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Boys should be seen, pt1, pt 2, pt3 (mm, bd, sm, nc)

by reddywhp

Boys should be seen, pt1, pt 2, pt3 (mm, bd, sm, nc)

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Boys should be seen . . . (part 1)

The worst thing about waking up from sedatives, assuming that you don't have a hang-over, is the loss of time. You have no idea how long you've been somewhere. Something that makes it worse is when you find yourself in a completely different situation than when you fell asleep.

I woke up with a start, and couldn't move. I panicked for a moment. Okay, more than one moment. I panted and started hyperventilating. I was still truly groggy, but I didn't feel that annoying nausea from chloroform. Thank god for small favors. Remembering slowly, the last thing that came to my memory was the cute guy helping me out of the bar to get a cab, Jason was his name.

'The prick drugged me!' I thought to myself.

I tried opening my eyes and looking around, maybe get a look around. I don't know what hit me first... the fact that it was pitch black, or that I head hardly budged when I tried moving. It took me a few seconds to take stock of my situation... I quickly started writhing, trying to get some movement. Nothing. I knew this feeling too. Legs bound together, arms at my sides, but not touching my torso: I was in a sleep sack... I could feel the leather against my skin.

'What the fuck? How long was I out? They removed my clothes?'

I tried moving my head. I was wearing a posture collar, or my head was tied down, or all of the above. I was sudden even more panicky. "Hey, fun's over! Let me out! JASON!"

Suddenly I heard a voice in both ears at the same time. "Are you in pain?" I jerked in surprise. 'Oh, headphones.' "Where am I?"

"Are you in pain?"

"I asked you where am I... OW!" I felt a sudden shock to my balls, causing me to see spots. It ended quickly.

"Are you in pain?"

I quickly saw how this would go. "No."

"Good, you /can/ learn. By your earlier outburst, I take it 'Jason' deposited you on my property?"

"If by deposited, you mean drugged and kidnapped, yes."

"Good. Now, be aware, if I ask you a yes/no question, I expect a yes or a no answer. This is your first and final warning. Punishment is swift and severe. Do you understand?"

I thought to myself, 'Good god, where am ...' "ARGH!!!" The pain returned, two-fold.

"I expect a prompt response, boy. You are trying my patience. If you are not trainable, you will be disposed of. Do you understand?"

I panted out a "yes", as I recovered from the pain.

"So can I-ARGH!" The pain came again, worse again, if possible.

"No, you can't. No questions, unless I give you leave. From here on, any noise you make, except when I ask you a direct question is a punishable offense. If you haven't figured it out yet, kid, your life is no longer in your own hands, and that's assuming I let you keep them."

"For now, you need to learn to be quiet. Any waste materials will be dealt with as necessary. *click*"

The headphones started pumping out a combination of white noise and ocean waves, blocking out any other possible noise.

What was happening to me? Who was this insane man keeping me under wraps like this? And where, on earth, was I?

End pt 1 of 6

Boys should be seen . . . (part 2)

I must have fallen asleep, because I awoke up to screaming. My screaming. My cock, balls and ass were again on fire from the electricity. I don't know how long I've been here in this position. Hooded, sleep sacked, and strapped down hard. If movement were open to me, I'd be jumping around, thrashing in pain. It was lasting longer this time, or maybe the process of waking made it seem that way

As it was, my thrashing in my bonds continued for a couple of moments after the power was cut. Laying there, panting, the voice returned, "I'll ask again, are you awake, boy?"

"Yes sir!" I was on the verge of tears and panic, but managed to respond. Several times now had I been woken like that. It was wearing on my sanity. I knew I dared not break into tears... as I had done once already. Any noise seemed to trigger the electricity, even my sobs.

"Good boy, you woke much faster this time. I don't care if you're asleep or not. When I ask you a question, I expect a response. Understood?"

"Yes sir." My hidden captor had previously added my use of "Sir", or lack thereof, to my punishable offenses. I never called anyone that before. I'd only just started going to leather bars a month or two before running into Jason that night. My mind wandering away from the recent pain, I remembered seeing Jason on previous visits to the Shaft downtown. I think the bastard was watching me.

"We can't have you strapped down like that forever; you'll need exercise and proper food. Cooperation will be rewarded."

A chance! Whatever the contraption they were using to fry me, I could certainly pull it off and get free. I felt straps loosening. I was being let up. First the straps holding down the sack, then the neck brace. Next the sleep sack was being unlaced and unzipped.

I only felt one pair of hands helping me, pulling my hands from the internal sleeves of the sack. I continued to cooperate, and though I truly was was tired and drained, I exaggerated it, hoping to lull this helper into a false sense of security. He helped me sit upright as he started to unzip and unlace the hood. As he slowly pulled the hood off my head, I could tell the light in the room was low.

Without hesitation, I swung my elbow back, catching my 'assistant' in the head and knocking him over. I launched off the table towards the door in front of me. The word "Mistake" echoed through the room as I felt a pair of sharp pains in the small of my back and felt my world explode. Every nerve in my body felt like it was on fire as I crumbled to the floor, my legs no longer able to support my weight. Muscles spasmed uncontrollably as I twitched on the floor, inches from the door.

"You failed your first test, boy. Did you think I was going to make it that easy for you to run away?" The voice, it was right over me. I managed to turn my head to the side slightly in my convulsions, to see a black latex-hooded face. As he knelt down beside me, he cradled my head with one latex covered hand, and pressed a thick folded gauze pad against my face. I couldn't help inhaling. Over the white puffiness of the gauze, I saw his eyes.

As the power was cut, I was too weak to fight him as the chloroform started pounding in my ears. "Please, no" I begged him through the rag. "And you were so close," he responded as the unit on my crotch and at my ass flared up again, the pain screaming in me. Still on my way out, but feeling the pain as a bright white scream through my body until I passed out. But his eyes . . .

End pt. 2 of 6

Boys should be seen . . . (part 3)

. . . I woke later, the pain was gone. I was alone in a room, with concrete walls and a steel door. My hands were in small metal balls, barely large enough to fit my closed fists. I could feel my hands curled around some kind of bar going through the middle of the ball and could see five small flanged metal pegs at regular intervals around the surface of each.

I looked down and found myself sitting in piss, presumably my own. That wasn't what startled me as much as the steel contraption around my crotch. I hadn't had a chance to look earlier, but I think it had been on me before my escape attempt. This shiny metal device looked like a bulky speedo, effectively covering my cock, balls, and most of my ass.

Moving one of my steel-covered hands to touch the covering, it clanged and then I felt a quick but tremendous pain shoot through my body. I cursed aloud in surprise and pain, and was again electrocuted at my cock & balls in response to my noise. With some hesitation, I tried touching a different part of the device on my crotch with another section of my other hand, and was punished with the same pain. Gritting my teeth, I refrained from screaming.

Not only could I not speak, but I couldn't even attempt to touch myself without retribution.

I decided it was time to get up and walk about. It was then I noticed the collar around my neck. The weight of the collar itself was negligible, a simple thin metal band. However, the chain anchoring it to the wall made a distinct rattling when I stood up. Testing the length, the chain let me almost reach the door, but left it just out of reach by inches.

Reaching up absently to touch the collar, I was again rebuked with a shock, this time to my fingers and neck. It wasn't as painful as the other shocks, but it was enough to get the message across. Don't touch.

Several hours passed, with that damnable white noise and ocean waves playing over speakers in the ceiling. I hadn't noticed the noise at first, but it was there. The same sounds playing while I was in the sleep sack.

Enough time had passed, in fact, that I started relaxing a bit. Once I found a position where I wouldn't accidentally touch my crotch or neck with these steel pods for hands. The sound of the waves started to lull me into a bit of a lazy nap.

Hazily, on the border of my semi-conscious state, I heard, "Are you awake, boy?"

I sat bolt upright, "Yes, sir!" Looking around, I didn't see anyone there. Instantly in a cold sweat, I feared the oncoming shock that never did.

"So the boy can learn," the voice continued, over the speakers. "The boy will be fed, then cleaned. Cooperation is in the boy's best interest. Observe the results of non-compliance." A flat panel TV slid out of a slit in the ceiling, and I was presented with a disturbing series of images. It was a video, of what seriously looked to be a medically performed removal of the subject's testicles and shaft.

The color drained from my face while watching this, and shocked me into reality. This was serious. These people had no qualms about doing with me what they would.

Moments after the TV shut off and slid back into the ceiling, a panel in the door slid open, and a metal bowl was pushed through on a tray, I didn't move near it. Not until the voice said "Eat, but keep the boy's hands away from the bowl." Not realizing how hungry I'd been I rushed over to the food. It smelled like stew, but looked like it had been puréed.

I hesitantly put my face down to the bowl, and tried some. Getting a small taste of it on my tongue, I decided it was safe enough to eat, and didn't taste too bad. Before long, I was lapping up the last bits of it, like a dog cleaning his bowl. The thought occurred to me and I kept from laughing at the absurdity of it. I had seen men on all fours at the bar, but hadn't quite understood what the attraction was... why they did it, or why I felt I had to watch when they did. I still didn't understand. Finding myself on the floor on my hands and knees, it felt somehow right, despite the way in which I arrived at this state.

I shook my head and got up to walk back to the other side of the room and sat down. The concrete, though solid, was cool, but not uncomfortably cold. It had been rather effectively smoothed over to remove jagged edges. Whoever my captor was, he was certainly attentive to details. As my mind wandered over this, I listened to the white noise and waves crashing being played over the speakers.

End pt. 3 of 6


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