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Masters cock takes me deep

by leonardomine

Chapter 1

Saturday. The best day of the week for most, a day you can truly relax, no commitments until Monday. Or, no commitments for my Master at least. I still do chores around the house. Master has told me many times that I do not have to work on the weekends, but I do anyways. Doing tasks and chores that make my Master's life easier fills me with pride. My Master trusting me enough to depend on me. That pride is worth much more than a day or two off in my opinion.

It's a lazy day and Master is sitting on his couch in the living room. He is reading a book, simply enjoying the here-and-now. I walk through the living room, carrying a basket of cleaned clothes. I begin to head for the bedroom until Master calls me over.

"Hey, Slave. Forget your chores for a minute and come join me."

"Yes, Master." Not one to disobey, I put the basket down where I was standing. I join my Master on the couch. Only to be stopped by him once I sit down.

"Oh, be a good boy and kneel on the carpet in front of Master." He orders.

"Yes, Master." I respond again. Without hesitation I move into my proper place.

"Good boy, I want you to think about your place beneath me as you kneel." Master puts his book down on a side table, and stands up.

His height, coupled with me kneeling, allows him to tower over me. He completely dwarfs me as he pulls down his pants and boxers. His cock jumps out from its cloth confinements. My mouth waters at the sight of my Master's magnificent cock. Being the good hypnotized Slave I am, I began to drop into subspace. Just from seeing my Master's manhood, exactly how I was trained and conditioned.

"Thats right… Just stare at my cock. Just the sight of my dick is enough to start draining that pretty little head of yours." He spoke as he sat back down, shifting his body forward so his cock and heavy balls were hanging off the couch.

I nod absentmindedly, acknowledging my Master's words. My gaze transfixed on my Master's huge manhood. My eyelids droop, my lips part slightly as Master's cock and implanted conditioning drag me deeper into a trance.

"I know you want a taste, you always love tasting Master's thick cock. Like the good Slave you are." Master grabs a handful of my hair as he speaks.

I nod again. Yes, I want to taste Master's cock. No, I need to taste Master's cock. My slit has already begun to slicken itself. My cock throbbing as it begins to swell with arousal. My body automatically responding, getting itself ready to serve him.

"Unfortunately for you, Slave, you will not be tasting Master today." Master's grip on my hair tightens, and he roughly pulls me foward to his cock.

I gasp at the sudden movement. His shaft now resting on my forhead, his balls touching my nose and lips. His powerful musk hits me full force, completely blanking out what little was left of my brain. Laundry and chores completely forgotten, nothing but Master's scent and cock filling my head.

"No, no, no my boy… Close those pretty lips of yours. No tasting Master today. Be a good boy and obey." Master doesn't even look at me as he speaks, instead opting to reach for and read his book from earlier.

I close my lips, and swallow down air. Master's heavy scent arousing me. My slit leaking, my boxers more than a little soaked. My little dick throbs, wanting attention as Master's musk overtakes my senses, my head reeling. I silently worship my Master's perfect cock, his hung balls, his powerful scent.

Despite my horny unraveling, all my Master does is just read his book. Acting as if I'm not even there. As if his Slave wasn't kneeling between his legs, hot breath against his cock and balls.

A minute passes. Nothing. No commands given.

Another minute passes. Nothing but the sound of turning a page in a book.

Another minute passes.

And another one. Another page turned.

And another one. Still nothing.

"... M-Master…" I whine out pathetically. Master's cock is just so perfect… I want to service him. I want to taste. I want to lick and make him blow his thick load over my body, or in my throat.

But I can't. Not without permission.

Permission Master refused to provide.

"No, Slave. You cannot taste nor service me. Learn your place beneath me. If you want to service me so bad, then you can try to beg and whine for it. But know you will not ever get it acting like a pathetic whiny boy."

Whines and whimpers leave my lips. I beg for a taste of his excellent cock. I beg to caress his hung balls.


"Ohh Master. I am yours and yours only"

"I'm your property. Thank you for teaching me how to serve you."

"I love Master's scent, it controls me so thoroughly."

"You own my body, commanding me to do things."

"You own my mind, controlling what I think."

"You own my orgasms, I cannot and i will not cum unless you allow it."


But no matter what I say, Master just nods along. His eyes glued to his book. I am nothing more than a plaything to him. No better than a good book. And that's when I realized why my Master was doing this. I must learn my place.

I am nothing more than entertainment for him. I am not a person, I am a vessel for my Master's pleasure. Nothing more, nothing less. If I cannot provide enough pleasure to him, he will replace me with whatever will.


I am nothing more than a piece of property to him.

I stop begging, that final switch flipping in my mind. My pleasure doesn't matter. If my Master wants me leaking and throbbing while resting his fat cock on my face, so be it.

My Master was so smart! Finding such an effective way to train me to be an even better Slave for him.

Master noticed my change in demeanor. He looks away from his book, a smirk present in his face as he looks down at his submissive.


"Good Slave. You have learned your place."


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