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The Cabin

by Hexept

The Cabin

Jake looks at his watch in frustration, they should have been at the Cabin hours ago. Mike is driving through the woods, looking at his Sat-nav like he wants to throw it out of the window. "Where is this Cabin?" Jake asks

"We are getting there, hold your horses."

Mike has just turned 21, and his father said he could spend the weekend at his family's old Cabin in the woods (not like the movie) as a present. He also said to bring a friend and winked at him as he said it. Mike knew what he meant, bring a hot girl, but he is currently single and every girl he could think of to bring he had already fucked and dumped, so no chance of one of them coming along. So he decided to invite his friend Jake along. He thought he and Jake getting totally drunk together would be fun and it is better than being on his own the whole weekend. Although Jake isn't 21 yet, Mike said he would buy the beers and they would make a weekend of it. Jake agreed as he needs to get away from his college work. A nice weekend away would be a great stress relief from everything.

Now Jake is annoyed, he really needs the bathroom and Mike has no clue where the damn cabin is. "Why did I have that extra soda?"

"Dude, I'll pull over so you can piss by the tree." Mike replies.

"No, I can't go while I think someone might be watching."

"Dude, stop sounding like a woman for Christ's sake, we're here."

Jake looks and sees an old wooden cabin appear in front of the car. He breaths a sigh of relief. The car stops and Jake grabs the Cabin key from the Glove Compartment where he saw Mike put it earlier and runs for the Cabin. Without thinking he opened the door, runs to the cabin, opens the door and sees a huge living room, a corridor with three doors leading to two bedrooms and a Bathroom. He runs for the one right at the end of the Corridor, eureka, the Bathroom.

Mike watched Jake's skinny frame running right towards the Cabin and had to laugh. Mike gets out of the car and begins to unload the luggage and beer. Mike being the jock of the College Football Team had no issue grabbing the luggage by himself; it is easier than lifting weights at the gym. So why is he friends with a skinny nerdy guy you ask? Because Jake is cool in Mike's eyes. He tutored him throughout the first two years and Mike is a closet geek, he loves comic books, Sci-Fi and fantasy. Sport is his passion though but the love of geeky things made Jake and him really good friends. Mike is an easy 6 ft 4, with thick brown hair while Jake is only 5 ft 11 with thinning hair brown due to stress, making them stand out as friends to others on the College Football Team, but they like him too surprisingly.

Mike opened his bag and pulls out some DVD's of Battlestar and Star Trek, he turns to see his dad was correct, a TV and DVD player are sitting on a table in front of a sofa covered with a sheet. Mike pulls it off to be hit by a dust cloud, but the sofa looks fine, nice dark red. Jake comes out of the bathroom with a relived smile on his face. "Better?" Mike asks.

"Much, I'll grab the food from the car."

"Thanks bud, I'll put your bag in the guest room."

Jake goes to the back of the car and grabs three grocery bags full of food for the next two days and closes the door. As he goes in the house, Mike looks at Jake with an apologetic look on his face. "Dude, don't get angry, I had no idea this would happen."

Jake looks worried. "What?"

Mike indicated for him to follow and he did, they reach the guest bedroom and his jaw drops. The bed is covered in a pink silk spread, the pillows have lace on them, a big pink wardrobe is to the side and a huge mirror hangs on the wall near the door. Also an ugly pink rug is on the floor. The entire room looks decorated to suit a girl not a guy. "Oh."

"I really am sorry, my dad never told..."

"Its fine Mike, it's only for two days, just don't tell anyone, OK?"

"Deal man, I won't tell a soul. Besides, the silk might be quite comfy."

Jake laughed and patted Mike on the arm. "Come on, let's get this food sorted then we can watch some Battlestar."

* * *

It is now late in the evening, they are on the third disc of Battlestar and both of them have been drinking for some time. "This cabin is nice man."

"Yeah, my dad always said I could only come here when I turn 21." Mike explained.

"Why when your 21 not younger?" Jake asks.

"Not sure, but he said there is a great surprise waiting for me."

"Cool, could be a new Games Console or something." Jake said hopefully.

"A man that would be killer, I need a new one since my Xbox broke."

"How did it break again?" Jake asked as he took a swig of beer.

"Um, I lost on that NFL game, and then suddenly my foot was through the console."

Jake, feeling tipsy started to laugh; Mike then started to laugh with him. "Did you score a field goal with that kick?"

Mike laughed some more then got up from the sofa. "I'm just going to check my room for something, I'll be right back."

Mike went to his room, to find a large double bed with red sheets on them and a wardrobe to the side. He lifts his bag onto the bed and opens it, and then he sees something in his bag he didn't pack, a brown envelope. Mike grabs it and opens it. A letter is inside, it says:

Dear Mike, Happy birthday and welcome to the family Cabin, I hope you find this before you leave and I hope you brought that friend we were talking about. Now listen, this is a very special gift, this will give you your ultimate sexual fantasy come true. First of all say aloud you ultimate sexual fantasy then say aloud these words: Great Evelena, grant me this fantasy that I will seal with my mighty seed so that this fantasy shall satisfy my every need. Don't worry if it sounds stupid just do it. Dad.

Mike looks at the note and becomes very worried about his dad, but he is drunk and he decides to try it. He thinks of the fantasy that turns him on the most, French maids. He doesn't know why but French maids always turned him on, especially the accent, his laptop is full of French Maid porn. He coughs to clear his throat. "My fantasy is a sexy French maid. Great Evelena grant me this fantasy that I will seal with my mighty seed so that this fantasy shall satisfy my every need." He waits and nothing happens. "Typical, Dad's gone crazy."

Mike looks in his bag and pulls out a bottle of scotch and leaves the room, not noticing the strange glowing pentagram symbol on his door.

* * *

It is well past midnight and Jake decides to call it a night. He goes to his room and groans at the Feminine look of the room. He can even smell the faint smell of a perfume, not the cheap shit either, this smells quite expensive. Jake walks to his bag and opens it, he then looks confused as he sees not the underwear he packed but two pairs of black silky French panties. "What the fuck?" Jake turns on his heel and marches out of the room. He sees Mike about to go in his room. "Hey, where is my underwear?"

"What?" Mike asks confused.

"My underwear, where is it?"

"How the fuck should I know?" Mike replied.

"Well they are not in my room, come and see."

Mike follows Jake back to Jake's room and sees Jake pointing to his open bag, Mike looks and sees two pairs of male Y fronts. Mike turns to Jake and Jake turns to the bag seeing his underwear. "Wait, they were, I'm sure..."

"Dude, your drunk, go to sleep." Mike sniffs and stares at Jake. "And get a new aftershave, this one smells girly." Mike leaves the room and closes the door before Jake can say anything else.

Jake sniffs and sure enough the perfume smell is stronger. Jake undresses all the way down to his birthday suit and without looking puts on a new pair of underwear, not realizing they have turned back into the black silk French panties. He feels the smooth silkiness hit his cock and he looks down, he looks confused and tries to pull them off, but they won't move. His thumb won't go under the elastic. "No no no. Get off, get off."

Then he stops as he sees his cock is getting hard under the panties and he feels very aroused, really aroused. He isn't one of those guys is he? Those weird guys he reads about who dress up as girls to get themselves off? He tries to pull them down again but they won't get off him at all. "Come on, get off I'm not wearing these to bed."

While he is trying to take them off, a vapor of perfume hits his face, he coughs and breaths in the deep aroma of perfume. His vision becomes foggy and he stops trying to take the panties off. His mind can't concentrate. "My" he says in a female French accent. "I am so light headed." He stops and puts his hand to his voice box and coughs. "Hello" he says with his American male accent. "That's better." He forgets about the panties and turns off the light and climbs into bed.

As he lays there the smell of perfume has gotten stronger again and he feels dizzy and aroused in his silk panties and silk bed dressings. "That's it." Says a smooth female voice.

"What?" Jake asks.

"Shh, it's OK sweetie, you'll be OK. Let my perfume and voice guide you through this, sleep my sexy girl."

"Girl? No I'm a ..."

"Shh, sleep my sweet." He feels his panties move on their own rubbing his cock. The silkiness rubbing cock makes him groan. "Yes, feel my sensual pleasure my girl and sleep, sleep." Jake drops off to sleep with a big smile on his face.

* * *

The dream is strange, he is standing before a god, a muscular god, his cock is so hard. He looks down on himself to see he has a huge pair of tits covered with a tight black French maid uniform, he can feel the silky black panties barley covering his hard cock. "My master." Says a strange female French accent from his own mouth. "I'm here to serve you, to pleasure you." He sees the God smile and notices he looks a lot like Mike, he points to his own hard cock, his mouth waters as he leans down and begins sucking on his huge member, he reaches down, no, she reaches down and starts to rub her own cock through her panties, she sucks and teases the God's cock with her tongue and can feel her own cock begin to tense up, she pulls away rubbing the God's cock feeling his warm seed hit her in the face and some hitting her tongue where she tastes it's salty goodness, she then looks to her right where there is a mirror and sees himself, Jake on his knees wearing just the panties with cum on his face, then the rubbing on the panties intensifies and he cums in the panties.

* * *

Jake shoots up in a sitting position on the bed, it is pitch black outside and he feels a warm sticky substance on his cock. "Oh god, did I have a wet dream? About Mike?" He asks himself. He pulls off the covers and he can just about sees in the dark, the black silk panties are still on him, but now they are wet and stuck to him. He gets off the bed and preys a little; he then easily pulls the panties off. "Thank god." He wipes the cum off his cock and then throws the panties aside. He feels something is wrong, it feels colder for some reason. He reaches down and gasps, his pubic hair is gone. How can his pubic hair just disappear? He touches his chest, his chest hair is also gone, then he feels his arms, legs and armpits, not a single hair in sight. He then touches his head and breaths a huge sigh of relief, the hair is still on his head, with it thinning recently he has been paranoid about it. Jake mentally decides he needs to turn the light on to see better.

He starts to walk across the room when he feels something whip his midriff and then he feels something tighten and seal themselves to him. He feels down and touches some kind of belt, then he is lifted off of his feet by an invisible force and he falls back first onto the bed with his legs in the air. He feels something smooth and silky roll down each of his legs and something clasps to the belt on him. But before he can get up he feels something else travels up his legs and they feel warm, wet as the soiled panties cling to him again.

He gets up and feels around, and then he runs to the light switch and turns it on. He is momentarily blinded by the light, then he focus' and sees that is isn't a belt, but a Garter Belt, and he is now wearing some silk black stockings, and he his sight confirms he is again wearing the panties he wore earlier all soiled and sticking to him. He tries to pull them off only to feel his cock getting hard again. "No not again." He says as the panties start to rub him. He groans and falls to his knees as the panties stroke his aching member. "Stop, please, I can't...." The panties tighten and pull making Jake lift his feet in the air using his hands and knees to hold himself up. Something is suddenly on his feet, and he feels strands of thin material of some kind attach to his feet. He turns his head and sees he is now wearing a pair of high heels with thin leather straps locking them in place. "What?" He reaches over and tries to take them off but they won't come off. As he is doing this a vapor of perfume hits him in the face again and he breaths it in. It disorientates him and he looks at the shoes and smiles, saying in a female French accent. "Oh, what lovely shoes." He quickly shakes his head and coughs. "No." He says in his male American accent. "Get them off, who is doing this?"

"I am." Says the strange female voice from earlier.

He looks around and sees no one. "Who said that?"

"Come my dear, and I'll show you all you need to know." Nearby the rug lifts itself off of the floor revealing a trap door, which swings open.

Jake just stares at the trap door for a moment unsure of what to do. Should he go down, or should he grab Mike for help? Mike would probably accuse him of making it up and would forever laugh at him for wearing French panties, stockings, garter and high heeled shoes. He knew he had no choice, for any hope of getting out of this predicament he must go down to the cellar.

Jake gets up and is surprised how easily he can walk in the High Heeled shoes, he always thought it would be quite difficult for a man to do so, especially for the first time. He then tries to creep towards the trap door and he can just make out a stair way into darkness. He takes a deep breath and steps down, it feels cold in the dark but he continues to walk down until he is engulfed in the darkness. He tries to see but he can't, he just sees the black darkness. He decides to go back to his room and turns back to the trap door only for it to slam shut above him. He frantically climbs up and bangs on the door. "Let me out; let me out let me...." A strong smell of perfume hits him and he is suddenly calm, his panties starts to rub him again making him groan.

"Quiet girl, we don't want to wake your master do we?" Asks the female voice.

"No." He says, and then he comes to his senses. "Master? What do you mean?"

His answer is another burst of perfume, clouding his senses. "Shh, come my dear, to the light."

He turns and sees a vanity chair, next to a makeup table and mirror, the light is coming from a small lamp on the table. Why didn't he see it before? He gets up and walks towards the table and chair. He sees himself in the mirror as he approaches and thinks he looks ridiculous. Without thinking he sits down on the vanity chair, and he feels a strange sensation from his legs. He tries to get off the chair but he can't. "Shit, I can't get off, I can't..."

"Quiet." Says the strange female voice again.

Jake looks around but can't see anyone but himself in the mirror. "Who are you?"

"Call me mistress for now."

Jake tries to get up again, but another puff of perfume and his mind goes foggy again and he looks at himself entranced in the mirror. "Good girl."

"No, I'm a boy." Jake says.

"Then why are you in panties?" The voice asks.

Jake looks at himself in the mirror, still entranced, it is like he is seeing himself in a dream. "I...Don't know." He replies.

"Well, girls wear panties don't they?" The voice asks.


"Then logically, as you are wearing panties you must be a girl."

"No, I'm a..."

"Breath in my dear."

Jake breaths in and a fresh puff of perfume enters his body, he smiles as he breaths and feels his arousal go up as the panties rub him. He breaths again and more perfume goes into him. "As you breath my perfume my dear, you become more in my control, breath deep." He inhales and inhales more perfume. "The next thing I say you will accept as the truth, and you will repeat, do you understand?"


"Good, you are a girl."

"I am a girl." He breaths in and inhales more perfume, he repeats in again but this time he has the French female accent again. "I am a girl." He coughs and snaps out of it again talking in his male American accent. "No, I'm a girl, not a boy." He stops looking confused. "Wait, no, that's not right."

"Yes it is."

"No, it can't be true, I have a dick."

"You mean this?" The voice asks as his cock is squeezed by the panties.

"Ah, yes, that's my dick."

"No, it's your clitoris." More perfume hits him and he looks entranced again. "You have a clitoris girl."

Jake looks down and sees the bulge poking up into the panties. "I have a clitoris." He breaths in again and the French female accent appears again. "I have a clitoris." He coughs and shakes his head. His American accent is back again. "Stop it, I'm a girl not a boy and I have a clitoris not a dick." He stops and thinks what he just said. "No, wait, what's happening to me?"

"Nothing, you are accepting who you are, say it again." The voice commands.

Jake looks in the mirror seeing himself, or herself. "I am a girl." Suddenly a jolt of pleasure runs through her body and her panties rub her again. "I have a clitoris." Again the pleasure, she groans as she feels the orgasmic pleasure run through her. Of course she is a girl, she must be as her mistress told her so.

"Good girl." Her mistress says.

She feels more pleasure from being called a girl. "Thank you mistress. No wait, stop it it's not right"

"Shh, now, we need to improve your body a bit don't we?"

"We do?" Jake asks confused.

The next thing she knows a girdle has wrapped itself around her body and is tightening around her. She breaths in feeling some pain and inhales more perfume. "Breath in my dear, it will help."

She keeps breathing in more perfume as the corset tightens. She feels a lot of pain but is relaxed from the perfume and she keeps breathing it in, as she breaths in she feels a strange sensation around the corset, she can even feel her panties getting tighter around her ass. Then the corset drops to the floor, Jake looks in the mirror and sees she has wide female shaped hips. "No, stop it."

"Why? I'm only doing my duty." The voice tells Jake.

"Duty, what duty?"

A puff of perfume and she is entranced again. "Don't ask me questions girl. Now, put your arms out in front of you like a good girl."

Jake holds her arms out, and a black DD silk bra travels up his arms and wraps itself around his chest and seals itself. Jake snaps out of the trance again. "No, get it off." As she struggles to get it off, the cups go inwards towards his chest, then they pull out, and Jake moans as Breasts start to grow out wards into her Bra. "No stop, I don't want tits, stop it please."

Another puff of perfume and she gets dizzy. "But you're a girl, girls have tits don't they?"

"Yes, a girl. Tits." The panties begin stroking her again adding to the subliminal pleasure.

"Girls love their tits."

"Yes, love their tits." She says entranced, a moan escapes her lips as the panties continue stroking.

"Then as you're a girl, then you must...?"

"Love my tits." Jake replies smiling.

"Good girl."

Jake snaps out of it as the breasts continue to expand, she moans as she is getting stroked and as the breasts slowly fill the Bra. "Oh yes, I love my tits. Every girl loves their tits." She starts to caress them as they expand fully into the cups giving Jake huge DD breasts. "Wow."

"Yes my girl, don't you love them?

"I do, I really do."

"Well, next is your hair. It just won't do."

Jake reaches up and feels her hair, feeling short thinning brown hair. "Hair, what?"

"Look on the desk sweetie."

Jake turns and sees a long flowing blond wig on a mannequin head that wasn't there a moment ago. "Where did that come from?"

"Why don't you put it on?" The voice asked.

Jake shook her head. "No, you have done enough to me, I want to..." A huge puff of perfume hits her in the face and Jake is silent and docile again.

"Put on the wig sweetie." The voice orders.

Jake silently reaches over and picks up the wig; she turns it over in her hands and puts it on her head. She adjusts it until it is straight giving her the look of a blond bombshell. Jake's face makes a pained expression and she reaches her hands up to the wigs as a slight burning pain is going over her head. When the pain stops, Jake grabs the hair and pulls. "Ow." She says. It feels like she literally pulled her own hair. She looks in the mirror and lifts her hair a bit to try and find the outline of the wig, but there is no outline, it's her hair. "What the hell have you done?"

"That's your hair now."

"No stop it now I didn't want this I..." This time she is silenced by a puff of perfume shooting right down her throat. Her vocals burn as she coughs and coughs. "Stop this..." she stops, her voice has changed back to the French Female accent. She coughs and tries again but it won't go away. "What have you done to my voice? I sound like a French girl."

"Well you are French silly."

Jake shakes her head. "No, I am American, I was born in New York, my parents..."

Perfume hits her face and she is docile and entranced once again. The perfume keeps going though sending her deeper and deeper into the voice's control. "Breath girl, now I will say a phrase, you will repeat the phrase and as you repeat it, it will become your truth, do you understand?"

"Yes." Jake says lazily.

"Good. You are not American."

Jake stares at her own reflection and repeats. "I am not American." Her panties stroke her again to give pleasure in accepting her commands.

"Good, again."

"I am not American." A slight moan escapes her lips.

"What accent do you have?"


"What kind of sexy panties are you wearing?"

"French Panties."

"So, you are French."

"I am French." Another moan as her panties rub her harder.


"I am French." She starts to smile and she reaches up and caress' her breasts.

"You have no parents, you are an orphan."

"I have no parents, I am an orphan."

A cloud of perfume goes around her face and hands, the cloud lingers there and when the cloud disappears, Jake is now wearing Mascara, lipstick, rouge and her nails have grown and are painted a slutty red. She sees herself in the mirror and can't recognize herself, the Jake who entered the Cellar a moment ago now looks like a French slut. The trance wears off and she looks in the mirror and studies herself. "No, no, no something is wrong."

"Of course there is."

Jake looks around excited. "Really, you know?"

"Yes, you're out of uniform."

Jake's smile and excitement fades. "Uniform?"

A light appears, giving a spot light look on a French Maid's uniform hanging in mid air. "Isn't it sexy? Why don't you put it on?"

Whatever is left of Jake tries to fight it off. "No, I won't wear it, I..."

Soon she is silent and docile again as the perfume is used again. "My my, you are a slow learner aren't you? Get up." Jake's legs feel fine now and she stands. The Maid's outfit turns so the back is facing her, and it opens up. "Step into the dress dear." Jake steps forwards towards the dress, she lifts her right leg and steps into it, then she lifts her left leg into it so she is standing within the dress. She then places her arms through the short sleeves and the dress instantly seals itself up. It fits perfectly and it really shows off her cleavage. "Back to the vanity chair sweetheart." Jake turns and sits back down.

Jake comes out of the trance and sees she is now wearing the dress. "No, stop it please stop it." She is on the verge of tears until the perfume is used again to send her into a calm relaxed state.

"It's OK sweetie, we are nearly done. What is your name dear?"

"Jake." She replies.

"No, it isn't, you will repeat and it will be the truth. Your name is Giselle."

"My...name...is" The final remains of Jake are still fighting within her mind. "Jake."

"No, your name is Giselle." She says as more perfume hits her.

"No, stop it."

"You will repeat and it will be the truth. You name is Giselle!"

More Perfume hits her so hard she becomes fully entranced. "My name, is Giselle." The panties rub her giving pleasure.

"Repeat all truths from earlier; as you say them they will become more deeply implanted within your subconscious."

Giselle looks in the mirror, seeing a hot blond French Maid and repeats. "I am a girl, I have a Clitoris, I love my tits, I am French, I am an orphan and my name is Giselle." The panties rub her harder; a slight moan escapes her lips. The phrase' are repeated several times embedding them deep with her subconscious.

"Good, more truths Giselle then we are done. Your Ass is your pussy."

"My ass is my pussy." Giselle replies.

"Being fucked up your ass makes you cum."

"Being fucked up my ass makes me cum."

"You are a French Maid slut."

"I am a French Maid slut."

"You are a French Maid whore."

"I am a French maid Whore."

"You are a French maid sex slave."

Giselle tries to fight this one, but it's in vein. "I am a French maid sex slave."

"Good girl, repeat them all."

"My ass is my pussy, being fucked up my ass makes me cum, I am a French maid slut, I am a French maid whore, I am a French maid sex slave."

A picture of a muscular man appears in the mirror. "Who is this Giselle?"

"Mike, my friend."

"No, he is not your friend Giselle."

"He isn't?"

"No, is you master, he uses you as a sex toy."


More perfume, Giselle smiles as it hits her, the rubbing from the panties intensifies. "He is my master mistress."

"Good girl, what do you want him to do?"

Giselle smiles seductively, all traces of Jake are gone, replaced by this shemale whore of a French maid. "I want him to fuck me." As she says this she moans aloud as her clitoris cums and cums again into her panties.

* * *

Mike is lying asleep when his phone starts to go off. He wakes up feeling a hangover coming on, he sees the faint light of sunshine outside. It must be early morning. He grabs the phone and sees it is his dad. He answers it. "Hey Dad,"

"Hi son, did you find the note?"

"What?" Mike asks confused.

"The note, in your bag."

He has a faint recollection of seeing the note and reading it. "Oh yeah, that one, yes."

He can hear his dad sounding excited over the phone. "Brilliant, did you read it aloud like it instructed."

Mike shakes his head in disbelief, thinking his dad really needs to see a doctor when he gets home. "Yes I did and nothing..."

"Excellent son, you will have a great surprise in a bit. By the way which Girl did you take with you?"

"Girl?" Mike asks confused.

"To the Cabin, I told you to take a Friend."

Mike laughs slightly. "Yeah, I took my pal Jake."

Mike waits for his dad to speak again, but there is silence, an awkward silence. "You did what?" His dad asks with a dropped voice.

"I took my pal Jake, I thought a weekend away with a drinking buddy would be good for me."

There is more silence, then he hears his dad breath heavily down the phone. "You fucking idiot."


"You ruined everything you stupid shit." Mike's dad shouts.

Mike feels anger rising within him and he sits up in bed angry his dad is calling him these things. "Hey, don't talk to me like that. What did I do?"

"A girl, you were supposed to take a girl, and then the spell would turn her into your sex slave."

"What the fuck are you talking about Dad?" Mike asks confused.

"Fuck, it's my fault I should have told you sooner."

"Told me what?" Mike asks frustrated.

"Listen and don't interrupt. 200 years ago in Salem, a witch by the name of Evelena was going to get burned at the stake for being a Witch. Our ancestor, William Harrison felt pity for the girl who he believed to be innocent, so he took her from her cell and drove as far out of Salem as he could. She ends up admitting she is a Witch and offers a reward to him for rescuing her as she is now in his debt. He knew there was a girl he liked but his mind was full of sin and wanted her to be his sexual plaything. So he asked that he and all his future male airs would be entitled to a sex slave on their 21st birthday. So in every generation, a male air says the spell in that very Cabin, then the young girl the man brought to the cabin would be turned into his ultimate sexual fantasy."

Mike is stunned for a moment and then laughs. "Oh come on Dad."

"Mike, your Mother isn't my wife by choice, I kidnapped her and had her turned into my Sex Slave, by the time the police arrived we had already eloped and the charges were dropped. Why do you think we never had an argument or why our sex life never stopped?"

Mike felt grossed out hearing his Dad talk about his mom that way, then he thought about it. She was always dressing like a slut, they never argued like other parents did and he did hear them have sex, a lot. Then he remembered that Jake's room smelled of Perfume last night, French perfume, like a sexy French maid would wear. "Oh shit."

"Now he gets it." Mike's Dad says sarcastically.

"Can it be reversed dad?" Mike asks in a panic.

"Don't panic, there is a get out clause. If in the first twenty four hours after they have changed into a sex slave, if you fail to ejaculate in her during sex then the spell will wear off and they won't remember a thing. Your Great Grandfather kept changing his mind and tried it on six different girls before he settled on his choice."

Mike breathed a sigh of relief. "Cool, should I just stay and..."

"Don't stay, it will try anything to seduce you into fucking it, just leave the cabin for twenty four hours and when you get back it will be turned back to normal, what did you ask for by the way?"

Mike coughed nervously. "A sexy French maid."

"Jesus, fuck knows what would happen to a guy after that request. Just get your things and leave."

Mike hung up the phone and started to pull his jeans up. He grabs a red shirt and is about to put some socks on when he door opens ajar like the wind blew it open. He freezes and then he smells it, an expensive French perfume. It is quite strong, he shakes it off and sits on the bed to put the socks on when he hears the most sexy French voice he ever hears. "Master, come to your slave master."

Mike gets hard hearing the voice and shakes it off. He gets up and leaves his room quietly and turns towards the front door to leave silently. "Please master, I am so horny for you."

His dick betrays him again and gets hard. "I'm sorry Jake, it was a mistake. I'll be back later and you will be normal." Mike calls towards Jake's room.

"Jake? Who is this Jake? I am Giselle."

Oh why did it have to be a sexy French name? The smell of perfume is driving him mad as well. "I can't Giselle, I'm sorry."

"Are you not curious master, what Evelena has done to me?"

Mike hated to admit it but he is morbidly curious, what does Jake look like now? A really bad Tranny or something else? "A little." He calls.

"Then please master, just come and take a peak, you won't regret it."

His cock is straining in his pants, and the smell of perfume is intoxicating. His Dad's words are continuing to flow through his head, warning him that he will try to seduce him. What harm could a look do? " OK, just a peak." He calls back. He walks slowly towards Jake's room, thinking as he does. It makes sense to him now, the silk feminine sheets in the room; it was designed for a girl for him to take. Why the fuck didn't his dad just come clean with him? He reaches the room, the door is open a jar, he takes a deep breath, smelling the lovely perfume as he does and looks through the gap, nothing.

Mike silently swears in frustration, especially as he feels horny as hell. Just a peak then run, he thinks to himself. He pushes the door open some more but sees only a neatly made bed and the rest of the room, no one in sight. He thinks he should just run but he takes a step inside the room. Just a peak then run, he keeps thinking. He slowly steps in and takes one step beyond the door. Then he hears the door slam shut and the lock latch.

He turns quickly to see the door closed and standing next to it the most gorgeous thing he has ever seen in his life. Jake actually looks like a real woman, a fucking hot one at that. Big DD tits, a tight fitting French Maid outfit and stockings, sexy stockings. "Alone together at last master, do you want to play?"

Mike takes a step back. "No, just a peak. I'm not interested."

Giselle stops and makes a mocking sad face. "Oh, I see. Well your little Huge friend wants to play it seems." She is looking directly at his hard cock which is poking up into the material of his jeans.

"No, I..."

Giselle steps forward and pushes Mike on the bed and she jumps on him and straddles him keeping him to the bed. "Oh you do Master and look." Giselle lifts her skirt and Mike sees she still has her cock under those French Silk panties and it too is rock hard. She takes her finger puts it in the panties and pulls it out covered in her own spunk. She then licks it off her fingers. "My clit has made me wet for you."

Mike tries to look disgusted but for some strange reason he is turned on even more, what is wrong with me? He thinks. "No, please."

"Yes, beg me to fuck you master." Giselle says.

"No, I'm not begging." Mike frantically says.

"Oh." She smiles wickedly. "I love playing hard to get."

Mike looks horrified. "No, no playing. No hard to get." He stops as he sees she is rubbing his aching hard cock through his jeans.

"Why tease me then? Why deny what you clearly want you sexy man."

Mike looks on helplessly as she starts to undo his jeans and opens them up. She then pulls down the top of his boxers freeing his cock. Giselle grabs it before Mike can protest, he moans as she slowly rubs it up and down. "Oh fuck."

Giselle smiles triumphantly. "Oh it is so hot, and hard. I must taste it."

Mike looks worried but Giselle is too quick, her mouth goes straight over his cock and she starts to suck and lick the tip of his aching cock. "Oh god, stop please. I must not cum." He says. He strains to hold it in as she does her work. She is good, oh good is she good but as long as he doesn't cum he is fine and Jake will come back. She goes on and on sucking his dick for what feels like forever until she finally stops and looks sad. "I guess you don't want me."

Mike looks relieved and breathes a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry."

"Just go." She says looking upset and gets off of him. Mike holds his jeans and runs for the door remembering it is still locked. "Oh I am such a bad girl. Such a naughty little slut, your wicked French Maid whore."

Mike's cock hurts he is so aroused but he must control his urges, if he does he gets a girl, a real girl. "Open the door."

"Non." She says, her saying it French made him hornier.

"Let me out."

"I will think about it, but think about this. Every girl you have dated has one flaw, they have PMS and periods. I can't have periods, I won't get PMS and you can fuck me every day and I won't get pregnant. I can always be your sexy French Maid slut."

He hated to admit it but it sounded like a good deal and all his Girlfriends bugged him all the time with their mood swings and periods. "True."

"Then look at me." Mike turns slowly and sees she is kneeling on the bed. "Let me show you what I have, then make your decision." Mikes phone is vibrating but he ignores it as Giselle reaches behind her back and unzips the French maid Outfit. She slides it off showing her Tits encased in her black silk bra and her Garter holding on her sexy stockings. She then undoes her bra, holding it in place to tease him.

"Show me."

Giselle smiles a winning smile knowing Mike is losing. She lowers the bra showing off huge magnificent tits. Mike can't take his eyes off of them and he walks slowly back towards the bed. He reaches her and he cups and pinches her tits. She moans as he does this, this is all he needs and he pushes her on the bed, he then climbs on top of her and forces his tongue into her mouth. Giselle welcomes it and kisses him back rubbing his body as they do this. They break apart the kiss and Giselle smiles. "Make a whore out of me."

Mike gets up onto his knees on the bed as Giselle gets to her knees and bends over, as she does she lowers are panties showing her perfect heart shaped ass. Mike leans forward and cups her ass, she moans some more as he does this. Mike almost in a trance lowers his jeans and boxers, his hormones taking over all rational thought in his brain. His cock is still wet with her saliva, he licks his fingers and lubes her ass with his own saliva, her moans driving him made. He gets forward, places both hands on each side of her ass and then guides his cock up her ass. He groans and says "Oh you're so tight."

"Yes, my pussy is all yours master, seed me and make me your slave."

Mike then with an animalistic look on his face starts to thrust in and out, his cock welcoming the sensation, Giselle is moaning away with a pleasurable expression on her face as he thrusts and thrust. "Oh you whore, you dirty French whore."

"Yes, I'm a whore, a slut, a sexual plaything master, I'm all yours."

She knew every word to make go over the edge and to thrust faster, his thrusts putting pressure on her, her clit is ready to erupt. "Oh master, I'm going to cum, don't wait please, cum and make me your slave, cum and I'll be all yours."

He can't hold it, he thrusts and erupts right up her ass, he screams and she moans as she feels his cum enter her ass. She cums herself into her already soiled panties and they both collapse on the bed. Mike sees she is glowing a strange gold color and then it fades. Mike looks at Giselle, knowing she used to be Jake, knowing he has just turned his best friend into a Shemale sex slave. "Oh god what have I done?"

"You have made me yours master. The spell is complete. All traces of this Jake are gone forever, he never existed."

"What, but his mum and dad?"

"They have forgotten him." She smiles and gets off of the bed. "Only you remember him, but now he is moi." She walks over to the huge mirror hanging on the wall; she lets her panties drop and admires her naked form in the mirror. Mike sees her, standing there, he tries to think of his ex's, and finds he no longer cares for them, no woman he thinks of interests him, not even celebrities he wouldn't mind fucking. "Why aren't I turned on by girls anymore?" He asks aloud.

"Evelena told me the spell creates a bond between us, making us only interested in each other, forever." Giselle explains.

"Really?" He asks skeptically.

"Try it, look at me. Really look at me"

Mike looks; he sees her perfect tits in the mirror, her gorgeous smile and face, her sexy hair. He then goes to her perfect ass, seeing his cum slowly dripping out of her ass, her cock all covered in her own spunk. He is hard again and very turned on. While she looks at herself in the mirror, he sneaks up behind her and starts to kiss her neck. She closes her eyes in pleasure and her cock gets hard again. "See master, I am only yours."

He lifts her and carries her to the bed, he drops her and she giggles as he does this. He closes in on her and starts to kiss her again, their cocks touching each other as they do this. He gets off, grabs her legs and lifts her bottom slightly showing her ass again, lubed by his own cum. Now facing her he starts to fuck her ass again, seeing her face is sexual ecstasy, he looks wild with lust and he fucks her again, again and again till night fall. As they sleep in each other's arms the room no longer smells of perfume, but of their own spunk.

* * *

Mike's father is standing in front of a mirror, he looks and feels furious. He is reading through a spell book till he finds what he needs. He reads it aloud. "Evelena, witch rescued by the Harrison's, I summon you here to face me."

He turns back to the mirror to see a ghostly figure of a dark haired woman in a long green dress looking at him. "You called?" She asks.

"What the fuck did you do?" He asks furiously.

Evelena smiles at him. "I fulfilled your son's Sexual fantasy. As instructed."

"No, you changed his friend, a male."

"That's who he brought, it's not my fault he brought the wrong tools for the job."

Mike's dad feels more anger and he sees her smile, she is toying with him. "You bitch, you did it on purpose, even though you knew he wanted a girl."

"Bingo." She says mockingly.


"Why?" She repeats angrily. "I have been turning girls into sex toys for your perverted male line for 200 years and you ask why? Well, every generation has had a male air, it's been frustrating. I have waited and waited for no males to appear. Thank god you all only had the one son each other wise I would be working non fucking stop. Then Mike came with his buddy. I knew, if I could get them together then there would be no children, no male air as Shemales can't get pregnant. So I would be free of this duty and be free of your stupid family."

"How dare you." Mike's dad screams. "We saved your life, you owe our family a debt."

"Wrong, wrong. Your son sealed the deal, he ejaculated into the French maid I created for him."

Mike's dad looks crestfallen. "What?" He asks quietly.

"Yes, your son loves a Shemale now. So I'm free."

"We saved your life."

"No, wrong. William Harrison saved my life, and I did my duty when he picked me to be his sex toy slave, then he ordered me to continue doing it beyond the grave. I had to create a sex toy for my son and grand son, do you know how fucking awkward that is?" She asks angrily.

"What?" Mike's dad asks shocked, he never knew Evelena was the Girl William had a crush on. That explains why he rescued her in the first place. Instead of working out a way to get her to fall in love with him, he made her when he learned she was an actual witch.

"Yes, that's right and since I died I have been stuck in limbo in that dirty old Cabin servicing our family and I'm sick of it. But don't threat, when you wake up in the morning you won't care. The spell will affect you and you will accept your son's decision and you will not care. Goodbye."

Mike's Dad watches as she vanishes from the mirror.

True to her word, Mike's dad ends up loving Giselle and congratulates his son's decision, no one remembered the man Jake, not even his parents who now think they were childless. No new male air is created and they lived a long and happy life, when Mike eventually passed away, Evelena was free of her duty.

The End.


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