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They know what YOU really are, don't you?

by twistedsub

They know what YOU really are, don't you?


This story is about a hypnotic ad that is placed, it helps to enable someone who wants to become a sissy faggot but otherwise is too afraid to take the plunge on thier own. By reading this story and seeing for yourself along the way as you read, do you really want to become a sissy faggot? Then if you continue reading and this is trully want you want to become, you will find yourself more easily able to become a sissy faggot. Infact.......... you may already be a sissy faggot and not even know it?


You have a dungeon? I'm looking for someone who has a playroom filled with toys, bondage type stuff and is able to continue my training. I've been studying online on how to becocme a sissy cock sucking whore. It's not going to well though, I'm just to afraid to actual meet up with anyone. Sure at home and online I can sure play the part and act it out and everything. But when it comes to following orders or beingg instructed to go out and find a guy to play with me or mess around, I just can't do that. It's so risky and I don't want to be a sissy whore. afraid of catching something and or being captured and kept in someones basement for the rest of my life, serving someone non stop. What I would like to find is someone with the same want and desires as myself. I would like to meet someone who also wants a partner, but nothing live in or 24/7. Just daytime fun when the rest are away. We can play and have our fun.

I'm looking for someone with a big fat dick, has toys to use, bondage gear and furniture too. A place to place where we can be ourselves and not have to be quiet or afraid of just letting ourselves go. I want things most do not know how to give me. I enjoy scripted sex fantasies. Instructions and even subliminal or hypnosis training to get me going or persuaded into doing exactly what I'm forced to read and explained that i will be doing or it will soon be happening to me. Things like, assplay, fisting, forced sissy play, massterbation, dress up, cock sucking, anal sex, cbt, spanking, roleplaying. Some of my best fantasies and things I want to do are just too much for others and hardly anyone ever replies thats not full of bullshit. So I'm trying again, you should be into scripted sex, fantasy and roleplaying extremes. You should have a place thats available to play for just us, uniterupted, private and has everything we could waant to use for our dirty little game playing. You should be clean, drugfree, std free, have a strong desire to fuck me, tease me and help show me the way to fullfilling my most sought after fantasies.

Your description and pictures of not only yourself but the dungeon as well will excite me. I love hearing stories, the sexual kind that describe what happens to the poor little sissy fuck who went looking for someone and what happened next. A short version of mine would be; I answered a email from someone who replied. They instructed me to click on a link and watch the video playing. Which I did and a video started playing. It was showing girls sucking cocks and getting fucked in thier assholes. It was really raunchy and hardcore and I couldn't stop watching it. I was stuck starring at the screen, words would flash off and on and there was something playing constantly in the background that repeated over and over again, your a cock sucker...... your a sissy faggot, you eat cum, you love mens cocks. Your a cock sucker, sissy faggot, cum eater, love it in your ass, you want cock, you love cock, suck it.

The video was hypnotic, trancing and put me in some sort of spell where I just couldn't stop watching it all. I had such a hard on and found myself undressing and jerking off as I watched. The next thing I saw was the girls had cocks, these were smoking hot chicks and they were all being face fucked or getting plowed in their asses by huge cocks. I never even noticed at first, because the chicks were really focused on sucking cock and getting fucked hard core in the ass. I guess I just wasn't paying attention but at this point I didn't care really. I had a huge hard on and I was about to cum myself from watching all the action. I watched one chick or dude, whatever she was, she male or etc. She was being told what a slut she was as a guy just rammed his cock down her throat as another guy was fucking her ass at the same time. That was hot and had me ready to shoot my own load. Then the guy pulled out of her mouth and I watched as the guy fucking her asshole pulled out too. Suddenly she started jerking her cock off and then the 2 guys stood side by side in front of her mouth, I watched them both jerk off fast and faster as they squeezed her balls and helped stroke her cock off too. She was hands on both cocks too, everyone was grabbing eachother as everyone kept stroking cocks off and I could tell all the cocks were about to explode and so was mine too.

Thats when I suddenly became very aware of my own situation, I could now hear the voices or speech on the video even more clearly and make out the flashing words during the video showing. It was saying; Your about to cum, yes you dirty little sissy faggot, soon what your watching will be you, thats right, because you want to be just like her don't you. You want to be a sissy faggot, you want to suck cocks, get fucked in your sissy ass and eat cum. Just like your about to do right now, I want you to cum when I count down from 10 to 1. When I reach number 1, your going to cum in your hand and not spill or lose a drop of your cum. You will from this moment and forever, never masterbate again and cum without eating it all. If you masterbate, fuck someone or have a midnight accident, YOU will clean up the mess with your mouth. You will now always eat your own cum. From your hands, from a plate, from a cup, spoon, condom, it doesn't if you have sex with someone either, you will clean and eat your cum from where ever you shoot it. THATS when I could hear the video even more clearer now. Once you cum tonight, from listening to this video, when I reach number 1 and you CUM, you will be a sissy faggot in training and begin your search, you will look online for a TRAINER to teach you the ways you seek. You will place a ad on craigslist and soon a MAN will contact you, he will instruct you to obey him and follow his directions. You have no choice anymore, you will simply become a sissy faggot and eeat cum forever from the moment I reach Number 1 and you CUM. If you do not agree and want to become this, but we all know you do. YOU know this is what you want, you are excited and rock hard, you know your deep down nothing but a little faggot, you have always liked men, you have always wanted to suck a mans cock, you think about getting fucked all the time. Now is your choice, 9. you don't have to be a silly little cock sucker, 8 you could stop jacking off right now, 7 but you don't want to, 6. Because you know what you are, your a silly little cock sucker, 5. Now jerk off faster and harder, pull that sissy dicky and make yourself cum when I reach NUMBER 1, 4. Either stop jerking off now and turn off the video and remain the way you are or keep watching and listening and you will soon be getting what you always wanted, COCK. Lots and lots of men's COCKS. Because this is what you wanted, need and begged for. Your nothing but a stupid little drooling cock sucker, 3. Now get ready, do not spill a drop of that cum, your going to learn to eat more cum and in so many ways too. You will have so much cum in your belly, up your ass and down your throat, you will cum and eat it, others will cum and you will swallow it all, never will you let cum go to waste if you can have it. You will see men as a food source from now on. When ever you masterbate from now on, you will eat your own cum, 2. Now get ready my good little sissy boy, your almost there, theres no turning back now. Your finally about to go through with it, you wanted this for such a long time now, your almost there, just one more little number and you'll be what you always wanted to be, a SISSY FAGGOT, 1.)

CUM......................................................................................... Cum Now. Cum my little sissy faggot and eat it all up. Clean that mess from your hand and fingers. Lick em all clean, thats it boy! Thats it.... very good! Now you trully are a sissy faggot. Don't foget, from now on when ever you masterbate, you don't waste your cum, you EAT it. Oh and by the way, you must always use 2 fingers as well to finger fuck your asshole when ever your jerking off. If you wannt to touch yourself and masterbate, usign your cute little dinky. You will now always use 2 fingers as well to fuck yourself while masterbating. And like always, eat your own cum. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you the most important part of the video, I have instructed you to become a SISSY FAGGOT if you listened to the entire video, which you did. During the video, you were hypnotized and subliminal messages have also encouraged you to become what you wanted. After all thats how most of this programming works ya know. While the video played and you watched other sissy faggots i have trained, you were also being instructed and given rules to follow. Thats right, you have been instructed you may only masterbate if and only, you can't masterbate unless YOU are wearing panties from now on. See, this is what you really wanted deep down. So you may start to do some strange things and wonder why your doing them, but its all part of the training and soon you will understand most of it. Like tomorrow in the shower, when you trimm yourself. Thats right, your always going to trimm your pubic hair from now on. And while your licking your two fingers to shove up your asshole as you masterbate, your going to be thinking and imagining them as a mans cock in your asshole. You won't stop thinking about cock, sucking cock and getting fucked by cock. Every time you masterbate and swallow your own cum, you will be even more aroused, you will want to do it even more. It will make you want to suck a mans cock even more, and when you suck a mans cock, you will crave a cock in your asshole, once you are being fucked in your asshole, you will need to suck on another cock to make it cum in your mouth. Your desire to suck cocks, and get fucked in your ass will become overwhelming until you have progressed from masterbating for 2 months using 2 fingers to masterbating after 2 months for another 2 months using 4 fingers. Once you have masterbated for 2 months using 4 fingers to fuck yourself, you will then start your fisting trainning.

After 4 months of masterbation / finger fucking training along with eatin your own cum, you will be ready for fisting. That is after all another reason your here. Because your a sissy faggot and we all know silly faggots love a man to fist fuck their assholes, ruining them, destroying them, stretching them beyond belief, absolutely leaving your ass spread wide apart and exposed and litterally gapping and stuck opened. Just like a well fucked and used pussy, right?

------------- DO YOU HAVE A DUNGEON? Send me a reply. I'm ready to play online for now until someone who I'm looking for CUMS along and trains me in the fashion I'm looking for. Could you be my Trainer?


Re: They know what YOU really are, don't you? - twistedsub

Email me, if your interested in hearing or doing something like this? I enjoy writing fantasy stories, even more fun... playing them out. Email, trigger words... Email Slave Must Obey

Re: They know what YOU really are, don't you? - twistedsub

I think I'm a sissy faggot, I can't stop myself from searching online to stare at men's cock, bg cock's cumming, squirting, cum, lots of cum, multiple men, standing around me, all jerking off until they cum on me. I fantasize about being told to go to a hotel room, a man directs me to remove all my clothes, I'm instructed by this man all evening. I'm fucked by men all night long, my mouth, my ass... sore, used and my belly is full of semen, my asshole is ruined.

I just stay stuck open, dripping load after load of cum out of my well fucked ass. I'm forced to wear headphones the entire time, hypnosis files are constantly looped and played over and over, my brain is gone...

All I can do now is follow my Master's orders. He tells me to rest, another evening is filled and even more men will show up tonight, more than a dozen. I will service them all. The more men I service, suck off to cmpletetion, cumming and allow to fuck my ass... I will more quickly realize my place in life.

I'm only allowed to eat my hormone vitimins, mens semen and a special diet my master supplies me. My breasts are growing at a alarming rate now, my ass has gotten huge, my body is looking strangely like a womans. My penis is continuing to shrink, my asshole is broken, I'm becoming a real life sissy faggot, but I thought this was all just something I was doing to get myself off, watching hypno videos, jerking off to she male porn, thinking about sucking someones cock.

Now i cant stop myself, i must eat my own cum, wear tight, extra small briefs. the type of mens underwear that look just like womens panties. I'm completely shaved bare, my ass crack is waxed. I wake up, use the bathroom and then force globs of crisco up my own ass. Im drooling all day thinking about big hard rock throbbing spurting cocks, cumming in my mouth, on my face, up my ass. I can't stop listening to hypno

This cant be really happening? my doctor tells me, sucking cck is ok, it is part of life, it is now accepted in society, and even tells me, it is very healthy too, as long as i find std and drug free men that will let me suck their cocks and swallow cum.

my doctor assures me, his cock is std free and his cum tastes so good. his assistants also have great tasting cocks and their cum is very good. my doctor thinks my sexual preference is ok and agrees, i should continue my therapy and sex change. He has agreed to even perform my penectomy.

He says this is the best way for me to really accept my changes and not to pretend anymore. I can stop jerking off and just learn to have a orgasm by having anal sex. I have been practicising, my doctor / aka Master, has put a chastity cage on my penis, i'm no longer able to jerk off, touch my penis. I've been instructed to learn how to orgasm from anal sex, clean up my mess and learn to please men rather than myself, a real man should be serviced, i need to learn my place and accept, small penis men are really just girls with big clits, and undeveloped vaginas.

my doctor has convinced me, I will soon have the sex change operation, i will finally be a real woman. i cant wait for my penectomy. I hate this little thingy stuck between my legs and my ugly big balls. i just want to be all smooth down there.

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