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by littletom52


Chapter I Welcome to Salt Springs.
"You're going where?" Larry Scot asked his best friend Jeff Smith.
"I told you Salt Springs, Montana." Jeff said, "I've worked for this company since I was in college without a vaction and now I have three whole months to relax. I even got a small house witha pool."
"No offense Jeff, but I don't think a place where women outnumber men 20 to one and has no divorce rate is a place for a 25 year old virgin. I mean those ladies must use some kind of mind control on every single guy that comes to town."
"Forget it Larry you aren't gonna scare me with your crazy commentaries this time. I'm going and if the women do control my mind then I say... Yes master." Jeff then go up and left.
What Jeff didn't know was that everything Larry said about Salt Springs is true even the mind control part. It seems every time a new single guy arrives in town he gets hypnotized and re-hypnotized by practically every single women in the town until someone controls them enough to get them to marry them. Right now there are seven single women in Salt Springs. Who will Jeff be hypnotized into marrying.
Jeff drove to Salt Springs in just two days. He had a good look around town. "Not much going on around here." He thought, "But man I wonder who lives in that big mansion on the hill?"
In Walker Hall, the big mansion on the hill Allison Walker was in a heated argument with her dad. "What?" she said.
"That's right." Mort Walker said, "NO husband. No diamond mine inheritance. And remember you have to have know him for at least a month before marriage." "Yes sir." Allison said as she walked away. "Come on let a new single guy come soon or I won't get squat." She thought.
Jeff was inside Kook Real Estate signing the deed to the house he would live in for three months. Erin Kook, the Realtor looked on her computer. "Well everything is in order here are you keys."
"Thanks." Jeff said and began to get up.
"Wait. I want to show you something." Erin said.
"What?" Jeff asked.
"This" Erin said holding up a crystal pendant, "Just got it from Africa there's supposed to be a ceramic baby in the center. Try and find it." Jeff focused on the crystal as Erin slowly began to swing it back and forth. Back and forth. "That's it." she said, "Focus on it. Watch it sway back and forth. Back and Forht. As your eyes go back and forth. Back and forth. You will grow sleepy. More sleepy then ever before. It is like you haven't slept in a week. Now sleep for me. Relax. Allow yourself to sleep." Jeff's eyes closed and he fell asleep. "Now Jeff." Erin said. "You are now completly hypnotized and under my control. When I snap my fingers you will awaken and you will not remember being hypnotized. You will however meet me at the Little Tiki Hut for dinner."
"Yes master" Jeff said. Erin snapped her fingers and Jeff awoke. He thanked her and drove off to his new house. For some unknown reason though he had a really bad headache.
As he was approaching his suburb a police car got behind him with its sirens and lights going. Jeff pulled over. A tall muscular, Caucasion, female cop with her black hair pushed under her hat come to his window and told Jeff to get out of the car. "I'm officer Jessica Taylor and I don't like speeders in my town." She said.
"Sorry officer I didn't know I was speeding." Jeff said.
"Well you were and you were also weaving all over the road. Which means I'm gonna have to give a sobriety test."
"Okay." Jeff said.
Jessica pulled out a pocket watch and said, "Now watch the watch. I want to see how your visual acuity is." She began to swing it back and forth in front of Jeff's eyes. "Now keep focusing on that watch. The Swinging motion soothes your tired mind. As I count to three you will fall into a trance. 1...2...3." Jeff stopped following the watch and just stood there in a trance. "Now then you are now my obedient servant. You will please your master by taking her to dinner at El Conquistador's. Now when I drive away you will awaken with no recollection of this trance. YOu will however remember our date." Jessica drove off and Jeff woke up with yet another headache. "These headaches aren't natural." He thought, "I'd better go see a doctor."
Chapter II Hypno-checkup
Jeff arrived at Salt Springs General Hospital. "Wow!" He said, "This big modern hospital is needed for 1500 people. Oh well I guess I'll be getting quality." He checked in and they soon put him in an exam room. The doctor soon entered. She was a very beutiful doctor. Her very tan skin showed she was probably of Hispanic decent. She was very young and very thin, her long brown hair half concealed the stethoscope she had around her neck. "Hello Jeff, I'm Dr. Maria Delgado. Now I understand you are experiencing headaches of an unknown origing."
"Right" Jeff said. "All right let's give you a look over." Dr. Delgado said. The examination was fairly routine, the doctor checked his eyes and ears, listened to his heart, and took his blood pressure and pulse. At the end of the exam things got out of the ordinary. The doctor held up the bell of her stethoscope to Jeff's eye level. "You seem okay." She said, "But I need to test your visual acuity to be sure. Now Just focus on the bell of my stethoscope and follow it with your eyes as I move it." The doctor began to move the stethoscope's bell back and forth, "Good. Now continue to focus on it. Focus. The focusing is beginning to relax you, but that's okay. I want you to continue to focus. Focus. Relax. Focus. Relax, and grow sleepy. You are very sleepy. You want to sleep. You will sleep now. You are hypnotized now. You are my slave now." Jeff stopped staring at the stethoscope's bell and fell into a trance. "Very good." Dr. Delgado said, "Now when you feel the stethoscope against your skin you will awaken and not remember being hypnotized. You will however love medical examinations and want to come back every Monday. Also, you will meet me at the French Snob restaurant at 8:00 tonight is that clear."
"Yes master." Jeff said. Maria then proceeded to put her stethoscope over Jeff's heart and he awoke. "You seem fine." she said. "I guess it was probably stress from moving to a new place."
"Thanks doctor." Jeff said, "Were do I pay?" "At the front desk." Maria said, and Jeff left the exam room.
Jeff went home from the hospital and began to unpack. At 7:30 he left the house dressed in hsi Sunday best and drove off to the Frence Snob. The garcon led him to the doctor's table and Jeff joined her for a quiet dinner. "Glad you could make it." Dr Delgado said. "Just be glad traffic was light Dr. Delgado." He said.
"Oh I am." she said, "And please call me Maria."
"Okay Maria. Tell me what's it like to be a doctor in such a small town?"
"Oh it's very nice. I have good hours and I get to become friends with all my patients. Like you. This is a very rewarding career."
"I bet it is." Jeff said. The two finished their dinner and then proceeded to dance the waltz. Finally Maria said, "Sorry Jeff but I have to go. I need my sleep for tommorow."
"I understand." He said. The two then embraced in a long passionate kiss. Jeff then walked Maria to her car said his goodbyes and went home.
Chapter III Hypno-neighbors
Jeff awoke early the next morning to finish his unpacking. At noon their was a knock on the door. He opened it up to find a beutiful young looking woman. She was of medium height and weight, her brown hair was cut short, and the color of her skin suggested Asian decent. "Hello." she said, "I'm Sue Chang. Welcome to the neighborhood. I live next door on the left. Which will be convenient for you since you'll have a nurse next door in case of emergencies."
"Nice to meet you." he said. Sue then turned around and held up a crystal pendant in front of Jeff's eyes and began to swing it back and forth and said, "Watch the pendant. Watch it and relax. Relax and watch it. Let that silly free will of your's go away as you slip into a nice relaxing hypnotic trance for me your master." Jeff stood there entraced. "Well now that you are my slave why don't you drop my house and cook us dinner tonight?"
"Yes master." Jeff responded in hypnotized monotone.
"Good. Now when I count to five you will awaken with no recollection of being hypnotized. The only thing you will remember is my command about dinner. 1...2...3...4..5." Jeff awoke. "Well I must go now my garden needs attention." She said.
"Thanks for dropping by." he said.
At 2:00 there was another knock on the door. He opened it to find a huge basket of fruit in front of him. Then a pretty face popped out from behind it and said, "Hi, Welcome to the neighborhood." The girl entered the house and set down the basket of fruit. She was younger then any of the women Jeff had met so far. She too was of Hispanic decent like the doctor. Her long blond hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her bady was in peak physical condition, definitely an athlete. "You're.... You're..." Jeff sputtered.
"I know. I Know. I'm Kara Lopez the famous University of Salt Springs soccer star, and model. Let me guess you're my biggest fan. Well I'd hate to break it to you but about a million other guys are in front of you."
"Sorry," Jeff said. "But you see I'm always a fan of the best players and you Kara are indeed the best I've ever seen. By the way I'm Jeff Smith."
"Oh sorry about the rude commentary I thought you were just another love struck fan."
"Not at all." Jeff said. "So besides the University of Salt Springs versus the University of Montana 'Battle of the Sexes Soccer Match', what current projects are you working on?"
"I just got a modeling job with a watch company. For their new line, 'Secret Message' Pocket Watches. You see they print a tiny message at the bottom of a watch for you and your friend to try and find. I have one here wanna see if you can find the massage?" Kara said.
"Sure." Jeff said. Kara held the watch up to Jeff's eyes and slowly began to swing it back and forth, and said, "Now to find the message requires total focus and concentration to be on the watch. That's it just stare at the watch and try to find the message. Good now continue to follow it from side to side with your eyes and let yourself relax. That's it you are getting very relaxed. You are very relaxed and very sleepy. Very very sleepy. Your eyelids are getting heavy. They feel as if they are made of lead. Don't fight it let your heavy eyelids close so you can drift off to sleep." Jeff's eyes closed. "Now Jeff you are hypnotized and it feels wonderful. I must warn you though I won't be the only female in this town to hypnotize you into this blissful state. The others will hypnotize you to love them and have sex with them and eventually marry them if they are lucky. I however won't make you have sex. I don't believe in pre-marital sex. Now in addition to this great feeling you have of being hypnotized you are also my complete and obedient slave. Now then let's say you take me to dinner tonight."
"Where do you want to go master?" Jeff asked in a hypnotized monotone.
"Let's try the new place, Ernie's Eat Till you Explode Buffet. Not very romantic but I like to try new things. Now when I snap my fingers your eyes will open and you will awaken from your trance. You will however have no memory of being hypnotized. You will only remember that you are very deeply in love with me and our dinner date tonight.. And so you won't be confuesed about the gap in time this hypnosis experience has caused that time will be filled with you trying to find the watch's secret message. You were never able to find it." Kara then snapped her fingers and Jeff woke up.
"I'm sorry I just can't find the message." He said.
"That's okay I don't think very many people will be able to either."
"Well nice meeting you Jeff. I guess I'll be seeing you a lot since I live next door on the right."
"Wait." Jeff said, "Do you think you could pull some strings and get me a ticket to the Battle of the Sexes they've been sold out and I really won't one."
"Sure no problem." Kara said. She kissed Jeff goodbye and walked out the door.
"Damn." Jeff thought, "She's got a great ass."
At 7:00 Jeff picked up Kara and they left for Erine's. Jeff looked over at Kara with amazement she was wearing soccer shorts, a blue tank top, and had a stethoscope around her neck. "Uh Kara I don't want to be critical or anything but what's with the crazy get up?" Jeff said.
"Oh sorry." She said, "Should have warned you my pre-med class wanted us to come as what we thought a med-student on casual day should look like."
"Oh." Jeff said. He pulled in the restaurant and they went inside. "Good God they weren't kidding about the eat till you explode part. That's a lot of food." They loaded up their plates and sat down. "So you're taking pre-med classes at the college right?" He asked.
"Correct." Kara said.
"You'll make a great doctor. You nice. And enjoy helping people. Also, I must know what was the hidden message I couldn't find earlier today on the watch."
"Oh I'm sorry it was 'Made in Taiwan'" Kara said.
"Har har." Jeff laughed. The two finished eating without exploding. Jeff then after a long hug and kiss dropped off Kara at the college. "Med-student on casual day?" He thought. "I hope that becomes part of her regular wardrobe if she's ever my doctor." He then drove home.
More hypnosis and hypno-sex will be added to Jeff Smith's life in future chapters
Sorry if that nameless one confuesed you.


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