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Corsetted, For Life part 3

by MacGyver

Corsetted, For Life part 3

It took me 3 hours to get out of bed just to take a leak, i noticed the more i tried to walk like a man, the hard it became for me to move. I made it to her full size mirror to see myself, i saw that i was wearing that full body corset, when i tried to take a leak standing up like a guy, i could not resist any longer, i felt that thing force me to turn around and sit down to take a leak, like a woman. My now wife told me i would be trapped in that thing 24 hours a day 7 days a week until i learn to walk and flow like a woman. At this point, she called my workplace and told them i had died in a horrific car crash, and she kept me in the house all day long 24 hours a day until i stopped resisting and moved as the full body corset would allow me to.

I asked for my freedom from this cursed crap since i was now moving and flowing like a woman, she told me it would be another 2 years just to make sure it was ingrained into my mind permanently. I noticed i would hear her snap her fingers andtell me to take up and i would be awake, i had no idea she used hypnosis and turned the tables on me, and continued the daily trancing to make sure i would move and flow like a woman as well as to stop resisting being corsetted.

97 years ago, she put the shiny new corset on me, i told her i was destroying them for her making me wear pink all the time, she then told me that using those nano-bots, the corset would change color to match what i liked at the moment. i forgot those things were still inside of me, and surely had no idea they could communicate with the ones in the new corset. For some reason, this time I just could not wait to wear the corset, and told my wife to hurry up and get it cinched already, she gave a giggle as she knew how she had programmed me. I thought the color blue, and the corset changed color. I was in love with the way this one held me so snug and gentle, and it was soft, and all the sudden, my breasts became very sore. So painful that i was pushing in on them, there was a bone-deep tenderness in my breasts which was so intense, i just curled up in my bed pushing my hands and knees into my breasts.

My wife sprayed something on my breasts that eased the pain just a bit, just enough i could get to sleep that night. The next day, i woke up with perfectly rounded FF cup breasts, she kept me in this corset as my nipples were super-sensitive and i could orgasm just by having something brushed up against them. 2 weeks later my hips began to tingle and my buttocks began to get painful, almost as if they were on fire, and when i awoke, i had rounded out hips and a large round firm lifted butt like a woman.

Just 1 hour from the time i start my PMS and period my dear, and you will experience it along with me, she happily told me that evening. She just had to be wrong, sure enough, just an hour before bed time, my breasts started becoming sore, and i awoke the next day to the awful pain and bone-deep tenderness in my breasts, which made me think they were growing again. 4 days later, sure enough, the horrible cramping came on top of the fatigue and eating binges and all. The cramps hit me so hard, i fell to the floor and assumed the fetal position, the cramps came and went for the next 5 days, and finally it was over. I could have sworn up and down she went to that site, warpmymind.com and bought a file and got the idea to do that to me with hypnosis. How could this crap happen to a guy if he never listsned to any file to cause such things to happen to a guy, little did i know, she had those damned nano-bots programmed to make me experience everything she described while i was in trance!

She told me that there was only 21 days before it started all over again. And it has been like that since, as well as this corsette i have been unable to remove. Every time i cut it, i start at the top and by the time i get to the bottom, it has made itself like new and even became tighter. Every time i try to leave the house, every time i get upset, or try to walk very fast let alone run, this damned thing will tighten up on me and take my breath away to the point i faint. It only loosens up a bit when i am having my PMS and period.

Things have been this way for the last 100 years, and since the nano-bots are keeping us both under the age of 24, i may be stuck like this for a very long time to come, possibly for all eternity. When my wife told me i would be wearing a corset for the rest of my life, i never thought it would be for an eternity, unable to age and die, and trapped in a corset coated in those nano-bots she invented, and without acess to her lap-top computer, which she takes to work with her each and every day, there is no way for me to reprogram those damned things so i may be released of this corsetted hell!


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