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by jessielynn


I am awakening.

I hear gentle music. A soft voice goes deep into my thoughts.
Something like "sexy calm," or "calm sexy..." I feel the headphones on
my ears.

I feel the silky mask over my eyes. I feel so calm and sexy...

My arms and legs feel so comfortable and secure, wrapped snugly in silky
material. My feet and knees are spread, so comfy...

I feel the air caressing over my body. My cock feels like it sticking
straight up. I feel so sexy and calm...

I hear a door open. Footsteps, the sound of high heels click up beside
me. I smell pretty perfume.

Fingers are caressing my chest...rolling my nipples gently...

The backs of enameled nails are dragging slowly down my tummy (Did I
just hear the music say pretty tummy?) The fingers continue downward,
teasing my cock...

The insides of my thighs are receiving gentle caresses...I am listening
myself moan, so calm and sexy...

The hand wraps around my "velvet purse" as the music guides me to think
of it. The hand rolls my creamy eggs around, my breathing quickens...

Another hand wraps around my very erect cock, my "sissy clitty" the song
says. Moaning from my chest, as my clitty is stroked.

I feel something wet on the tip of my clitty. A tongue slides around
the head, teasing it. Now I feel lips, sucking it in as the tongue
continues to swirl...

The mouth stops and the hands let go. I hear footsteps walk away, and
the door closes. The music is singing something about "slumber like a
baby," or "baby in slumberland." I'm drifting, sooooo deeply into
pretty baby slumberland....

I am awakening. The song in my ears is so lovely, something about
"sissy girl," or "prissy swirl..."

My knees are drawn up and back a bit, like toward my shoulders. I can
feel the tube up in slid up my bottom, my "wanting rosebud" like the
song says. There are soft shafts for my hands to wrap around and play
with, I explore up and down them, caressing over the soft heads.

Warm slippery is squirting up inside me, through the tube. The pretty
voice in my ears sings about "creamy in for pretty skin." I daydream of
becoming so pretty, my clitty straight up as I drift, sooo deeply...

I am awakening. The song sings about so "lovely to lick." I can see
the ceiling .

The door is opening, footsteps nearing. Lovely legs standing straight
above me. Knees by my ears. Pretty Lady thighs.

She sits down gently. Her bottom rests on my chin, it goes down and my
mouth opens.

Her pussy is so deliciously wet! I lick deep. I explore everywhere
with my tongue...

Her clit likes my licks. She is fucking my face, Her moans joining
mine. I want only to please her, as the song says...

Her thighs clench the sides of my head. I am so happy that She is
coming for my mouth. I feel her relax, and hear her sigh.

She stands. I'm proud. She is glistening with our juices.

I am drifting with the music, soooo deeply into sissy sleep...

I am awakening. I am listening to a pretty song. It's about
remembering my name, or not remembering my name. I sing with it, "La la
la la..." I don't think that that is my name, but it so pretty to sing

I am lying on my pretty tummy now. my arms, legs and back wrapped so
wonderfully to the bondage bench. I am angled up a bit, resting
forward. my head seems to be in some sort of harness, suspended up from
somewhere. i can angle my head downward somewhat, to see the penis
handles i'm holding. They are so pretty and fun to caress.

my velvet pouch is hanging down. my sissy clitty is ever-so
aroused...the top of it brushes a silky cushion when it twitches. "Oh,
to live in silky panties," like the song says...

A cushiony thing is now pressing where my pussy would be, if i were so
luck to have a pussy. It begins to vibrate, and i listen to myself

The song is changing. "So pretty to kiss a sissy clitty..." i daydream
and lick my lips...

The door opens. i hear the click of high heels walking toward me, and i
see a pretty sissy body. The skin is so smooth and creamy, i wish i had
smooth and creamy skin like that!

Garters and stockings frame a deliciously erect sissy clitty. Like the
song says, "Sissy clitty fun... Sissy clitty yum!"

The clitty comes forward, so ripe and glistening! Perfume fills my head
and i yearn. The clitty rubs along my pretty cheek, and i feel a wet
trail as it slides...

The sissy's hand caresses my cheek, and the sweet clitty-tip circles
around my lips like a lipstick. How wonderful, to be able to wear
lipstick and be so pretty!

The song is singing "So pretty to lick a clitty tip," and i do. Salty
sweet creamy treat. i licka licka licka to make it slicka slicka

"Make an O and make it grow," i make an O with my pretty lips. "The
slippery tip slides through my lips and sinks my macho battleships,"
whatever macho battleships are. i slide and glide and take it for a
slippery ride. i swirl and curl my tongue like the sexy sissy girl i

The pretty clitty pops out of my mouth as the sissy steps back. i
admire her pretty bottom as she turns and leaves. i will dream and
dream of making her cream, as i drift so wonderfully deeply...

i am awakening. i am surrounded by pretty sissies...am i dreaming?
they help me up, and walk me out of the room. we go down the hall, to a
wonderful warm lavender room.

Some of the sissies help me stay standing. others caress me with pretty
pink jelly. It feels icy-cold and warm. All of these hands caressing
all over my body! Ohhhh...

Now they turn oh showers, washing off all the jelly and all that old man
hair. So wonderful! their hands are full of lotion soaps, caressing my
smooth body all over and under. How could a sissy be so lucky?

Fluffy towel rubs, mmmmmmmmmm.

Earphones back on, they guide me to a little room. i kneel on a silky
pillow, and lean toward the cock-sucker nourishment tube. i wrap my
pretty lips around it and milk it. Creamy nourishment fills my mouth
and slides down to my tummy. The "pretty sissy fema-mins" will help me
look sooo sexy...

When i've had just enough to help me get my strength back, my sissy-ters
guide me toward my new room. It's pink and soft. they slip me between
the silky sheets, and i receive a kiss on the cheek nightie-nite. So
lovely, so dreamy...

i am awakening. i remember my name! It's "pan-tease." Makes my clitty
twitch to have such a sexy name.

my silky-smooth body feels so delightful in the silky-smooth sheets. So
rested, time for my sissiercise session. Down to the slenderizing room.

The bikes are in a circle, so that we can admire each other as we sweat
our sweetness to the surface. A nudie-sissy-fest!

It is nye-lon's turn for the pleasure bike seat. she perches her pretty
bottom carefully over the slippery vibrating cocka-do-will-do-her, and
rests her rosebud gently on top of it. she squirms for a while, sliding
gently downward. Moaning, she begins to pedal. Erect, we gaze at her
twitchy clitty and start pedaling too.

i am looking at the laptop screen in front of me. i SO enjoy doing my
sissy training! And i'm learning about such exciting things! my
clitty's ALWAYS big and yearning.

i want to be the best sissy i can be. i look forward to the opportunity
to serve someone, with "sissy licks and my special tricks," as the song

Sissiercise and pretty mind training are done for now. i may do this
again tomorrow. i wonder if i'll remember doing it today?

we shower, such fun! "i soap you, you soap me, we're such pleasuring
sissies..." Fluffy towel dry, lotion and powder, oh my!

Sitting in the nummy room, enjoying our greens and grains. i feel so
wonderfully healthy! i'm slender, my skin glows pink and i feel so full
of energy!

"Dessert time," a Lady says, taking my hand. She guides me to a room, i
seem to remember it from sometime...She lies me down on the padded
bench. Now She slides the partial chair on either side of my head. i
see her lovely pussy, as it moves to meet my mouth. Yum! "Lickety
split makes happy lips." i lick her high, lick her low, slurp and suck
and go go go! She fucks my face, starting to race. She comes and
comes. i am so proud

She stands and looks at looks at my tummy. "sissy-clit erect!" She
commands. i am SO hard!

She straddles my hips, guides me up into her lovliness. She grinds down
on me, and starts to hump and bump. Such pleasure! She caresses my
chest as She enjoys her afternoon ride.

Now She's yelling, clenching. Now She's slumped forward over me, all
sweet and sweaty and giggling. i giggle with her. i cuddle with her
and smile up at her. i pleasured her for a long time, and didn't squirt
any creamy into her. i'm saving that for someone special. i wonder

She leaves. i walk back to my room, practicing my sexy walk. i roll my
hips sensuously, being conscious of each seductive step i take.

i sit at my pink fluffy vanity, and practice my make-up. i can do it so
well now! my eyes, my cheeks, my pouty lips...my soft curls frame my
face prettily. my nails are long and have lovely polish. i want to be
the picture-perfect sissy, like the song says...

"Nappy-time, happy time, time for sissy's nappy time..." i slip
between the satin sheets, sexy and calm. i am such a happy sissy!
Drifting into silky dreamland...

i am awakening. i feel so sexy! Like the song says, "Sway and play,
delicious day!"

i apply my makeup, looking entranced into the mirror at the pretty
sissy. Now i see the presents, garters, ever-so-sheer stockings, and
pretty high heels. i seem to remember practicing in heels before, so i
can strut like the sexy sissy i am.

i slide the stockings up my creamy legs, and attach them to the
garters. i am SO clitty-up!

Walking down the hall, i come to a door. The song guides me in.

There is a newbie sissy, bound so silkily to the training table. she
still has hair on her body, oh what delights await her! her eyes are
covered with a pretty mask. she is listening to her earphones, and

i leave the door open for a moment, so the breeze will send my purrfume
over to excite her. Now i close the door, and click my heels to stand
by her. my fingers slide over her boyish breasts, rub the nipples till
they become little erections...slide the backs of my enameled nails
downward over her tummy...dreaming that a pretty sissy pleasured me this

i kneel down on the silky pillow next to the low table. Cup her velvet
purse in my hand, and roll her sissy eggs round and round...my silky
fingers wrap her sissy clitty, stroke up and down...her clitty tip so
ripe and glistening... i slick lick the tip, yumma yumma, now lipstick
and suck...she moans so prettily, her voice becoming sweeter and higher
already... i slurp her, work her up and down like a pro you
know...rising her passion...

And bring my head back with a slurping pop. her hips rocking, wanting
more...she has suck pleasures in store...her moans delight me so...

i stand, turn, and click out of the room. More pleasures await down the

i click into another room. An entranced sissy leans forward on another
training table, her head encased in a suspended leather harness. A
hummer excites her pussy place. her hands play absent-mindedly with the
sissy-clit handles.

i click my heels till i stand in front of her. she gazes at my thighs,
my clitty with yearning. i let my perfume fill her head...

And step forward, my clitty tip caressing her cheek. i SO enjoy
training her, such pleasures await her.

i caress her cheek with one hand and guide my clitty tip around her soft
lips with the other. her lips glisten with my signature lipstick. her
tongue springs free, and licka licka lickas me. she is learning to
please so prettily!

i see her mouth make an O, and know it's time for fun to flow. Her
mouth slurps me in. i rock and jerk and let her slurp.

i feel so proud, controlling my creamy the way i do. i'm saving it for
someone very special.

i step back and hear her mouth pop, i watch her jaw drop. So happy at
how she enjoyed that so...

Click out of the room, glancing back to see her gazing at my sexy
bottom. Down the hall and back to my room. Out of my pretties and
'tween the sheets. Time to dream such pretty dreams...

i am awakening. Imagining something very special.

Rise, and make my face ever-so-pretty in the mirror. Back on my
beddie-bye, there are stocking and garters...and something Oh! So!
Special! Pretty pink panties, silky-sheer, with lace trim! Clitty hops
as i scurry over.

i fasten my garter belt, pull up my silky stockings and hook them snug.
Now Pretty Pink slides up my thighs and over my hips! Oh, delish! So
proud, all pokey-out in front, such a happy sissy i am.

Slip on my pretty black high heels, and click down the hall. Now taking
some new turns, it seems...

i step through a door, in a garage. A Woman hold the back door of a van
open for me, i step up and in. Here is a pretty pink kitty-bed, big
enough for me. "Calm and sexy...sexy and calm..." The song seems like
an oldie-but-goodie... i curl up like a sweet kitten, whirl up like soft
mittens, dreamy sexy kitten dreams...

i am awakening. i rise and step out of the van, door opened by the nice
Lady. Clicking my heels through a different garage and another door.

This room is elegant and oh-so-familiar! The Lady from the van leads me
by the hand to another Lady. This must be my special Person. And She
seems familiar, ever-so...

"Marcie, this is Your sissy, pan-tease," the van Lady says. i know to
curtsey and blush, and smile so prettily for Her.

Marcie walks slowly 'round me. Her fingers trace up the backs of my
stockings and my pretty pink panty-bottom. She caresses up the front of
my thighs, tickles under my clitty-throb. "you are just DARLING,"
Marcie says. She seems so happy, and i am so happy!

"Take her for a spin," the van Lady says. "I'm going to freshen up a
bit. Just call when you're ready."

Marcie walks over to a large stuffed chair and sits. "Kneel," She says,
pointing to a silky pillow at Her feet. i am gladly on my knees in
front of Her.

She lifts Her skirt and opens Her thighs. "Lean forward," and i eagerly
move forward onto my hands, Her moist pussy barely a whiff from my
nose. "Lick," a word i so like...

i tease to please, licking her thighs till She rolls Her eyes. i lick
Her slick, don't miss a trick. Munch a bunch, yum on my tongue. Lappa
lap, Her feet ride my back. Whirly twirl, slurpy suck. Marcie's moans
tell me i'm a good sissy, pleasing Her so...

Slip a finger inside, to help Her ride. Circle finger on Her "Gee!"
spot. Circling Her clitty with slippery underside of my tongue, feeling
Her getting ready...

She bucks and fucks my pretty mouth. Cumma Cumma COMING!!! So happy,
She keeps Cumma Cumma COMING!!!

She slumps. My head rests on Her knee, Her pretty little puppy...

She looks down into my eyes. "I'm so glad that you are here, My pretty
pan tease." Her eyes are moist and misty.

"i am so happy here too," i sigh and cry. Tears stream down my cheeks,
so filled with joy.

The van Lady brings in a suitcase. "you may put your pretties away
now," She says. i click up the stairs, as They talk pleasantly.

Everything seems so familiar. i know just where to go. i put my
nylons, garters and panties in the right dresser drawers, and go in to
freshen my makeup.

"Marcie was probably married," i muse in the mirror. Probably some
powerful busy-ness guy, who probably never knew his sissy side. Some
guy who loved exploiting people, probably including Marcie. Probably
some guy named dan pease...

Such a cruel name, dan pease. i would much rather be called pan tease,
it's so much prettier...

i giggle to myself. Wonder what some guy named dan pease would think,
being trance-formed into a sexy sissy? he would probably react in
horror. Probably be so embare-assed and humiliated, tears of shame
would roll down his face. i giggle again. It is so wonderful to be a
happy sissy, so free from that terrible life. The pleasures dan pease
would miss, if he never awakened like this...

i click downstairs to the kitchen, make Marcie the best dinner ever!
She is so happy, and i am so pleased to see her this way. She deserves
to be happy, to have the best sissy there is!

She invites me to dine with her, and i do. She asks me of my
adventures, and i tell her what i remember. She listens happily, and
looks at me adoringly. i am so happy she is pleased. i feel so loved,
and love Her so...

i go to clean up, and bring her back an after-dinner drink. i do like a
spotless kitchen, so i clean and clean.

i stand before her, smiling attentively. "Come, let's go to bed," She

We walk up the stairs and to our room. Take off our clothes and slip
under the covers. She looks lovingly into my eyes.

"Make love to me," She says invitingly. i kiss her over her cheeks and
mouth, tongues dancing. i move and tease between Her thighs with my
smooth hips.

my face travels down. Her neck stretches to receive my kisses and
licks. Tongue-swirl Her nipples, knead her lovely breasts. Tease her
tummy, please her wet tickle spot. Now slide up, ready for passion.

i slip into Her, She sighs with pleasure. Gentle, heartfelt ride.
Tender and passionate, rising ever-so in tempo. Bumping, thumping, wild
love-making. She grips me into Her with Her ankles. She is screaming
with wonderful orgasm. "Come" She screams, and i do. Spurts and spurts
and spurts, fill her with love cream.

"you are beautiful," She says. "You are wonderful," i reply. "i am so
blessed to be here with You."

Her head on my chest, we cuddle tenderly. i caress her hair, sing her
tender lullabies...

Her breathing deepens, She's beginning to drift off. i wrap my arms
around her, so close and warm. i am drifting too, into wondrous dreams
of Love...



you a story is erotic and staggeringly well written when the subject material is not to your taste but you find yourself wrapped up enjoying it until the end and left not only hungering for more but horny as hell :D

kudos! :D

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