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Anal Seduction

by mikufan4life

Anal Seduction

THIS IS FICTION(and has a couple of spelling errors, sorry)

"Heya sugar! Wanna have a drink with me?"

Bree replied with a tired, pitiful smile. The guy who had had called her "sugar" looked like somebody who had received the suit and tie from his employer. He was clearly shitfaced, but harmless.

"Back off, idiot!" Bree's friend Rose barked at him.

Rose looked particularly gorgeous that night. Side by side they made their way through the packed nightclub.

"Really, how pathetic can you get? He was way out of your league to be talking to you in the first place."

Rose shouted in her direction. They had had a couple of drinks at a bar already before heading to the club.

She had met Rose a few months ago on a night like this. She was out clubbing with a couple of coworkers, the inevitable after-work-thing that she had been delaying for month after month until she finally couldn't say no anymore.

So reluctantly she had agreed. She was not a drinker, but she had to get drunk that night otherwise it would have just been unbearable.

After a salad dinner (all her coworkers were constantly on a diet) and cocktails at a SoHo bar they had headed to the East village to go dancing.

Sometime way after midnight, when of her colleagues had already headed home, Rose showed up. She was a colleague's former coworker, tipsy and dancing away at the same nightclub.

As the drinks got stronger the crowd thinned out. Rose suggested to no one in particular an early morning walk to a bakery in midtown as the small group was heading home. The sun was already up, and everybody was slowly sporting a hangover. Bree felt like walking anyway so she had headed uptown with Rose, a practical stranger.

They had poured out their hearts as they sat on a park bench, drinking lots of water and waiting for the bakery to open. Rose had recently left her boyfriend after catching him cheating and was disappointed in men.

That didn't stop her from wildly flirting around in the clubs and taking home a random guy every now and then. Bree hadn't had a real relationship for ages, as her career was more important than men. The occasional one night stand or short lived affair kept her afloat.

That morning they had finally parted after enjoying some fresh hot rolls, exchanging phone numbers. They became something like friends, going clubbing (mostly drinking) together and talking about their lives until the wee hours of the night.

Bree had recently embraced alcohol. She had abstained for a while, but for now it just seemed very liberating to get out-of-her-mind-drunk. It helped her cope with the long working week, and something about her newly found company was particularly thrilling with a light buzz.

Usually, Bree would get the drinks at the bar and the rest of the time, she just stood around watching Rose dance.

Rose had been very slim to begin with but during the relatively short time she had known her, Rose had dieted herself into a size zero.

Tonight, she looked even more fragile, with her dark brown eyes more prominent and her long brown hair softly framing her pale face and falling around her bony shoulders. She was laughing and dancing with some guy, putting on a good show, but Bree knew Rose was not really enjoying herself.

Soon she was heading back to her.

"Listen Bree, I'm fucking tired of this. The same fuss over and over again. Wanna go someplace else?"

"Sure. Where?"

"You'll see!"

They were out of the club in no time and Rose dragged her along the streets of the East village. She had taken her hand; they did that sometimes in the clubs when pushing through the crowd. In the morning when they headed home, exhausted from a night of dancing Rose usually linked arms with her.

She was a bit surprised when they turned into a smaller street and Rose rang a door that had Korean lettering on it.

"This will be fun!"

The release buzzer went off, and the door opened and headed down a dimly lit hallway. An old Korean lady greeted them. Rose exchanged a few words with her. Where on earth had she learned that?

The lady was guiding them to a tiny room with a couch and a TV.


"You're gonna love this, Bree!"

So they sat and sang and drank on, fueled by

cheap, too sweet cocktails. Bree was getting totally hammered, but Rose's tolerance for alcohol was definitely higher. They were of the same slender built and neither had had a proper dinner.

Rose was screaming away to Kiss' 'I was made for lovin' you' and had gotten up to dance, making seductive moves, not particularly towards her, but without giving it too much thought. Bree enjoyed the view anyway.

Then Rose collapsed back on the small plastic couch next to her. Her tiny black dress had slipped up and her panties were visible, black satin hip panties. Somehow Bree couldn't look away. Rose noticed her stare and slowly dragged her dress back down.

They drank and sang till the early morning and when they headed out they had to take a cab, neither was able to walk anymore.

Bree was looking forward to the weekend all week long. The days dragged along.

Wednesday Bree woke up in the middle of the night. Images from a dream lingered in her minds eye.

She tried to push the images from her mind, but they kept coming back to her.

It was a face she knew well: lips, slightly parted, the tip of a pink tongue. She willed the vision away but it had already done the trick for her, pushed her too far.

Her hand moved rapidly inside her panties as she furiously worked her swollen clit. With her left hand she explored the deeper regions of her lust from the outside of the slip.

She reached down to her perineum, a region she just recently discovered to give her pleasure and pushed and pressed lightly. Stroking her clit faster and faster with her right, her left entered her ass.

She pumped a little more and then felt the spasms originating from deep down inside her as she exploded in pleasure.

When she got up she told herself that it had all been a dream, but something inside her was hooked. She wanted to go to that imaginary place again. Later that week, the images haunted her again.

Rose was no longer her innocent party friend dancing beside her, but the seductive woman sighing beneath her. Bree rocked back and forth in agony. Circling her clit faster and faster, she pushed one finger down her pussy.

She was moaning uncontrollably as she pictured how Rose might be doing the very same thing just now, Rose stretched out on her bed, reaching into her panties under the covers, touching herself. Rose's hand moving faster and faster, eyes closed, cheeks reddened, her head moving from side to side. Rose rubbing herself to orgasm. Bree couldn't hold back any longer and the waves of her orgasm shattered over her.

Bree had trouble falling asleep that night. Her erotic fantasies troubled her. When she finally went to sleep she had the strangest dream...

She was walking on a beach. It was dark and moonlit. Everything was deserted, peaceful, quiet. In the distance, she saw a person lying on the beach.

She walked up to the person.

It was a woman.

It was Rose.

She had her eyes closed. At first Bree thought she might be sleeping, but then she saw that Rose was indeed not asleep. She had her hand in her bikini shorts, slowly moving up and down. Bree watched open mouthed from the distance. The vision of Rose playing with herself was... exquisite.

But she couldn't move closer without her noticing. So she decided to just observe.

Rose was moving her hand faster now. A moan escaped her lips. Her right hand was rubbing her clit, her left fighting her shorts off. Bree saw the smooth shaved hairless pussy now in the glistening light of the moon.

She moved closer, now only a very few meters away. She was sure if Rose opened her eyes now she would spot her immediately. But she didn't open her eyes, but spread her legs wider and parted her lips, allowing Bree to take a good look at her clit. It stood out, pulsating.

Rose teased herself, rubbing her clit with a shell. Then she tossed the shell away and used her thumb and index finger to give her clit a massage. She slowly rubbed it up and down between these two fingers. She moaned and sighed. Then she abruptly stopped and drew her fingers away. She put her legs up in an angle.

She stroked the insides of her butt cheeks from below. With one finger, she traced the outlines of her asshole in a wide circle. Slowly she moved up and down her hole from the outside; loud cries were escaping her now. One finger pushed and worked her backhole and the right hand returned to her clit.

She wanked her clit up and down. It was not a large clit but her motions looked like she wanked a cock in her lap. She moved up and down faster and faster while burying her left index finger into her asshole.

She must have found the right spot to work on the inside, as her head jerked up and her whole body was tightening in agony. Mouth open, sucking in the air, eyes shut tightly she furiously wanked and wanked herself. She fingered her ass faster and faster, tracing her pink widespread asshole. She came with a load moan that sounded like a wild animal being injured. Nobody could hear her in the now moonlit scene.

Nobody but Bree, who had watched the whole scene. When Rose came right there on the beach, two fingers buried in her asshole and the other hand pressed tightly on her clit, Bree felt her senses overload.

Bree woke up panting, sweating and with a very wet pussy. She reached down inside her panties and did what needed to be done. It didn't take long.

Friday came and she was strangely nervous all day. That didn't have anything to do with Rose, Bree told herself. It had nothing to do with Rose's long arms, her beautiful slim hands. Her neverending legs or the fact that her hipbones were clearly visible through the fabric of her clothes. Her piercing brown eyes. Or these fantasies that kept coming back no madder how hard she pushed them away, even haunting her in her dreams.

They met at their usual club Friday night. Bree was very excited when Rose hugged her hello. She held the embrace a bit longer than usual. They laughed and got the first round of drinks. But after some rounds, Rose seemed to be in a bad mood.

She leaned against Bree and said into her ear: "Bree, look at us. We are almost 35 and single. We chose the career. We have meaningless one night stands with random guys. But what kind of life is that? I shouldn't do that anymore. I think I'm off men."

That gave Bree a tingling sensation in her tummy. Off men? What was Rose trying to tell her? Was she hinting at something? Had she felt the weird tension after their visit to the karaoke bar, too?

Bree was getting bold. She wanted to push the limits. So she nodded. And then replied with her most innocent look: "Off men? So are you considering women now?"

Rose turned and gave her a shocked sideways look. "Hell, no."

Bree decided to drop the topic. After her provocative question Rose seemed more distant for the rest of the night. They had some shallow fun, but it wasn't quite the same. Bree felt like she had to tiptoe around Rose. There was no body contact that night.

They had had tentative plans for Saturday night, but it was already midday and Rose hadn't called her yet. It was usually the first thing they did, they phoned around noon and either told each other about the previous night's conquest and how the sex had been or they complained about their raging hangovers. But that day her mobile remained silent.

Then her phone buzzed and Bree jumped. But it wasn't Rose, it was an old friend of hers who she had met during her first job after university. She decided she might as well make other plans, so she met her friend Allison that night instead.

Allison was a charming blonde, just like Bree herself. They hadn't seen much of each other since they had both climbed up the career ladder. They went to a club where she usually went with Rose and danced themselves into a frenzy. Midnight came, they got some shots and Bree tried to drown her feelings.

But what was she feeling?

Was Rose angry at her? What if she wanted nothing to do with Bree now?

And was she attracted to Rose for real?

She was clearly unfocused and didn't really listen to what Allison was saying.

"Damn, girl, look at you! You must be working out a lot! You're so thin and fit, you look better than ever!"

Allison shouted over the loud music and lay a hand around Bree's slim waistline.

That surprised Bree, because Allison showed no inclination to take her hand away, but lingered. Bree felt flattered. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or her instable mood, but she allowed herself to let Allison pull her into an embrace.

A friendly embrace? She was too drunk to even care. She felt the other woman's warm skin against her own. For a split second she closed her eyes and imagined it was Rose.

Then she paused and broke free. "I'm gonna get more drinks," and she rushed away from Allison. What the fuck was going on?

While waiting at the bar, her gaze travelled across the room. Dancing figures, a sweaty mess. Long brown hair caught her attention. That couldn't be? Was it? She stared intently at the dancing woman. Could it be Rose? Or was her mind playing a trick on her? Just wishful thinking?

Then the woman turned around. It was indeed Rose. She looked her straight in the face with that piercing look.

Then Rose turned back to her dance partner and put her hands on his chest. He needed no further encouragement, suddenly his hands were all over her.

Bree just stood there, frozen. Something deep inside her chest imploded when she watched Rose and the stranger. Yet she couldn't turn away. She watched as Rose turned her back to the guy. She was rubbing up against him, all the while darting looks at Bree across the room. When he was moving his hands upwards to cup her small breasts, Rose let her head sink back to rest against his neck, although never taking her eyes off Bree. Rose's lips parted slightly and Bree swore she could hear Rose moan through the distance, over the music.

That was it. Bree had had it. She managed to excuse herself to Allison, drowned her drink in one gulp and then just grabbed her coat and stormed out of the club.

She headed out, nowhere in particular down the street, just....away. Far away, as fast as her stilettos would carry her. Her heels were beating a wild staccato against the pavement.

Her insides were burning, she felt like causing mayhem.


That couldn't be.

Was she really coming after her?

She kept walking, convinced that it was an illusion.

"Bree! Stop!"

She finally turned around to see Rose storming after her for real. Now what was that all about?

"What ,Rose?" she almost screamed.

"What do you want now?"

Rose looked at her with that wounded-deer look of hers.

"I just want to talk to you!"

"Well, you didn't wanna talk to me all day long. And suddenly you do?"

"You didn't call me either, Bree". Now that was true.

"So? What do you have to say to me?"

Rose hesitated. She had run after her and now she seemed lost, she didn't know what to say. Suddenly lightheaded from the rush of adrenaline and booze Bree took the initiative.

She stepped closer to Rose. Rose was looking down.

Bree didn't know what got into her, but she stepped up even closer to Rose and took her chin in her hand. She tilted her face upwards until their gazes met. The gesture happened to be less smooth than she had anticipated, Rose didn't comply as willingly as she thought. Now Rose was piercing her with a look that meant no good.

Bree realised she still had her finger under Rose's chin and let go.

"You. you..."

Rose hissed at her with a look that was far away from being friendly.

"I detest what you're doing to me, Bree"

"What I am doing to YOU?" Bree snorted back.

"That little game you're playing."

"The game I'm playing?"

"Now you're just repeating after me, Bree"

A sudden rush of anger floated through Bree's insides.

"Watch your mouth!" she exclaimed.

"Or what?"

Or what? Now that was a good question...

"Or I'll hit you!" she blurted out.

Rose just snorted.

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh yes? Try me!"

This was getting way out of hand. What was Rose driving at? And what did she herself want? Bree was confused.

Rose stepped up closer to her.

"You'd really hit me? And I thought you were hitting on me."

"Watch it"

and with that, Bree grabbed Rose's hair and pulled it back. Rose's head tilted and she let out a gasp of surprise. Then her lips parted.

Bree felt a satisfaction rise up inside of her. Clearly Rose didn't know how to judge the situation. She didn't know what to make of it. So it didn't matter that Bree knew it neither.

"Hey! Look at that!"

Two guys were stumbling down the street, drunk, laughing and loudly commenting.

"A catfight. Yeah! Let's see more!"

The other one was howling like an animal.

"Smack her! Smack that bitch!"

Rose looked up into Bree's eyes. Rose was afraid. Bree felt a sense of danger creeping up her spine as well. She immediately let go of Rose's hair and steadied her while she straightened up.

"Let's run" Rose whispered to her. Bree nodded.

They grabbed each other's hands and ran down the street, getting as much distance between them and the guys as possible. Not sure if the guys were in pursuit , they ran and ran anyway.

"Let's grab a cab, Bree!"

They caught a cab and hurried inside. Out of breath, they looked at each other.

"Your place or mine?" Rose whispered.


The ride didn't take long and soon the two women were facing each other in Bree's apartment uptown.

"So, Bree, where is that leading us?"

Bree was all riled up now. She decided that it was time to drop all pretense. Rose had followed her home after all. So some part of her must be wanting this as badly as she herself did.

"Strip naked"

Bree watched, fascinated, as Rose obeyed her.

She slipped the dark brown dress over her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Then she stepped out of it and stood in front of Bree.

She dropped her stilettos. Then she unhooked her bra. She stood in front of Bree with nothing but her black hip panties on, exposed.

"I never knew you had a tattoo."

"There are lots of things you don't know about me, Bree."

'True'... Bree thought as she pulled her own clothes away. She did as Rose and kept her panties on.

They didn't kiss, they just pressed their skinny bodies tightly against each other, nipples brushing against nipples. Rose pushed her hips up and Bree grinded against her pelvis with growing need. Nothing mattered anymore and Bree left the rest of her containment behind, thrusting forcefully against Rose.

She could feel her panties getting wet. Then she slid sideways, pushed one of her legs over Rose's and moved closer. She pressed hard against Rose's leg and on her own leg she could feel the heat eminating from between Rose's legs. She pushed against Rose wildly, moaning, her clit was stiffening against the fabric of her panties and she rubbed it along Rose's leg.

She guided Rose to her bedroom and pushed her down the bed. They only broke their embrace for the shortest moment. Then they were all over each other again.

Rose was moaning steadily and Bree let her hand travel down Rose's very flat tummy towards her knickers. She brushed over the black cotton and Rose clenched a hand around her shoulder tightly, pushing her face into Bree's neck. Bree continued to move over Rose's pussy through her slip, sliding up and down, feeling Rose's engorged clit.

Futher down over her pussy's entrance the fabric was damp. She slid deeper yet and brushed over Rose's perineum. Rose moaned especially loud when her fingertips reached her backhole, but Bree didn't want to get ahead of herself, so she returned and circled around Rose's clit in small, soft movements.

Round and round her fingertip danced on Rose's hard clit. It clearly stood out against the fabric. Rose's hand broke free and reached for Bree's panties, immediately searching for her clit. Rose dictated a faster rhythm through the satin of Bree's black panties. They played with each other's clits through the material until the feeling through the knickers became too muted. Bree wanted to feel Rose for real.

Almost simultaneously they reached inside each other panties and the lip parting wetness directed them straight to each others aching clits. The sight of her own hand in Rose's knickers, circling the other's clit gently plus the sensations Rose was causing on her own clit was almost to much for Bree. She had imagined the situation, yet it was nothing like the real thing.

Rose's index and middle finger was teasing her clit in faster movements, lifting the hood, exposing her clit, then moving around without touching it. Then she returned to her clit and just lightly rested a finger right on it, motionless. Bree moved and moaned helplessly. When Rose worked her clit with full force again, Bree lost control of the motion of her own fingers on Rose's clit and gave away control completely.

"I'm gonna come, Rose. Oh Rose...." and with one last series of desperate circles with her hips against Rose's fingers, she gave in. "NOW!"

A jet of liquid shot pulsating out of her clit. "I'm coming." She spasmed thin streams of cum, ejaculated all over Rose's finger as the orgasm shattered over her.

After a short moment of recovery on Rose's shoulder she fought Rose's panties down and then got back to work on the other woman's clit. Rose's pussy was even smoother that it had looked in her fantasies, carefully shaved clean, spotless. Rose spread her legs wide in front of Bree and she took in the sight of it, moving her face close to her pussy.

Observing her pink pussy, her soft perineum and her hairless light backhole, curled together, it was mysteriously alluring to Bree. She knew Rose liked it up there, she had confessed it once in a very drunk conversation.

But she wouldn't do it just yet. She would like Rose to ask her for it, maybe even beg her to touch her there. She had no hurry.

So she continued innocently playing with her clit, staying close, keeping an eye on Rose's teasing asshole. Rose got more slippery with almost every stroke and she slipped one finger deeper, towards the entrance of her pussy. Bree surrounded the wetness without haste, slowly, teasingly. It did not miss its effect.

Bree stroked round and round, lightly brushing the edges of the entrance. Rose rocked her hips back and forth, begging for attention. Bree slipped a finger into her pussy, sliding deep inside, then resting it, not moving.

Rose rocked her hips harder forward and slammed backwards. Between moans she muttered "Bree, move..." but then trailed off. "Yes, Rose?" Bree said with a vicious smile from above her.

Rose sighed in frustration as Bree did not move her finger. She fought with herself whether to vocalize her wishes or not, but she just had to and finally gave in.

"I need you to fuck me, Bree." she exhaled in staccato.

Bree didn't need any further invitaions. She pulled her finger out of Rose till the fingertip and then pushed slowly inward again, stopped to massage her g-spot and then continued to fingerfuck her in a steady rhythm; in and out and in still deeper, caressing her g-spot on each way.

"Oh, yeah, Bree.. yeah",

Bree was transfixed with Rose, pushing on and sliding off her finger in wild movements. Rose's right hand broke free and started rubbing her clit.

So Bree fingerfucked her and watched as Rose rubbed her clit expertly.

Bree tried to match Rose's rhythm, but it grew faster steadily. She drew her fingers out of the sticky wetness and brushed against the perineum lighly.

She had thought that Rose couldn't work her clit any faster, but she did. "Oh yes, Bree, keep doin' that". Bree was challenged to order Rose to spit it out, she wanted to hear it. So she moved back to her pussy instead.

Rose sighed in frustration, then between the motion of Bree's finger sliding in and out of her pussy she managed, "touch me deeper down".

Smiling to herself, Bree pulled out and rubbed Rose's perineum with more pressure now, back and forth, lightly pushing against Rose's backhole with every rub. From her tight asshole to her wet pussy, back and forth.

Then she fixed her motions around the backhole, around and around, with growing pressure. Up and down she stroked around her asshole, teasing inwards, but staying on the outside. Rose was rubbing her clit frantically now and with one last breath cried,

"More pressure!"

Bree pushed hard around the hole, released and pushed against the tight muscle in circular movements around it.

She accelerated to a very fast speed, giving Rose's asshole a full workout now. Round and round until she felt Rose's orgasm shatter the tight muscle, leaving it pulsating and Rose cried out loud. "AAAHHHHAAAAHHHH...."

Then Bree withdrew her fingers and Rose collapsed against her.

They lay panting in each other's arms. Neither of them spoke. After what seemed too short a time, Rose finally got up.

"I need to leave. I need to leave now."

Bree would have liked her to stay, but she didn't say anything. Instead, she just watched her get dressed again.

She was quickly out the door, and didn't even turn around.


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