with the tips. A familiar
salty taste flooded my mouth, and I gave a low moan. I know he liked that, a drop of pre-cum spilled into my mouth.

"Lisa, are - LISA, WHAT-"

I shifted a little to see what was going on, without loosing my grip on the customers' cock. Jenny had come out of the back room, and seen me giving my sales pitch. She'd be so pleased I'd sold the most valuable thing in the store!

But now she was hanging onto the door frame, a look of pain and nausea on her face. She recovered, and shook her head. "Lisa, you-"

My customer interrupted her, and I turned my attention back to him, grabbing his buttocks and bobbing my head. "I was considering purchasing your shop assistant here, and she was giving me a full demonstration."

I lapped at the slit in his cock. "A-A-ah! And she has a most persuasive tongue!"

"Yes," Jenny said. "She's always been a great help, and I'll be really sorry to see her go. If it wasn't for this recession, I'd never sell... let her go."

Jenny seemed to be pressing against something in her mind. "She really is most talented," said the man. "Have you ever used her this way?"

Jenny shook her head, confused. "No... I haven't..." She seemed to be trying to think why not, something I didn't know myself.

"But she is in-incredible!" I could feel him tensing, and thrust myself onto his cock. "I must buy h-h-HEEEEERRRR!"

He cried out as he spurted into my throat. He panted and sighed as I made sure that I swallowed every last drop, happy to let him know how complete my services were. Tucking him back into his trousers, I said, "I'll take your purchases to the counter immediately, sir."

I scanned the tag on my arm in the bar code reader, still naked. "How would you like me wrapped?"

"I think those things you tried on earlier look good, don't you?"

"Of course," I said. "I'll just ring those up, too."

Jenny followed my ever move as I dressed, an odd expression on her face. I know she'd miss me, but she really did need the money my sale would provide. The buyer had a few more items, also in my size, that I placed in a small bag, one of our last. "That's two hundred and twenty pounds in total."

He reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a wad of cash. He put down six fifty pound notes.

"Sir, that's way more than-"

"It's a tip," he explained. "And because I do feel I've cheated you slightly."

I nodded sadly, and put the money in the till. The last sale I'd make, and probably the last sale in the shop. Then I put it behind me, and picked up his other purchases and followed him to the door.

Jenny grabbed me before I could leave. She hugged me, and said, "Lisa, you don't have to-"

She shuddered, and I hugged her back. "Hey," I said. "I've got somewhere to go now, don't worry about me. And I'm sure you'll be fine without me."

We broke off the hug, and I stepped outside, following my owner. Jenny stared after me, as if she was trying to think of a reason to stop me.

He lead me into a multi-story car park. His small estate car was on the second level, far from other cars. "Just put my purchases in the boot," he said as he unlocked it.

I tucked the bag into one side. Then I climbed in myself, resting with my head on the bag. I just fit in beneath the parcel shelf, and smiled up at him as he closed the boot.

In the darkness, I contemplated what had happened. I'd miss Jenny, but my new owner would take care of me. And at least I wouldn't have to worry about finding a new job in this economy!


Re: Everything Must Go! - Haxsaw

Dear Friend,
Sure, it had grammatical errors. Sure, it stood be better written. In comparison to most stories placed here not worthy to be read, your story was enticing. It was this fashion as you presented a character with mysterious powers. This kept me curious, as well as reading further. I was interested how the stranger crossed over word and intended meaning. It was really well thought, under the conditions. I would appreciate better written work from you. You have a way of making fantasy seems believable.

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