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Under her power!! Woof!

by misspavlovsslave

Under her power!! Woof!

It was late at night and Billy was once again at the register of his local 7-11. He hated the shift, particularly as exam week approached, but he needed the money. Things were kind of slow, particularly on weeknights. But this was his last week on the job and he was looking towards more free time. His train of thought was broken just then as a young attractive woman entered the store. She went over to the back to pick up a coke and then picked approached the register.

"Is this all ma'am?," he inquired.

"Yes except for one thing she replied." She grasped one hand with the other and rubbed it. "I've had this pain in my hands; I think I may be coming down with arthritis. Do you have any pain meds?" Before he could respond, she released her hand and started gesturing with it. Wiggling her fingers slowly and then faster. Soon both hands joined the magical display. Billy found this disturbing and yet provocative; he could not look away. He found himself bending over the counter to take a closer look. "Sis boom ba!" she shouted making a dramatic gesture. Suddenly her right hand was before his face with her 2nd and 3rd fingers pointing towards his eyes..... he stared into them transfixed. He had been hypnotized without realizing it!

"You are now under my control," she said. "Under. your. control. master." He replied.

""I will snap my fingers and release you from my power for now but whenever I say WOULD YOU PLEASE you will obey my commands without question." She then snapped her fingers and he was released from her power with a start. "What happened?" he asked.

"Oh nothing," she replied. "You were just about to enter the register for me and give me all your cash."

"I'll do know such thing!" he vigorously protested.

"Would YOU PLEASE empty the register for me dear?"

Without hesitation he found himself opening the register to comply with her outrageous demand. He knew that he shouldn't be doing this, but he was not in control. Meanwhile, her friends had entered the store and were watching the entire display laughing their ass off at this minimum wage baffoon and loser.

"Oh and one more thing deary. WOULD YOU PLEASE get on all 4's and bark like a dog till the sun comes up so I can make my getaway?"

Woof woof was all he could say as he heard her clicking metal heels leaving the store. Oh man. The dayshift manager was definetely not going to be happy when he came in later that morning. In fact, Billy might not last the week afterall.


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