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Controlled by Mistress

by EMG

Controlled by Mistress

My Mistress required me to write this true account of my time with her. And as her boy, her soon to be slave, I know that if I want to have her collar locked around my neck, her steel encasing my cock, unable to touch, unable to be erect, trapped by her will. Her body, her cock and her mind. When I sent her the request on the fetbook she replied with one simple question - what would I give to be hers? My first response was of course anything that she could require.

Luckily she was more practical than that. She told me that I would create a bank account for her, and before I took her to dinner at a very expensive, high end restaurant I was to put 100.00 into this account for her. I'd heard that female Dominants often wanted some form of tribute and a hundred dollars was petty cash to me. She could have demanded more money and I would have given it to her. It was enough that all my fantasies were going to come true, that finally since my divorce another woman would find me desirable. As I dressed in a tailored suit and tied my silk tie, I marveled at the change that has come over me. For too long I had been an overweight insecure guy with a beer belly. That was until she stepped into my life. Soon enough I was taking cooking classes at a local gourmet grocery store and eating organic and free range. She had demanded that I join a gym, that I work out and lose fifteen pounds before I would be rewarded with meeting her. She often said that it was important that her property be kept in pristine condition. She had made me see a nutritionist and my doctor. As I began to lose weight my cock would immediately go hard as I flipped through the pictures she had gifted me with at each milestone I reached.

She was beautiful. Long legs, C cup breasts with huge nipples that were pierced. Lucious lips, wavy dark hair. I hadn't seen her naked, only fully dressed. On of which was fetish oriented, in a beautiful pvc ball gown with matching opera length gloves. She had taken my orgasms from me, but detailed me to masturbate for fifteen minutes a day without orgasming. She desired me needy and on edge. As I fastened my cuff lengths and grabbed my suit jacket, I was still marveling about how lucky I was to finally be meeting this woman who had such control over my life. I knew she would be perfect, because she already was.

I was early getting to the restaurant and I milled in the bar area with a glass of red wine as I waited for her and our dinner reservation. I saw an overweight woman enter, dressed in an ankle length sundress. I dismissed her immediately for she was not my Goddess. And then she was behind me and whispered two words in my ear. It was then that I realized that my eyes had been playing a trick on me, and of course this was my beautiful Goddess. Her long throat, slim waist, dancers legs.... Ah she was lovely as I offered her my arm before we were guided to the table. She had told me that I wasn't even allowed to look at the menu when I was with her. She ordered for both of us included a dry white wine that I wouldn't have ordered if it was the last liquid on earth. As I rudely made a face she whispered another word and the wine was the best that I ever had. And while I didn't like white, this was a really good white. Our dinner came and she chatted with me, although I didn't know what the topics were, my only attention was on her as she coyly laughed and smiled a smile more delicious than desert.

At the end of the evening she whispered another word to me and I lost control of my body. I was frightened as she handed me a metal cage and told me what to do with it I found myself standing up, walking to the restroom and securing my raging cock and balls into the steel cage. Part of me was horrified as I went back to give her the key. This was one of my tests and I had apparently passed. I knew that she had complete control over me, that I would do anything she asked, anything just to see and hear her voice. What I didn't seem to understand was how she got so much control over me. She could obviously see my confusion as she whispered another word and ran her hands over my caged cock, a possessive hand at that. My body returned to my control and I could only ask, 'How'?

She gave me a sly grin, the dark makeup on her eyes making the eyes pop and be more beguiling. "All those relaxation exercises we did, surely you remember them?" Indeed I did, she had talked to me most nights before I went to sleep. I remembered the dreams after she talked me to sleep, they were so vivid, detailed and erotic. "I embedded hypnotic commands in the files you listened to every night and with every listening you became more and more mine." She leaned over to whisper in my ear, "And you are mine." She licked my cheek. "And you want that, don't you?" My traitorous mouth opened and I whispered, "Yes, Mistress." Her sly smile grew wider and she took the key laying on the table and threaded it onto a silver chain, slipping the key under her clothing. "Very good pet. Let us depart." She looked at me expectantly and I paid the 120.00 bill wincing. While I was more aroused than I had been in years, knowing her expensive tastes, I wasn't sure that the arousal was worth it. Something must have showed on my face and she whispers in my ear and she collects her wrap, "Oh slave I am more than worth it. After all, you've already experienced me. In. Your. Dreams." I remembered the mornings I woke up, the nightime ejaculations staining my sheets. They embarrassed me, as if I was a teenager again, unable to control myself. I realized that with this steel cage encasing me, that I wouldn't be able to orgasm without her removing it. She chuckled lightly and led the way to her car. She handed me the keys and whispered another word. I felt my mind frame change as I opened the passenger door, bowing to her and speaking only one word, 'Mistress', before I turned to open the driver's side and slide into the seat. I felt a little silly doing this, but it also felt like the most natural thing in the world. "Where to Mistress?" I asked her. She inclined her head and spoke in a commanding tone, "Take us home slave." It didn't occur to me at the time that I would be living with her.

When we arrived at home, a male opened the door, wearing only the steel cage that encased me and a heavy steel collar. As he turned I noticed a strange scar on his hip, recognizing it as the initial that she had on her fetbook profile picture. The male took her wrap from her as I trailed helplessly behind her. "Gregory, this is Peter. He will be joining us. Take him to the pink room and prepare Patricia in the clothing inside." She headed into a room full of books as Gregory looked at me appraisingly. "Well aren't you the lucky slave. She's been looking for someone to feminize for several months. I bet you will be a lovely maid for Mistress." He turned and I trailed helplessly behind the other slave. Little did I know what I was in for...


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