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becoming jessic

by jessielynn

becoming jessic

It all began one Saturday morning. When I went to take a shower. Which I normally do first thing when I wake up. But that morning the first thing I did was get my wife's hair remover and began to rub it all over my legs chest underarms. Then I proceeded to take my shower, watching all my bodyhair come off my body. As I stood there my wife commented I look really excited cause my cock was erect. Then she said a sissy should also have a neatly trimmed or completely shaved pussy. I looked at her and said I agree. She then told me to take a seat and she would fix that. She then began to use her hairtrimmer to get the hair on my cock close to my skin. Then she began to apply some special hair remover to my pubic region. Stating once the hair remover does its job. I'll never have to worry about it getting hairy again. Once I was rinsed of and hairless. My wife said some special words. Which I replied yes mistress I want to be your girly sissy and I want to fully be always girly.
At that moment she explained you'll always be my special girl taking me by the hand back to our bedroom. Where she said sissy Jessica has come out. As she said this, I looked at our bed. To see a pretty pink lacey matching panty and bra set with a set of c-cup falsies. Which my wife explained it's only temporary soon I'll have real breast and my swollen clit will be taken care of. At first I was shocked. But soon I was reassured a sissy must be completely feminized and taken into her roll as a pretty sissy girly. Before she is a full fledged woman. Once she said that I reach for the panties and slid them up my smooth hairless legs. Once they were on I fumbled with the bra for a bit. Then she said she'll help me, but a girl must learn to put a bra on herself. Once the bra was on my wife handed me the falsies and had me place them in the bra cups. Then she said oh sweet Jessica you look so feminine and snap her fingers. Causing me to cum an awaken. I stood there before my wife. With her looking surprised. Then she began asking me why I was smooth hairless and wearing matching panties and bra. With falsies in the bra cups. I then was shocked to be this way. Then my wife asked me if I must like being this way. Because my panties were wet with my cum. She then ordered me to lick the cum from the panties which I felt compulsive and look my panties off and began to lick up all of the cum swallowing everydrop. Once the cum was cleaned up. I began to feel different telling my wife that I am such a sissy. After saying that my wife told me it's ok being this way and she'll help me be a complete woman if that how I felt. As she said that I slowly put the panties back on. Once they were on my wife said sleep for me jessica. At that moment I fell asleep. Hearring my wife explain from this moment on I'll only be this way. And how I'll enjoy being permanently feminine and only do womanly things. Such as wear feminine attire and suck cock and be as sluty as possible. Then I began to feel different completely and visualize feminine thoughts. Along with seeing myself fully only as a woman. During the next couple of hours. Then my wife snapped her fingers and said awake now Jessica now longer a man but a woman in a mans body. When you awake you'll ask me for my help. As I awoke, I looked at my wife and asked her to begin my complete my total feminization and guide me into being the woman I should of really been. At that moment she gave me a shot in my arm. Telling my as she injected female hormones into me. Now my sweet Jessica is on her way into womanhood. Once the sirynge was emptied into my body. My wife explained to me let your feminity out and live fully as my girlfriend.
Afterwards she said a woman is suppose to pluck her eyebrows, and wear makeup and be womanly.
Once my eyebrows were more feminine, and makeup was applied to my face. She then applied nail tips to my finger nails. Then painted both finger nails & toe nails a brightred. Telling me I was to go out shopping with her today. Once I was finished getting dressed. She explained a lady wears Blouses and skits, nylons, and heals or a dress. Once I had my blouse, skirt, nylons on. She handed me a wig, telling me soon I'll have real feminine hair. And a wig would be a option. Then my wife got ready.
Once she was done she said let go shopping sweet Jessica. After she said that I began to feel different. Why did I feel this way. Soon I heard a slight wisper what are you doing why are you acting like this. But it didn't matter because another voice said Jessica it is normal to feel and dress this way.
That day me and my wife were like sisters. Talking about fashion and things women would talk about. It all seemed natural. As we shopped people looked at us, some wispered while others just smiled. Mostly I felt men eyeing me up. But inside I felt blessed as I vaguely remembered how I once thought what they thought. Instead I soon began to wonder how they would be as lovers. And how great their cock would feel as I sucked them, or how it would feel as they made love. With being filled with their cocks thrusting in and out of my pussy. At that moment my wife called me a cock tease.
Once we got home my wife asked me how I enjoyed getting a complete new wardrobe. And I explained I really enjoyed it. But why did she call me a cock tease. Then she said the way the men looked at you. After cleaning out my closet and putting away my new clothes. My wife asked me if I would like to experience a cock. I told her I didn't know. She then went to her dresser and got out her special toys. A strap on dildo 12 inches long by 2 inches wide. She then undressed and attach it, then looked at me. Well sweet Jessica what are you waiting for. Undress and leave you bra on. You want to be womanly let me it possible. Then she said something and next thing I was sucking on her strappon while she told me how much she like her sweet Jessica. Then she asked if I was ready to be screwed all night long. Looking at her I said yes please fuck me give it to me hard.
At that moment I felt her apply a special lube to my man pussy. Then it began to tingle. Then the dildo was forced up my ass. First it stung a bit but once she slowly found her rhythm.
I began to feel wonderful as she fucked me. Then I begged for her to get it futher into my pussy. Telling her yes that's it. Fuck me Fuck me, as she got a faster pace my climax began to build . Soon I shoot my sissy cum all over but she didn't stop untill she had Screwed my pussy to a looseness. Where she removed the dildo an began to fist me. Telling me slut I'll only be. Once she finished She said anothor trigger phrase. An I told her yes sweet Jessica is here to stay. Then we cleaned ourselves up. Which she then handed me my first nighty. Saying to me a woman wears nice pajamas to bed. Then said another trigger phrase causing me to fall asleep. As I slept I dreamed wonderful sweet dreams. Of a woman who said goodbye to a man.
Once morning came I awoke to my wife who said another trigger phrase.
This time I was back to old male self. Where my wife explained that I was Conditioned over the past few months into feminine feelings. And yesterday she set it into motion. Where being a woman was what I desired to truly be. And it was too late to go back to being a man. Now after my first female hormonal injection. An buying all those woman clothes. And making my body hairless and smooth Jessica.
Today you will be forever Jessica. At that moment she sealed my feminization. Where she said the final hynotic trigger phrase. Forever Jessica, Jeff will be forever womanly he shall be. Becoming fully feminine he will be. A she that he desires to really fully be. Sweet Jessica the sissy he as turned out to be. This feminine person he shall be known as he now becomes a she. Sweet Jessica oh sweet Jessica. Once she completed those words. My wife said Jeff why are you wearing that babydoll nighty.
I look back at her and said who is Jeff I'm Jessica, not Jeff.


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