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The Special Maid Outfit! (Day 3 & Day 4)

by Maid_Hazuki

The Special Maid Outfit! (Day 3 & Day 4)

The man forced Sarah to get undressed. Finally he said "Good, Now remove my pants." Sarah was shaking with fear as she slowly removed his pants but Sarah no longer shaking. She was starting to get excited about it now. The feminization the outfit caused was still making changes. Her brain was being rewired so should would be more willing to have sex with guys. "I like your cock," Sarah said as she removed his underwear. It was a 15 inch cock and hard and ready to fuck Sarah. Sarah was pinned to the bed and her legs naturally opened on their own ready to accept the massive cock. She moaned loudly as she was fucked all night long. The next day I decided to send Sarah to a maid school in Japan. "The man who fucked you last night likes Japanese maids so you go there for a few months," I said. "What will happen when I return Mistress Hazuki," she asked. "You will become his wife once you are trained to his liking," I replied.

Day 5 will posted next Sunday on May 27th. Sorry I did not post a story last week. I got busy with some unexpected plans however that is why I posted two days this week. Hope everyone will continue to read and enjoy my continuing story.


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