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My abdl story

by Bigmooseman

My abdl story

Ever since I was around 8 years old I've always had a diaper fascination, but recently I've had the urge to be a baby alot more. It all started when I found the abdl community, at first I thought i was alone and that I was wierd for liking diapers. But here my story begins I was on the Internet just killing time when I went on google and mashed the keyboard and spelled ABDL so I just hit enter not thinking that anything would come up but instead of nothing I found a glorious part of the Internet where I could express myself I didn't find much to do there ,but read very erotic stories and look at people in diapers but this is just the beginning I will update my stories with my findings and events that has happened this is the beginning of a long jorny in which I hope I can find just what I'm looking for but I don't know what that is yet so when I poke around some more I will come back


Re: My abdl story - boomsmee

This really isn't a story. This belongs as a journal entry rather than in stories.

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