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The Best kind of Gain

by blubberluvah

The best kind of gain

When you're like me, you're the kind of guy who likes his women with an overabundance of curves. You start looking for attractive women like this, pay attention to the ones who end up unintentionally improving their physique, and you start to notice patterns with which women gain weight.

Some girls, you know right away, they're going to get super fat in the end. 

An example of this would be a girl I knew in high school, name of Ella. She was thin back then, but she was generally soft all over, incredibly lazy, and had a huge appetite. I knew straight off she would be a whale in the end. She was only slim because of her surprisingly fast metabolism! Fast forward a couple years, metabolism slows down, and hello, fatass Ella.

Sure enough, I saw Ella last weekend, and sure enough, she's turned into the kinda girl who needs to get her car modified just to fit behind the steering wheel. Looked like the sorta woman who could get her hips stuck in a bathroom stall.

But anyway, you expect it from those girls.  

Then, there's the ones you'd never suspect in a million years. The ones who spend all their time talking about diets, and turning down food because it's 'just so fattening!

Basically, the skinny bitches. The ones you can't imagine possibly get fat. Always on one diet or another. And then, you see them years later, and they've totally blown up. Those are way more fun to see fat.

I got an example of this one, too, and her name is Kelsy Hill. 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I saw her two days ago, at the movie theater, and I straight up did not recognize her.

I was definitely admiring her when she walked through the doors, though. The theater was basically empty, and here was this gorgeous, and above all, sexy butterball of a woman, straight super-sized, I'm talking round cheeks, double chin, looking fat and shapely as all get out, and the fact she was expertly balancing just not one, but two massive buckets of heavily buttered popcorn, more candy than most kids get trick-or-treating, and a soda large enough to bathe a small child, did not escape my notice. 

I was admiring this stunning example of American overindulgence from where I was seated, in my aisle seat halfway down the row. I wasn't expecting her to walk up to me, very excitedly, all like “Shane? Shane Middleton? It's me, Kelsy! Kelsy Hill!” 

My jaw totally dropped, “Oh, uh, hey, Kelsy! I, uh, didn't recognize you!”

Let me explain a thing. Kelsy Hill was a cheerleader back in high school, seven years ago. Small school, so even though weren't friends or anything, we knew each other's names, and I knew her well enough to know she was exactly the kind of skinny bitch I was describing to you earlier, the kind of girl who was always 'trying to lose two pounds,' despite looking like a stick already. That's how she was the last time I'd seen her.

The woman in front of me claiming to be Kelsy was. . . How to put this delicately. . .

Well, let's just say little miss 'trying to lose two pounds' has made the transition from being your stereotypical 'skinny bitch' into being by far one of the largest women I've ever seen in real life. Hell, she made your average BBW model look thin. She must have weighed somewhere in the 250-300 range, and if my long-lasting obsession with sexy, morbidly obese women has left me with any insight into a woman's weight, I knew she was probably pushing the upper end of that spectrum. 

If you hear that a girl weighs anywhere in that range, you know she's going to be a fat one, no matter how tall is. The height is still important, though, a short girl is gonna look bigger. And with that much lard packed onto Kelsy's not-so-tall, 5'1” body, she was looking straight up gigantic. Yet, there she was, dressed in a skin-tight tank top that left little to the imagination regarding the size and scope of the stomach she'd grown, and leaving a couple feet of cleavage hanging out for free viewing. Yet weirdly enough,  the way she responded to me not recognizing her told me she was fully aware of her size, since she said, in almost these exact words, “Yeah, I uh, got kind of a bit obscenely fat over the past few years.”

I lied, hoping for her to give me details in explaining how she was a fatty, “Nah, don't be saying that, you're a bit bigger, but not that much!” 

Ha ha, yeah, no. That was bullshit. She looked like she'd been surviving since graduation on a steady diet of cheesecake and ice cream. She was looking very, very much fatter.

And she knew it. She rolled her eyes to show her disdain, “Please. I literally got my fat self stuck in the seats at this place." She shifted her weight to side, "and I've gained like twenty pounds since then.” She shifted her weight uncomfortably, “Speaking of, I brought my fold-up chair to sit in, and it's down there, you can come sit by me if you want so we can catch up.” She laughed, “Fat girl doesn't actually do too much standing around for long periods of time!”

About .0000017 seconds later, I was seated by the fold-up chair in question, while Kelsy was. . . not there yet. She was on her way, slowly making her way, ponderous steps, one at a time. It turns out that being fat enough to make a hippo look slender slows a girl down.

Not that I had any complaints about that, though. I was happy about it! It gave me time to admire just how big and soft Kelsy had gotten since the last time I saw her! There was a lot to see, like the way her shirt clung tight to her fat, fleshy upper body, displaying the numerous fat rolls along her sides, and the way her gut would jiggle with every step she took, her massive muffin top wiggling while she waddled, rippling with the motion. Lots of jiggling, just all over, every step sending shock waves up her soft, fat legs.

I'll say it again, Kelsy Hill has got damn fat!

When she finally made it to her chair, she plopped down onto it heavily, and the chair complained loudly. Kelsy was very quick to tell it off, as though it was the one at fault for not being able to survive her massive fatness, “Oh hell no, chair, you'd best not go breaking on me now, before the movie even starts!” She twisted to look at me, “You see what I'm saying? I got fat.”

I couldn't not see that. A blind man could tell, from the thumps the floor was making every time she took a step. “Do you, uh, know how big you are?”

“Yeah, but only 'cause I went to the doctor.” she shrugged, and gestured to the mountains on her chest,  “Tits like these, gut like I got, it's gotten where it's kinda, a little bit, completely friggin' impossible for me to see a scale unless it's like what they have at the doctor.” She ripped open a candy bar and began munching. Apparently knowing what she was saying wasn't enough to deter her from continuing to snack.

But she hadn't properly answered what I was curious about yet, so I pressed for more info, “And. . .?”

She swallowed hard, “And, you're looking at the most morbidly obese patient Dr. Evans has ever treated. 5'1, two hundred, eighty-nine pounds of general hugeness.” She shrugged, “sixty-five point something percent body fat, too. No muscle in this big old girl!” She grimaced, giving her bulging belly a big pinch to demonstrate, “Just a big, fat blob of blubber.” 

My guess for her weight was close enough to being right, and no discernible musculature seemed accurate, but 'big, fat blob of blubber,' and 'generally huge' weren't the termsI would describe Kelsy's physique. I can get why she'd say that, though, I mean, she was fat all over, like very, very fat, but it wasn't evenly spread.

There were three distinct areas of particular hugeness, specifically, her right tit, her left tit, and that big, flabby spare tire just beneath them. It was kinda impressive, considering how big she was, that still, her chest was so much more prominent than her gut, but that's how it was, two huge honkers puffing proudly out, perfectly globular. Weirdly firm looking considering they were so damn big. Only a minimum sag happening, which was to be expected, I mean god damn, a bra would have to be titanium to support those puppies properly! They were the kind of big where I'd have assumed they were fake, if the person they were attached to wasn't too fat for movie theater seats, and damn near too fat to fit into the fold-up chair she'd brought! This was a chest bought with Twinkies, not with cash.

I say the gut was surprisingly small, but you gotta understand what I'm comparing to. I google all the time, looking for women who look like Kelsy; I know what happens to a woman who puts on weight like she did, and generally, with a woman that short, by the time she gets that fat, she's outgrown her natural body-type, which means that a girl who started off gaining in her tits, like Kelsy, would have by this point, a big, blubbery belly, popping out nearly as far as the tits. All I'm saying when I say 'surprisingly small' is that her gut was actually in the shade cast by those monstrous chest-melons. Well, kinda, sorta, it hung out in front of her, down almost over her crotch. But still, surprisingly small, which should give you a hint to just how large this lady had become since graduating.

I realized she was waiting for me to respond, “So, uh. . . I'm sorry, I'm just remembering how you were back in high school. Weren't you always on a diet, pretty much?” She nodded, and I got to the question I was really headed for, “What. . . Uh, what happened?”

She laughed, “College happened! Showed up and started putting on weight like it was a class requirement. I didn't gain that much at first, but then, I got started going to all these parties, drinking beer and eating pizza. I'm pretty sure that's when I really started getting fat. I put on the freshman fifteen in record time, then just kept on gaining. I didn't really think that much of it at first, I mean, it was pretty much all going straight to my tits, I figured it was a late growth spurt or something. Then, it started going here.” she gestured to her belly, “Started having problems getting my pants buttoned up, and that was kind of a wake-up call, yeah? Like my jeans were sending me a message like, 'bitch, you're getting fat!'.”

She half-smiled, then sighed heavily, “I tried to stop it. Didn't want to let myself go too far. I tried going on an exercise program, but by that point, my boobs were up to an E cup, and I'm sorry, there is no one that carries sports bras that big. Exercising without one wasn't about to happen, and I sure as shit wasn't gonna stop drinking with my friends. Drinking with my friends always ended with us ordering way more pizza than any of us should have been eating. So the fat kept on piling on. I think by the end of freshman year, I'd put on something like forty pounds? Probably a bit more. Slowed down after that, probably put on a little less than thirty pounds a year since.”

“So. . . What are you gonna do now?”

Shrug, “What can I do? I'm so dang big at this point, I don't even know! I get out of breath waddling my fat ass up to the concession stand for more popcorn! What, I'm supposed to go on a diet? Sorry, but fat mama's got accustomed to a certain standard of living!”

“So. . . you're just gonna keep doing what you're doing? Keep being as big as you are?” 

Another shrug, “If I'm being totally honest with you, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to end up getting even fatter, I mean, if you eat like I do, your stomach stretches, then you're hungrier all the time, and it takes more food to fill you up, and you're still barely burning anything off at any time ever, so you get fatter.”

“And you're just. . . okay with this? I'm still stuck on how you were back in high school, always trying to lose those two pounds. It just seems really weird that you'd suddenly be all on board with the belly is all.”

She scrunched up the side of her face like she was thinking, then answered, “I'm not really on board with it, more just apathetic towards. It's inconvenient a lot of times, but it's usually pretty easy to get around whatever it is that's annoying me. Like, I start sweating when I walk short distances, easy enough fix, just keep myself set on my fat ass and have people come to me. Or how like, after a good meal, I get too heavy to move around on my own, so I have to keep sitting down for a while until I'm digested! It's not that bad!” She smiled, and cradled her bosom in her arms, or tried to. It was a bit too large for her to properly grasp, “Besides, if I started losing weight, these girls would be the first to go!”

I had to ask, those tits were the biggest I'd ever seen, even compared to the melon-chested, fat heifer porn stars I love to watch, “What size are those things? If it's not too personal, I mean!”

She laughed, “Too personal, pfft. I just sat here telling you my doctor has literally never met anyone as fat as me, you think I'm gonna hold back on telling you the one thing I got to be proud of? I got a 42U-cup bra, have to get them special ordered 'cause no one even manufactures bras that big!” Which explained why I've never even heard of a bra that size.

“You're really not afraid of what the doctor was saying?”

“Not really, no. I mean, my blood pressure's fine, no diabetes, I eat a balanced diet--”

I interrupted her right there, pointing at the ever growing piles of candy wrappers that were resting of so comfortably on the dome of her stomach, “Yeah, totally balanced, I see that! You got your peanuts, your chocolate, your gummies--”

She interrupted me right back, “Yeah, yeah, whatever, this is a special thing. Usually, I'm totally balanced out, just with stupid big portions of everything.” She gestured to her stomach, bulging out as it was, “This gut is pretty clear proof that even sorta low-calorie food will make you fat if you're eating a couple pounds of it at a time!” I dunno about that, I'd think the candy, popcorn, and (presumably) full-calorie soda were doing more than their part in helping the belly grow.

This was about the time the movie started, but I'm just gonna say, I don't remember a damn thing about any of it. Kelsy wasn't exactly subtle with the crunching and munching and opening of candy packets, and it was amazing just watching that stomach swell outwards as she binged, changing from relatively small to absolutely massive, like someone inflating a fleshy beach ball, only instead of air, it was filling up with hundreds upon hundreds of empty calories from junk food.

Finally, the credits began to roll, and as I stood to leave, I heard Kelsy snort with derisive laughter, “What's so funny?”

“Oh, nothing, it's just, it happened again.”

“What happened again?”

“I ate too much.”


“So, now I'm stuck here, too heavy to actually walk anywhere! I told you this happens, remember?”

Well yeah, you mentioned it briefly, but I didn't expect you to go that far while I was there to see. Then again, I should have seen it coming with the way she dug into that popcorn. Or any of the other dozens of snacks she'd consumed over the last hour and a half. Or from the way her belly made her look nine months pregnant.

I sat around with her making small talk until she was mobile again, you know, stuff other than the fact that skinny little Kelsy Hill was literally twice the amount of woman that she used to be, and this time, I walked with her out of the theater, as opposed to moving ahead of her, which would have been easy, slow as she walked, but it gave me a chance to see what she was telling me about. 

She wasn't ridiculously out of shape, like out of breath after three steps, but she definitely was breathing a bit harder than normal after walking up the incline to the door, and I'm definitely foreseeing a fatter future for Kelsy where she breaks the 300 pound mark, and shortly after, that poor fold-up chair. What makes me say this? Well, she used that 'breathing break' as an excuse to wait in line at the concessions stand for a free refill of both of the popcorn buckets she'd emptied, explaining this as “Just a snack for the road!”

After that, we went our separate ways, and the whole way home, I was just thinking about how, even with years of watching and predicting who's going to gain weight, it's sometimes the ones you don't expect that get the fattest.

As far as I'm concerned, that's the best kind of gain!


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