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Preschool Nightmares TG AR

by aungshadow

Preschool Nightmares TG AR

Preschool nightmare

Edward laid on his bad one afternoon he was an averaged 16 year old boy, 6 foot, short brown hair, and didn't have muscle. He laid on his bed then his cell phone rang "Hello" he said not looking at his caller I.D. A strange voice was on the phone, well a strange scary voice but a voice of a woman "Hello Edward I am a friend of you mothers I need you to do me a favor."

His first thoughts were 'a favor, my mom set me up for this' he talked to this woman "what kind of favor."
"My daughter goes to preschool and today I'm held up here at work, your mother offered you" she said.
Ed sighed "what do I need to do."
She snickered on the phone "just go there and play with her until I can make, and I'll give you a big reward" she said in a suspicious tone "my daughter's name is Roxanne, and she needs a friend for until 5:00."
"Yell I have nothing planed, so I guess I'll do it" Ed said.

The woman gave him the directions to the place and what her daughter looked. Ed got up changed his clothing to jeans and a red top and left for preschool. He followed the directions until he found the place. He entered it was empty except for a little girl with brown ponytails in a purple dress with flowers on it. A old woman approached him, she had silver hair a peek like noise and was really thin "I believe miss Roxanne's mother sent you here to watch her" he said in a snooty tone.
"Yes ma'am" Ed said a little nervous, he's never baby sited and he's an only child so he does know much about little kids.
She let him in and walked him over to Roxanne she looked up at him she had large emerald green eyes, and a adorable little face "Hello Mommy sent you here to watch"
"Well she sent me here to be your friend for a few hours" Ed said smirking "I'm Edward, Ed for short
"Roxanne, nice to meet you friend" she said with a sweet smile.
The old lady snickered and walked away "good luck watching her, I have to leave that's why you're here" she said "her snack is in her cubby with her book bag, if she gets hungry." She walked out the door and she was gone.
Ed sat down in a little chair across from he taped on the table "so what do want to do Roxanne."
She jumped up in joy "play dress up."
Ed sighed "I guess we can."
Ed and Roxanne both got up Roxanne grabbed his hand and brought him to a large chest. Ed opened it and saw it was filled with nothing but small dresses 'great' he thought. Ed looked down at her"I can't play dress up these dresses are not my size and or for girls" he said kneeling down.

She just smiled "I can fix that" she said, She looked deep into his eyes her emerald green eyes looked deep into him almost like touching his soul.
Just then Edward felt weird his whole body started to feel like it was burning he looked at his arms it started to become thin he looked at his hands and they became smaller and delicate. He fell to the ground in pain
Roxanne just smiled and said "don't worry soon we can be best friends"
Ed looked and saw his whole body had shrunken till he was Roxanne's size his face became like a little girls close to Roxanne's but a little different he put his hand to his crotch and it was gone his manhood gone. Ed's hair grew rapidly till it reached mid back his clothes changed into a little pink dress with flowers. The burning feeling stopped and Ed got up he now she breathed deeply "what did you do to me" he said in a high pitch little girl voice.
Roxanne smiled "now we can play and be friends forever."
The door swung open of the preschool as a woman walked in.
Roxanne jumped for joy "mommy looky I have a friend"
Roxanne's mom picked Roxanne up "Edward this is your reward, your mother said she wanted a girl and my daughter wanted a friend, come one I'll take you home" he said reaching out her hand "don't worry your mother knows Eda"
Eda sighed and took her hand just than a blast happened in her head, all her memories were gone all she could remember was she was a little girl and Roxanne's best friend. Ede looked up and smiled "lets go home Roxannes mommy."


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