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The Circle

by jessielynn

The Circle

All is fair in politics, I thought. Sure it was a nasty thing to do,
but I had no choice. Jack Brown was my worst enemy. Not because our
political viewpoints were different, but because they were similar. We
had similar beliefs and the voters had a hard time choosing between us.
The Gubernatorial race was between three individuals, myself, Bob
Edwards, and my two opponents Jack Brown and Bill Robinson. Because
Jack and I shared similar views, the polls indicated that we would
divide the liberal to moderate conservative voters between ourselves.
Jack, a man in his forties would get the younger votes, while I, in
early sixties, would get the older votes. While most of the population
agreed with our views, not enough agreed to allow such a division.
Unless one of us dropped out of the race, Bill Robinson would win the
Louisiana Gubernatorial seat.

I asked Jack to withdraw from the race. It was reasonable since I was
second in the polls and Jack was third. But Jack refused. I explained
to Jack that due to my age, I was willing to promise not to run for a
second term. If Jack were only willing to wait four years, the problem
would be solved. But Jack would not listen.

I even explained to Jack the way politics is supposed to work. A person
should pay his dues before expecting to get a good position. I worked
in politics all my life. I first started out as a volunteer and worked
up the ladder of political power and prestige. I worked on campaigns
for various Democrats and became a legislative assistant for a Louisiana
State Congressman. After building a support base and getting financial
support, I ran and lost my first election for a school board seat. Two
years after working the political scene some more, I ran again for the
school board and finally won. After serving eight years with the board
I ran for the U.S. House of Representatives. I was able to win that
race. Ever since then I have been able to win successive elections for
the house. My office space, like my committee appointments, at first,
was not much, but soon got better. By the time I reached late fifties,
I was able to get a seat in the prestigious ways and means committee and
with it a nice big office space. I fought hard for everything I got. I
was always campaigning and studying the issues. Getting out the vote
was always on my mind. If fact I rarely went home before midnight. I
paid my dues and deserved to be elected as the Governor.

In contrast, Jack had no prior political history. He was a
self-proclaimed businessman who had done nothing but manage a business.
He was running as an independent candidate but expressed moderate views
just like myself. The only real difference between us was our age and
experience. Jack, again and again, claimed that he would bring fresh
new ideas to the table without really offering any. But his good looks
and charms carried him a long way. The public seemed to like him.

"You must pay your dues," I stated. But again Jack would not listen. As
a last effort, I offered Jack a Lieutenant Governor position but he
still stubbornly refused. If Louisiana had a primary system or required
a run off if no one got more than 50% of the votes, then I would not
have this dilemma. Unfortunately the dilemma was very real.

I was frustrated and angry. Jack's stubbornness was going to allow
Bill, the ultra conservative candidate, to win. In that moment of
anger, my chief campaign strategist, Mike Mitchell, suggested his
plans. We sat alone in my room.

"Bob, I know that you are against my idea, after all you are a nice
guy," Mike said, "but at this time we either implement my plan or we
lose the election."

"Look, Mike, I appreciate your attempts to help me, but--" I said, "but,
I don't see how we are going to succeed by--"

"Success is guaranteed," Mike said, "It's simple really." "We will be
playing to the public's worst fears about both candidates, and you will
win the election hands down."

"But your plan is both immoral and illegal," I said, "I don't want to
be a part of it."

"It's politics--" Mike said, "and I am not asking you to be part of it,
just don't stop me."

"But making Jack appear to be gay?" I said, looking at the pictures in
my hand, "when he is not--"

"Everyone will believe it." Mike said, "After all he meets the stereo
type perfectly." "He is single, skinny, and dresses really well." "As
far as we know he may be gay." "It may not be a lie but just an
exposure." He smiled.

"We will be destroying a man's career." I said.

"Exactly," responded Mike. "Although he will gain some gay votes, allot
of voters will leave his side." "Faced with a choice between you and
Bill, they will vote for you." "The best part is by sending this
threatening letter twenty four hours before publishing the picture, Bill
will get blamed for playing dirty politics."

Mike handed me a letter with Bill's campaign team's letterhead. It
threatened to give certain pictures to the media unless Jack withdrew
from the race and endorsed Bill. Knowing Jack's stubbornness, he would
not withdraw, instead he would publish that letter and attempt to
discredit the pictures as nothing but fabricated political weapons.
Some people would believe him but some people would not. Those who
believed him would take out their anger on Bill. Bill, due to his ultra
conservative leanings would publicly attack Jack for being gay. A fight
would start between the two camps and I would walk out clean as the
winner. I had to admit it was a good plan.

It was more than a good plan. The pictures looked real. If I did not
know that Jack's features were super imposed onto another person's face
and body, I would have believed that those pictures were real. The
picture where Jack is apparently sucking a cock looked especially real.
How did they do it? It was amazing what little computer imaging and
graphics could do. There seem to be little limit to technological

"Think about the people, Bob," Mike said sensing my reluctance to agree
with his plans, "If you are not elected, the people would lose their
opportunity to have a great leader." "The people need you." "Do it for
the people."

Mike was right. If Jack had to be sacrificed for the good of all the
people of Louisiana, then be it. The people needed someone like me.
Bill would alienate more than halve of the citizens in this state and
give a negative image to this state. The negative image will cause
major industries to stay away from Louisiana. Our economy would suffer
tremendously. Bill, as Governor, would be disastrous. As much as I
hated playing dirty politics, I had to agree to Mike's plan. Or at
least agree not to stop it.

"I am not telling you to do it," I said, "But if you think its necessary
then it must be necessary and I won't stop it." "Of course, I do not
know anything about it."

"Of course," Mike said smiling, "you have nothing to do with it."

I handed the pictures and the letter back to Mike. After he put the
letter and the pictures in his brief case, he left my room. I knew that
what I allowed Mike to do was wrong. But this was politics and I had to
do it to win. Winning was everything. At my age losing an election
would mean the end of my career. I was not ready to retire just yet.


"Honey, anything interesting in the mail," my wife, Nancy asked.

"No, nothing" I answered, as I hid the envelop in my jacket. I quickly
walked past my wife and into our restroom. Once inside, I locked the
doors. How could this be happening to me? Those pictures looked so

"Bob, are you alright?" Nancy asked. Her voice was coming from just
outside the restroom.

Walking quickly past her and into the restroom must have aroused
concern. I hoped that she was not suspicious and prayed that she was
only concerned that I was feeling ill.

"I am alright honey, just a little ill that's all." I said attempting
to cover up the real reason why I was in the restroom.

"Should I call the doctor," she asked.

"No," I said, "you know that a visit from a doctor so close to the
election can hurt my standings."

"I know, but if you are ill?" she said.

"I will be alright," I said not believing my own words. I wasn't
physically ill but my political life was in serious jeopardy.

One look at the picture, and I knew I was in serious trouble. The
picture showed me in a dress, happily sucking a cock. I was disgusted
by the image. "How could this happen?" I thought. Mike was supposed to
send a picture of Bill sucking a cock to Bill. How did I get a picture
like this sent to my house? My God, my wife could have seen this
picture. It was fake. Even during my wild youth, I never engaged in
any type of homosexual activities. But despite being fake, it looked so
real that I would have had a hard time explaining it.

"Honey, do you want me to get some medication," she asked.

"No, I feel fine now," I answered quickly. I decided that I could not
stay in the restroom much longer without raising my wife's concerns. I
thought about hiding the picture and its envelope in my jacket again,
but decided against it. From her voice, I could tell that my wife was
near the restroom door. She was too close. It was possible that she
may detect the picture in my coat if I attempted to leave with it. No,
I had to hide it in the restroom. I looked in the restroom cabinet and
saw a stack of unused towels. I grabbed the towel in the bottom and
unfolded it. I put the picture and the envelope in the middle of the
towel and carefully folded it. Once the folded towel was placed back to
where it was originally, I closed the cabinet door silently. I then
flushed the toilet for my wife's benefit. After checking the mirror and
trying to look relaxed, I opened the restroom door and walked out of our

"You look terrible--" Nancy said.

"Thanks a lot," I said sarcastically and smiled in hopes of erasing the
serious look on my wife's face.

"I think you better lie down," she said.

"No time," I said, "it's too close to the election," "I have to go
back to the office and meet with Mike." Yes, I had to meet Mike. Only
Mike had a devious mind enough to figure out a solution for this latest
crisis. I needed Mike's help desperately.

I refused to listen to my wife's concerns and kissed her good bye. As
soon as I was outside of our house, I called Mike and asked him to meet
me at the office. I knew that Mike would understand the serious nature
of the problem, when I told Mike that I could not talk about it on the
phone. Mike immediately agreed to meet me.

Once I approached my office, I could see Mike's car in the parking
lot. Good, Mike was already there. No other cars; it was late. It
would mean that we would be alone to deal with this crisis. I parked my
car next to Mike's and walked to the front door to the building and
walked in. Once inside, I called Mike's name and looked for him.

"In here Bob, I am in your office." Mike's voice called out.

I headed straight to my office and found Mike sitting in my seat.

"Mike, we have a serious problem in our hands," I said.

"Tell me about it," Mike asked.

"I received a picture through the mail," I said, "Its--its a picture of me
in a dress, giving a guy a blow job."

"You should be more careful with your private life," Mike said smiling.

"Damn it, Mike," I said, "It's serious." "The picture is fake but it
looks real." "Just like the ones of Jack Brown."

"You mean these," I heard a voice from behind me.

I turned around to see Jack Brown and another man. Jack smiled at my
look of surprise. He threw the pictures and the letter, that he was
holding in his hands, at me.

The pictures and the letter hit me and fell to the floor. On the floor,
I could see that they were the fake pictures of Jack engaged in sexual
activities with another man and the threatening letter.

"How did you get in here," I asked.

"Bob," Jack said, "surprised to see me." He laughed. "You should never
underestimate your opponents." "At first, I did not believe Mr.
Mitchell, when he told me of your plans." "But when we found your
finger prints on this letter and the pictures, well there was no
question that you were at least in on the plan to spread lies about me."

I turned to face Mike, "Mike, you bastard, you," I turned around again,
this time to face Jack, "Jack, you have got to listen to me--" I said, "I
had nothing to do with the pictures or that letter."

"You forget, I heard you a few minutes ago, when you referred to my
pictures." Jack said, "Besides finger prints don't lie."

"I knew about the pictures and the letter, but I told Mike not to use
them." I said, "I thought it was wrong."

"More lies, Bob--" laughed Jack, "I think that a liar should be punished
by a lie." "What do you think Bob?"

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"You will see," Jack answered and said, "Mr. Foster," as he stepped

The man standing behind Jack approached me. Mr. Foster was a big and
muscular man. There was no way I could fight him, especially at my
age. I had to act quickly if I wanted to get out of there. If I could
take Mike's pictures with me then I could use them as insurance. I
could make a deal with Jack so that neither my picture nor Jack's
pictures would see the public light. I got on the floor and attempted
to gather the pictures. But before I could do so, the big man grabbed
me. Before I could react, he produced a handkerchief from his pocket
and covered my mouth and nose with it. I could feel some type of
wetness on the handkerchief. I struggled away from the big man, but due
to dizziness I couldn't escape.

With my consciousness diminishing, I asked, "Why, Mike, why did you
betray me?"

"Simple, Jack is a winner, you no longer are." Mike said, "I am always
in the winning team."

"What did you get for betraying me," I asked.

"I got a membership to a very exclusive club," he said.

A membership to a club, that is all that it took to betray me. Hearing
Mike's explanation made me very angry. I lunged for his neck intending
to choke him. But due to the drug induced condition I missed Mike and
fell to the floor. As laughter surrounded me, I passed out.


I woke up on a sofa in what appeared to be a small office. When I sat
up, I faced a woman seated behind a desk with a computer. To the left
of the sofa, was the door to this room. On the wall behind the woman,
was drawing of a circle. Inside the circle were the words "CIR, inc."

"I am glad to see that you are up, Mr. Edwards," said the woman, "My
name is Michelle Stubber and I am here to supervise your transition."

Michelle wore a business suit and skirt combination. She looked like
thousands of other businesswomen and politicians that I met through out
my years. But I knew that I did not know her. I was good with faces and
names, an ability that's important in politics, and I did not recognize
her. But I did recognize one thing. She had a little button above her
right breast. The design on the button was similar to Jack Brown's tie
clip. It had a drawing of a circle and in the middle was a number.
Michelle had the number "9" inside her circle while Jack had a number
"7" inside his circle.

"You won't get away with this." I said, "Kidnapping me was a big
mistake." "I am a well known person and will definitely be missed."
"You will be caught soon or later and then will face kidnapping

Michelle laughed at my warnings.

"Look, tell Jack that its not too late." I said, "We can still work out
a deal." "I won't tell the police about this kidnapping business, if
you will let me go home and Jack will destroy the fake picture." "I may
even appoint him Lieutenant Governor."

"No deal," Michelle said and then pushed a button on her computer. "You
will soon learn that you have nothing to offer us and that your
situation is hopeless."

The wall behind Michelle opened up to reveal a wide screen television.
The sound was turned down, but I could see that a news reporter was
standing in front of my office and talking to the camera. In the
background, I could see a lot of activity. It looked like they were
preparing for a press conference. Perhaps they already discovered the
kidnapping and the reporters were trying to find out more about the
situation. It was my hope that a search would be instituted and that I
would be found soon. My hopes were crushed when Michelle turned up the

"--conference was called by Mrs. Nancy Edwards, Congressman Bob Edwards'
wife," the reporter said, "Apparently, she called the news conference
to talk about a picture of her husband in a compromising position." "It
was released earlier to the press and we have been attempting to get
information on the picture ever since than." "Due to the graphic nature
of the picture, we are not able to show it here." "All I can say at
this time is that it shows Congressman Edwards in a dress engaged in
sexual activity with another man." "The source of the picture is

"Excuse me Peter," said the anchor, "it looks like the press conference
is going to begin." "We will get back to you for more analysis."

As the anchor spoke, I saw my wife step in front of the microphones.
Behind her stood the trader, Mike Mitchell. He was wearing a similar
tie clip as Jack, except that the number inside his circle was two.

"What I have to say today hurts me tremendously," my wife said, "My
husband, Bob Edwards and I have been living a lie for a long time."
Nancy began to cry as she went on. "You see my husband always wanted to
a woman, named Barbara".

I could not believe what my wife was saying. It was incredible. I sat
numb with disbelief.

"I discovered his secret personality late in our marriage." "I should
have ended our marriage then, but due to our political aspirations, I
decided to help hide Bob's secret." "Ever since then, I lied to the
public, friends, and family." "I probably would have continued the lie
if it weren't for this blackmail letter from Jeff Stubber." "Despite
the lies, I am still a proud woman and I was not going to let anyone
blackmail me." "I decided to release the picture instead of paying Mr.
Stubber or waiting for him to release it." "When I informed Bob
regarding my decision, he decided to flee." "He told me that he could
not bear the embarrassment that his secret would bring out." "Due to
his decision to run away, I decided to file for a divorce." "As for the
election, Bob's actions indicates to me that he is withdrawing."
"Therefore I urge everyone to vote for Jack Brown." "I sincerely
believe that he will make the best Governor for this state." "I have
nothing further to say."

With that my wife stepped away from the microphones. The reporters
kept asking her questions but she ignored them. The reporters then
started to ask Mike questions.

Without answering the questions Mike made the following statement, "I
am as shocked as all of you." "Bob was, scratch that, Bob is a good
friend." "Bob, if you are listening, don't run away from this." "You
still have friends here who are willing to work though your sexual
problems, and help you." Mike closed his eyes and appeared to be
holding back tears. "I just hope that you will find happiness in your
new life." Mike also left the stage.

The camera went back to the reporter, Peter. "There you have it."
"Bob Edwards has effectively withdrawn from the Governor's race due to
his shameful revelations regarding some sexual--"

Michelle turned down the sound and then pushed a button on her
computer. The television screen was once again hidden behind the wall.

"That's a recording of today's five o'clock news," Michelle said,
"Your career is finished."

She was right. I may have had a chance to salvage my career if all I
had to deal with was the picture. I could hire experts who would say
that the picture was fake. I could have accused Jack of attempting
frame me in a sex scandal. But because of my wife's press conference,
there was nothing I could do or say to prove my innocence. She added
collaboration to the picture. "How?" is all I could say at that moment.

"It was actually fairly simple," Michelle said, "we hired some special
effects people and--"

"No, I mean how did you get my wife to say those things," I asked.

"Youth," I heard my wife's voice. She opened the door to the office
room and walked in.

"They promised to give me eternal youth," she said. "Something you
robbed from me by your silly ambitions and political drive." "I wasted
too much of my time supporting you and waiting for you to succeed."

Not only had my chief advisor betrayed me but also had my wife. "What
do you mean youth," I asked.

"They can make me young again," she said smiling. "All I have to do is
deliver you to the circle."

"You stupid bitch; you did this to me so that you can get some cheap
plastic--?" I asked as I attempted to approach my wife in order to
confront her face to face.

As soon as I tried to reach for my wife, I felt a great pain through
out my body. The pain forced me to the floor. All I could do was

"You will never do that again," Nancy said. "The pain will continue
until you acknowledge the fact that you will never attempt to hurt
anyone again."

Somehow my wife was making me feel pain. "Please," I said trying to
suppress the intense pain.

"Begging will do you no good," Nancy said, "Only obedience will stop
the pain."

The pain was too intense. I had to follow her instructions. "Alright,
you win, I won't ever attempt to hurt anyone again," I said.

"Good," she said. "As for your accusations, I was not promised plastic
surgery." "No, the circle has allot better method of giving youth."
"It's done through genetic manipulation." "I will not only look young,
I will be young." she said.

"Enough chit chat," said Michelle, "Its time for the transitions."
Michelle entered some code into the computer and the wall to the right
of her opened up to reveal another room. "Follow me please," she said
as she walked into the other room.

"You better do as she says for else--" Nancy said.

I began to fear for my life. It seems that they weren't happy with
just winning the election. They had further plans for me. When I
hesitated going into the other room, pain started to come back. Somehow
disobedience was causing me pain. In order to avoid further pain, I
quickly went into the other room.

The room had many computers and other strange looking gadgets. "This is
a transition room." Michelle said, "Nancy if you will be kind enough to
take off your clothing and step into the booth, then you will receive
your reward." My wife obediently took off all her clothing, revealing
an old wrinkled body. She stepped into a glass booth and closed its
door. Michelle turned few switches. The machines started to hum and
Nancy started to change. She became taller. Her wrinkled body became
younger and younger. Her body and facial features also changed. She
became rounder and softer. When the machine stopped humming, a
beautiful young woman stood in the glass booth. She looked like an
eighteen-year-old model. She opened the door and stepped out. I was
shocked by the transition. It had to be fake. Even modern science
could not change someone so dramatically. It was impossible. Yet I saw
it happen. My wife changed from an old woman to this gorgeous creature.

"How do you like my new body," Nancy asked me showing off her tits.

The only response that I gave to Nancy's question was my hard-on.

"Look, how cute, your old dick wants me," she said pointing at my
hard-on and laughing.

"Now its time for your transition, Mr. Edwards," Michelle said.

"What are you going to change me into," I asked, Pain started to flow
through out my body.

"You are going to follow orders, instead of asking silly questions."
Nancy said.

At first I tried to fight against the pain, but in the end I followed
Michelle's and Nancy's instructions and took off my clothing and then
walked into the glass booth. I hoped that they would change me into a
younger version of myself but feared that they would change me into
something completely different. I closed the glass door and closed my

At first, I felt a tingling sensation from my head to toe but nothing
else. Then all of a sudden I felt dramatic changes. My hope seemed to
be coming true because I felt my wrinkles disappear. But soon the
process turned into a nightmare when I felt my body begin to shrink in
size. I could feel myself becoming shorter and skinnier. I felt my
hard-on diminish and became soft as well. Perhaps my fear of what was
happening to my body caused me to lose my hard-on. Then I felt my
penis shrink as well. I opened my eyes and saw that my feelings were
correct. My penis was shrinking, as had the rest of my body. At that
time my penis was no bigger than half the size of my little finger. I
screamed and grabbed my penis in an attempt to stop it from shrinking
any further. But soon there was nothing to grab. I closed my eyes once
again. Soon I felt heaviness in my chest area and a hole between my
legs. I opened my eyes again to confirm my worst fear. I was turning
into a girl. I could already see little breasts and my pussy forming.
The change continued and I saw my breasts and hips growing. I also saw
the completion of my new pussy. The tingling sensation stopped. I
became a girl. They not only robbed me of my career, but my manhood as

"Open the door and step outside," I heard Nancy say.

Not knowing what else to do, I stepped out of the transformation
chamber. I was surprised to see how small I had become. Nancy and
Michelle were both much taller than I was. My petite size made me feel

Nancy had dressed while I changed in the chamber. She was now wearing
similar clothing as Michelle. Nancy also had a little button above her
right breast. Inside her circle there was a number three.

"Where is your hard-on dear?" Nancy asked, "Don't you like my body

Nancy's comments made me feel exposed and vulnerable. I quickly covered
my naked body with my hands. One hand covered my pussy while the other
covered my tits. I looked away from her in shame. It was all I could
do to suppress my tears.

"Its time for the second phase of the transformation," said Michelle.
"Follow me--"

Michelle left the transition room and went into the office. Nancy
motioned for me to follow Michelle.

Destroying my career and manhood was apparently not enough for these
monsters. They had some other evil plans for me. I was about to
protest when pain flowed through out my body once again. Meekly I bowed
my head and followed Michelle into the office, attempting to hide my
naked form. Nancy followed us in.

Once in the office, Michelle pushed some more keys on her computer and
the entrance to her right disappeared and a new entrance, this time to
her left opened up.

"This way," Michelle pointed towards the entrance.

I once again meekly obeyed her wishes fearing what awaited me inside.

The room to the left had more computers and other various machinery
that I did not recognize. In the middle of the room there was a large
chair, similar to those found in dentist's offices. Immediately in
front of that chair there were four television screens.

"Please sit over there," Michelle said as she pointed towards the

Something deep inside me told me that this chair was more dangerous
than the transformation booth. I was afraid and thought of any ways to
escape. My wife sensed my hesitation, and soon I felt pain. Unable to
resist, I sat on the chair.

Once I was seated, Michelle punched some instructions into the
computer. Soon I found myself strapped down to the seat. My head was
also made immobile by restraints so that I could not help but see the
screens in front of me. Michelle quickly moved to me and connected
several wires and tubes to my head and the rest of my body. After she
checked to make sure that the wires and tubes were properly connected,
she put earphones on my ears.

"Oh my God!!!!" I thought. I feared that they were going to brainwash

"You are now ready for the second phase--" Michelle said as she turned
on the various equipments in the room.

All of a sudden, the four screens began to display images.

The screen to my far left, which was labeled as number 1, displayed
various charts that seemed to monitor my feelings. The screen
alternatively would show different charts labeled with various phrases.
One chart indicated my fear level, which was very high. The second
chart showed my arousal level, which was very low. The next charts
showed my happiness, sadness, anger, love, anxiety, sanity, hate and
hunger levels. The hate, sadness, anger, anxiety charts were all very
high, while my love, and happiness charts were low. The sanity and
hunger charts were near the mark labeled normal.

The screen next to the screen number 1 displayed a beautiful beach as
the sun was setting. This screen, which was labeled number 2, was
probably there to influence how I felt. I guessed that the soft music
I was hearing was supposed to go with this screen.

The other screen in the middle, labeled number 3, showed images of the
girl version of myself smiling and playing with various dolls. This
screen was probably what I was supposed to be reacting to.

The screen to my far right, labeled number 4, displayed what I was
seeing. No, it was displaying what I was thinking about. When I
stopped thinking about the screens in front of me and instead thought of
what I would do if I had an opportunity to get revenge against my wife
and Mike, images of my male version choking them appeared on the far
right screen. I could see that as I thought about revenge my
happiness, hate and my anger chart rose slightly while my sadness chart
lowered slightly.

I began to feel pain as my thoughts focused on revenge. The second
screen changed from the ocean to images of big men beating me up.

A calm soft voice began to speak. With the music in the background I
could barely hear what it was saying. "Relax, you are among friends--"
the voice said over and over again.

I knew that this was an attempt to brainwash me but that knowledge
seemed to have little effect on how I felt. I began to relax and my
thoughts returned to this room and what was happening. As soon as my
thoughts moved away from revenge, my pain went away and the second
screen began to show images of the ocean again. My anger and sadness
level stayed in the slightly diminished level. My anxiety and fear
level also lowered slightly.

"You love to play with dolls." The voice said over and over again. The
third screen changed from ocean to little girls smiling.

My thoughts reacted to the soft voice by focusing on the third screen,
which continued to show an image of me playing with dolls. The fourth
screen changed to mirror the image in the third screen. All of a sudden
I felt happy and saw that my happiness level increased slightly. This
happiness was probably drug induced but this knowledge had little effect
on how I felt. My negative emotions dropped.

When my thoughts went away from me playing with dolls, I felt less
happy. Sometimes depending on my thoughts, I either felt nausea or
pain. I learned to keep thinking about playing with dolls.

I watched my female self playing with dolls in screen number three and
four and in my mind. After a while, the second screen also changed from
ocean to me playing with dolls. Although the voice became softer, I
could still hear it say, "You are a girl named Hillary." "Hillary, you
love to play with dolls."

After what seemed like many hours of constantly seeing myself playing
with dolls, I fell asleep. But even asleep, I continued to dream about
playing with dolls. When I awoke, the images were still in front of me.

All of a sudden, the third screen changed. Instead of me playing with
dolls, it alternated from images of several feminine items. As each
item came on the screen, the voice said that I loved wearing the items.
When a skirt, a dress, high heeled shoes, bras, panties, lingerie, lip
stick, and so forth was displayed on the screen, I was told that loved
to wear those items. When I started to think about the various items
the fourth screen became identical to the third. As the drugs made me
associate happiness with the various feminine items the second screen
also matched the third and fourth screen. I actually began to daydream
of wearing the various feminine items.

This continued for a long time and then the third screen changed again.
This time it showed an image of my female-self doing various feminine
activities with very feminine gestures. I was repeatedly told that I
liked doing the various activities that were shown on the third screen.
As my thoughts began to focus on these activities the fourth screen
matched the third. As happiness was associated with the feminine
activities and gestures, the second screen also became identical to the
third and fourth screen. I actually wanted to do those girlish

During this process I thought for a slight second that I was going
insane. After all a normal male does not enjoy the prospect of doing
feminine activities. I had to admit that my situation was so bad that I
initially thought that going insane seemed like an escape. But these
thoughts were short lived. As soon as I had these thoughts the second
screen changed to show me frightening pictures of the insane asylum. In
addition, the first screen clearly indicated that my sanity level was
normal. Also, thoughts regarding insanity made me feel great anxiety
and fear. I promptly began to think about the feminine activities and
found great pleasures in them.

The third screen changed again. This time it showed my female-self
being kissed by a man. The second screen continued to show the feminine
activities. I knew that they were trying to associate the image of
being kissed by a man to something I liked. I was not going to give in
this time. All my negative emotions increased tremendously.

Images of me being disgusted and punching the man appeared in the fourth
screen. The second screen changed from the image of me doing feminine
items to me being yelled at and feeling ashamed.

"Hillary you love being kissed by a man," repeated the voice over and
over again.

When I refused to give in, I started to feel pain through out my body.

The pain became so intense I almost gave in. I had to think of a new
way to fight this. My thoughts and the fourth screen changed. Instead
of on image of me being disgusted and punching this man, I began to
think about kissing a girl. The fourth screen showed my male version
kissing a girl. Although the pain went away it was replaced with great
nausea. The second screen also changed from me being yelled at and
feeling shame to worms and maggots. I felt like throwing up. It was
strange but the images and possibly some type of drugs that I was being
fed through some of the tubes made me actually find the idea of kissing
a girl disgusting. My thoughts changed to match the third screen. As I
thought about being kissed by a man my happiness rose almost to the top,
and my negative emotions greatly decreased. I was actually happy to be
kissed by a man.

Soon the second screen also matched the image on the third screen. As
the images of the man kissing me continued, I began to feel slight
stimulation through out my body but centered on my pussy and breasts.
The sensation felt good. The first screen showed that my arousal level
was slightly increasing. I was turned on by the thought of being kissed
by a man.

After showing this image for what seemed like several hours, the image
on the third screen changed again to show my male-self kissing a girl.
My thoughts and the fourth screen quickly matched the third screen.
Once again the second screen showed me maggots and worms and I felt
nausea. I did not want to think about kissing a girl anymore, I thought
about being kissed by a man. Immediately the images showed me what I
wanted, a man kissing the feminine me. I felt happy and aroused again.
After a while the second screen changed back to show the male version of
myself kissing a girl again. This time, I did not change my thoughts
and continued to think about being kissed by a man. I was happy.

The image on the third screen changed again this time to show my
female-self doing feminine activities while wearing various feminine
items. When my thoughts matched the third screen I stopped getting the
sexual stimulus but my happiness level was still up. After a while, the
third screen showed my male-self doing several male activities while
wearing male items. When my thoughts matched the third screen, my
happiness level dropped. I quickly started to think about being kissed
by a man. Happiness and arousal returned. I wanted happiness.

After several more times of switching the third screen between male
activities to female activities, I soon learned to stop thinking of
myself doing male activities. Even when the third screen showed me male
activities, I continued to think about doing feminine activities. I
especially liked the thought of being kissed by a man.

After a while the third screen showed different man kissing me. My
thoughts and the fourth screen matched the images on the third screen.
Although I was happy and aroused at being kissed by all of them, I felt
different levels of arousal and happiness. Soon I learned which men I
loved to kiss more. I began to think about kissing the men that I
liked best almost exclusively.

All of a sudden it showed me images of people I knew. Michelle
Stubber's images was displayed in the third screen. All my negative
emotions increased especially anger and hate levels. The voice told me
again and again: "Relax Hillary, Michelle Stubber is your friend." My
thoughts and fourth screen showed me hitting Michelle Stubber. The
second screen showed me getting hit by several large men and great pain
flowed through my body. I couldn't take it any more and attempted to
relax and think of Michelle Stubber as my friend. The second screen was
replaced with images of me doing feminine things while wearing various
feminine items. My negative emotions slowly decreased and my happiness
began to return. After a while I sincerely believed that Michelle
Stubber was my friend despite knowing what she did to me.

This process was repeated with images of Mike Mitchell, my wife (both
new and old versions) and Jack Brown. However when the images of Jack
Brown was showed to me, it was different. The voice repeated over and
over again: "Hillary, you love Jack Brown." As I saw his image on the
third screen, images of the most handsome men kissing me appeared on the
second screen. I felt happiness and slight arousal. As the voice
repeated that I loved Jack Brown, the third screen began to show Jack
Brown kissing me. When the image of Jack Brown kissing me first
appeared I felt an electric shock. This shock was very pleasant. I
could feel my nipples harden and pussy getting wet. The idea of Jack
Brown kissing me turned me on more than the idea of any other men
kissing me.

Once I began to dream about being kissed by Jack Brown, the third screen
changed once more. This time it showed naked pictures of men. I knew
that they were trying to make me aroused by naked men and I attempted a
rebel. But nausea was the only result when I started to daydream about
naked women. Soon images of naked men danced in my mind. Although I
was happy and aroused by all the men, I was aroused and happy at
different lever. I found that I preferred looking at naked images of
Jack Brown.

After lusting after Jack Brown for a while, the third screen changed
again. The naked pictures were zoomed in to the crotch area. All I
could see now was the cock and balls of various men. "Hillary, you love
cocks" said the voice again and again. When I stopped fighting this
idea, my happiness and arousal level increased once again. In addition
I noticed that different cocks made me more aroused and happy. I was
soon able to tell them apart with expertise.

After I lusted after cocks for several days, the image on the third
screen showed me sucking cocks. The voice said, "Hillary, you love to
suck cocks." I attempted to fight this idea by not thinking about
anything. But this strategy did not work, despite myself; I began to
think about sucking various cocks. I never felt so happy and aroused in
my life. When I learned which cock I liked the best, I began to dream
about sucking it.

I was awakened from my daydreams by the third screen being lifted away
from my direct line of sight. From the bottom of the screen opened up
three holes. From each hole appeared a life like dildo. The dildos
were lowered so that they were close to my mouth. I heard a click sound
and felt my head being released from the restraint. Through out this
process the voice kept repeating that I loved to suck cocks.

I looked away from the dildos but I was betrayed by my thoughts. The
fourth screen continued to show me sucking on a cock. My mouth began to
water with anticipation. The first screen indicated that I was highly
aroused and that my hunger level was high. I faced the dildos once
again. A small part of me still wanted to not suck them but that part
of it was weakening by the minute. As my eyes looked at the fake cocks,
I knew instantly, which one I wanted to suck. The one in the middle
looked exactly like my favorite cock. Despite my best efforts, I could
not fight my urgent desire to suck on the dildo. I closed my eyes and
slowly moved my lips closer to the middle dildo. When my lips touched,
I felt instant increase in happiness and arousal. I began to suck it
like a hungry slut. I felt the stimulus on my pussy and breasts
increase as I continued to suck the cock. When I tried different
techniques, like licking the upper part of the cock, I felt more
arousal. However when I lightly bit down on the dildo, I felt less
happy. Soon I learned exactly what the dildo wanted from me. And I was
happy to give it what it wanted. As I continued sucking on the dildo,
the voice repeated over and over again "Hillary, you love to swallow."
After a while the dildo shot hot salty liquid into my mouth. As I
swallowed the liquid, I experienced a very powerful orgasm.

The dildo became smaller but the voice kept repeating "You love to suck
cocks". I wanted to suck the dildo some more, so I continued sucking.
The dildo became big again and filled my mouth completely. Once again I
experienced orgasm when it came. This process repeated again and again.

While this process continued, the voice repeated the phrase "Hillary,
you love to get fucked." I felt a dildo coming out of my chair and felt
it enter my pussy. In my state of high arousal, I could not fight it.
I just spread my legs as wide and possible and let it fuck me. I soon
learned to enjoy being fucked as much as I liked sucking on the dildo.
After I orgasmed several more times, I passed out from exhaustion.

I woke up on a large bed in what looked like my bedroom. I saw that I
was wearing a see through red nightgown. It was beautiful. A part of
me wanted to tear the nightgown from my body but that part of me was
weak. The other part of me loved wearing the feminine gown.

As I was contemplating the transformation that has occurred to my body
and mind, the door to the bedroom opened. Jack Brown and my former
wife, Nancy walked into my room.

As soon as I saw Jack Brown I felt happy and horny. I wanted this man
in the worst way.

"I am glad to see that you are up, Hillary." Jack said.

I must have looked puzzled.

"That's your name," said Nancy.

"You must be curious as to what we have planned for you," said Jack.
"It's simple really." "Since you were trying to make me into a cock
sucker, we decided to make you into one." With that statement he opened
his zipper and took out his hardening cock.

My mouth began to water and my heart beat faster with anticipation.
But even with the intense desires that I felt I hesitated.

"I saw you suck on those dildos like a pro so don't act all shy now,"
said Nancy. "Besides don't you want to drink sperm from the real thing
instead of that dildo?" "Don't look so surprised." "You knew that the
liquid that came out of that dildo was Jack's sperm."

I was shocked and wanted to protest but I started to fill pain. The
pain kept growing. They wanted obedience. As I got of the bed and
moved closer to Jack, the pain went away.

I got on my knees directly in front of Jack. Soon my lips were very
close to his cock.

"Kiss it darling," said my former wife, "We know you want to suck the
Governor's cock."

I closed my eyes and kissed the cock, I felt aroused and happy. I let
it go into my mouth and proceeded to suck on it. As I sucked on it, I
remembered how I pleased the dildo and began to use the same
techniques. As I began to lick and suck Jack's cock, Nancy began to
tell me their plans.

"Governor Brown won hands down." Nancy stated, "Of course it was easy
with no real opponents." "You dropped out of the race in shame and
disappeared." "Bill Robinson died of a heart attack."

It was difficult to concentrate on what Nancy was saying, I was just too
occupied with sucking Jack's cock. However I knew that what she was
saying was important so I tried my best to pay attention.

"But the circle has bigger plans for Governor Brown." Nancy
continued, "We believe that he is a perfect candidate for the next
presidential election." "Well perfect, except for one little thing."
"He is single." "Every president was married and we believe that having
a charming wife is essential." "We needed a girl who had political
skills and knowledge but at the same time believed in traditional gender
roles." "Since you had the political skills, we decided to make you
into that girl." "We made you into the girl of Jack's dreams and a girl
that the whole country will fall in love with." "You are perfect for
the role of a politician's wife."

As I was listening to Nancy's comments, I could sense that Jack's cock
was close to cumming.

"We needed to make sure that you would be loyal to Jack so we made you
fall in love and lust with him," said Nancy. "Now he is the man of
your desires." "In other words you are perfect for each other." Jack's
cock ejaculated into my mouth and I swallowed every drop. As I
swallowed I orgasmed as well. Before his cock could go limp I continued
to suck on it.

Jack removed my panties.

"You will soon get married to Jack Brown in a highly publicized
wedding," said Nancy.
To my great disappointment Jack removed his cock from my mouth. But
soon I was happy again because Jack started to fuck me.

"We believe that this will give Jack a needed national exposure." Nancy
said, "Think you will be the governor's wife and possibly the next first

"Fuck me harder--" I yelled not caring whether Nancy was there to listen
and not caring anymore what else she had to say." Nancy continued to
talk but I tuned her out. I was too interested in getting fucked by
Jack to care about silly things like the presidency. All I wanted was
to be fucked by this man forever.


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