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How i became a whore

by Airman1030

How i became a whore

Hello to the world that I once knew and was a big part of. I say was because i am now not allowed access to that world. I have been held by the same group of Women now for the past 3 years. Actually the chances are that if you are reading this then you are now in a similar boat as me. If that’s true then all I can say is I’m sorry that I couldn’t have gotten this information out sooner but I wasn‘t allowed to write this down until now. This is my story of how i went from being a free, rich man and the ruler of my world to a life of complete subjugation and servitude to The All Mighty Goddess Kay.

As a side note to those who may know me from my previous life, a rescue mission would be admirable but futile. I’m beyond rescue that all that will happen is that you will end up with the fate as me. I can no longer live with my Goddess. Now here is my story for your pleasure, entertainment or information.


Let me set this all up for you. My name is…….was Mark O’Laughlin and I owned and ran a small bank in Boston Massachusetts. As you may have guessed money was no problem for me. I had more money then I could ever spend in my life. With no wife and no kids all I had was my work, my money and my friends. My life wasn’t ideal but I never went without anything that I wanted. I made all of my money through investments before I opened the bank when I was only 24 years old. I would invest in everything from restaurants to internet startup companies. I always though that being rich and successful would attract the ladies to me but the only ones I ever met were only interested in my money.

Now fast forward four more years and that’s when my life was change forever. This all started on April 17th 2008 (which was actually my 28th birthday). I had gone out with some friends and drank a bit more than I probably should have. We were having a good time though and that‘s all that mattered to me. I flew myself and ten friends out to Las Vegas on my private jet. When we landed at the Airport I had a stretch limousine there to pick us up with a fully stocked wet bar. Our first stop was at the Luxor Hotel and Casino where I had booked our rooms. I picked up $110,000 in chips and gave everyone (including myself) $10,000 worth of chips to play with. The one rule was that if they finished with a profit then I get my $10,000 back but the rest was their’s to keep. Hey, I didn’t get rich by just giving money away.

I went to play Texas Hold’em Poker and after 2 hours I was up $80,000. I just love that game. Being up as much as I was I felt it was time to walk away and try some other games. I always like Black Jack too. I tipped the dealer $1,000 and asked her to “color me up” before I left. As I was heading to the Black Jack Table I noticed a sign for an X-Rated Hypnotist that would be performing that night at the hotel. I had always been curious about hypnosis and figured that my friends and I could go watch all the people doing what ever they do at these shows.

I met up with my friends and most of them weren’t fairing too well with their gambling but my buddy Joey was up $20,000 from the original $10,000 that he started with. I mentioned the hypnotist and they all laughed. They all said that it was fake and staged and they didn’t want to go to see it. They all wanted to go to a strip club instead and I had to agree that that sounded like more fun at this point.

We ended up going to a very nice Gentleman’s Club that was about 5 miles off the strip. This was one of those $15 for a domestic beer and $300 lap dances type of place. I bought two lap dances for myself and my friends bought their own. We had a fund day. My friends even got the ladies to take me on stage for a special dance. The crowd got into it and the ladies were amazing but I kept thinking about the hypnosis show at the casino. I was just hoping that there was another show so I could see it. Even though I did believe that it was all fake and staged, I saw it as strictly a form of entertainment.

When I got back to my hotel I headed to the 6th floor where my room was and called the front desk to find out if there was another show for the hypnotist. The lady at that answered the phone informed me that there was a show tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I asked if they could have one ticket waiting for me, since my friends refused to go. They said that they would have one waiting for me and would charge it too my room.

In the morning I went down to the front desk and picked up my ticket to the show. I treated my friends to breakfast then we went gambling again. I lost about $8,000 at the Black Jack table before I realized that it was 1:30 pm and the show was starting in 30 minutes. I gathered up my chips and headed toward the show. I have been looking forward to this show all day. I think that’s why I did so bad at Black Jack.

When I got to the show I gave them my ticket and found a seat right upfront because I didn’t want to miss anything about this show. A waitress came over to take my drink order. I asked for a glass of their most expensive Bourbon that they had, straight up, because that’s my favorite drink. I had just about finished that drink so I ordered another one just as the show was starting.

The introduction music started to play and a guy walked out from behind the curtain wearing what looked like just a leather thong and carrying some kind of trumpet and declared “Please rise and show reverence to the Hypnotic Princess Nadia!” He then started to sound the trumpet just like the movies show when the king and or queen are being introduced. At that point the curtain was pulled aside and in walked two guys dressed in a similar fashion as the trumpeter. However, instead of carrying a trumpet they were carrying what would end up being a bed with someone laying down on it. As soon as the trumpeter saw this he fell to his knees and bowed his head.

Looking back now this is where I should have gotten up and just left. But since this was a “X-Rated” hypnotist show I didn’t really think twice about it. There ended up being a total of for men carrying this bed and as soon as they got to the center of the stage they also lowered to their knees and held the bed slightly off the ground. That’s when I saw her for the first time. The Hypnotic Princess Nadia sat up in the bed, swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She was facing away from the crowd and quietly dismissed the men that brought her in and the trumpeter from the stage.

When she turned around I saw this very beautiful woman dressed in a skin tight latex looking outfit. When she spoke her voice was like honey and the entire audience was completely silent. “Hello everyone, I’m the ’Hypnotic Princess Nadia’ and I’m a certified hypno-therapist and I’ve been doing hypnosis for 20 years.” she started. “I just want to get rid of a few myths right now. Number one, I can’t make you do anything that is outside of your character. Number two, none of this show is fake. I really will be hypnotizing members of this audience. Last but not least, number three, I need those of you who aren’t being hypnotized to remain quiet during this show. If there is too much noise then the subject may lose his or her concentration and not go into hypnosis.”

She then asked for volunteers and I just sat there sipping on my bourbon when she just pointed to me. I just stared at here like a deer into high beams. “Well are you coming up here sir?” she asked. “There’s nothing to be afraid of sir.” I quickly finished my drink and stood up. The entire audience applauded until she signaled then to be quiet. I sat in the chair that she had set up on stage and I was facing away from the audience. All of a sudden the lights over the stage dimmed to almost complete blackness. Then on the wall in front of me was a little pin point of light.

“Do you see that little dot” she asked. I answered “yes” and that’s when things went a different route then I expected. Remember when I said I thought this was all fake……yeah……. This is when her induction started.

She started whispering into me ear and telling me to watch the little dot of light. “Focus on the light……focus…..focus.” she said. Then the dot started to move. “Watch the light……follow the light.” At that point I could have sworn that a second light appeared and they would move in opposite directions. “You must focus ALL of your energy on watching the light. You can’t turn away……Your falling into the light. It’s captured your attention. Follow and focus on the light.” This went on for a little while until I heard her say “SLEEP!!” and snapped her fingers.

At that point my eyes closed and I went into a light trance. I remember it feeling peaceful but it was all black. Then she told me to visualize being at the top of a staircase and then in my mind I saw myself there. I then heard Princess Nadia telling me to start walking down the stairs and that the farther down I went the deeper my trance would be and the more suggestible I would become. As I was getting to the bottom of the staircase she told me that there was a elevator at the bottom of the stairs. I could see this elevator in my mind and when I got to the bottom of the stairs I was to get into the elevator.

Once I entered the elevator the doors closed and then I heard Princess Nadia’s voice again. “This elevator goes down 100 floors. For every floor that it passes you’ll fall 1,000 times deeper into this hypnotic trance. Ready?” I then heard a voice that sounded like mine saying “Yes” and then Princess Nadia said “Ok.”

I then felt the elevator moving down slowly and I heard Princess Nadia talking to me while the elevator moved but her voice seamed to be getting more distant the further down the elevator went. Once I reached the bottom floor Princess Nadia said that when the doors open my eyes will open and I will be aware again. Just like she said, when the doors opened, my eyes opened and I was standing on stage naked in front of the audience.

I must have had a confused look on my face because Princess Nadia looked at me and asked if I remembered getting naked to which I responded with a “No Princess.” She then pointed at a pole that was set up and said “You really should get back to work. Don’t you think?” Once she said that I heard music start playing and I moved towards the pole and started dancing like a stripper. The audience seemed to enjoy the show but the music only lasted a few minutes. Once it stopped I instinctively walked back to the chair and sat down.

“Sleep for me now.” I heard Princess Nadia say before my eyes closed. When she brought me out of my trance I couldn’t remember anything that happened or any of the post hypnotic suggestions that she had given me. I stood up to a round of applause, left the stage and took my seat back up front to watch the rest of the show. She had about 8 more “volunteers” for the rest of the show. There were three guys and 5 ladies who got to be hypnotized for the entertainment of the audience. Some of what these people were doing was, acted like they were using various sex toys, acted out sex acts, two of the ladies sucked on one end of a double ended dildo and one of the guys was masturbating while watching the women with the dildo.

When the show ended the guys who brought Princess Nadia out, came back on stage carrying the bed again and carried her off the stage. I remember thinking to myself how good looking Princess Nadia is and how great the show was. I couldn’t believe that my friends didn’t want to see this show but I guess I lucked out too because I would never live down the stripper pole dancing.

After leaving the show I decided to head back to my hotel room to get my stuff packed up to head home. It was said to have my vacation come to an end but all good things must end at some point. I went to the elevator and pushed the button for the 4th floor where my room was and waited. When the doors opened I headed to room 465 and knocked on the door. Just then I thought to myself “Why am I knocking on my own room door?” It didn’t make sense until Princess Nadia opened the door and told me to come in.

I was a bit confused but found myself walking into her room. I noticed that on the floor by her bed there were three of the ladies that she had hypnotized during her show. I turned around and looked at Princess Nadia with a bit of confusion and she just smiled at me. I tried to speak but nothing would come out. It was almost like I had forgotten how to speak. She pointed to a spot on the floor and said “KNEEL!” I couldn’t understand why but I was following her instructions and as soon as I was kneeling I heard her voice say “SLEEP!” and I was back in a deep hypnotic trance.

I then heard Princess Nadia started talking to us. “You may be wondering why you have ended up here. That is now of no concern to you any longer. You are here because you have been chosen by me for one reason or another. You will be given a new life that you will enjoy and love. Now you all will remove all of your clothes and just drop them to the floor. As soon as you are finished you will kneel again.”

At that point I stood up and removed all of my clothes and just dropped them to the ground. It too me almost no time at all to remove my clothes and I went back to the kneeling position as I was previously instructed to do. As soon as everyone was finished I once again heard Princess Nadia start talking to us again. “You will all remain here while I run background checks on all of you so that my clients will know who and what they’re buying.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant buy “her clients knowing who and what they were buying”. I did realize though that there wasn’t anything I could about it anymore and none of it concerned me either.

Princess Nadia came back and started speaking right to me. It sounded as if she was right in front of me. “Mark, you must answer all of my questions honestly. What I have found says that you’re a very wealthy man. Is this true?” I responded by saying “Yes.” Then she addressed all of us. “Ok everyone, from now on you will address me as Princess. Is that understood?” and in unison we all responded “Yes Princess.” “Good” was her only response and then she directed her questions back to me.

“I see that you’re unmarried but do you have a girlfriend?” She asked.
“No Princess” was my answer.

Then she asked if I had any kids to which I told her I did not. Then she said “You’re going to make some woman very happy and very wealthy. Now I want you to open your eyes and sign this contract that’s in front of you.” I did just that even though I had no idea what is said. After the contract was signed I was told to close my eyes again. Princess Nadia then moved on to talk with the ladies that were kneeling along side of me. After she had finished that, she started to talk to all of us again.

“Ok everyone, you are in a deep hypnotic sleep….I want you to breath in deep and hold it….now when you breathe out you will feel your resistance flowing out of you. This will happen with each breath out…..now breathe out and feel the resistance flow right out of you.” She went like this for some time until she could tell that we had no resistance left.

“I want you to retain the knowledge of who you were because it may be of use to whoever chooses to buy you.” Princess Nadia said. “You all are going to be sold at an auction. Basicaly you are all going to be slaves and you’re all perfectly okay with that. You will enjoy your new lives and you will get your final programming from your owners.”

She then handed us all a pink full body latex suit. These suits have a full face hood that has holes cut out for our eyes, nose and mouth. Princess Nadia than locks a collar around each of our necks and secures us to each other with chain. She then leads us out of the hotel room and out of the hotel and into a waiting van. We were now headed to the site of the auction where we will be sold to the highest bidder. I realized that I wasn’t worried or nervous about this in the slightest. I was actually now looking forward to starting my new life.


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