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    Hypnotize other people, especially women. Make your life purpose to show other people that free will is just an illusion. Everything in your life is an extension of this. This truth feels very good, and the experience of being hypnotized with someone you trust and agree with is the greatest experience. EVERYONE today needs more relaxation in their life. You will not hold back from giving that to them, most importantly. Manifest the ability to make people do anything, as you connect with their deepest desires, relaying it with YOUR deepest desires, and making it intertwine and create bliss for them. Become totally comfortable using covert or conversational hypnosis, speed seduction NLP language-- with every conversation that you make. As you relax and focus, doing the same to them, you easily remember everything you know about hypno, brainwashing, persuasion, NLP, speed seduction, and conversation that you remember. You even come up with new cretive methods automatically. It's easier to do it than not to do it. Practise every day. Make it your life, as if it is your greatest fetish.
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