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Chipset IV

by Haxsaw

Chipset IV

Note: By a fair demand, the story continues. Except for the actual Chamber, most ideas for the girls are based on the ladies I have met and used, for their own good.

Haxsaw was pacing along a cracked sidewalk. Along the inner most part of the sidewalk, proper, was a line of palm trees. Each were spaced and trimmed well. It was early, very early afternoon. He was wearing heavy, black rubber sandals. He had on a tank top and dark blue shorts. The weather was hot and sunny. Haxsaw was on vacation in the Tropics. He was to meet a girl named Marie.
As Haxsaw stepped down from the narrow sidewalk he waved a hand. An able young man on a converted bicycle pedaled over toward him. Haxsaw climbed on the tiny seat to a trike. It had a small umbrella attached and the biker would pedal passengers along Roxas Boulevard. The boulevard was named in honor of a past president of The Philippines. This section of it was one way. Trikers pedaled passengers in what could be referred to as a breakdown lane. Cabbies and jeepnies ambled along the strip. After two blocks the triker stopped and Haxsaw paid him forty five Pesos. Haxsaw stood upright for a moment. He went inside the lobby of Marco Polo Hotel. Stepping over the flooring of marble tile he spied a girl. She was with hair so black it appeared amidst blue highlights. She was short or, an average height here. She was standing near a sofa in the hotel lobby, facing the entrance. She was holding a sheet of paper folded in half. In magic marker it bore the name: Mr. Haxsaw. He was plain of face, until near. He broke into a deep smile, never breaking eye contact. That was so important in this line of work.
"Glad to meet you, dear." The unexpected girl gushed and smiled in return.
"Yes. Let's go to my room." Haxsaw broke eye contact, to walk off.
"You are renting here, sir?" she asked. She was of build in structure and facing like a Mexican. Haxsaw turned to and coaxed her.
"My room is upstairs."
In a lift including a doorman Haxsaw asked for his floor. After speaking with the girl there for ten minutes he explained where they were to go. Yes, it was expensive at the Marco Polo. Yes, everything was ready. Yes, she would be paid today. Haxsaw felt pity for the country was so poor. Marie was trying to earn extra money on the side. She was trying to help her mom and dad. Unfortunately, starvation was another form of death here. Marie was excited to be with Haxsaw. He figured she may not have seen many white men in this country. He swore under his breath. Back in The United States, people were eating themselves to death. Definitely, seeing beggars on streets in worn rags was disheartening. He had her use the hotel room shower to clean in. She simply placed her usual wear on again. He told it was all part of the research she would be paid for.
They left to call a cabbie. A taxi ride took them to Ateneo University. Haxsaw explained during the ride he was working and the trip was paid for. At age twenty two, Marie was stunned anyone could have so much money.
They were dropped off at Ateneo University. Haxsaw escorted them, having walked though, prior. He was speaking of the research grant and how the funding stemmed out projects in biomedical research.
"See, the neuro-biomedical teams have worked with human reaction to invasive environments." Haxsaw explained this as they walked along a section of basement. At a door he stopped. "So the information collected in the experiment you submit to is used for future generations. I guess it was something about a 1925 will he left behind. The money is used for bettering us all." Haxsaw unlocked the door and Marie stepped in.
It was a room, a large room. Haxsaw was over, earlier. An air conditioner jutting from a casement window was already on. He could feel the relief of cooler air. He sat in the center of the room where a computer was set. It's Internet connection was boosted for the job to be done here. Bits of information needed flow. Marie was at a seat, before Haxsaw's desk.
"Please," Haxsaw interjected, "take..." He handed her a five hundred Peso bill.
"Oh!" she objected and denied, "that is too much..."
"Nonsense! Keep it for today's pay." As Marie smiled grimly and took the bill Haxsaw noted that. "And here is the first job." He slid a silver colored band across the desk top. He told her wear it across her forehead. As she slipped it on much as one would a sweat band, Haxsaw explained it read and monitored biometrics. They kept chatting.
"So, what is it you do?"
"I am a house keeper."
Marie was small and thin. Most every girl here was as the same build. Girls in this country were very easy on the eyes. Martie shifted in her seat.
"I am working here in Davao City. Dad is passed on but my ate' mom sells vegetables at home. She also sews." She said ate' as sounding out "auh-tee." The computer was on as Haxsaw inserted a key. To Marie's right was a plain, wooden table. Hovering over this was an oblong, heavy plastic lid. Leading into it were high pressure hoses. Behind Haxsaw's desk were two vats that the hoses came out from. Haxsaw got to the point after checking his watch.
"In a moment I am going to have to have you strip naked and then use you."
Marie heard the words yet seemed taken back, not expecting them.
"I am going to wah..."
Marie's last word trailed off before the sound faded. She was now slumped in her chair. Haxsaw told her strip and she did. Looking over the pile of clothing, he left her with the money. He glanced back at her. She was somewhat open mouthed. Haxsaw ordered her shut the hole in her face.
After forty minutes, total, a nude, silver coated Marie was rising from the table. She sat upright on the table and waited. She really had no choice. As she looked outward, thousands of bits of information fed her mind. It was like a pig stuffing himself with slop from a pig pen. With her mind shifted in a mental neutral gear, she could not even comprehend a choice, should it be given.
Haxsaw ordered she bend over on her hands and knees. Being as Asians were so small, Hawsaw took out a bottle of mint baby oil. He took off his pants. His private member slipped deep up inside her as he positioned over her buttocks. Haxsaw was on his knees, pressing himself up inside her. Marie screamed as her well oiled section between her legs spread wide. Haxsaw pumped up farther and farther. Marie finally passed out. Haxsaw pulled out, started stroking his manhood and gushed out sperm. He came five times, then stopped. His face felt hot and his legs shuddered. Marie was crying. Haxsaw lifted her silvery body and placed her on the table. Marie pulled her legs inwardly. She held her legs and sobbed.
In about fifteen minutes Marie was controlling herself, thought dazed and sleepy. Haxsaw felt regret, placed another five hundred Peso bill in Marie's pants pocket on the floor and began. He did some tests, using the computer in the room. He lay Marie's sleeping form on the table and lowered the lid to this Chamber. No strangers would be coming. Information would be fed, directly. After testing was done, he dressed her and took her to his hotel room. He had a large straw hat, concealing her face. After midnight, he opened his hotel door and walked Marie down a staircase. Out an exit door he walked her. She had been showered and fed. Haxsaw handed her to some men who spoke a special word. He let Marie go. A small Suzuki van drove off, after she was carefully placed inside.
Haxsaw watched them drive away. Marie was virgin and so, so tight. Haxsaw had felt her private walls squeezing his meaty member. He loved the tight, virgin body he took this day. At least he showed her love. At least he helped her. At least he was satisfied. This was the one! Even overseas it was always the Chamber. Haxsaw went back upstairs and rested. Twenty one days later he would be going home.


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