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    This recording was inspired by a comment on the early version of Brain Wash U, when some of the links went to the wrong places and the point-of-view character could wind up randomly switching gender.

    Some readers really liked that.

    So, in contrast to most of my recordings, which are gender-neutral, or even the handful that are gender-specific... in this recording, the gender of the listener is overdetermined. It's very likely you'll be asked to feel things in body parts you don't have.

    When I've asked in-person subjects to use impossible combinations of senses-- to feel sounds, or smell colors, or the like-- the result has often been synesthesia experiences that they've really enjoyed. So I decided to try something like that with body parts.

    Somehow that turned into a drone-themed recording that should fit well with some of my others along those lines, such as Programming or Learning Evil or Mind Control Complex.

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