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My cucks journal

by itssirtou

My cucks journal

(this is My hotwife's cuck talking about her, a friend of mine who films us, and I, her BULL & Master)

Dear Journal,
At first all Wwe could see on the screen was Merna’s gorgeous brown hair swaying back and forth with the movement of her head then as the camera pulled back a little I could see her face and soon it became obvious that my wife's considerable Cock sucking skills are being put to use for her mouth was wrapped around what was possibly the biggest Black Cock– the longest and thickest – I'd ever seen.
As the camera pulled back further the scene came into full view. My lovely young BBW brunette wife was on her knees in our living room servicing Master, who happened to be one of her company’s Managers, and her Master outside of her office hours. Merna was wearing the slinkiest of black teddies, his favorite, and as Master gently moved her hair aside, I caught my first glimpse of the wide black leather studded slave collar around her sweet throat and the thin guide leash dangling from it.
As my sexy wife attempted to Deep Throat Master's Black Cock, he peppered her with lurid questions that, with her mouth and throat clogged with his Dick, she obviously couldn't answer. “You love sucking on my big Black Cock don't you, Merna?” “You'd love to do this forever wouldn't you, My sweet little slave?”
When my wife momentarily pulled her mouth away from his Cock in order to answer him, strands of candy-like precome stretched from her deep red lipsticked lips to her Masters BBC. When her answer of course, was a breathy “yes”, I knew she was telling the absolute truth.
Then her deep throating ritual continued, with occasional breaks to lap at Master's very large balls. A minute later a shadow fell over her and a tall medium-skinned Black Man stepped into the picture. I knew this one to; he was a coworker of Merna's, named James. His blatantly erect Black Cock was a good 8 inches long, but unlike Masters it was very thin. At Master's command, Merna released his Cock and turned on her knees to give her mouth to this new Dick. As she started to suck it, Master crouched behind her, and soon her slick bald pussy was being slowly invaded by his thick hunk of dark meat. Groaning and moaning around James's Dick, Merna began to move rhythmically, fucking back at her Master like the pro she'd become.
When James came he blew a substantial load of cream all over Merna's lips and nose, and then spoon fed this semen to her with his fingers and his Dick. The look in her chocolate brown eyes was one of both hunger and adoration as she gulped down all the seed she could.
Meanwhile Master was still pounding her from behind, reaching around to clutch at her tits with one hand while still holding her leash with the other. When he finally deposited his load in Merna's cunt, I saw the frothy, come run out of her pussy and slide down her thighs.
Then Master and James had Merna beg for more of their Cock which she did with convincing sincerity. The men switched places, and the double fucking began again. I wonder if Merna could even feel James's thin rod after what Master had inside her only minutes before. Nonetheless, she seemed to enjoy each and every second of what they were doing. Her mouth having been reunited with her Masters large Cock, worked to pleasure it with what I can only call enthusiastic joy. The thickness of his pole seemed to drive her on as she covered his dark Cock and smooth balls, with copious amounts of her saliva.
When James pulled out of her after shooting off deep in her pussy, Master told her no uncertain terms just what she was now expected to do. Not hesitating for a second, she rose and slowly straddled her masters shining Cock.

Then, squatting down, she parted her cunt lips and began depositing huge amounts of white spunk all over and around his Cock and balls. When she had milked out as much jism as she could, she backed off and waited for further direction. Her beautiful brown eyes overflowed with excitement and anticipation.
Then her Master spoke “you know where you belong, don't you slave?” he said
“Yes, My Master” she said, not much more than breathing it. The words had barely passed her ruby lips, when she was once again at his crotch, this time lovingly lifting his come covered member to her hungry mouth. She began to feed, carefully licking and sucking every morsel of the cream, she had deposited there and panting for more. The scene was beyond anything I'd ever seen, or even dreamed about and my little pecker was as hard as it could get. When Merna had slurped up in and swallowed every drop of his and James’s come, Master positioned her on the carpet on her knees and elbows, and James returned greasing up his long Black Cock with gel. I knew what was coming now and was a bit jealous as Merna had never let me take her in the ass. With these two BBC’s however, she evidently had rid herself of any such reservations.
She was told to hold her cheeks apart and Master rubbed her clit as a diversion, while James's long Black Cock made its way up her tight, fat butt. When it at last disappeared, he wasted no time pumping away fucking her deep and rhythmically. Her cries of sexual pleasure filled every inch of our house, and I had to wonder fleetingly if the neighbors noticed. After James had come in her backside, Merna immediately begin to beg for Master to take her ass that way as well. I doubted that she could take his thick Cock there, but she seemed to have no such reservations. While he smeared lube on his prong she smashed her face into the floor pillow wagging her butt and moaning for him to please fuck her. It took time and effort butt, gradually Master worked his thick Cock up inside her narrow passage while Merna whimpered with pleasure and pushed back at him, urging him on. Then he was deep inside her and fucking her harder and harder while she threw back her head and shouted her joy to the world. At that point the tape full of faded to black
I turned to look at my wife sitting beside me on the sofa and she met my gaze with a big smile then looked at my padlocked chastity cage which was damp with pre-come, and shook her finger mockingly and told me to go clean myself up, and on my way to the bathroom I heard her say, “by the way honey, happy birthday, …I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”
I stopped and turned to look at her, “Merna,” I said, “you know perfectly well my birthday isn't until December.”. Merna ejected the disc in the player. “Oh really?” she said, “well,…then I guess I get to keep on making these things until then… you don't mind do you?” “No” I said smiling back at her,” I don't mind at all”
And that was a couple of years ago. Since then, Merna now likes to come home with her cunt and ass still full of her Masters warm cum, when he lets her,of course that she makes me to clean up fresh from both her well used holes. Sometimes she calls Master up, and tells him how good of a job her little cuckolded husband is doing, cleaning up the sperm of a real man from the holes of his now satisfied hotwife and her Masters slave. Sometimes that kind of talk to our Master makes her come again all over my face while I'm cleaning her.
I now love my life, my wife and my Master especially since now Master lets me clean his thick pole after he's drilled my wife when he comes over and let me stay to watch.


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