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Slumber Party!!!

by VINguy

Slumber Party!!!

I guess it all was back when i was about 9 or 10. Far as i can remeber. It all started out as a normal day in my life. I was going to school and wasn't really planning anything for the weekend. my mom and dad were on vacation in florida, and left my big sister in charge. I was kind of planning to sneak out of the house later that night and go stay with my friend who lives about quarter of a mile down the block that i live on. You see she was going to have 3 or 4 of her girl friends over for a sleep over and i wanted not to be there because she was always tring to teease me about how much of a girly wimp i reminded her. She wasent really hateful, but sometimes she can be in front of her friends. So i wanted no part in any of that""=me being over there alone with her and her friends so she could tease me""!!. But anyway off to school i said to her when i left the house. she said try to be home by 4pm cause i need some help fixing the living room up to have a little room for my friends. I said sure, ok to her, but i am still going to think of a way to leave tonight . Lunch came, and i found mark "my friend that i wanted to stay at", i sat beside him at lunch. He asked me what i had planned this weekend, and i told him about my sister's plan to have her friends over , and i was going to ask him if i could stay the night with him. he said sure , my dad is going off on a date and wont be home until the next afternoon. great i said , see you tonight.went back to class., 3pm .. school is out!!! happy days are finally here i thought.went by the store got some candy and went straight home after that. when i got there i guess about 3:35pm i saw my sister's bedroom door open,but she was not there. I wondered where she could be. Normally she beets me home. the living room was already cleaned and ready for her. Then i saw this note on the fridge that read " hey, i stayed home and cleaned up so that you can be rested for tonight sweety.please dont leave the house,I will be home by 4:15pm ok.. see you then, Love you.. big sissy."

With that in mind, i wanted to run like hell to get out of there.I wondered what she ment by being rested up for tonight?? and calling me "big sissy" then i turned around and looked at the clock and it read 4:10pm . Just then i saw 3 cars pull up in the driveway. My sisters suv.,and 2 jeeps.I think about 9 or 11 girls were on the way up to the front door.all of them had the biggest smile on there faces,.and my sister was laughing and carring on with them. As i seen them start there way back into the house i ran to my room and locked the door behind me. all i heard was a lot of lafter and gigglin in the back ground. so i took off my school clothes and went to bed hoping that they would leave for pizza or something later so i could sneek out and go to my friends house.
I guess i fell asleep or something cause when i looked at the time it read 7:15pm. I said **** i had over slept by about an hour. I got out of bed through on some jogging pants and teeshirt. I heard some wierd sounds coming from the livingroom. I slowly opened my bedroom door and lightly tiptoed down the hallway to the living room.I got down on my knees and crawled around to the side of the sofa to see what was going on in here. I saw all the girls were spread out on the floor and watching a chickflick or something. I tried not to move but it was too late!!! My sister saw me, and grabed me!!
"Hey, everybody guess who just crawed in here, MY BABY SISTER!!!" I tried to strugle to get away but it was no use.. 2 of the girls held my legs down,. and 3 more held down my arms and waist. time to play with baby two of them said. my sister pulled out these 3 large bags out of the closet. I started to cry.. at first then yell"let me go, please let me go" but it seemed only to make there grip on me more intence. my sister looked like she was having a field day with all of this. she smiled and said" I will teach you a lesson that you wont forget!!! sneekin up in my party. damn you!!" with that she clapped her hands and her girl friends brought over a big table."Put baby on the table " she said with laughter in her voice. then i could see my pants were being pulled down and my underwear too!! "please no!!! I said with tears in my eyes.
Yep all day long i was at the store picking up girly clothes and diapers for us to put you in tonight!! i knew that you could not leave me alone with my freinds, so we all talked it over and decided to make you our little girly baby for tonight to play with! now my clothes were off of me and they were just swing me back and forth over the table., long ways holding my legs and arms teasing me. I was really crying and balling my eyes out by now! then they layed me down on my back on the table. I tried to fight them, but my sister said bad baby lifted my legs up and started slaping my behind real hard with her hand. All i could do is cry so i stopped fighting them for now. they held up my legs still and said " any more of that out of you missy and you will get more slaps,.ok" i just nodded. my sister put a diaper under me and layed my legs down then pulled them apart. she pulled the front of my diaper up over my privets and to my tummy. picked up the back and taped it closed. it was soooooooo thick that i could not bring my legs together. then went on the plastic panties. I have to admit that it was the most softest and thickest thing that i think i can remeber wearing .. the girls sat me up on the table and pulled some tights out of the bag. they started putting the tights on me., one of them said " you are such a sweet little baby". then another said you will be treated real good tonight i promess sweet baby girl. after that they pulled out a little girls slip and very cute dress. they held up my arms and slid the slip down my arms then came the dress. it slid down the same way that the slip did but in the back of the dress there were snaps that sounded like a lock was locking. then came out the little mary jane shoes to put on. these had big locking straps on there sides. so when they slid them on my feet they locked them in place.. there was no hope of getting out of them our this dress that i was put in.
then they put this big pasifier in my mouth.there was a tie down behind my head with a string that wrapped around to the pasifier to hold it in place.
tears were comming down my face badly by now. then they picked me up and put me on the floor. i tried to stand up but the big thick diaper had keeped me on the floor. I got on my knees and crawled back in the living room were the rest of the girls strated to come over to me cooing and babytalking. such a pretty baby, sweet little girl. all the rest of the girls came back in the room and started touching me lightly, rubbing on me and talking to me in baby talk. i tried to talk but the pasifier keeped it to a muffel. i guess it went on for about an hour when they finally let me go and sat me up on the floor. some of them got tired and started to go to bed . then my sister layed me down and put a blanket over me up to my neck and said if baby goes to sleep now, maybe tommorro will be better for her. i just nodded my head and layed all the way down and closed my eyes. i guess about an hour passed when i heard one of my sisters friend was wispering " hay sweet baby" there was a real cute one that had crawled over to me and woke me up.she slid under the covers with me and got behind me. she said "i was the one that said i will treat you real good tonight" with that she kissed the back of my neck and started to lick it. she was playing with my hair with one of her hands then the other one went on my side. she kept saying "I want baby girl to feel good tonight." she says "doesent baby want to feel good?" i just nooded,.I guess i was to young or something cause i did not know want she ment. then she started licking my neck. and her other hand went down to my diaper. i could feel it start to rub reel softly on top of my pennis. then I felt something that i can't ever recall. my little winky started to get hard. real hard. she made my hips rock back and forth with her's. she keeped saying " baby is going to cum, baby needs to cum. please cum,. please cum."with that she put her hand inside my diapie and started to stroke my winky off!!. it felt soooooooooooo good , my god i really started to enjoy this nightmare my sister had put me through. I started to grunt a little then alot. she kept rocking my hips with her's. her hand was stroking my pennis in rythem with our movements.cum baby, cum baby is all i heard as she keeped saying it in my ear real lightly as not to wake up anybody.her hand was moving fast now. omg!!! she felt soooo good that close to me . her body was in the same time with my hips. al i could do is close my eyes and grunt.. i wanted to kiss her so badly that it hurt inside cause i thought that i was falling in love.. i mean at my age you can only guess what love really is right?. she keeped licking the back of my neck. her body pressing up along with mine!! her hand felt sooooooooo soft so good, then ,. omg!!! it felt so good..omg!! there it was my hips were moving faster and faster oh god,, oh god!!! then oh my it felt like all i ever wanted ever!! it came out of me like a water fall., like a supersoaker. it shot out of my winky so hard it went through the diaper, over my shoulder and in her mouth!!!

part 2.

When i awoke from that all wonderful night,I found that she was still next to me , behind me. I felt kind of wet and sticky from the night before.,my diaper was full to bursting. Time to wake sleepyhead said mysister's friend behind me. she put her hand down my diaper and felt how wet it really was. She backed away and turned me on my back. with the pacifier still in my mouth, i could not tell her thank you for a wonderful night last night. Then all of a sudden she started to screem "Baby girl needs a diaper change!!!!". It went from a good morning to hell. my sister and her friends all woke up and started right away with me. the careing on and the babytalk rightaway. "awwwwwwwww did baby girl make a mess in her diaper". "does she need changing ". They all starting laughing and pointing at me. sissy baby made a big old mess!! one of them said "man , I am glad we put a diaper on you missy, or your cute little dress would be all nasty now!!!". I was about 4 shades of red by now!!! and started crying again uncontrolable now!!! my sister pulled another diaper out of the big bag and opened it up.. she pulled down my tights and panties looking at my diaper.,"My my, you sure are a pissy one aren't you missy!" kicking and wineing and crying my sister's held down my legs and arms. then the phone rang. My sister said "hold him!!" she ran to the phone that was in the kitchin. I heard"hi mom and dad" she said . with that i was almost jumping off the floor trying to get to the phone to tell mom what a bitch my sister had been and what she has done to me!!
the others in the room said " well maybe we should go ahead and change him anyway while she is in there on the phone " cause they know when she starts talking she dont stop for a long time. the same girl that was behind me last said "let me do the dirty work ,, ok." they all agreed. she reached to my diaper and said"my my, this sure is a full one missy." what's this? she said., looking down ,she rubbed her fingers inside of the top of the diaper. hey, this is sticky. did baby get happy in the diatty, huh??" one of the girls said as she pulled her finger out of my diaper and showed it to her friends , look at her finger that is cum!!!!! What the hell missy?. good baby girls don't don't spu cum in there diapers!!! bad ones do. i guess sence you like the diatty so much we will keep you in one from now on. they all started laughing ang tickling me. i was crying too hard to do anything. she untaped me. and dryed my bottom with a towel. then my privet area too. the two girls holding down my legs lifted them in the air and she pulled the old one out from under me. she told the other ones about what she did to me last night, and how a manged to cum in her mouth. they said why not let baby taste it to see what it taste like. i was thinking oh hell no!!! not this. they all agreed and lifted my legs over my head then over my back were my mouth was not far from the end of my pennis. where all of my body weight was on my neck and shoulders. i really could not move to much.one of them pulled the pasicifyer out of my mouth and put a long clear hose in my mouth and held it there. then one taped the other end to my pennis at the end so what ever came out of there would end up in my mouth.then my sister came back into the room was wandering what i was doing like that. same girl that sleept behind me ran up to her and told her about what she saw in my diaper and how bad i suppost to have been. she laughed and said"damn right!! let the baby taste her own cum then maybe she will change her bad ways. she leaned down and said to me" mommy and daddy will be here in about 4 houres.so if you menchin any of this to them you'll wish that you never been born!!! ok." i nodded , crying still thinking god please let a truck run over my sister please.!!! damn i dont want to taste what cums out of there!! then my sister stood back and said let the fun begin!! there were hands rubbing my balls and pennis softly.oh god!! i thought no stop!!! please it fills to good. please stop please!! you girls are going to make my cum in my mouth and i dont want to.
then hands were all over me rubbing my face my sides my pennis my legs.. oh god it felt so good!! just knew where it was going this time if i came!!! awwwwwww baby needs to cum. baby girl needs to taste the cum like you made my friend did last night. you bad little girl.they were stroking it like i think that i saw about 7 hands on it . all of them felt sooooooo good. they started rocking my hips slowly too with it to help me cum faster i guess. they were laughing loudly and saying girly baby is going to taste it!! she can't hold it back not with all of us here.. no way she can stop it from cumming out ,. no way.. oh god it felt like heaven on earth!!! the rubbing oh god,oh god. up and down rubbing up and down. not stopping.. oh god i was getting close!! up and down they were rocking my hipps up and down softly.rubbing my balls softly. a little bit of precum trickled down the hose and my sister started smiling "here is your first taste sweety" i seen it in horror! started blowing up the pipe but it did no good. it trickled down the pipe and in my mouth. where she put the end of the hose in my mouth was over my tounge and stright to my through. so it would go right down it and i could not do a thing in the world to spit it out. right to my tummy!! oh no!! i thought as it went i could fill it drop out in the back of my mouth.. tasted a little salty, but not as bad as i thought as it went down to my stomach.
they all smiled and my sister said hold on there is more to cum baby !! they kepped rubbing and filling all faster and faster.. get it out baby!! let that cum fly out!! they kept it up. faster faster soooo softly up and down up and down rocking my hipps and stroking my winky.. softy turned a little harder and faster . oh god, oh god, it was soooooo intence.. rubbing up and down oh god!! faster faster,. i god i could feel it . oh i could feel it !! keeped saying "cum , cum, baby cum" oh my, oh my, then oh god it shot so hard out of my pennis i thought that it would break the damn tube .!there it was on the way down to my mouth and i had no way to stop it from cumming in my mouth!!!!they all started saying" here it cums you noughty little girl! it ran right to my mouth dripping on the back of my trought!! my face must have turned green or something cause i thought that i was going to be sick. it ran in my mouth to driping down my trought to my stomach i could fell it and not do i thing.awwwwwwwww my baby girl got her first taste of cum. they undid my tube and let my legs go back to the table.she put me in another diaper and taped it closed.then she took off all the girly cloths and said"go back to your room and leave the diaper i just put you in on. put your normal cloths on over it. ok" i said ok, still tiered eyed and everything. i open up my bedroom door and went in . i guess that my cum had settled on my stomach ok cause i didn't fill sick anymore.i grapped my clothes and started to put them on. i heard my sisters friends leaving and the front door opening and closing. then my sister came in to my room,sat on my bed and said" lisen dont tell mom or dad what we did to you!! if you do then me and two of my friends will make you cum in your mouth everyday forever ok"!! i said ok i wont tell.. she said " good cause if you do , well hell i might just let my guy friends come over and make you suck them off and let them cum in your preety girly mouth you little sissy!!" a tier ran down my cheek. i said ok i wont tell i promess!! this diaper will stay on until tonight. if you are good till then i will take it off. but if you slip up , you will were it from now on ok! always everyday everywhere. ok. i nodded. she left my room. my mom and dad about that time came home.they had a good time where they went and all was ok. later she took off the diaper and said" yep , you been a good girl and i keeped my end. ok"
years soon passed until this day. i still think back on that unfathfull weekend. i guess that is why sometimes i star in gay pornoes and love it!! i need to feel a big cock in my mouth. and cum in my tummy sometimes.


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