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Sex Study Week 6: A Hands-Off Approach

by curiousguy92

Sex Study Week 6: A Hands-Off Approach

I followed Jack's instructions to the letter, listening to track 6 every night before I went to bed, although it was really hard not to jerk off. Since leaving Jack and Brad at the lab it seemed like I was in a constant sexual haze, and the file was doing nothing to help that. If anything, it was focusing my thoughts, pushing every bit of brain power toward sex. It was taking over my dreams too. I would listen to track 6 before getting in bed, and while I slept I would see myself kneeling at the lab, looking up at Brad and Jack's amazing bodies, one massive cock in each hand, stroking for all I was worth. It felt so real and so hot. Then, in the morning, I would wake up hard as steel, still thinking about Brad and Jack. By Tuesday, the urge to jerk off was getting a little less for some reason. I spent way more time thinking about their cocks than mine, but that wasn't weird at all. I mean, after having a 9.5" and a 10" cock shoot massive amounts of cum all over your face, it's hard not to spend every waking moment thinking about it. How intense it was. How sexy you felt.

Anyway, when I went in on Tuesday night, I hadn't touched my cock except to go to the bathroom in over a week. I mean, I would cum every time I was at the lab, and it was fantastic, but somehow the study was giving me more and more intense orgasms without having to jerk off. Jack and whoever else was working on this stuff were fucking geniuses. Speaking of Jack, he looked hot as ever in the bright yellow posers he had on. I don't know if he competed, but I swear there was no way any bodybuilding judge could give first place to anyone else, except maybe Brad. Jack was huge when I started this thing, and I was always envious of his size, but now it seemed like his muscles were different in a way I couldn't explain. He might have gained a little size in the last six weeks, or he might have upped his cardio and gotten more ripped, but I think it was mostly that I just noticed more how every part of him bulged. He was so big, so hard, and so powerful.



Jack chuckled. "I was just saying that it's good to see you. Brad won't be joining us tonight because he has class, but he'll be here again on Thursday. Why don't you strip and put your earbuds in so we can get started. This week is going to function a lot like last week, although we will be taking new steps again. Don't worry, I'll walk you through what to do when we get there."

I was a little disappointed by Brad's absence, which was kind of weird since I'd only met him once. Although with the amount of time I'd spent with him in my dreams over the last few days, it felt like longer. I finished stripping out of my trunks and put the earbuds in. At this point, Track 6 was familiar territory for my subconscious, so I was out in an instant.

The next instant, I was awake again, ragingly horny. My brain was so foggy with lust, I could barely think. Jack was standing a few feet away, toying with the waistband of his posers seductively. On autopilot, I got on my knees in front of him and pulled the yellow strings down his massive quads, exposing 7" of glory. Without being told, I gripped his shaft and started stroking and quickly got Jack's cock up to its full 10". The size felt good in my hand, and it was turning me on more that the girth was too much for me to get my fingers all the way around. I don't know why, really. It was just another man's cock. A big, thick, veiny cock that pulsed every time I brushed the underside of the head and throbbed when I circled the base. I moaned, thinking ahead to copious amounts of cum that cock would deposit on my face, and my mouth stayed hanging open. After another minute of this, Jack started praising me: how good I was doing, how much progress I had made in the study so far, how natural I looked in that position. I moaned again, noticing a strange feeling toward the back of my throat that I had never felt before. I piped up, all the while stroking the monster cock.

"Jack, my mouth feels funny."

"How so?" Jack didn't sound worried at all by this.

"I don't know, it's like the same as my mouth normally feels, but different somehow."

"It's nothing to worry about, Jordan. Just a byproduct of Track 6 that's meant to help with your arousal from external stimuli. It's one of the new steps I mentioned, so just keep going and you'll know when we get there."

Part of me felt good knowing that whatever was going on with my mouth was part of the study, while part of me was uneasy about what Jack meant. As my focus returned to Jack's cock though, the good part started overshadowing the uneasy part. By the time that Jack's cum landed on my chin and cheeks, and my cock dumped its huge load on my abs, the uneasy part was entirely gone. The pleasure of everything this sex study had done for me so far outweighed any doubts I had.

I showered and went home, Jack's cock never once leaving my mind.


That night, and again Wednesday night, when I dreamed about jerking Brad and Jack off, I found myself not just turned on, but drooling at the sight of their cocks. It was weird, but somehow I couldn't make myself hate it. There was this element of knowing that just looking at cocks could make me hornier than I ever got before the study that just turned me on even more. I really, really hoped that Brad would be there on Thursday. It was so much better with two hot guys.

I wasn't disappointed. I arrived a little early, and when I got there, Brad was doing crunches and Jack was kneeling, holding Brad's feet in place. I heard Brad grunt out "374," which I didn't doubt considering how insanely defined his 8-pack was. Brad noticed me first.

"Hey, man. How's it going? You ready for another round?"

Jack interjected before I could respond. "Don't push him, Brad. Jordan will get the best results because he wants it, not because you talked him into it. Now, you both know the drill. Jordan, whenever you're ready, go ahead and strip."

I pulled my shirt over my head immediately, and my pants followed a second later. As I was putting the earbuds in, Brad walked past and playfully patted my abs. I started getting hard from the contact. Same as last time, as soon as I started the file I was out, and when I came to, sex was the only thing I could think about. Lucky for my lust-fogged brain, there were two big cocks that needed attention. I pulled them both out of their sexy jockstrap confines and got to work. They were both rock hard in an instant, and all three of us were moaning with pleasure, which just got me going even more. I noticed after a minute or two that as I looked at these two monster cocks, my mouth was hanging open. Jack must have noticed too, because he started calmly talking to me.

"How does your mouth feel, Jordan?"

"It feels...it feels empty."

"Why do you think that is?"

I didn't know why my mouth felt so empty. It wasn't like anything was different. I was just kneeling here stroking two massive cocks so they would cum on my face.

"If you think it would help, you could put Brad's cock in your mouth. It might relieve the feeling of emptiness."

Next thing I knew, I had my lips around the head of Brad's cock and he was moaning even more. Jack was right. It did help. Having a cock in my mouth helped a lot. I started licking around Brad's cock head and moving my head up and down, actually sucking his cock. My right hand was still wrapped around Jack's cock, steadily stroking, but my focus began to shift to the cock in my mouth. It was becoming more than just a lack of emptiness. It felt really good having Brad's cock in my mouth, pumping in and out. Brad was getting into it too, sort of counterthrusting to my head bobs. I couldn't believe sucking cock felt so great.

I was so focused on sucking that I didn't really notice Jack taking my hand off his cock and shifting so he was closer to my mouth. A moment later, Brad pulled out and his awesome meat was replaced by Jack's thicker shaft. I kept sucking without missing a beat.

Over the next half hour, Jack and Brad took turns thrusting their cocks in and out of my now more than willing mouth, until I felt Brad's 9.5" tensed up on my tongue. I pulled back, and a moment later I felt the familiar spray of hot cum all over my face. While Brad was shooting, Jack put his cock in my open mouth and I sucked him while continuing to get drenched. The combination of Jack's cock between my lips and Brad's cum hitting my chin was enough to push me over the edge and I shot my massive load all over the floor. That triggered Jack, who pulled out and dumped his cum on my face with Brad's.

We were all silent for a minute in that post-cum daze, until Brad broke the silence.

"Fuck, dude. You are good."

I felt the corners of my mouth turn up into a smile at his praise. I had never felt sexier than I did right then, kneeling in front of these two big-dicked bodybuilders, my face covered in their cum. The thought never even crossed my mind that it might have bothered me a few weeks ago. I was just too turned on by all of it to care.

Brad swatted my ass as I walked over to the shower to clean myself off.


If I thought my brain was all about sex before Thursday, afterwards it was like I had never in my life had a thought about anything besides sex. This study was changing me, but I didn't really care. I mean, wasn't the whole point of signing up (besides the obscene amounts of cash) to ramp up my sex drive? And wasn't that happening? I was having amazing orgasms trying things I never would have considered before joining the study, and I wasn't about to stop.

When Saturday finally came, I stripped off my clothes and popped the earbuds in before Jack could even tell me to. Just before I went under, I heard Brad say, "Damn. Stud's eager, isn't he?"

Coming up from the file, I went straight to my knees and took Brad into my mouth. I wasn't even going to bother by starting with a handjob. Having a cock in my mouth felt better. I did use my other hand to get Jack going, but once he was hard, we fell into the same pattern as Thursday of them taking turns thrusting into my waiting mouth. They went deeper than they did last time, and a couple of times I started to gag, but every time that happened they would pull back and the reflex would subside. I hoped it would eventually go away entirely. The whole time I was sucking there cocks, I moaned around whichever shaft was sliding in and out of my mouth, which I think turned Brad and Jack on even more. Soon they both came on my face, which caused me to cum on myself and the floor.

When I went to go shower, Jack called after me to stay a minute afterwards so we could talk. Even though I had just cum, while I was lathering up my pecs and abs, my thoughts stayed on Brad and Jack's cocks. Sucking them felt so much better anything I had ever done with Katie, and I came so much harder. I could easily get used to that feeling.

Jack was talking with Brad when I came back, and Brad was grinning broadly. When he saw me approaching, he ran off toward the single shower stall and left me to talk with Jack by myself.

"Jordan, I wanted to talk to you about how the study has been progressing. You've been responding very well to each consecutive step. At the risk of sounding smug, you're helping provide very good support for my hypotheses. I want to thank you for your participation so far."

Jack went over to the counter and grabbed the envelope that my money always came in and handed it to me.

"I threw in an extra $500 for your wholehearted cooperation. Now, don't worry about the ethics of it. That $500 is out of my own pocket as a gift, so it's not taking away from the study budget at all."

"Thanks, Jack! I'm really enjoying the study. You were right when you said I would cum like I never had before."

Jack chuckled, and I think he noticed that I was checking him out when I said that. As I turned to leave, Jack patted me on the back and told me to have a good night. My instructions were the same as last week: listen before bed and before coming in, but don't masturbate. I slipped the envelope into my pocket and headed out of the facility.

In the parking lot, I heard footsteps running after me.

"Hey man, wait up." It was Brad.

I stopped and turned to face the well-built silhouette that was chasing me.

"Hey," he said when he caught up. "Do you wanna go get a drink or something?"

"Sure. That'd be great," I replied. Despite that fact that not twenty minutes ago I had sucked his cock and had his cum on my face, it didn't even cross my sex-crazed mind that he might be asking me out.


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