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    Written by an actual fisting top, this file makes it easy and natural for you to bottom in fisting by training you to relax your ass automatically on penetration and interpret pressure as pleasure while eliminating distractions.

    Note: This is a file for fisting bottoms, if you are looking for a file for FF tops try Fist Top Training.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (11)
    Length: 20:52
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    I love this file. I've been away from WMM for a long time, but I happened by and found JackDrago's work this past week. What a nice return to hypnofetishism. I like his inductions, especially the one he uses with this. The very permissive idea of an internal hypnotist who takes control of creating the inner experience of trance is really perfect for those of us with a lot of experience with trance. Not a lot of wasted time spent counting down... just his delicious voice telling you that you know how to be in trance, and that you know what it feels like, and how to get there. I drop just as deep as I ever have, but so efficiently. That alone is delightful. One of my old favorite mantras is "all hypnosis is self-hypnosis." This file's aesthetic embraces that, mixing in layered meanings, embedded commands, a touch of distraction and some NLP elements. Just technically and aside from the content, it is very well composed. Now, I want to tell you how I came to listen to this file. Recently, I've decided to really dedicate myself to destroying my own asshole, to get serious about stretching it out to a truly obscene degree. Turning it into a cunted-out anal port, a physical advertisement of my status as a cock-greedy bottom bitch. I get extremely turned on by both the idea and the reality of such irreversible physical modifications. Unfortunately, due to an otherwise excellent career opportunity, I'd been forced to spend a long couple of years apart from my husband, and my hole had tightened up, becoming damned near virginal from disuse. A far cry from the loose gape to which I aspire. But now we are soon to be reunited, and I will get to bottom for my man again, at least a little more often. I have just a short time in which to do a lot of work to get myself ready for the rough use we have both missed.. I'd been using some very small plugs and a few improvised toys over the past few days to loosen up. Nothing nearly filling enough. Last night, I drove 80 miles round trip to the nearest shop where I could buy a larger plug to work with... At its widest, about the same diameter as a 12 ounce cola can, still a far cry from the easy, wrist deep fist punch that is my goal, but still a lot more than I was able to push in past my tight sphincter muscles. I worked at it late into the night, backing off every time pleasant stretch shifted toward real pain. (Properly ruining an asshole needs to be a slow and careful process, for optimal results. The idea of just shredding into it might sound erotic to other masochistically minded blokes, but the fibrotic scarring that would result as the microscopically damaged muscles tried to heal would be counterproductive in the long run.) So, this morning, I finally listened to this file. While squatting down onto the tip of my new plug, letting my body weight gradually, irresistibly, impale my well-greased fuckhole. Every time JackDrago said anything about openness, sinking, going deeper, relaxing, I could feel myself accepting yet another fraction of a millimeter of ruthless intrusion. Even lost in trance, my hands could still move on their own... fingertips mindlessly tracing the lip of anal tissue as it was drawn ever more taut around the circumference of the widest curve of the plug. As the file described instructions such as those that might be given by an experienced fisting top, without my conscious mind getting in the way, my pelvic floor muscles simply followed along with the words and did what they heard said. Even my ass knows how to be automatically, irresistibly obedient to a firm, masculine voice's commands. I felt myself taking involuntarily drawing a deeper breath, and then I began to bear down, as if I were trying to expel the plug, rather than taking it in. If I'd still been thinking at all, I might not have done this, because it did seem like exactly the wrong thing to do. But I was not in charge at all. I was past thinking, in a place of unquestioning compliance, where all my conscious mind could do was passively observe. And so, this pushing out was exactly what was needed to overcome that last barrier. There was a moment of feeling myself back off and lose a touch of depth before the tide reversed itself and my hungry asshole suddenly gobbled up the entire toy, engulfing it all the way down to its flared base. I felt a sudden, incredibly pleasurable stretch that was entirely without the slight pain that had been vexing me the night before. And so now, I'm perfectly comfortable and pleasantly aroused, crammed completely full with the fattest plug I've ever managed to work inside me. I'm just passively letting it enforce its own shape into the walls of my rectal vault, teaching the muscles there that they will never ever be the same again. Occasionally there is an orgasmic spasm, as my propped open hole tries to pull the plug in even deeper. If it didn't have such a nice wide base, it would disappear into me entirely. I already want to listen again, and again, and again. I already know that this file is going to guide me just as far as I want to go, until my man can wear his husband's permanently ruined asshole like a bangle bracelet. Then, when he plows into me with his yummy dick, he can delight in fucking a perfectly soft, warm, wet cavern that just slurps him up with no resistance at all. And I've written every word of this for your entertainment with the entire depth of this thick plug bottomed out inside me. Sharing a full and explicit review seemed like a nice practical way to thank JackDrago for his excellent work, given how beneficial I have found it so far. So yeah, this file is pretty fucking hot. Highly recommended.
    I've continued listening at least daily. This file has really pulled me back deep into my hypno fetish, and has been fueling an intense need to have my ass fisted. Do not listen if you don't want to find yourself trying to stretch your hole out so that some nice top can make you his hand puppet. Fuck. I've been turned on almost nonstop for a week now. And my asshole has dilated up from around 4cm wide up to 6 with really no problem... just lots of trance and lots of lube.
    Wow! This is probably the best comment I ever got on a hypnosis file. It honestly didn't occur to me that people might use it DURING play, but now that you describe your use of it I see that it's actually perfect for that use, and all the safeties for the trigger state are exactly right for that use too. Thanks @Feverdream for showing me a better use for my file.
    Could you do a similar file for beginner's anal training? Instructional with anxiety reduction. Health benefits of having strong anal muscles.
    I absolutely love your work. would love to have paired file where I can only cum while being fisted.
    this is an amazing file. I have only been listening it to for a while (granted, I loop it while I sleep) but my hole is already much more hungry, and much easier for me to open up. I'll be looking for one of those experienced safe fisters you mention. Keep up the good work, JackDrago.
    is there any chance to have like a weaker free version of this or like a file that does the same but not as powerfull(in regards of the anal part) and makes us want to listen to this one?
    is there any chance to have like a weaker free version of this or like a file that does the same but not as powerfull(in regards of the anal part) and makes us want to listen to this one? or like possibility to read some of the script?
    Oh my goodness gracious. This file is amazing. I'll try to do it justice by leaving a glowing review. I don't often leave reviews, so my doing this is a feat in of itself. When I first came upon this file, I read Feverdream's review and was amazed at how well it seemed to work for them. But I waited until I was sure I wanted to have the effects the file gives. After purchasing the file I lied down in my normal listening position and...... Nothing. I tranced sure, but none of the effects seemed to work on me. I tried a few more times before moving on. It seemed like I wouldn't be able to take even my small hollow tunnel plug, not to mention a fist. On my own I tried cramming it in unstretched, easing it in with a gratuitous amount of lube, pushing it in after a 30 anal fuck session, and even slipping it onto my suction cup dildo to hold it's shape and give an easing open. I was left with nothing but a sore hole and a need to be filled. It seemed like my fantasy was all for naught, and I was giving up hope. But then I found myself with some extra time on my hands and an empty space in my ass. Re-reading Feverdream's first comment and JackDrago's response they mentioned listening to the file during play. So while stretching myself on my dildo, which I can already take without any stretching, all lubed up, I revisited the idea of easing my way into the hollow plug by putting it on the dildo. And that's what I did. Instead of going all the way in trance and blanking out, I was aware the entire time. I could feel myself slowly sinking down on the plug, not in any hurry, just going its own natural pace. And when he said it brings pleasure? I was instantly 10x hornier than I was before. Eventually I took the entire thing, all 7 inches of the circumference. I have never felt fuller or more desperate to have an orgasm. I scrambled for my vibrating wand and first pressed it to my plug, it felt amazing. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and brought my self to orgasm. My words do not give justice to my experience. It was the best orgasm I have had in recent memory, that is a fact. Looking at my hole in the mirror was almost as satisfying as my orgasm. A perfect clear tunnel, holding my ass open. After taking the plug out, I feel no pain or soreness. Just satisfaction. If an open hole is what your looking for whether its fist or plug or dildo, please consider using this file seriously. You will not regret it.
    2nd time listening today and I had to get out the toys and play with my ass usually it would take me 1hr to work up to my wife toys - with this file I was loose and ready in 15 min - can’t wait to go right under and push my limits!
    That was meant to be wide, not wife, lol - already dreaming of expanding my limits, double, elbow , cock and fist - is there a next level file?
    I think the file is almost perfect but it assumes the gender of the top when it doesn't need to. It could say "they" instead of "he".