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Becoming a prejac (against his controll)

by hopefullypremature

Chapter 1

Ever since he could remember, Gale’s daily routine involved jerking off to increasingly hardcore porn on the internet. Due to the increasing severity of his tastes in porn as well as his growing insensitivity due to what his internet research has dubbed “deathgrip” Gale has found that his attempts to wean himself off porn and masturbate only using his imagination have all led to failure.


The final nail in the metaphorical coffin was his hookup for the night growing bored during their sex due to how long it took him to finish. Deciding he needed to try something radical to fix his equally extreme problem, he looked into hypnosis. After much research he came down to two choices, use a hypnosis program to quit porn and masturbation or a different program to help him regain some sensitivity.


Deciding he couldn’t quit his favorite genres of specialized fetish porn, Gale opts for the resensitization training. Paying for the program he downloads it to his phone, grabs his earbuds, and lays on his bed. Putting the file on he closes his eyes as the relaxing sound drones into his ears.


Waking with a start, Gale checks his phone and sees that a little over an hour has passed. Readjusting his half-chub in his pants he goes to his computer to read the rest of the program’s instructions.


“Listen to the provided file twice a day, with one time being right before bed. Absolutely no masturbation for the first week of listening to the file.”


Okay, Gale thinks, this’ll be a bit hard but he can manage it. He finishes the included instructions. 


“After a month of listening to the first file, download and listen to the second file once a day immediately after you listen to the first file.”


Easy enough he thinks. Gale goes on with his day despite the semi erection he has in my pants.


A week and a half after he begins the program, Gale is determined to find a hookup for the night to relieve the pressure building in his increasingly blue balls. After arriving at his hookup’s apartment, he enters and begins kissing the gorgeous woman he will occupy himself with tonight as he tests the limits of his hopefully newfound resensitization. 


After some kissing and other foreplay he finds himself naked and about to fuck this woman. He’s pent up and the lack of sexual stimulation for the past week and some change means he’s erect and leaking at the prospect of sexual gratification. 


Sliding his modestly sized length into the woman whose name he’s forgotten or never learned, Gale feels the warmth encompassing him and he moans unconsciously as he enjoys the sexual fulfilment he’s been abstaining from.


Slowly building up speed, Gale works into a steady rhythm and judging by the moans of his partner, it's quite enjoyable for her as well. Getting into a quick rhythm, Gale feels himself lose himself into the pleasure and focus on the bliss the warm grip his partner is providing all around his erect length.


Closing his eyes, Gale moves his hands up to fondle the ample breasts of the woman beneath him. Suddenly something surprising starts to build in his gut as he feels himself cum quite quickly inside this woman. 


Pulling himself from her warmth he cracks his eyes open and sees that her look of ecstasy turned into that of confusion


“Is that it?” She asks “That was barely a minute” She accusingly tells Gale. Rather than responding, Gale grabs his clothes and starts getting dressed as he leaves her home.


Upon reaching his own home, he collapses into his bed and sleep overtakes him before he has a chance to think too hard on anything that just happened.


The next morning the memory of what had happened crashed into him like a freight train. Scrambling to his laptop, he opens the webpage devoted to his resensitization training and opens the comments.


“Only a month in and I’m already shooting in under a minute”

“I love how effective this was in turning me into a premie”


“Just a few touches and I’m cumming, thanks for the files!”


“Thanks for ruining my stamina, I lasted too long anyways”


Gale realizes he inadvertently listened to hypnosis files dedicated to ruining his sexual stamina. Opening the chat support group he asks the question most present on his mind.


“Hi everyone, I’ve been listening to the first file for about 2 weeks now, and I had a question. Last night I tried having sex with someone and noticed I came super quickly and easily. Was this a feature or a bug of the file?”


Getting up from his chair Gale focuses on distracting himself with making breakfast instead of thinking too hard about his troubles. And only after he crafts and eats a great plate of eggs and toast, does he return to his computer and begin reading the replies to his question.


“What do you mean? The file is clearly focused on people who have a fetish where they become premature ejaculators. Why are you confused? Did you not want this?” 




Gale decides he won’t be listening to this file anymore.


Or so he thought. After he finishes his bedtime routine, he finds himself almost on autopilot, putting in his earbuds, and putting the hypnosis file on play.


And so it continued for the next month. Every day Gale tries his hardest to resist the temptation to play the file and yet every night he finds himself listening to it right before bed. So now whenever he finds himself jerking off, he can’t help but shoot his load super early. Not even in a normal sense, but Gale will find himself shooting his cum while humping his hand during the foreplay scenes of his favorite types of porn before any of the exciting action begins.


Yet despite all of this, Gale can’t help but to listen to the second file now that he’s a couple months into the regime of listening to the first file. And after a few sessions listening to the second file, he finds himself searching for another hookup, his first one since his previous one and the realization he had a problem with premature ejaculation.


Despite his reservations, he finds a profile on a hookup app for someone breathtakingly beautiful and their bio contains one special phrase. “I love when boys cum early, it means they think I’m beautiful” 


Without realizing it, Gale sends a message to this woman asking for a meet up. Only a few moments later she responds to Gale’s challenge to see if she could make him cum early. 


“I’ll give it a shot, but it looks like I could make you shoot quickly super easily, you sure you want this?”


Almost on autopilot Gale responds 


“Do it, if I’m a fast cummer, I belong to you, if not, you’ll enact some of my fantasies, deal?”


“Deal” his hopeful hookup responds.


Needless to say Gale cums almost as soon as he puts his erect cock into his hookup’s warm and inviting pussy. Surprised by how fast he shoots, he accepts his punishment.


Wrapping a leather collar around his neck, his hookup leans up to whisper into his ear.


“I’m gonna make you into the biggest prejac the world has ever seen. Soon, if you so much as see cleavage, you’ll be cumming in your pants.”


And from that sentence onward, Gale  understood and accepted his predicament. 



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