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Girls Night part 1

by Briar

Girls Night part 1

“Wow, so this is your room. It's a lot bigger in person than it is in video chat,” John said as he stepped inside. This was the first time he'd seen Chelsea's new single in person. She had shared a room with 3 other girls the year before, so he had always stayed in a hotel when he visited her at school, though she always stayed with him, so it worked out. Even though the room was bigger than he'd expected, there wasn't quite as much space as in the hotel, but they spent most of their time curled up together in bed anyway, so he didn't think it should be much of a problem, and it was nice not to have to pay for the room. With the money he was saving, maybe he'd be able to come out an extra time or two before summer, assuming he could find time for the trips.
“Yeah, it's great. So much more space!” Chelsea said, spinning on one foot with her arms spread wide. She almost hit him when she did, but John could understand why his girlfriend was so excited. It might not really be much space, but it was hers, and that counted for a lot. “I'm glad you could make it out this weekend, I've missed you a lot these past couple months.” she said, tucking herself against his chest.
“Me too” John said, smiling and wrapping his arms around her. “It'll be like having a sleepover.”
Chelsea laughed. “I suppose it could be, in a manner of speaking.” She gave him a sly smile “We'll see how much sleeping happens. Though, I suppose it's like that in regular sleepovers too. Different reasons though,” she added, laughing again.
“Probably,” John said, smiling back. “I don't know though, what do girls stay up doing at sleepovers anyway?”
“Sorry, can't tell ya that.”
“Why not?”
“It's a secret. You're not allowed to tell someone what happens, they have to go to a sleepover. That's the rule.”
“Since when has that been the rule?”
“Ever since I was little, it's what my sister always told me when she would come back.”
“What if I told you what guys do, and we'll make it a trade? Would that be fair?”
“Nope. I can't tell you, it's the rule.”
“What if I sweetened the deal a little?” John asked, smiling slyly as he slipped one of his legs between Chelsea's.
“Hmmm, tempting.” Chelsea said, “but I have a feeling you'll be doing that anyway, whether we make a deal or not.” She hooked her fingers into his pants to pull him closer and squeezed his leg with hers.
“What if I only did it if you told me?” John jokingly moved his leg out from between hers, Chelsey laughed.
“Oh, I don't think that you'd do that,” she said, moving one hand down to cup his crotch through his jeans. “You're pretty committed to this though, aren't you?”
“I'm curious,” he said, smiling.
Chelsea looked up at him, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Well, I can think of one way you could find out.”
“What's that?”
“The same way anyone does. You'd just have to have a girls sleepover.”
John laughed. “I don't usually get invited to those. Something tells me I'm not really wanted.”
“We could have one tonight, just the two of us. We could even start right now.” Chelsea said, smiling.
“Are you serious?”
“Of course. I've got everything we need and you want to know what its like. It'll be fun.”
“Yeah, what the hell, let's do it.” John said, smiling. “What do we do first?”
“Well,” Chelsea said, walking over to her bathroom, “I always think its best to start with a classic.” She stepped out of the bathroom holding a large box. “Makeovers!” She guided John into a comfortable chair by her desk and started opening her box. “Hmmm, what would look good on you...”
“Do I get a say in this?” John asked.
“Nope, you get to chose mine, but your look is up to me.”
“And do I get to chose anything I want?” John asked, slyly.
“Anything at all.” Chelsea replied, smiling seductively at him. She had a good idea about what he would chose, and she was excited about where the evening was likely to go from there. “Ah, I've got it, it's perfect for your first girly sleepover. But before we get into anything, we need music.” She got up and flipped through a small book of CDs before finding the one she wanted and putting it in the player. “I don't listen to this much anymore, so I never ripped it to my computer, but I remember we used to listen to this at sleepovers all the time.”
As she walked back to where John was sitting, a synth-heavy song with an even beat started playing. John could almost hear voices in the background, but he couldn't seem to focus on them. He started to feel more relaxed, and even kind of excited about the makeover. He had been up for it before, it sounded like fun and he was looking forward to dressing Chelsea in something sexy, but now he was actively feeling excited about being in the chair himself.
“Alright,” Chelsea said, “first let's do your nails.” She reached into the box to pull out a bottle of pink nail polish. “I'm gonna start with your fingers so they can dry while I do your toes. Watch how I do it so you can do mine.” She moved the box closer to John. “Take a look in here too and find something that'll go with whatever you've got in mind for me,” she said, smiling.
With that, she got to work on John's nails. They weren't as long her hers, but they were a little overgrown, so they looked a little girlish even before she started painting them. Once she had them done, they sat and laughed together, talking about how pretty John's nails were, waiting for them to dry a bit more before switching places so he could paint hers. He had chosen a bright red, like she guessed he would, and he even did an okay job applying it, even though she had to touch up a few things so they would look nice.
Once everything had dried, they switched again so Chelsea could do John's makeup. He sat in the chair and followed her instructions, opening his eyes as she curled his lashes and applied the eyeliner and mascara, closing them as she applied the eye shadow and leaving them that way until she finished. He looked left and right as she applied foundation and blush, opening, closing and puckering his lips as she applied lipstick and gloss. Chelsea explained what she was doing as she applied each item, to give him a jumping off point when he did hers. They switched places again and laughed together as Chelsea helped John with the makeup, guiding him through the process of picking colors that worked well together (though he seemed to have an eye for that, and did pretty well on his own) and applying each to her face. She had to touch up everything, careful not to let John see himself in the mirror she was using, but fumbling through your first makeover was part of the fun, so she made sure to let him try.
John was surprised at how much fun he had during the makeovers, both in the chair and out of it. He had expected to like watching his girlfriend transform from the girl he was used to into the sultrier version he liked to imagine, but he hadn't been expecting to enjoy sitting in that chair and being primped and painted, feeling the makeup being brushed onto his face and imagining how pretty he would be in the end. He was so curious about that last part that he was pretty disappointed when Chelsea told him there was still one more thing to do before he could see himself. There wasn't much to do with his hair, since it was so short, so all that was left was to find outfits. Chelsea told him that she already had something in mind, so she had him close his eyes while she went into her closet to find the clothes and hide them under the bed.
“I think I want you to dress me up first, so we can work up to your big reveal.” Chelsea said.
After that, she showed John into her closet. It wasn't objectively big, but it was definitely large for a college dorm. She pointed out where various items of clothing were, showing him through her dresser, before walking away to let him search. John started looking through her clothes, running his hands over the dresses hanging in the closet, passing between them in time with the music. He caught himself wondering more than once what it would be like to wear them, noting a couple that he thought he'd look pretty in, before he remembered he was looking for something for Chelsea. He giggled to himself, and started going through her drawers, knowing exactly what he was looking for.
Chelsea was definitely noticing the cloudy feeling that the music always brought on, and had noticed John lingering on a few of the dresses. He had giggled along with her during the makeover, but she wasn't sure if he was just feeling awkward or starting to get into the ditzy spirit, now she was confident that it was working on him too. She couldn't remember which of her friends had found this CD, but she knew that their sleepovers had gotten so much better once they started letting the pink fog in and going where it took them.
When John turned around and brought the lingerie to Chelsea, she wasn't at all surprised. She'd bought it for their last anniversary and he'd liked it a lot. She slipped out of her clothes, stripping down to nothing, before picking up the corset. It was more for show than function, but it still felt tight around her as she slipped it on, adjusting it so the cups conformed to her breasts, pulling the red laces that would through the back tight. She took a step backward and sat down on the bed, pulling the black stockings up each leg, one at a time, and attaching each to the red garters that hung down from the corset, smiling sensuously as she watched John stare at her the entire time. She started pulling the black panties up her legs, settling it over the garters so John would have easy access later, adjusting it so the little red heart was resting over her already damp pussy. As she started to stand, she slipped each foot into a black stiletto, now standing a full 5 inches taller than she was when she sat down. She walked in a circle so John could take it all in. The red nails, the matching lipstick, the thick black lashes with the smoky shadow and heavy liner, the stockings, the corset, the panties, every inch of her screamed sex, and she was loving it. The pink fog filling her head was telling her to act as slutty as possible, and she knew better than to disobey.
“Your turn.” She said to John, smiling, before helping him strip.


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