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Wrestling with Change Chapter 7

by outkast1728

Wrestling with Change Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Trick or Treat

Terrance was such a fixture at the Wainwright household that it was nothing for him to walk right in the backdoor at anytime. He strolled though the kitchen offering a cursory hello to Cameron’s mom as she cleaned up the remains of dinner, the smell of roast still heavy in the air. In silence he ascended the stairs to his friend’s room realizing that this was the first time with his current purpose not only in mind, but possible. He paused at the bedroom door, his hand shaking slightly as he reached to the golden brass knob. With just a crack he could see inside and his determination was set, his fantasy a reality. Cam was wearing the singlet and the shoes, looking as hot as ever with his cock pushing out in the singlet, forming a mountainous volcano that Terrance promised himself he would see erupt. He pushed the door open with deliberate slowness, knowing the old hinges would produce a satisfying squeal of protest and they did not disappoint.
Cameron spun to face him, shock and embarrassment flashing across his face almost as quickly as his hands moved to cover his crotch. He stumbled backwards against his bed and fell over it, twisting through the air and pulling his comforter down over himself as he landed with a thump on the floor.
“Holy shit Trick you nearly gave me a heart attack! What the hell are you doing here?” Cameron growled as he got back to his feet, but kept the blanket wrapped around his body.
“I was going to ask you the same thing, but I think I already know the answer.” Trick answer slyly as he sat down on the bed. “So Cowboy’s letting you borrow his singlet now in addition to the shoes?” He asked as he reached out and pulled the blanket open slightly, revealing a bright flash of red and blue lycra.
Cameron quickly pulled the comforter back tight around him, doing his best to hide his still painfully erect cock. “Yeah umm, I asked if I could take it home to uhhh show my folks.”
“Is that so? And I guess you still couldn’t get the shoes off either?” he asked nudging his foot with one of his own even as he pulled his own shirt off over his head.
“Yeah, I mean no, Ricky wasn’t much help with that.” Cam said cautiously now eyeing Trick’s exposed pale and slender torso.
“Oh well maybe I could give it another go?” Trick slipped down to his knees in front of Cameron.
Cameron hesitated but ultimately thought there was no harm in letting him try, after all he hadn’t had any luck figuring the shoes out before practice. He fell back on top of his bed and raised one leg to give his friend clear access to his foot, though he was careful keep the blanket held tight to his spandex clad body.
With barely concealed malevolence, Trick took the offered foot in his hand, cradling its long altered form in his grip. He made a brief show of trying to puzzle the clasp out again while he was really just memorizing every detail of the footwear, right down to its scent. When he was ready, quickly, and in one swift motion he grasped the buckle and squeezed while pulling at the heel. Before Cameron even realized what was happening his enlarged paw was exposed and Trick was grinning triumphantly. He still held onto the shoe rather than tossing it aside and he held it up to his face again. Just as he had done in the locker room he placed it securely over his mouth and nose, breathing in deeply and lapping up the rich and slightly musky scent. With each inhalation he felt himself grow more aroused and his dick shifted as it gradually thickened in his boxers.
In his shock and amazement that the shoe had been so quickly and easily removed, Cameron neglected to hold his makeshift cloak shut and his own rigid member was also fully revealed to his teammate. He watched in wide-eyed disbelief as Trick continued to stroke his fur covered paw with one hand while holding the now superfluous shoe over his nose. Cam’s shock dissolved away into lust as he realized Trick was getting off on this stuff, the sudden shifting in his shorts offering more than enough proof to this fact. A wicked grin played across his face as he wiggled his fur covered toes before his friend’s eyes. He pulled back to free his exposed paw from his grasp and simply raised his opposite foot and waived the other shoe in Trick’s face. He stared at it as if hypnotized before dropping the loose shoe and grabbing at the newly offered one. In seconds the remaining footwear was pulled free and Cameron watched his pal lift that one to his nose and as with the previous one breathe deeply of its scent, his eyes fluttering with pleasure as he drank it in.
Eventually though Trick had to set the shoe aside, if only to focus on the set of massive black paws that lay before him. Cameron continued to smile in amazement while wiggling his newly formed toes in front of his best friend. He had no idea that Trick had feelings like this, too. He had occasionally caught him checking out the other guys in the locker room or in the showers after a match but all the guys did that at least a little bit. The quirky grin that spread across Trick’s usually passive face spoke volumes to how enthralled he was by the fur covered feet and his blatantly swelling package told Cam all he needed to know of Trick’s ultimate intentions. Trying very hard not laugh or squirm as his paws were examined in strong hands, fingers probing between his toes and tracing around the thick new pads that had formed on his soles, Cam rather enjoyed the attention that he was receiving. He lay back on his bed and closed his eyes as he received perhaps the best foot massage of his life so far.
Trick was sure he had died and gone to heaven. Just getting to touch these incredible feet, these paws, was driving him absolutely wild. He explored every inch of these odd appendages with his fingers, discovering how they fit together, how the bent and flexed until he eventually brought both paws up to his face and actually started nuzzling them with his nose and chin. It was amazing how soft the rich black fur was and how it contrasted with the rough callused pads on Cameron’s toes. He struggled to resist the urge to actually lick his feet and instead took deep lung-filling breaths of his intoxicating scent. He looked past the feet at his friend sprawled out on the bed, his cock pitching the most impressive of tents in the thin spandex of the singlet. His own prick felt painfully constrained by comparison, his jean shorts keeping it bent over and held back too tight for comfort. He managed to spare one of his hands for the task up unbuttoning his fly and tugging down the zipper before wiggling his shorts down to his knees.
Finally he was able to enjoy the sensations from his own groin as much as Cameron was clearly enjoying his, his silky black boxers standing out proudly with some help from his engorged member. He had a more adventurous idea of how to proceed though. He slowly pulled both massive paws in close to his body, rubbing their luscious fur across his chest even as Cam wiggled his toes creating a pleasant tickle across his hardened nipples. He pulled the feet lower dragging the foot pads across his abs until he had them in his lap resting on either side of his bulging underwear. His friend was quick to clue in to the situation and he began to use his paws to massage over Trick’s rigid pole.
Cameron propped himself up on his elbows a bit so he could watch as he fondled Trick with his feet. Trick was breathing heavily as he started to thrust his hips up into the probing touch. His hands were still ranging through the soft black fur and the tickling feeling made Cameron smile especially as the sensation coupled with the arousal he felt welling up in his own groin. The touch on his pads changed slightly though when his teammate paused long enough to shed his boxers, ultimately using Cam’s feet to stroke his cock. Falling back down against the bed, Cameron let his eyes flutter and his hands seemed to move of their own accord, sliding down his chest and over the ripples of his abs before finding purchase on the straining shaft of his cock as it bulged outward in the singlet.
By this point it was nearly impossible to think straight and Trick was moving purely on instinct. His friend’s massive feet pressed in upon his junk and he guided those incredible paws up and down his shaft. With his cock as hard as he had ever been in his life Trick bucked his hips against Cameron’s pads practically fucking the stud’s feet. He looked up through blurry eyes and watched as his teammate’s large strong hands caressed his lycra clad body, slipping over and between his thighs, massaging his waist with his fingertips and ultimately tugging on the hugely swollen rod as he jerked himself off through the uniform.
Trick actually found his mouth watering as he watched Cam’s hand stroke up and down his spandex covered shaft, pulling and tugging on the singlet as it stretched over his swollen head, a crystal clear drop of pre forming in its tip as it forced its way through the fabric. It was all enough to melt his resolve and he suddenly found himself spraying a massive load of cum all over Cam’s black furry paws. A much stronger desire quickly replaced the euphoria he felt as he placed his friend’s legs over his shoulders and scooted closer to the edge of the bed. His cheeks burned with the contact of Cam’s thighs, warmed by the friction of the singlet as he slid closer only to bury his face deep in the crevasse of his buddy’s crotch.
Cameron shuddered as a chill went up his spine. He was so lost in pleasuring himself that the hot rush spunk soaking his feet barely registered. The sensation of Trick’s breath seeping through the singlet and blowing across his balls actually startled him though. He looked down past his impossibly hard prick and watched as Trick nuzzled his face info his groin, nipping at the singlet with his lips and pinching the over stimulated flesh beneath it. Cam had gotten guys down on the mat before and he had locked in the occasional embarrassing hold that ended with his junk in their faces and had always taken a kind of savage pleasure in it. This however, this was different, even compared to what he and Ricky had done in the locker room the previous afternoon and the other times he had managed to get himself some head. He had known Trick for most of his life and had never seen him go at anything with such passion. The pure animal lust with which he attacked Cameron’s throbbing manhood was unbelievable and Cameron found himself digging his hands into the bed sheets just to hold on.
The heat was building on his cock as he thrust his hips up into Trick’s face, a hot damp mixture of pre and saliva soaking into the spandex singlet. I distant part of his mind briefly thought of the fact that this was Ricky’s uniform that he was about to cum in but he didn’t have time to dwell on it. Trick had clamped his lips down on the swollen head of his cock, sucking furiously through the blue singlet and trying to drive as much of Cameron’s tented shaft into the back of his throat. Cameron bit down onto his lower lip strong enough to draw blood, it was the only thing that kept him from screaming out in ecstasy. His prick was absolutely on fire as everything seemed to tighten around it, squeezing down on his tool only to burst through in a massive explosion of cum and pleasure.
Trick was shocked at how quickly things had changed from fantasy to reality. He couldn’t count the number of times he had dreamed of this or jacked off after practice while thinking of Cam. Now here he was with his mouth pressed down tight over his friends cock, sucking it through the singlet and he couldn’t get enough. The salty tastes flooding though the fabric and sliding across his tongue, the heady fragrance of masculine sexuality filling his nostrils, the alternating smoothness of the fabric and rougher abrasion of his hairy legs brushing over his ears he bobbed in and out on Cam’s dick, all of it was a sensory overload that blotted out the world around them and even his own actions as he furiously stroked his own shaft, which had gone completely stiff again.
The sweat dripping down his brow was quickly absorbed by the lycra as he pressed deeper into gloriously hard cock. Trick’s jaw ached with the strain of trying to wrap his lips around every in of that massive manhood that was finally available to him. In fact his entire head pounded as blood rushed to keep pace with his rapidly beating heart. His ears popped repeatedly as he stretched his mouth to the limit and slurped up every ounce of fluid Cam could produce. His entire body seemed to swell up to match his arousal, every muscle twitching with excitement and much too quickly he felt it rising to a crescendo. Cameron’s orgasm surprised him with its supreme heat and sheer quantity of cum his second climax shot onto the rug, perfectly synchronized to the streams of hot spunk flowing down the back of his throat.
Cameron felt himself floating in a euphoric haze, his eyes fluttering open as he pulled himself back from a state of utter contentment. He could still feel the weight of Trick’s head resting heavily on his junk. Just the mere thought of what he had experienced caused his dick to twitch again. A satisfied grin spread across his face as he rolled his head to the side and glanced at his alarm clock. His smile vanished though as he read the time, it was nearly four in the morning! He sat up slightly to find Trick still nuzzled up against crotch sleeping soundly, his arms over his head. Thankfully he was well past the stage where his parents would check up on him and it was not uncommon for his friend to stay the night, otherwise this situation might have been awkward to explain.
Reaching down he shook his teammate by the shoulder, “Hey Trick, hey buddy. Come on wake up.”
Terrance began to stir, stretching his arms out even as he mouthed Cam’s crotch again, “Oh man what time is it?” He mumbled into the singlet.
“It’s almost four, now come on, move it. I have to use the… ohhh shhhit.” Cameron trailed off as Trick lifted his head to look at him.
‘What?” He yawned, “What is it Cam?”
Cameron blinked in disbelief, especially as his friend yawned, his long tongue curling out of his muzzle and large pointed ears lying back against his head. “Oh this is too much,” he muttered, a smile reappearing on his own face as he looked past Trick and wiggled the toes on his own reformed paws. He shook his head, laughing a bit as he reached out and put his hand beneath Trick’s extended chin; he lifted his head slightly and turned him to the side until he was looking into his wardrobe mirror.
“Holy fuck!” Trick exclaimed and fell the rest of the way off the bed. He scrambled on his hands and knees over to the mirror, actually bumping his altered nose into the glass as he got up close.
Most of his head was unchanged but his jaw had extended outward by several inches along with his nose. His cheeks twitched as he flexed his jaws and examined the set of sharp fang-like teeth he now possessed. His nose itself had flattened out and changed to a cold wet black which stood out quite well against the short white fur that covered the rest of his mouth. The fur really had only spread across his new muzzle, fading out across his cheeks, at least until it got to his ears. The alabaster fur blended in quite well with his short blond hair, the large pointed ears though did not blend in at all. Trick was quite surprised that as his expression changed his ears would actually move about. The shock was gradually wearing off but the curiosity was building. He turned back to look at Cameron who still sat on the bed with a stupid smirk on his face.
“Ok so what’s the gag here? How are you doing this, your feet and Cowboy’s body, too?” Trick asked, stroking his hand along the underside of his altered chin.
“It’s no gag, Ricky thinks– wait a minute, you saw Ricky? When?”
“Before practice. I was watching the two of you in the weight room.” Trick said feeling his larger ears warm as he blushed.”
“Is that so? Liked what you saw did ya?” Cameron quirked an eyebrow as he stood up. The singlet was still plastered to his body with a thick layer of spunk and spit, his cock held tightly against his lower abs as he felt it pulse slightly.
Trick sat on the floor looking up at his buddy, his gaze absolutely transfixed by the sight of the form fitting fabric coating his muscles and his dick like a second skin. His mouth hung open and his longue had lolled out to the side as he actually panted, “You bet your ass I did, especially that cock of his. Speaking of which,” he added scooting closer and running a hand up along Cameron’s thigh and bringing it to rest on the ridge created by his tool, “seemed to me like yours could probably measure up, after all you know what they say about the size of a man’s feet.”
“Whoa easy there boy,” Cameron said with a laugh, “You’re gonna get me going again.”
Trick just licked his chops, “That’s the general idea.” He slid his hand back down along his teammate’s quads before slipping his fingers under the hem of the singlet’s leg opening. Gradually he inched his hand up under the tight garment until his fingertips were actually grazing Cam’s balls. He moved to grab a hold of his plump throbbing meat when he stopped abruptly.
“Hey, what did you stop for?” Cameron frowned as he looked down at the smaller man. Trick just smiled wickedly and arched his eyebrows, inclining his head toward Cam’s crotch slightly.
Cameron took that to mean he wanted him to take the singlet off and he was only too eager to comply. He stretched the shoulder straps out and very slowly pulled the stretchy fabric down over his chest. He continued to peel it away from his torso when he finally freed his cock, “Ohh Yeah!” He practically screamed out.
As he dropped the singlet lower, instead of revealing his cock, a dark black fur covered sheath was exposed. Trick pulled the uniform the rest of the way down his legs for him and tossed it up on the bed. Cameron was breathing heavily with excitement as he stared at his own equipment, the tug of the sheath where it joined his abdomen, the heavy weight of his larger nuts, it was all real and it was all him. He grabbed the soft black fur in his hand and moaned as he felt his prick thicken in response. He ran his hand up and down through the fur and watched in wide eyed amazement as his cock slowly began to emerge. His knees nearly buckled and it was all he could to do to stay on his feet as he felt the deep red spire of flesh slide its way out of the sheath, cool air stirring gently across its smooth, moist skin.
Trick was just as enthralled by the sight and his mouth started to water with desire. He gave Cam a moment to enjoy himself but he didn’t wait long before he joined in on the fun. His longer tongue shot out of his mouth as he drew in close and it slapped across his dick with greater dexterity. Trick’s new nose was picking the musky scents around them with such ease and his improved ears could almost hear the blood pounding into Cameron’s rapidly stiffening member. Before long, eight inches of canine cock stood proudly from his sheath, globs of pre sliding down its glistening vein covered length. Without the slightest hesitation Trick once again forced his face into his friend’s crotch this time his longer muzzle aiding his ability to take in every inch of that iron-like rod. Cameron flinched in momentary astonishment but quickly gave way to full cooperation rocking his hips back and forth as he plunged in and out of Trick’s mouth in rapid succession. Not surprisingly it was only a matter of minutes before Trick once again felt the hot rush of Cam’s seed shooting into his maw. It was after he had pulled back, gasping for breath, that he got the full picture of his friend’s new piece, knot and all.
Cameron was equally taken by the nature of his changes but not enough to ignore his obligation to his teammate. He dropped to his knees and eagerly offered Trick a world-class blowjob getting him to shoot another full load. The two of them could hardly keep their hands off of each other as they shifted into a sixty nine position and both came yet again. By the time they both managed to cool down the first few rays of the dawn sun were creeping over Cam’s bedroom window sill. Badly in need of some clean up, they took turns using Cameron’s bathroom while he did his best to explain Ricky’s theories about their altered appearances to Trick. Having rinsed out the singlet he pulled it back on under his clothes and replaced the shoes on his feet as well. He found an old hoodie that Trick’s smaller frame practically swam in but the oversized hood effectively covered his ears and muzzle. Finally ready to go he grabbed his cell phone off the dresser and noticed he had a text message waiting.
“Oh sweet, Cowboy wants to meet me in the wrestling room before school. I can’t wait till he sees you.” Cameron said reaching over to shake Trick by his fuzzy white muzzle.
“Yeah? Well I think I’d like to ‘see’ him too.” Trick responded with a short barking laugh before stepping up to Cam and giving his groin a firm grope.
Cam would have been hard pressed not to get the meaning of that statement, even without his dick swelling in response.


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