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Transformed into a Gay Cock Whore

by nesrina_80

Transformed into a Gay Cock Whore

At the time I was working in marketing for a pharmaceutical company and I had been selected to attend a corporate event with various suppliers, customers and other related trade-interests. It was at a fancy hotel several hundred miles away from home. Two other employees were selected whom I both knew reasonably well, not on a friendship level, more like acquaintances. Hannah worked in a niche research department and contrary to the stereotype, she was an attractive girl, long brunette hair, chestnut eyes and a great body, I had fantasized about her a few times. Tom also worked in research, he was just over 6ft, had short but well groomed hair and was physically fit, he nearly made it into professional track & field a few years ago. It was well-known that Tom was bisexual but this didn’t really bother me, I had definitely never even thought about a man before and despite my upbringing I wasn’t homophobic.
I travelled by plane and met Hannah and Tom at the event. We got along great and after the ‘official’ networking and meeting people we went to the hotel bar and started drinking. After a few drinks I began to notice Hannah was becoming quite flirtatious with me, touching my arm, lingering eye-contact etc, so I started thinking I could be getting some tonight. An hour or so passed and we all became more intoxicated and much more relaxed:
‘How about we play a game!’ Hannah said excitedly. Me and Tom both agreed.
‘I know it’s childish, but how about truth or dare? We don’t have to be teenagers to play, it will be great fun!’ She giggled.
‘Sounds good to me’ I replied, ‘Tom, are you in?’
He looked at Hannah, I thought I noticed a wink towards her, but I was pretty drunk so glossed over it.
‘I sure am’ smiled Tom.
‘Okay, I’ll go first’ said Hannah, obviously looking forward to the game. ‘Truth.’

‘Have you ever had sex with another woman?’ Asked Tom. I was pretty shocked, I knew Tom and Hannah were quite close but I didn’t expect such a sexual question so early on in the game. I looked at Hannah, quite excited for the reply.
‘No, but I came close once,’ she pretended to look embarrassed but I don’t think she was. I let my mind wander to her with another woman before Tom interrupted:
‘My turn! I’ll have a dare.’
Before I could think of anything, Hannah dared him go to the waiter and ask if he was a ‘top or bottom’ because apparently they could both tell he was ‘at least bi.’ Tom walked over to him and the waiter reacted quite angrily, storming off. We all laughed uncontrollably for a while, all of us were very drunk.
‘What’s it going to be?’ Hannah asked as they both turned towards me.
‘Dare’ I replied, acting casual, I really wanted to impress her.
They both smiled and seemed to have a plan, I was a little nervous despite my lack of sobriety. Hannah looked through her bag and pulled out a little zip-lock back. Out of which she presented me with a small, generic-looking pill.
‘Without asking me what it is, swallow this,’ she said with a huge grin on her face. From the look of Tom’s expression he also knew what it was.
I was taken aback, I had absolutely no idea what it was, probably just an ibuprofen or something but it made me very nervous, even though I tried not to show it.
‘Come on,’ said Hannah, she looked into my eyes and enticed me to take it, her smile was almost hypnotic. I finally decided that it wouldn’t be anything, probably just one of those sugar-tablets they give as a placebo in a drug trial. I smiled as nonchalant as possible and swallowed the pill, much to the amusement of both Hannah and Tom.
We played a few more rounds of truth or dare and got even more intoxicated, there was loud laughing, joking and plenty of flirting between me and Hannah, I completely forgot about the strange dare that I received and the unknown pill that I swallowed….
‘My turn!’ I sipped my drink again and felt a little strange, as if my inhibitions were lower than they should be despite the alcohol, the feeling however was fleeting and I waited to receive my truth. Hannah and Tom gave each other another little look, similar to the one before she gave me my dare, my stomach knotted, it wasn’t a knot, it was more like a twitch of arousal.
‘Hit me with a truth’ I stated, overacting boldness.
Hannah paused and stared at me, almost sternly ‘do you secretly want to be a cock-sucker?’
The surprise of the question hit me hard, ‘where the hell had that come from?’ My stomach knotted again, no, again it was arousal. It felt like a switch that was flickered on for a moment after she asked the question.
I stammered, ‘What? Erm.’
I expected raucous laughter to come from them both, but it didn’t, they both just looked at me expecting an answer.
‘God no!’ I finally managed to say, ‘where the hell did that come from?’
‘I just get that vibe from you, we both do’ Hannah looked at Tom and he agreed.
‘Well you’re wrong!’ My stomach knotted again for just a second, but I continued, ‘I have nothing against gays, there is just absolutely no way that I want to be one!’
‘Maybe we have it wrong’ Tom said, turning to Hannah and grinning.
‘I don’t think we do,’ she replied, ‘in fact, I am willing to bet you $500 that by the end of the night you will have Tom’s cock in you mouth.’
Again I was gobsmacked, I thought she was joking, but she seemed serious. Tom laughed and the situation relaxed significantly,.
‘So, do we have a bet or not?’ she smiled.
Feeling very confident of myself, I agreed ‘You’re on! I can’t wait to spend that $500 dollars.’
‘Neither can I’ She replied.
We spent the next few hours drinking , albeit a little more slowly as the room thinned. Throughout this time I started to become more and more aroused, I couldn’t stop thinking about having sex with Hannah, I pictured my cock sliding inside her pussy. Then I imagined having her suck my cock while another guy has his turn inside her. My thoughts drifted to the cock inside her, the big glistening cock filling her, the thick head dripping with precum…
I snapped out of the fantasy and caught Hannah and Tom grinning at me, they knew I was fantasizing. ‘Why did I focus on the cock and not her fantastic body?’ My stomach knotted, I concealed my hardon by crossing my legs. We continued chatting and played some pool, Tom & Hannah were both beating me. I blamed my drunken state.
‘I bet you $10 that I beat you this game!’ I said to Hannah. My hardon was gone but the feeling in my stomach remained, it seemed to have been spreading throughout the night towards my chest and head. A sort of dizziness that didn’t make me feel sick, it felt great, almost like a longing, a desire.
‘More money for me!’ Hannah replied, giggling to Tom.
I was in the lead and sat down, confident of my impending victory. The floaty dizziness rose up again to my head and I began to fantasize again…. Hannah was staring at me, slowly undressing, revealing her perfect breasts while a man moved behind her and began kissing her neck. She leaned over the pool table and he took his hard cock out of his trousers and slid it into her wanting pussy. His smooth balls slapped her ass as the fat, juicy, tasty cock dripped with precum. I could almost feel the texture of his thick head as I ran lips over it…
‘Hey, it’s your turn!’ I snapped out of my daydream to see both Hannah and Tom staring at me again, grinning, again.
‘What were you thinking about?’ Tom asked.
‘Nothing!’ I replied, my cock was rock hard in my trousers, I was sure it was obvious, maybe they didn’t notice. During the rest of the game I was hearing whispers and glimpsing bits of the previous fantasies, it was difficult to concentrate as every-time I saw a glimpse of a cock in my head I felt a surge of serotonin release, kind of like an orgasm without ejaculating. My desire began to grow and grow.
I lost the game and handed over $10 to Hannah, much to her delight. We walked across the room and sat in a quiet corner. I noticed there were only a few people left in the bar. Every-time I close my eyes or even blinked, I saw that cock, I felt drawn to it, my hardon was bigger than it ever had been. I seemed to drift in and out of consciousness. My eyes drifted towards Tom and his athletic frame before wandering towards the bulge in his crotch, I felt another surge of serotonin as I wondered how big his cock must be….
‘So,’ Hannah said to me, slowly, almost seductively, ‘I have a little confession to make.’
I tried to reply but couldn’t, I just met her gaze and listened.
‘You’re probably wondering what that pill was that I gave you.’
The pill! I had completely forgot about it, my mind had been otherwise engaged.
‘You know that I work in research, well, I work in a department called ‘niche development,’ we design and create unique drugs with unique effects. I have given you a special creation that me and Tom have developed. I know exactly what you are feeling, the drug is designed to take control of specific centres of your brain, ones controlling sexual desire. It stimulates them, makes you a slave to these desires. It’s effects are gradual and will wear off tomorrow, however tonight you will be desperate to full-fill this arousal and desire. What’s more, throughout the night we have been giving you subliminal signals, words and images around the hotel, it wouldn’t effect anybody else, but in your state of mind you become very susceptible. We have been programming you, so to speak’.
‘Programming me for what?’ I managed to force out the whisper.
‘To become a cock-sucker, of course!’ Hannah began laughing and Tom joined in, it was a joyful laugh full of excitement.
‘You will suck Toms dick, and you will love it.’
As she said that sentence yet another wave of feeling spread through my body, I tried to fight it but I was losing.
Tom stood up, ‘I’ll be upstairs, waiting.’ He smiled to Hannah and winked at me. I tried to protest but the urges were just too strong.
‘Follow me,’ whispered Hannah, seductively, she was playing her part perfectly and I followed her upstairs. In the elevator she kept whispering into my ear:
‘You love cock, you need cock, you want Tom’s cock in your mouth.’
‘You love cock, you need cock, you want Tom’s cock in your mouth.’
‘You love cock, you need cock, you want Tom’s cock in your mouth.’
We arrived at the room, ‘get on your knees,’ she ordered. ‘You will do this properly, like an obedient little cocksucker.’ My cock felt like it was going to burst as all I could think about was tasting cock.
‘Now take off your clothes, you will be a naked cocksucker, a slave to cock.’
I undressed and crawled into the room, the door shut behind me, Hannah had left, she didn’t need to convince me any more. I looked up and saw Tom standing across the room naked, his cock was fully erect and was huge and thick. The moment I saw it the feelings of desire multiplied by 1000, I became desperate with arousal, desperate for his cock. I crawled towards him, Tom said nothing, he didn’t need to, I was under the spell, drugged and desperate. The cock was now inches from my face as I nearly became overwhelmed with desire. Despite this I moved my lips slowly toward the thick head, almost scared of what will happen when I touch it.
After what felt like an eternity my lips finally touched the soft, silky head of his penis and my mind erupted, I have experimented with other drugs before but this was in a league of its own. A synergy of euphoria and arousal, more arousal then I have ever felt in my life. I kissed the tip again, and again, and again, softly tasting him. I then started kissing down his long, thick shaft, getting more passionate by the second.
When I got to the bottom I stuck out my tongue and let it slide from the base to the head, then back down again, applying more and more pressure. I was worshipping it, with love and arousal never before felt. After a few more long, slow licks of his shaft I pressed my lips against the head once more and tasted a drop of precum, the slightly salty taste was heavenly and this pushed me over the edge. I slowly parted my lips and slowly slid the cock into my mouth, the soft flesh felt amazing. I could only just fit it in due to its size and it completely filled me. At that moment my cock erupted and I had the biggest orgasm in the whole of my life, my mouth remained full of his cock as I came huge spurts onto the floor. I thought It would never end, 9, 10, 11 spurts, after about 15 the orgasm subsided, leaving a huge load on the floor.
The arousal however didn’t subside, It returned and was stronger than ever. I let the cock slide nearly out of mouth, then engulfed it once more. Tom moaned with pleasure and that got me even more excited, I just wanted to please him, to pleasure his cock. I began sucking his cock faster and faster, I could really taste him and felt the veins bulging, it was indescribable. His cock began hitting the back of my throat and his balls were slapping my chin, his moans got louder and louder and I knew he was about to cum. I sucked him harder than ever, slurping his glistening shaft until he finally began shooting loads into my mouth, moaning loudly and holding my head deep onto his cock. The feeling of his hot spurts of cum filling my mouth sent me over the edge once more and I had another orgasm, just as big as the first. I was spurting my load onto the floor whilst he was filling my mouth. I had to swallow 3 or 4 times just to make room for the rest of his tasty, thick jizz. I didn’t care about being drugged, this was the best moment of my life.
His orgasm subsided and he slowly removed his cock from my mouth, the disappointment was almost physically painful as he went to sit on the sofa, his arms rested behind his head with his legs spread wide. Toms cock was still hard and he motioned for me to come towards him:
‘You’re not finished yet, cocksucker.’
I was once again filled with happiness and arousal as I crawled towards him and knelt between his legs, staring at his perfect penis.
‘Please may I continue worshipping your cock?’ I asked. It came from nowhere, involuntarily, my voice was almost pleading.
‘Yes you may, my little slave sucker,’ he replied.
Being talked to like this and humiliated felt right, I felt in my place, exactly where I always want to be. I again moved my lips towards him and noticed a line of cum trickling down his thick shaft and onto his balls. I lowered my head and kissed his smooth balls, right where the cum had dripped, I felt it stick to my lips as I kissed then again. I then ran my tongue from the bottom of cum stream, all the way up his long thick shaft, letting the cum collect on my tongue until I reached the head where I covered his head with my mouth, sucked it softly and swallowed the remains of the cum.
While he recovered I was soft and more tender with my cock worship, soft licks and kisses, I ran my lips repeatedly along his shaft and gently sucked his balls. His cock rested on my forehead as delved my tongue around the bottom of his balls. His gentle moans were like a sweet nectar that felt fantastic.
I then gripped his cock with my hand and began slowly working it whilst my tongue was dancing around his ballsack and began to speed up once again. My saliva and his cum created a fantastic lubricant for when I once again wrapped my mouth around him. My mouth moved up and down his shaft once more and I caressed his balls with my hands, working them between my fingers.
Tom placed his hand on top and my head and forced his cock further into my wanting mouth, I nearly gagged but managed to relax my throat and let it slide deeper. He thrust his hips whilst pressing my head down and began fucking my mouth, harder and harder. I was now being used as a fucktoy and I was loving it, still in blissful arousal and dedicated to pleasing him. His thrusts grew faster and faster, Tom began moaning loudly once more and I felt his cock start to bulge and convulse, at that moment he pulled out of my mouth and showered my face with his hot cum, spurt after spurt hit me on the face, a bit went into my mouth and the rest glazed me completely. He pressed his cock back into my mouth and I spent several minutes sucking every last drop from him and savouring every moment with my face still covered in his cum. My mind started to drift and I softly continued worshipping his cock until everything turned black.


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Great fucking post. Wish they actually had a pill like that!

Re: Transformed into a Gay Cock Whore - sindiforfree

wish it would happen to me

Re: Transformed into a Gay Cock Whore - Lovebuns69

Loved the story!!! I would give anything to have someone give me a pill like that and use me as a sex toy for his pleasure!!!

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