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    Get started on what my test subject called "the most powerful gay brainwashing system ever devised" with this set of 5 files.  MP3 is the Shattered Heterosexuality core file, which breaks the illusion of false heterosexuality and makes you fail to resist the urge to get gayer and gayer with 3 layer subliminal, binaural and music; Body is the same file without the induction, subliminals, or music. Binaural link is a free copy of Heterosexuality Eraser while file 1 compulses use of.  Video is a spiral based on the Shattered Heterosexuality Tumblr blog meant to go with the whole system. Subliminal version is Shattered Heterosexuality + Heterosexuality eraser underneath the sound of a heater fan so you can play it in your environment without anyone noticing.

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    Length: 51:32
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    See subject comments and sample the spiral free at http://vastcountry.blogspot.com/2018/03/gay-conversion-hypnosis.html
    Watched 10 minutes . Nothing yet. Maybe Jack has a better version?
    Watched for the full 10 minutes. No change here. Watching the video was intense, but no change. Not sure why.
    Video goes with the audio files.
    We live in a world that expects everything done in a instance. I thought similar about hypnosis, but I'm learning (mainly due to conscious resistance) that even though I don't zone out, and I don't think that the hypnosis is working, that some of it is sinking in and taking hold. This is a complete system that takes time and effort, but if anyone is open to it, it will be very hard to resist....
    over all this is an excellent series in the sense that it attempts to erase heterosexuality and replace it with homosexuality. however, that constant see-sawing back and forth, plus the suggestions to black out and addict to the file, caused stress and tension because the constant subject switching. it would be more soothing to have a single theme (or progression of several ideas) - ie a positive reconstruction of sexuality for homosexuality and its desires and lusts without reference to erasing heterosexuality, the latter of which I would treat as a separate topic as they are both necessary. I don't trance although I am not trying to resist it.
    Still listening Jack. Maybe some help to push me to more gay. Have listened numerous times , file gets me horny, but no real change yet.Any help would be appreciated.
    @Tonyatl Using Shattered Heterosexuality first, then the included Heterosexuality Eraser (or vice versa) can accomplish this. What you suggest is literally how the system is already designed.
    Jack , Sir I have listened numerous times to Sahttered HeteroSexuality, and still no success. You have done well because I keep listening to this file but no results. Because this file does excite me. Possibly my mind is overpowering suggestions you are giving. Based on listening to this file I have also purchased the Bisexuality file which I found incredibly arousing. Also downloaded the Erase Hetero file. Am I just a difficult sub that can'yt submit. Any help would be appreciated. Your files have kept me horny, but possibly I am still afraid to let go of my inhibitions. Thank you
    Not sure why my results are vastly different from the others, but I have listened to it twice in the past 24 hours and have noticed a drastic change. When I think about being with another man sexually I get a pleasant rush throughout my body almost like an adrenaline rush. The feeling is amazing and powerful. I have used other files before like CFG, but have not had the experience that pushed me to be totally gay like this file. I will keep listening as it is very pleasant to listen to. Thanks Jack!
    @hobe4642 people vary in their response to hypnosis, it could be that you are more ready to turn than some others, or that your mind likes my framing of the issue better than EMGs.
    @Jackdrago I think you are correct. I respond to your voice very well. It’s unbelievably relaxing and potent. I’ve listened to the file at least twice everyday. I have definitely changed. I find it very difficult to remember myself as heterosexual. Plan to work in some of your other files. I
    @jackdrago Thank you for doing this file! i accidentally purchased heterosexuality eraser first but after listening i was convinced I had to order this file as well. Do you offer private sessions at all Mr @jackdrago ?
    Custom work and private sessions available. PM me or chatbox @VastHypno on twitter.
    How do I watch the spiral with the sound? All I can do here is listen to the MP3 or watch the spiral. What am I doing wrong?
    Download the script and use the link in the script for more downloads.
    This file has created an experience for me that is changing me rapidly. i am going so deep it is hard to come back. You are a very good hypnotist. Thank You.
    I have finally taken the plunge and downloaded this. How do you use the video spiral for optimum effect? Do you watch it whilst listening or before and after listening? Also, does the subliminal work if you have it running in the background whilst you are doing other stuff?