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Gaming Fantasy 1

by ara134

Gaming Fantasy 1

Ryan was a gamer for many years, so he wasn’t astonished when one morning he saw a small cardboard box in front of his door. The box had the logo of a gaming company, and written in large red capital letters was the title of the game: “Your Fantasy”.
It was Saturday and he just intended to go get some groceries, but couldn’t really resist the urge of playing a new beta game. He had been selected by some gaming companies in the past to test new games, so he liked to think that he was one of the first people to play them.
He opened the box and found a DVD case, a game controller and a visual headset.
Wow, he thought. A new kind! What fun!

The leaflet said it was a kind of erotic fantasy game designed for adult gamers, where one could create an avatar and play through the erotic storyline in a visually stunning world. It also said that since this was the prototype, the headset and controller could be a little worn out, and the screen might flash a little. That would be natural.
He grabbed a cup of coffee and connected the joypad and the headset and then installed the game to his computer.
It took a lot of time to finish, and seemed that it had a lot of files to copy.
“It must be really high definition”, thought Ryan, and waited patiently for the installation to finish to begin playing.
After a while, a message popped up that the game was ready to begin, and Ryan put on the headset.

It was a visually stunning world indeed, putting the very short flashes aside. Whoever had made this game had really put a lot of effort in graphics. The game asked for internet connection and when he pressed ‘confirm’, the avatar creator opened. It had two slots, one for a male and one for a female character.
He opened the male one, and the title wrote: “Create your ideal man”.
He thought about that for a second. He had never been fascinated by men, so he didn’t have the slightest idea how an ideal man looked like, let alone his ideal man. He decided that the ideal man must be muscular and absolutely masculine, so he made a really muscular hairy guy with a square face and dominating face. The weird flashes were somewhat disturbing, but he soon got used to them. He went on with the male avatar, and made him black haired with dark blue eyes and gave him a tanned skin tone. He made his hair short and spiky and put stubble on his face.
“There”, he said, “this is the ideal man I guess. He looks like a construction site worker, but who cares? I’m not into men anyway.”
The game did not proceed though, so he opened the female slot. The message was like the first one, “Create your ideal woman”. Of course, he knew how his ideal woman looked like. She got big breasts and a curvy body, a nice butt and beautiful features at her face. He made her red-haired, with green eyes. She was like a model.

The game moved on at last, with a short introductory video of the woman he made walking down a road. She asked “Do you want me?” and Ryan clicked on “Yes”, but then she said that she had to go meet her boyfriend first. The video was about her meeting the guy Ryan had made and then the two of them had sex at a construction site.
Ryan noticed that the avatars had genitals, something that he hadn’t added when he created them but the guy’s cock wasn’t very big compared to an average cock. Whatever the case, the chick seemed to enjoy herself a lot, and the music was very soothing and felt appropriate.

After that a customization screen popped up with the two people side by side. He chose the woman and found out that he could customize her breasts and ass again, and could play with her vagina and pubic hair. When he was satisfied the game took him to the man’s customization.
“I want him to have a big cock” he said. “The chick will love it.”
He made his cock average in size when flaccid, but when he customized it in erection state he made it at least 14 inches.
“There. That’s the kind of cock that suits this hunk.” he heard himself say.
“Hunk”? He had never used that word in his life! Anyway, he dismissed it and went on with the game.

He watched another sex scene at a railway station, with the guy pounding the woman harder that before. She seemed to enjoy herself more this time. He caught himself thinking that of course, big cocks fuck better, this is a well known fact. The music was also soothing this time as well, and he felt like he dozed off for a while.
Luckily, he came round just in time for the cumshot.
“What the hell, the guy just shot buckets!” he said. “Even for a game, this was a little overboard.”

Then the woman asked him: “Do you want me now?” and Ryan clicked “Hell yes!” instead of just “Yes” this time. The game popped another avatar screen and the message wrote “Create yourself.” In small letters underneath it explained that the program was very advanced graphically and that he could create his exact image, and by doing so it would enhance his experience in the game.
So he did. After paying with the controls for about two hours he managed to create himself as he was in reality. He even made his avatar’s cock the same length and width as his own.

After a short break for lunch he returned to the game. He was dying to find out what would happen with his avatar and that hot chick!
The game went on with some interactive questions and answers that felt like it was a graphical novel. Then his avatar, the one that looked like him, had sex with the woman at her bedroom, but when he was about to cum, her muscle boyfriend got in and caught them red-handed. At this time the flashes got worse, but Ryan wanted to play this game so much that didn’t care. After some talk in the game, the guy asked him a number. He selected 12 from the list and pressed “ok”. Then again. This time he selected 1 and then the guy asked him four more times. The last time he was required to put on a code and he randomly clicked numbers. And then, he couldn’t move at all.

At first he panicked a little, but then the soothing music relaxed him. A video scene started to play, so he would continue to play the game, and worry about his inability to move later. The muscle guy grabbed Ryan’s avatar and left the house. He took him to a place that looked like an abandoned factory and threw him on the floor. He ripped his own clothes and stood in front of Ryan’s face, his semi hard cock had began to get huge.
At that point, the camera shifted from the third person view to first person and Ryan could only see what his avatar could see, a huge hung cock dangling left and right in front of his face.
Sometime later, the man spoke.
“You will suck this cock” the man said. “And then you will swallow. And when you swallow here, you will feel the burning desire to suck cocks and swallow cum in your real life. Do you understand?”
Ryan clicked “No, I don’t want that” but then the screen flashed violently and the man said the same thing again. After five minutes Ryan clicked on “Yes”, although he didn’t know why he did it.
And his avatar sucked the man’s cock, that had now become the monstrous 14 incher that he himself had created. He saw himself sucking a huge cock, getting a facial and swallowing the buckets of cum that the man produced for his throat. He watched the same scene more than ten times, from all perspectives, close up and from far away, watched as his splitting image swallowed hungrily this brute’s sperm. And then he felt it. He felt the desire to suck cocks and swallow their cum. He was ashamed of himself even at the thought, but the desire was so strong, so absolute that he had to obey it.
“Do not return to this game until you suck 25 men dry. After all, this is YOUR Fantasy” the man said. “And then, you will come to get some more training.”
A counter popped up counting 24 hours. He had only a day to suck 25 men dry!

And then, he could move again. Ryan could not believe how much he needed to swallow cum just to keep on playing that game. He thought of uninstalling it, or ever returning it back, but no matter what he did for the next hour to keep his mind occupied he just couldn’t forget the burning inside him.
He needed cum, and he needed it now.

After a brief search in the internet he found some cruising spots near his house. Without second thoughts he rushed there, ashamed and humiliated with what he was about to do, to find cocks to suck and cum to swallow.
The first guy he found was a tall muscular guy, not totally unlike the one that had ordered him to suck his dick.
“Please, let me suck you” he begged the man.
“You want cock boy?” the man asked.
“I want to suck your dick and swallow your cum.”
“So be it then!” said the man and grabbed Ryan’s head and hit it on his bulging cock.

It was difficult at first, but Ryan sucked the guy just like his avatar had, and when the man shot his burning cum down Ryan’s throat he went crazy, swallowing every last drop.
“You’re a nasty one yourself” the man said. “Want me to fuck you?”
“No” said Ryan. “I want to suck cocks and swallow cum. That’s all.”
“Cool. I have some friends who will be very interested in that” the man said, and called a number.

It turned out that he was a truck driver and had 12 friends of his, 4 black and 8 white interested to shoot down Ryan’s throat. After he serviced them all, he still needed 12 more.
“What the hell am I doing?” he said to himself “But what can I do?”
He needed to suck more than he needed to breathe. Whatever this game had done to him was now part of himself.
After the truck drivers were finished with his mouth, it had already gotten nighttime. He rushed to his home to find more cruising spots and bathhouses where he might have the possibility to suck more cocks.
At last, at about 5 in the morning he was done. He had sucked them all.

Back at home, he opened the game and pressed “Done” at the counter screen. After some loading and some more flashes the man spoke again.
“So, you have sucked 25 cocks and swallowed their cum in only in less than half a day? Impressive. You’re far more obedient than you seem. I like you.”

And the camera turned to first person again.


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